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Their "preparation Hillary" has worn off - a rash is about their own efforts to "set asunder."

They are still one, oddly one a "two-fer" and supposedly a divided union or at lease one divisible.

The set to max the pomp to pompous around the circumstances they deemed necessary to distract Americans from common sense and sensibilities of Martha and George and old those until such much more to an willing honoring of Washington(s).  They may have thought they had found an effective work around our Constitutional prohibition from grants of Title/titling by working to an essence of "titled" secured, but not "official."

Clintons must have spent years figuring out their strategies to even break from English and their standards, to be and attempt to be even further more necessarily French and Descartean.

It is quite elementary my dear blogites - a 24/7 "holding" cannot legally be set asunder by another 24/7 "holding" - The Clintons are as much still ONE in marriage, legally, for all souls as "Will" and "Kate" of Cambridge now are.  They are English and subjects some of the Church of England - we do use much of their language though not their juridictions and jurisprudence here abouts.

The Clintons are quite scandalous.  If only they had been able in essence to effect the pompous and circumstantial necessary to their needed Descartean "separation" of a "two-fer" mind from its united soul and physicality.  The needed to succeed at least to a minor essence of "crowning" for themselves to get their desired and long sweated "work around" of our "Martha" and "Geroge" sensibilities.  They needed their hopes to become "essentially" titled to be hidden by distractions and illusions of patriotism.

What is "Holy Matrimony" - to the Clintons?  What is "let no one set asunder" as about all "holding"?

Quite right, bloke, yee — The Brits don’t have our Constitution nor its 22nd Amendment limiting.

"Hillary for President" was a corrupt and illegal and un-American quite corporate corruption hidden with clever Democratic attempts at aggrandizements to a working and better left pedestrian Washington.

The Clintons being Clintons were best left to prove to us all first, as they have, that we wouldn’t have missed anything if we had from day one enforced the 22nd Amendment in the spirit of the days it was writ and ratified so then of great and growing concerns seemingly still likely of days of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt last terms really having been the years, necessarily of Eleanor and their daughter as the able minds allowed to assume helm of our ship of state, our State vessel.   It was so writ, our 22nd Amendment by a new Republican Congress nearly of as large an electoral sweep as our current Congress, and with concern for all issues about a First Couple and transference of power necessarily a part of term limiting amending.

So they nearly worked us counter to our history with their pompous circumstantial "lawyers in love" constructs with the un-American "Hillary for President" (or "Bill for President" if "Hillary" had actually been a true feminist and force Bill to submission to her long known desires to become President and he then to being the second helping romanced). 

So they nearly worked us into their necessarily French and Descartean separation constructs not at all seeming a part of now partially witnessed "Will" and "Kate" ceremonies. 

The Clintons have, with their near domination of President Obama, now shown us we wouldn’t have missed much and likely have been better off not to have ever bought into their new Frenchy "camelot" and their "preparations Hillary" have worn off.

They have a Whitehaven and maybe still a Chappaqua - don’t know - last I read they were trying to move up to something more courtly also near New York City.   No Buckingham for Clintons now, and now with a Buckingham instructive and soulful – Let no one set asunder not even American elective standards/norms.

The French may even protest and laugh at Clintons for not getting the French – like how can a married couple sworn to a marrital holy union attempt to consider themselves and their 24/7 marrital soul holding and physical holding when manageable attempt to posit that their 24/7 sworn holding wouldn’t be set asunder by another 24/7 prohibition enabled on them Constitutionally against further "holding" of such an also soulful charge and 24/7 "holding" duty?

Yes, the pomp and ceremony needed to secure the pompous and circumstantial the Clintons long fought towards for themselves to as near a "titling" as The United States of America allows has been thwarted.  The Clintons are caught still sworn to their marrital "holding" and oaths to "let no one set asunder" that also means American elective politics that is not legally allowed to differentiate their union as one into the convenient Descartean "two-fer" they purport(ed).   Really our American Presidency is long historic as a charge and duty to a 24/7 soulful and mindful "holding" as an embodiment of such - an prohibition from future holding as in our 22nd Amendment does necessarily raise that spouses are both "elected" when a married candidate is elected.

The Clintonesque may actually be an absurd Descartean - I apologize now to those all or also some French.   An election of another of Clintons’ "two-fer" a united "one" in marriage would set asunder the marriage vows about "holding" around "to have and to hold…" for a prohibition from further "holding" already enabled by bulwarks of our democracy and Constitution.   One cannot now be "elected" again to a holding/embodiment still our tradition without such legally setting asunder the other spouses marriage rights to "have and to hold."  It is definitely absurd, this Clintonesque, where it fails to work around their sworn "holding" oaths such that it couldn’t and wouldn’t be legal for a spouse otherwise writ as legal to such return to office of our home office establishment within THE WHITE HOUSE then to "hold" the other as such is an office of 24/7 embodiment/holding now Constitutionally off limits.

"Hillary for President" was a corrupt and illegal/Unconstitutional power grab also selfish and un-American.  "Hillary" as a member of another administrations cabinet and so in our lines of succession to a possible other "work around" to a prohibited further "holding" of office of President still seems quite against the spirit of our bulwark of a law - our 22nd Amendment - so of an era specifically of concerns about FDR and Eleanor and even their daughter as maybe our then actual only able and fit "leader"/"holder of office."

Yes the 22nd Amendment forbids further holding by election and a "two-fer" is still a legal union with oaths sworn to protect "having" and "holding" and such usually with "let no one set asunder" – The Clintons attempted a suggestion that their legal minds were separate and completely objective and not barred by their united souls and bodies/physics.  What nonsense.  Even if so, or possible, or just granted to all members of the bars, such if possible is such quite to being a natural disqualifier along "character" and "personality" standard concerns.

What nonsense!  What nonsense all this in Clintonesque so about them asking us to overlook how elective politics would set asunder their sworn oaths to let no one "set asunder" their marrital "holding" and "having."   We want our First Couple to have soul - we expect our President to have and hold his office/charge viscerally 24/7 - there would be no time allowed for any further marrital "holding" such that their marriage vows and commitments would be "set asunder" by another election or charge within our line of succession.

Swear to one - be one - please!

Please don’t also try to be a Descartean or Clintonesque "two-fer" construct positing and impossible and unnatural "objectivity" at least if you are an American.

At least now they themselves have proven there was nothing special or necessary that we now would be missing - at least they have been given the space and even around their extra-Constitutional "Bill" as either AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD or as accepting of titling as PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BILL CLINTON.   It is much easier now that they have proved they only had their same basic legal attitudes and character deficiencies/objectivity again and so that President Obama at least had more to offer.

Viva le French!  Beware still the pretenders.  I may be more "French" than my name suggests - I have never cared much for Descartean logic though.



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Good Day Will, we should swap recipes someday – today I am planning to invent my own energy bar cookies for long bike rides, that I can keep frozen until I am ready to take one or two out for a ride.  If they are anything like my recently invented Banana, coconut, chocolate, walnut, raisin, oatmeal, vanilla cookies I may have one already to share.  I keep a motorcycle licence but haven’t ridden a motorized bike in over a decade.

We here in America have our future to think about - and much a rethink about "Oxford Bill" Clinton.  I hope it isn’t/wasn’t all from what he learned on your side of the pond.  Have you ever, personally, considered that "Oxford Bill" grew up most phonetically as if famed William Blygh, as he was born William Blythe III?

I may even crush up a few multi-vitamins for extra measure and minerals, haven’t decided yet whether with this batch work or maybe a future batch.

I met Bill and Hillary when I was near in first grade so think his short-comings that have caused most of our new lows may be unique to his pre-Yale Law days.  He did attend Oxford first though didn’t he?

Yes, America’s future is now at stake due specifically much to Clintons both bringing us to all time lows.  More a "character" or "sportsmanship" problem for them, I fear.  One now likely to be aired with President Obama throwing his til now CIA Director to the Senate "WOLFS" to answer, properly, and fully maybe, to the intelligence errors and failings of the past parts of President Obama’s term.

I was so "domestic" yesterday I was polishing a piece of my mom Catherine’s (Kate’s) wedding pewter – I have my grandfather’s old 1750 rpm buffing motor and buffing shield and just had to see if used with her Wright’s silver/pewter polish if a luster could be worked out.  I need some other size buffing wheels now if to polish more of the inside of pewter bowl, but yes the buffing wheel my grandfather Arthur kept in Greenwich for his jewelry and fishing lure constructs and repairs is still in working order.  Oh, yes - Greenwich, Connecticut, at least until mid 70s.  I have a higher rpm grinder motor that I had another buffing wheel on from boat bronze work projects years ago in my full restoration of 1968 Cal 25 sailboat and bronze and aluminum fittings - didn’t dare higher rpm on pewter, though.

Hope you have appreciated my thoughts all these years more to and about Merlin in A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT in lew of thoughts also available as related to those decendent from family that produce Oliver Cromwell, really - and with other parts related to family that made Buffalo Bill.

If you already know Ted Bell, novelist, you may appreciate that I have known him since before the writing started and started after the British invasion of Young and Rubicam advertising/marketing agency.  My grandfather Arthur M. Menadier retired from Y&R years earlier in 1971, as a real "Mad Man" so it goes, and the that had primary account duties for all Johnson & Johnson business for 25 years before his retirement.  Another note of such is that Mr. Land of Polaroid fame did approach my grandfather first as a Boston ad man and such that later in life such was told as my grandfather’s only "regret" over business career - that he turned down Mr. Land for account to launch a new instant camera invention.

Yes, America has gotten to some new lows and much due specifically to Clintons.

President Barack Hussein Obama, born August 4, 1961 in Hawaii, U.S.A. now has thrown the Republicans a Senatorial bone with nomination of his CIA Director for a new round necessary of "confirmations."  The Clintons both are at risk now as Senate will have a duty to challenge years of faulty intelligence and especially the Obama/Clintons’ standard of "it was all Bush’s fault".

I remember meeting Bill and Hillary when near in first grade because they polled me while at play alone in school yard next door with a query about whether they could both become President someday - and as unmarried Yale Law Students such that when my answer "yes" then had to be changed when "Hillary" was like "then I will marry you" but with "Bill" then of a lying about my answer having really been "NO! - not if you marry each other - the term limit law will likely come into play so be careful who goes first."  Yes, Bill lied to Hillary right in front of me after realizing she hadn’t heard my real answer and did ask him to repeat what I had said.  He didn’t and then he got near mad that I wouldn’t be a young wing man like and let his lying about my honest answer go.  I kept a look out for weeks thinking I would see them again and get my full answer out to her, to now avail.

I think it is safe to say these new lows are not Oxford’s fault - it may have more to do with the real William Blythe III and his background wanting around used car sale stories, or something else, equally influential.

Well are 9/11 Reports are no more "LAW" than our Constitutions preamble, right?  So fewer barriers before the Senate as regards an unwise confirmation of Leon Panetta to another top post now, and so now that Senate has a duty to berate Democrats for attempts post 9/11 and Anthrax - and post as well years of offered but unearned, maybe, friendship to Clintons from Bush families, and as well even sooner upon the months of unprecedented assistance in transitions by Bush administration - those attempts, all, to and with irrational "it was all Bush’s fault."

Now to find a princely hash tag to help spread such fair "notice."

Best wishes Will and Kate  — Sorry if Clintons’ prosecution comes back on Oxford – that they just went along with all the Bush bashing seeming to a 100% innocence of themselves when so much actually points right back at them is really an all time new low for us here in America.  Can’t remember a defense of their friends the Bush’s offered even once - they to be "reasonable" at least should have blamed Speaker Newt Gingrich or Speaker Dennis Hastert for all such necessarily involved from their years and said "leadership" or "expertise."

Shameful behavior, quite.  As blogged earlier - the size of a cover-up attempt can shed light on the scope and size of a crime so with attempts to hide.  And, well "IT WAS ALL BUSH’S FAULT" is for America about the largest attempt at a cover-up yet.  It cannot possibly have been "all of Bush’s fault" and now our President had exposed himself and his "intelligence" by offering Senate a nomination/confirmation duty around Leon Panetta. 

Might get interesting - can he survive?  Can they survive, they the Clintons?

I do hope this doesn’t end up specific and also disappointing about Oxford.

Again, best wishes - Will and Kate - did I mention I keep a motorcycle licence?



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Today is April 27, 2011 and it finds me in Connecticut, USA.

It is not too late to relitigate the Obama "New Foundation" or litigate it now for a first full ponderance. We have a most partisan and divided nation now since Obama became, quite, the "acting President" if you really "value" the Bush transition positions. How do we get to "first base" - how now that it is spring and our President already about his campaigns?

It is still very remarkable how helpful and dependable the Bush administration was then with President-elect Obama and his hardly organized group of surprised winners.

Yes so it is really August 4th - the President really has the same birthday as I do, and really is four years older. I wasn’t born in Hawaii - I was born in New Haven, Connecticut.

So you came back, thank you.  President Obama has just moved to make General David Petraeus the new Director of Central Intelligence and so that we may have the first worthy of an action figure - COMPANY DAVID?  THE DIRECTOR?  COMPANY MAN?  COMPANY JOE?

And you thought the British had us this week on "dress codes" didn’t you?  What will he wear?  Really what will he wear?

Will you buy one for your youths still in diapers and with the camo gear and pinstripe suit or just maybe the "casual" kit?  Will they be some day caught by a future President like those at Facebook HQ recently with "when you were in diapers…" emoting?

Does he even own a suit?  Does he have to retire from uniformed service if his nomination is approved?  I don’t know - maybe he is expected to continue wearing full dress uniforms or fatigues?

Will anyone be able to recognize him - or believe they do?

Well baseball season is open and the pinstriped Yankees are looking sharp.

Hello Catherine ("Kate") my mom’s name is Catherine ("Kate") - Best wishes from this side of the pond to you and Will?  Did he get any say in how he will be dressed on Friday?

Today is still April 27, 2011 - you are probably already to April 28th.

Well when I see "if you see something suspicious please call…" I still think of "Hillary" and want to call - you know call on her now historic polarizing and partisanship and history with the Clinton 8.  Yes, I see those signs and want to call our authorities about her - since I also don’t know how we can forgive her and move forward without compromising so many developmental story lines and histories essential and yet still mostly ignored.

Are those most passionate today about America now too young to know enough about how different the Clinton "two-fer" history is from how the Obama’s NEW FOUNDATION suggested/suggests?

The Clinton 8 is of four to eight that makes a conspiracy theorist "busy" if to consider that 9/11 if an America operation, covert, has potential plots that make it if possible of so than more likely the secrets and secreted workings of a very tight two-some maybe as tight and close as just "Bill" and "Hillary." And, yes even if Al Gore had actually won in 2000 and had it available, available for him to become emotional about his days as a war photo journalist and with such picturesque Afghan footage a daily news ration.

Heard the rumor General Petraeus, the reported rumor back in March, congratulations, big time.  I feel safer even though "Hillary" has made us less safe, and, made us less safe maybe just accidentally. Don’t know how every day she is in the news that we don’t have a "where is Bill" co-story with him busy with Clinton Global Iniative and such basically running an extra-Constitutional shadow State Department - but without the "travel office" bureaucratic duties, "Hillary" like has again.

I guess that whole "New Foundation" pretty much took apart most of the works that made Iraq finally successful, all that stuff you then had to go "general" about in Afghanistan without a developmental flow in history to such.

An official action figure could help us reduce our deficits but maybe not as much as a departure/sacking of "Hillary" may. And so especially within this a redistributive-socialist administration where profits from such shouldn’t be yours.

Well, I remember when I did first consider years ago that 9/11 made President Bush’s concerns about Iraq and Saddam Hussein that were long on his mind harder and much more complicated - and didn’t make it easier for him to finally prosecute Saddam Hussein because of 9/11.  9/11 still seems an inconvenience about injustices needing attention in Iraq and yet quite convenient to "Hillary’s" causes and speechifying with travels and visits to the turfs of those she could radicalize and incite with her calls for them to become more American in ways she was specifically speaking to, and with Iraq to be avoided as such would make the Clintons look bad for having had near all of their eight years to enter and prosecute and even free many and with her prefered American rights.

Yes, this is much with concern for development and national wisdom and with a concern that Clintons need be made examples of to get us back to a sounder and stronger basis more of our old ways than their PEACE DIVIDENDS while crusading and inciting, and then as "Hillary" was want to returns to home to assist in unfundings of intelligence and defense and even some empowerment of "Bill" to impeachment lies and "walls of separation" at FBI between enforcement and intelligence.

Glad you returned - hope you have read Mark Twain’s A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT.



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See I could try to be more scholarly today and reach for or tab out a Google page for our Constitution and past discussions about and around "God particles" - but alas a chance to be more direct with more an impressionist rendition should dim the darkness and the dullness of his and her low numbers. 

Let us be clear - race should hardly be an issue in 2012 race, there is just so much more important and pressing "stereotyping" to throw about and overshadow such.

We likely won’t even have to discuss much how "Hillary’s" "God" may have been intervened upon and disconnected much by "Bill" and such that he kept himself ("Bill" that is) most in her "God" dependence and such that a "Hillary" as President would have relied basically on "a third term of ‘Bill’" for its acceptability and/or preachability.

Yes, "Hillary’s" biggest problem as well won’t be here race - it is most likely to be again that she is a lawyer with insufficient experience and personality for the job and so with too thin an "executive" resume (CV).

Let us be clear - President Obama has a much bigger problem than his races - his "half-blood" past "princeness". 

Let us be clear - President Obama has maybe as his biggest problem that he as been confirmed as a devotee and disciple and to some even much a profiteer as a lawyer and Constitutional Scholar/Professor of the beliefs systems around a faith in a socialist interpretation of our Constitution.

Oh, yes, we must consider this scholarly and even some bits heavy about a Constitutional.

Let me be clear - with impressionism, let me be clear - Our Constitution’s First Amendment bars our Government, as it is, about "establishment" of Religion.  But see, that is where President Obama has been tricky and even maybe scholarly as it is our history now all those early days of this our "The Evangelizer President" not so with his daily masses filling near a full hour a day with them so unexpected broadcasts.  And, yes this one the once primary messiah Obama.

Let me be clear - President Obama like "Hillary" have that they are lawyers as their biggest problem looking to 2012 mass mediations.

But, that said it is really and interesting Obamaism quite a fit to scholarites - that a President Obama could evangelize daily with intent and of hour masses broadcast with interuptions regular but not and within our First Amendment bar to an establishment of "religion" for he was about being a new messiah such that it would only be a forbidden act to an establishment of "religion" if and when he succeeded so about with his profiteering and mass appeals.

Yes that they are followers of an American sect strong in beliefs about a socialist interpretation of our Constitutions and as lawyers so prostrate is likely their biggest problem looking to judgement days of 2012 re-democratizing.

Jee, my fifty two plus mile bike ride today to inaugurate my 2011 road biking season seems to have worked wonders for my impressionist blogging/writing.  Could say it may have been for riding around Robert Treat farms or maybe that I wrote out so far to have been out past Quinnipiac University Polling and the Sleeping Giant or could as well blame it upon being through old and new haunts about Yale.  Really I don’t know, and cannot say for sure.  Maybe enough people found my old blogs here where I said some things they wanted to repeat or just consider.  Oh, yes, you can put sun protection on after the effect and still protect yourself, after the fact, after the hours exposed, it does still help medicate.

Yes, it will haunt him that he the once "Primary Messiah" that then championed but failed to vanquish ("Hillary" and/or "Bill") will still likely have that he has been a lawyer with insufficient personality or experience as his biggest problem and that his cleverly and even maybe scholarly was to attempting a work around our "establishment of religion" forbiddence with interpretations not secured only by his co-devotees of a socialist interpretation of our Constitution and such that this "Obama" as THE EVANGELIZER PRESIDENT did try at an establishment of religion as many lawyers could say permitted as such as were his masses and appeals such being so new and attempt at "new" couldn’t or wouldn’t be a "religion" until or unless he was successful in so turning himself and our Presidency to near in practice a theocracy.

The prudent thing while about such to do is rightly to avoid religious tags and even a revelation of a personal birth certificate maybe published and certified with a different middle name or religion.

Personally, I would really like to see his Harvard Law treatises and/or otherwise simple papers and writs/writings, Mr. Romney of Massachusetts, or even maybe Mr. Trump or Mrs. Bachmann.

Oh, "Hillary" did you have an epiphany or revelation this morning?  And a quite fine one?  Must I rededicate myself anew with yet another reset of commitment to my striking on economy as long as you persist so in another administration without any improvement or development?  If it were baseball and I your manager you would have been sent down long ago - well I guess it is complicated what with Bill being your still "chosen" manager, also not willing to face up to "two-fer" failings.

Is it your "school of thought" or your "God" that has failed you - or can you not comment until your efforts to an establishment of a "new" religiousity effectively overrides our Constitution as it here to fore has been?

Well, that actually was fun - maybe now it is even funny, if not too scary still.

Oh, bike ride, so as it was only "inaugural" of my road bike, was still fun enough but cautious for being still someone new and uncertain with real routing unplanned.  My earlier trapsing on fat tire "mountain" bikes helped lay the foundation for today’s success.

Well seems we may have to wait for the "God" particulars. 


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Some of you may be old enough to remember, while recently out of diapers, that "Bill" was the "YKK and the dot com" President.   Odd?  Odd that he wanted to be the "YKK" President with so many with "YKK" zippers?

So if you have watched any of George Stephanopoulus on ABC since he got an office not next door to "Bill" you now are probably right in thinking every minute and every brain cell used so was wasted.  Yes, you, unlike me, may have wasted many brain cells not the near only ten total minutes I haven’t all these years so.

You really should be asking if all your times listening to him now just haven’t added up and were a complete waste, at least before he started the fluffery morning job.  We couldn’t/shouldn’t be here now so if he had known what he was talking about as an ABC political expert, right?

Yes, I have near only all these years viewed ten total minutes of this Clinton "George" on ABC and that really a summation of all the unexpected fifteen seconds or less from channel surfing that accidentally had me also at risk so.

So with "Bill" having been the "YKK and the dot com booming President" really all that was left for "Hillary" to have any chance of popularity greater than a Republican or Senator "Barry" Obama was for her to also proceed with a NEW DEAL AUSTERITY MARCH, as President Barack Hussein Obama, also from a Hyde Park, has, but as "Hillary - the elastic waist bands and the dot org busting President?

So if any of these Demos are actually now to be considered "qualified" for their $400,000 or less salaries, before perks, isn’t it necessary to believe that this is where they meant to bring the economy - here now so perfectly fitting with their "NEW DEAL" ambitions to an era of austerity like FDR, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had as maybe unavoidable as well?

Yes, as per George Stephanopoulus, I was in the 1992 race think and strategizing, and much locally, before he showed up as other than Koch’s co-worker and equal in Representative Gephardt’s offices.  In fact he was little known to nation, I can say, and as since before my letters of political encouragement and strategizing landed on those Gephardt desks and in those Gephardt hands just days before Yeltsin went around the world suddenly upon a tank, and with my letters posturing a better place for U.S. to be maybe as a premonition to such.

I had actually been thinking of trying to go to work with ABC before they hired G.S. and then ceased all efforts and thinking to such, and so of aversion to working in "news" supposedly with him also supposedly employed in "news."  I have so much old chronology to look back on and check someday - especially as this paragraph has me thinking that my "response" to a client who asked "why can’t you design and build my new front porch in 7 days?" - like old story and then to my answer a networking of how it could be done but would have to be done, not as me working alone to such as then, but as now memorialized Sundays on ABC basically right along the specific lines of thinking in my defensive answer.

Of, course few people, or even ABC was aware that THIS OLD HOUSE with Bob Villa and a cabinet maker Norm and a Silva contractor had its rise from my Villanova University days surrounded by Main Line Villas to "bob" with thoughts with ego "but I know how to build your house - and should be able to get financing to build two and keep one."   Recently seeing news of Condoleezza Rice of Stanford getting a cameo on 30 ROCK had me realizing that Tracy Morgan likely has been jested as many times as I have with J P Morgan jokes – did notice this time though that he does much look like the white neighbor Norm a cabinet maker I grew up sharing interests with, but with the black on.  See,  I was at Villanova knowing what I would do if I wasn’t there and with confidence that I knew enough to get too it without finishing and such would be a TV show working around old houses and shared interests with such neighbor Norm and as well those skills and interests developed and honed at a summer camp managed by a "Moose" Silva.

You don’t need me to tell you that your minutes and moments or hours with George S. likely have been a waste, and even his current fluffery, right?

Oh, hello David Gergen, do you happen to know if the stack of blank "CLASSIC LAID" stationary I sent you when you got most of George S.’s primary til then job duties, and with the PILOT felt tip pen I had then done my spin city strategizing "political poetry" with as an "end" to my participation and a meant call for Clintons to stop using my earlier assistance and enabling - of the recently "I seem to have helped the Clintons become more electable than they deserved…" — and sent with fun line in defense of Reagan and his three by five card usage with near "Clinton could just write larger" — and, well such that then had the chorus of you and IBM CEO Akers in next news cycle speaking of "it is like starting with a blank page" but without seeming the "stop" I was meaning it to and the request to cease unauthorized use from that moment forward.  It wasn’t written for them and not for our Presidency then, it was written as my own story to be a temporary bulwark at a moment of excess near crisis. 

Oh, yeh, I couldn’t really settle on a writing style for that last paragraph written at first to query if such stack of paper and my "political poetry pen" of the writing of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM is now on display in Clinton Presidential Library, or somewhere else?   The blank pages were the bought second and further stationary pages for my J. P. Hogan Enterprises / Carpentry and Remodeling Services Connecticut S-corp business letterhead.  The "CLASSIC LAID" watermark on pages was part of the message and such to emphasize to my actual story not my fictionalizing about it to be of temporary assistance, in years I had such latitude and flexibility - the "Citizen Rosebud" side of my story that is a long romance or agreement long to a future blind date.

The new "replacement"/"upgrade" now being built next door to my parents in not on a 7 day schedule. 



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I am in a rush and soon to head out for short bike ride to a leftover lamb sandwich.

Some old memories have been refreshing their old original spirit, but still without enough confirmation around enough telling detail of such moments of drama and hard work of our politic.

Like with old "you are cleared to bike with the President" but while I was just tooling around distracted around the Mall and "Is he trying to pull rank on me?" seemingly from Secretary Rumsfeld shortly after 9/11 but with whom he was asking or whom answered or if such was a Cabinet Room heated back and back that triggered a "no" also from me.  

Like, seemingly on first day Tony Snow (RIP Tony Snow) started that seemed to have you tossing two of my faxes to you onto his new desk and saying like "how do we make this happen?"  and with as well my memories of days you seemed to want to move to finding time to try to address the growing housing and economic mess and me of thinking and faxing a seeming strong suggestion that you avoid trying to "fix" it for it was likely set to an unavoidable collapse so of its bad roots and origins with Clintons and that you would be better to protect your other very important policies by just working to postpone the collapse as long as possible, and so not to have Democrats jump on you for/about the necessary blaming of Democrats that a fix of housing would have had as an "unavoidable."  I couldn’t help but remember such faxed advice to you for you to back up and change direction from your path of a new inclination to attempt to fix the housing mess and that I thought it was unavoidable with Democrats defensive and busy also with idealism that would make it worse not better, and such that you may have lost Iraq if you did so keep changing.

I get the vision of National Security Advisor Rice as on my sailboat in a Coast Guard approved personal floatation advice as normal business about a possible remodeling/carpentry client getting to approving me as a subcontractor for new closet doors.   I get the sailors later with me saying "we know who you are" when I was much thinking of and for Scooter Libby when leak story was running too wild and factless.

Well got to go for now.  Hope you are having fond memories of your past White House Easter hunts.



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I was thinking of titling this one "DREAMS OF MY FATHER" and making it about Muslims, race, Harlem, and Hollywood.  Yes, I worked with and around my father’s story and his network and such in my planning and lead up to such as also about Jaycees and Special Olympic volunteering - but this may have been more about my dreams and my coalition building.

I am my father’s son - I am my grandfathers’ grandson - I evn had an unrelated "Summer Dad & Mom" around my college years - and my "Summer Mom" was a part-time NBC executive.

Yes, my father played baseball and basketball in high school and maybe in college as well - baseball I know for certain.

Yes, my father had a great story from his summers as a teamster delivering Coke around Connecticut and in those days when they hadn’t thought to have doors on the sides to secure the cargo or think to slant the bases for pallets so that cargo didn’t tend to tip out and crash while cornering.  The story ends with a big black hand slamming open the bathroom door at the Jimmies Hot Dog stand near the amusement park one day when he and his also white nerdy college buddies had ducked in their after noticing a white motorcycle group showing too much interest/attitude - and with the big black hand with a big black voice saying "Hey Cokeman need any help?" and with enough other big people behind him that the motorcyclists noticed after hear the voice after having followed my dad and his friends into the latrine, near the Amusement Park.  Dad you to trade cases of Coke with such’s younger brother to watch his truck while delivering with no doors and had been noticed.

But this is more about MALCOLM X - the movie.

Well it is also about me having spent more than a month one summer taming William Stringfellow’s overgrown properties in the town of New Shoreham, in what was then the last decade of his life.  He showed my his cottage where he had harbored the federal fugitive(s) and tought me how to use a weed wacker for the first time even though a chain saw more appropriate to the landscaping odd job I had signed on to.

Well this is about the late 80’s and early 90’s and also much as well relevant to a friendship my dad had with Augustus A. White M.D. from some basketball tournament he ran or another New Haven or Connecticut Jaycees function he helped direct.  I have mentioned I met "Gus" White doctor physician to the Black Panthers when I was about five and my dad of spotting him in New Haven not aware yet that he had returned to practice medicine at Yale.

Yes, when I was about my dream to be a caboose to the Reagan Revolution and in ways I wasn’t thinking anyone else really engaged to I did choose to move back to New Haven and start my remodeling contracting business there and in my parents basement, and with my newish still ‘88 Ford F-250 4x4. 

This is about Harlem and my having known William Stringfellow and with me dreaming the dream of helping dad have interesting continued friendship status with "Gus" White and as well with me having also gotten wired in with William Bratton since 1987-88 in Boston.

Of course my dad had some big dreams with all his early 60’s Jaycees days and what with him having run for governor of Connecticut while fresh out of University of Connecticut Law - but I was trying to dream better and work such by stirring his old dreams and networks towards such, and with much effort to such, and day dreaming.

He liked baseball so much he even dreamt of becoming a shortstop for the Boston Red Sox, so I have heard.

Spike, have you figured in how you fit in here - as refreshed with me having caught at least half of MALCOLM X - the movie last night?

Hi Denzel, I am trying to not make this too much about actors.

My organized baseball play stopped at Little League level, and in the days and league that had Nicky Dawidoff a neighbor by a block and a ball player a few years ahead of me, with Paul Giamatti if of playing ball then just a year ahead.  I did get to some organized softball play over years since both in my own New Haven Area Jaycees days and two of my ten years in DC, with first year a Mall walk-on into the Department of Interior’s Solicitor’s Office’s team in the then Clinton/Gore Exectutive Softball League - my second year in DC with the inaugural Villanova University year in the long established College Alumni Network (CAN) league and then in 2007 again in my last year with a much more established Villanova Team still of some of the orginal team I was once a part of.

I did use a brand new YANKEES branded soft hardball T-ball stand, bat and ball today with one of my soon to be three years old nephews at his party - I bunted well once - are you allowed to bunt in T-ball?

Oh, Spike and Denzel, yes I did tell a friend whose father then was the CFO of IBM that I could help her with a "race/color" issue at her workplace then with Omni Hotels in DC - and did so then in 1989, with a integration into my dreaming and ambitions and realizations that new works and even movies would be needed especially when she broadened request for "help" to include her father’s responsibities with IBM back when the Economist was writing that other "blue jeaned entreprenuers were out inovating IBM."

STICKLY BUSINESS - the movie - the movie with Halle Barry brought me to tears - Oh, and well I caught on especially with Denzel scene set in Harlem where you directed such that and I.B.M. "Training Center" sign had prominence. I have to look up the name spelling for an old class of 1983 person that you looked like much in such movie, an acquaintance in New Haven Public Wilbur Cross High School, that may still be on my facebook list, though also looking a little differently by now.  Oh, yeh, I watched enough last night to see scenes where my dad’s dreams overlapped on such issues and as well with his friendship with "Gus" White M.D. - and as I knew those two would have enough history to balance a modern useful artfulness, at least some.

See, when I left Suffolk Law School after first year it was then a block away from the Massachusetts’ State House and so close to the spot I first became wired with Chief William Bratton when nearly to laughing at his new fleet of cruisers and as they were new then to him but the color green and the oldest fleet in the state and with radios reportedly ‘not working."  I was already read on Robert Moses and redevelopement in New York and Boston, some and so had ambitions such that maintenance of supportive thinking about such William Bratton, made sense.  Ed Logue’s brother Frank lived across the street from me in New Haven - the Ed Logue of Boston’s Fanueil Hall Market Place redeveloping and Roosevelt Island makeover in NYC.

See, it is really best that I don’t title this "DREAMS OF MY FATHER" for so much of my story was of years of work and reading and thought to a development of a capacity to exceed my dad’s natural tendencies and habits, more the above normal, and to a new level where he wouldn’t think to look for as many layers as I wanted to try to artistically mused to/about.  I did in fact think I reached such capactity to not only have more going on then he would even consider to consider even dreaming about, and with careful and artful compartmentalization, but that I did get to having more going then he had a capacity, with a full time job and full time parent duties, to use if he actually had time enough.

Such really goes to my years saying "I am more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" and with Hearst being more the goal than the network most regularly used or used much at all. 

Oh, yeh, MALCOLM X - the movie may have been filmed much to all before "Barry" Obama even matriculated out of Harvard Law School - I see it was released in 1992 but don’t know the production history, even though I could recognize inspiration that made it some to screen.

Oh, that IBM side of story mentioned is best categorized to the ends such of me realizing I had too much going already about my "Citizen Rosebud" ambition and such that I realized I had to keep going it more alone so as to not lose my extra capacity build and worked into my life towards a chance to have maybe 5-10 years to work to more "change" than most would even consider as possible.

I would have to have also considered "DREAMS OF MY MOTHER" instead and for her father having been the primary Johnson & Johnson ad guy (Mad Man) for near 25 years until his force retirement from Young and Rubicam in 1971, and her as well active as a college student and with the NSA (National Students Association) - and such publicly with appearances to argue for the "loyalty oath" for those students accepting federal student loan funds.

But this is so much about an extra capacity I worked in an with years of walking similar paths years later within same volunteer organizations.

In my Little League days I was still between a strong prefence for my first name over my middle name, or vice versa, and such now that I can still remember sometimes running about and answering accidentally as "J..eter."

Don’t remember, at this moment, exactly when in all this that I grew concerned with remarks coming from President George H. W. Bush and such that with such about the "puzzle" of Iraq/Saddam/Persian Gulf War concludability that I thought a private effort may be needed to help try to turn one of the otherwise running away Democrats into a willing candidate and to an how to "change" them to "electable."  I had known of Clintons’ ambitions since I was near about 1st grade, as they polled me with "can we both become President" - and thought my negative first impression of them might make them available as disposable spars, and how, and how as well to help IBM with their radical changes in direction, and marketing to something that much more nearly resembled my known business plan then a decade into creative furtherance, but as a "new" adjusted Randian approach…

Oh, and such that Clintons got to sounding like it as well, but not without a bunch of unwanted gray hairs and much lost sleep on my part, and much from day dreaming while still some "in business" in my parents’ basement, but then to without my still newish Ford pick-up for the political canvassing job I took to keep some revenue while about such a dedication to a new political correctness working had me realizing somethings had to go, and the used Honda that got near 40 mpg was available.  

Yes, after years volunteering with New Haven Area and Connecticut Special Olympics, and mostly as Director of Operations (Support Services) with my truck and those the same years of New Haven Jaycees volunteering and all-nighters in museum exhibit construction volunteering at then young and pioneering Eli Whitney Museum, I did spend most of a fall/winter of months in evening canvassing with ConnPIRG and/or C.C.A.G. (Connecticut Citizen Action Group) and with petitions for clean air standard and healthcare reform campaigns. I don’t remember if it was for just six months or over maybe even eight. 

Yes, I had many months to think of how I thought Healthcare had a chance of being reformed and stayed quite aways away from where "Hillary" tried to take it after my writing to make sure President Bush actually had someone to run against had so much going that I still fear I had a hand in making the Clintons more "electable" than they deserved.

You should ask me about my dreams of thinking how much IBM really should have owed me and how I had too much going to even pursue a meeting to such as a discussable - but not such that I didn’t have time to suggest they like maybe pay it forward about Time Square and maybe even Ireland.

So, my Yankees are looking pretty good tonight.  Do you know of their firstbasemen’s volunteer work in Harlem?  Text… something, like.  




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Like "there should be a beginning, a middle, and an end" - unless you are willing to take forty years off from writing.

Was Justice Rehnquist a fan of J.D. Salinger - or just his revolutionary treatments, maybe?

How did we get here, to these days of young President "Barry" Obama and his NEW DEAL AUSTERITY MARCH – how did we all get to such a rye of Obama?

There is a confluence.

There are at least three about if you also ask for "relevance" of to a query as "Why wasn’t it "WILL POTTER…". 

There are dangers in President now "relitigating" the past, against his own wishes, now with he himself to near "return to Clintons’ years’ tax rates."  Maybe more a "Pandora’s Box" than an "Odyssey Eve" as such releases so much now long snuffed with their lid securing — those were the years that brought us the years of Bush - those were the years to the future of Bush where their "spending" was more the problem than their "tax rates."

Of the confluence of Justice Rehnquist and young President "Barry" Obama we must look back to "Barry" the Harvard Law Student of maybe the last class at Harvard Law to have still been graduated in the pre-Rhenquist Revolution old and elite legalese preponderance standards — we should look at his legal pride as too old school and contrary to the then spreading Rehnquist Revolution to turn back/reset of American jurisprudence to a NEW LAYMEN LANGUAGE standard.  Really young "Barry" the law student may have been of the last class of Harvard Law matriculated out educated in the outdated ways.

I left law school a few miles away from his Harvard and bought a new Ford F250 4x4 the spring before the fall of his start - I left after my first year, by withdrawing before exams and so then opting to remain an "accepted" Suffold Law Student for the next seven years.  I left and for next years worked to encourage a greater laymen basis for law and contracts as like a caboose for the Reagan Revolution - I even set to right my own home improvement contract for Connecticut use towards such ends —  Obama would not have "graduated" by then, though new "laymen" legalese changes may have just become a new standard about the time of his wrap of legal studies.  Part of my story is such that my dad, a lawyer, aware of but not involved in my business, did alert me that changes had happened around home improvement contracting laws and I might need to change my contracts, and, then that in fact I didn’t as my contract construct when reviewed for "compliance" needed no changes.

Is President Barack Hussein Obama living in a legal world that really no longer exists?  Did he miss the Rehnquist Revolution?  Did his misunderstand the Reagan Revolution?  Did he even read CATCHER IN THE RYE?

As it happened I ended up writing my own contract after asking a lawyer in my Dad’s firm to draft one for me and then realizing I would have to do it myself if I wanted it done "right" by me.

President Barack Hussein Obama’s NEW DEAL AUSTERITY MARCHING may as well be dammed (blocked like by a dam) for attempting, too soon, a repeat of an earlier revolution.  Don’t own a copy of J.D. Salinger’s rye working - is it THE CATCHER IN THE RYE - or just CATCHER IN THE RYE?  Anyone?

So President Obama has violated his own edicts to "not relitigate the past" by mentioning the "can of worms" of Clintons’ years and Clintonomics.   Those were also the years Clintons had American official state policies as anti-Shia - Pro-Sunni and much full up and overflowing with near "Iraqi Shia are not capable of governing themselves."

Is it the educating of Obama, so "old school" that keeps him from brevity and laymen succinctity?  Like good thing he wasn’t "LIVE FROM TWITTER" having to answer in 140 characters or less?

President Obama is still wrong about Iraq.   And "Hillary" the wrong "lady" for such a "Muslim Thaw".

There is a confluence – some dangers now again from run off and overflows from Clintons’ 8.

Do you know that Hearst may not have even known they were network used to empower unknown author J.K. Rowling from day she first scribbled arriving musings onto napkins that for years, for years until she was married, was of near "I don’t know where it came from…"?  Again, I am here not "bragging" but more to a "public service announcement" sharing on historical confluences of successes of Clintons’ years not of the Clintons or inspired by the Clintons or their governance or character.  J.K.’s then recently passed father was Peter Rowling and I went a musing to seek a non American unknown author willing to accept a writing challenge to seven books for seven years of advancing curriculum (to be determined and crafted by them) and when princes and Hearsts had a new generation then near seven years from college, as well as the small posse of young neighbors I had taken to "umbrella-ing" as "Rowe-lings" after the near tears told me they didn’t want me to "move away" as "they had fun while I was around."  I had already been a decade into refering to myself more "as a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" and with quiet and remote Hearst family ties - such that I knew my challenge if held to as mused that first day would have J.K. also writing to and for heartfelt concerns around Time Square and the Hamptons, and Hearsts.

Yes, President Obama has opened up a "Pandora’s Box" both with recent "OPERATION ODYSSEY DAWN" and as well recent "status" updating with near "we should go back to tax rates of Clintons’ years."

I don’t know why or how Justice Rehnquist got to his "revolution" and such as it was where he writ us to our beginnings as better our new end/current status for jurisprudence about legalese.

I did and do know more about origins to "Harry Potter" and with "Dumbledore" from "double door" such that "wards" that I hoped wouldn’t grow up to be more like "warts" under my skin were daily of passing through.  Yes, when in high school I did wonder if I had a chance with Diana and since furthered consideration and compassion at times as if princes might have been my own sons.   Still want to confirm some day unexpected "you are on Queen’s ‘notify’ list" thought that day and moments so soon after her fatal accident.   I had taken to heart Samuel Clemens’ A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT for both wanting to be a "Mad Man" like my maternal grandfather and a defender of my parents’ early years of marriage of residence in the MARK TWAIN APARTMENTS near next door to the Samuel Clemens Home.

Yes, the were certainly some confluences, and especially now about a necessary "relitigation" (first litigation?) of the Clintons’ 8 as now of a refersal of past edicts o’ President Obama by himself against such in strongest prohibitions he could muster.  We now even have to do due diligence to "Homeric" of ODYSSEY having been of "DAWNS" to battle monsters and such that had to mostly pay for themselves with wealth of the localities and lairs of such monsterousness.

KKK! - You struck out, Mr. President?  Your "rye" lacks sufficient plot and structure — Your conclusions are fantastic, yes, but your operations are still unfunded and un-Homeric so.  Did you even risk and achieve "trite" for attempting the same "revolution" as about and near and party within the Rehnquist Revolution and too soon upon it such that instead of reinforcing the leveling with a reset to "laymen language" jurisprudence you instead effected with your affectations a diminishing and weaking of the earlier most successful, until… revolutionizing?

Mr. President, are you know beyond a beard helping you, as it did another from Springfield?

Oh, not the Clinton’s 8 - that is where the plot thickened - that is when and the where to the how where "Homers" got foreclosed under the next. 

The Clintons’ tax rates are not the issue!

President Bush would have been OK even with his tax cuts if the Clintons’ "spending" as it was, as it was the dangerous gross unfunding and underfunding it really now revealed and end without its "beginning" — If the Clintons’ tax rates were right then their spending was wrong - If the Clintons’ spending was right then their tax rates were wrong.

They too missed much of confluence about the Rehnquist Revolution and maybe as two in a "two-fer" still too proud and instructed in your "old school" pre laymen legalese jurisprudence revolutionizing matriculating. 

Mr. President can your plot be condensed and simplified to "POWER TO THE LIBERAL LAWYER ELITES - DAMN THE INCONSEQUENTIAL AND SMALL"?   Your continued embrace and support of both Clintons a "lawyer two-fer" in love suggest such as plausible and not too cynical. 

Yes the same entry way immortalized with "Dumbledore" also congealed from same muse to the casting of George Clooney as the alter fictional self also fitting to stories writ to carry a justice forward long then already with a basis in knowing whom dramatized "DEEP THROAT" had been and why.  See when NBC’s Jamie Tarses and company had liked Tuesday line up they wondered if their muse had one more show idea in him and maybe for Thursdays at ten - an ER nurse also a neighbor of pediatric neurosurgeon with double door was part of ER musing. 

Yes, this too was of an integration in part about and within the also little known Rehnquist Revolution - I should know.

RIP Mark Felt, once number two at the Federal Bureau of Investigations. 

RIP Justice Rehnquist & J.D. Salinger.



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Could President Obama be do more in his trying to become more like President Bush? 

Is it that he didn’t do the hard work and put in the miles - is it that he just isn’t a Kenyan - isn’t one about running to alert that "war is over"?

He may be jumpy for shorts season to start and for more of America to be dressing to days of quicker and sharper instincts as per the "CHANGE" of seasons - can’t say for sure.  It may just be the Hawaiian in him, not a greater "American" - can’t say for sure.  Was it skates for Putin to a heralding start of spring hockey - was it skates and shorts for a greater "Russian"?

Are you ready for some T-ball — are you up with "compassion"?

How did our first "trash talking"* President of hard partisanship with new polarizing sliding to "blame game" politics get now past running hard to alert the wards that war is over - how has this President gotten to "compassionate" centrist and nearly to "compassionate conservative"?

Seems like a new record - maybe even an entirely new category.

Do you doubt he has already neared "compassionate conservative"?

So he wasn’t born to run to announce "WAR IS OVER" at least speedily?

Sure he may be used to hoofing it up "Heartbreak Hill" but that has been more to his charging us all towards class divides accenture and his reaching his personal best in his "Austerity President" long New Deal race.

Seems he needs a music theorist now more than a performance coach as his "music" is discordant to his plotting/plot.  There is no existing music for such an pedestrian assault and deconstruction so of efforts long established and consumated and consecrated to greater "American" standings - so it seems.  The notes of Obama - the size and length of his notes are not "music" and are neither harmonious or flowing - hardly even a Salieri march.

The size and length of his notes seem worse than simply misread teleprompter remarks — Oh, speaking of such - did you catch Donald Trump’s "prepared remarks" reading this past weekend?

I didn’t mean to mix metaphors with "trumphantism" here but the media circus has gone "CARNEY" some, obviously, already — Of course the Democrats want to run against The Donald - such would affirm their ideology about our highest office as best for a centralized - personality based grand and master plan, and so would get one of the "enemy" to also have halted his/her free-market capitalist profiteering. 

Seems there is no music already quite for such as to a greater "American" either - Figaro may be adaptable?

Adding "compassion" to an existing run a NEW "AUSTERITY" PRESIDENT is a depressor — like President Obama as too encouraging to American Greatness as like supporting T-ball too but hoofing it to the "Show" as like his "economic" and "market" theories fewer "highs" and "lows" to greater "Americans" is best to be as well for those running just bases as to just performances without scoring, like youth T-ball.

Like:  "Can’t we all just get along" as sufficient per "training" for qualification and performance in Olympics?  Something is missing, Mr. President — how does your doubling down on "compassion" by adding it to your NEW DEAL "AUSTERITY" MARCH keep you from "the ditch" - from the "donuts" in scores?

So you are not a Kenyan, Mr. President, and also not an American seeming capable to actually running to "hits" relevant to WAR IS OVER.  Some Americans already apt and hip to next Olympics being more "The Show" for a new "Trekian" flat screen "communicator" day for "GLOBAL CITIZENS" in a "flatter world" with more level international playing fields, Mr. President? 

How fair would it be for our Olympic hopefuls to go backwards (with you) to a "Bullying America" now after so much greater equalizing has happened thanks to specific energies and dedications for those of Bush administration and their works specific still for players also grown larger and stronger past mere T-ball?

President Obama, I know President Bush, you are no President Bush, and especially not "41" — you may still be able to be much better for America and too a lasting greater "American" future than the Clintons - at least you aren’t "pushing" or "popping" PEACE DIVIDENDS as a short cut the the hard and real work needed - or too heavy to "Big Macs" as were Clintons.

We have no "American" music for your forced constructs to a "centralizing" justification — your own notes seem wrong in size and wrong in length and inappropriate to a system with an office of President that only allows four years per each election. 

Are the size of your plans inappropriate especially to a greater "American" performance as "GLOBAL CITIZENS" in all future world wide competitions? 

Surely "Olympic Compassion" calls for careful footwork and now for all Americans in these days to more "individual" connectivity and testing as "GLOBAL CITIZENS" — seems their stories are now even more important than your own, Mr. President, and, all candidates for our office of the President.

Mr. President you have been "musical" to a suggestion that our economy should work for adults as if they only had scoreless competitions everywhere in our economy — Are you ready for a new pair of shorts?

Mr. President are you abusing our "Bully Pulpit"?

Couldn’t you become more like President Bush?  Shouldn’t you?

Oh, the HUMANITY of it all.  Oh, the HUMANITY of it all?

Are you ready for some T-ball — are you up with "compassion"?

Are you better, Mr. President, with more a "you are on your own" economic?  Can you get past the size of Gore’s GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM still holding back job creation until you are believable to a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - I HAVE SAVED THE WORLD FROM GLOBAL WARMING - THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT ISN’T ABOUT TO END IN TEN YEARS, NOW? 

Don’t think even "The Donald" can since hearing him attempt LaGuardia talk disrepectful of the general concern that big building projects would only accelerate our end. 

Seems until you can pronounce the "warming" as "managed" or "manageable" less is more and seeming a natural and intented "hit" with your "NEW DEAL ‘AUSTERITY’ MARCH".

You have been "Olympic" Mr. President and yes "compassionate" and with your spending, and, Mr. President such that the size of your spending has been the problem, mostly.  You seem to have been scored already with a performance of your spending having not only been inadequate but also quite to a performance quite the opposite of what you suggested it should. 

Mr. President it can even be suggested that most of it has landed simply as near a "refilling" of Democrat’s campaign coffers and "available funds" with Chinese borrowing - and such now to undermine a greater "American" trumphantism in future world wide competitions against even the Chinese.

Mr. President, it seems now that it is ours and your own greatest problem - it, the "trash talking" hard partisan dividing you have been about since your start.  Mr. President is the world, as we know it, still going to end due to GLOBAL WARMING as Gore ’alarmism’ seemingly in the next ten or twenty years — or, have you already saved the entire planet?

* This is no "trash talking" - but again a concern that if say COUNTY based healthcare solutions cannot be argued and as a "new" way then COUNTRY based centralizing cannot be argued as fully thought through other than as to a "socialism" and "nationalism" ideology.   Every layer added above healthcare at local level just adds costs and a new greater "bureaucracy" to such - can’t we finally all argue for a COUNTY BASIS for "compassionate" reforms? 



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Hoofing it "TEA PARTY CENTRAL" dreaming the dream of New York as our first capital?  Time for your own DEAR MARTHA letter?

While our values may be in your steps and beats can you really say many in our national politic are?  Talk about busing, have you ever read of stories of integration about Boston whence?

>Oh, he was born in Kenya - heard again, through the streets of Boston?  Oh, now these Kenyan’s are not trying to hide it?

>Oh, the Red Sox are cursed - Red Sox cursed again, now of a CURSE OF KERRY?  Oh, Senator John Kerry, did more to undermine progress and cooperation in Iraq than any other American in our national politik, and so by making palpable a fear across Iraq that the United States of America would just CUT AND RUN, and so such that it was wiser for them not to "stand with" us their to "stand with" them.  Oh, the humanity of it.

Well Donald Trump seems to be a new Patriot about such, so that an election of Mr. Trump would risk an interpretation and spin set such to nearly an executive UNDERCOVER BOSS with a President Trump, in a capitalist free market, relegated to being more just a "maitre d" in one of his casinos. So Mr. Trump needs a politician elected President in 2012, but one that is again a job creating "pro-business" servant instead?  So, can you imagine Donald Trump without line item authorities over budgets?

We do need, this Patriots Day, about Massachusetts’, this April 18th, 2011, on the anniversary of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, to consider we may need to elect someone more used to be surrounded with "no" men/women and not just "yes men/women"?

>Oh, there goes the Kenyan(s) - are they still favored?

>Oh, the Red Sox aren’t completely frayed - is it a balancing of Kerry Curse with a Hope of Romney and refreshing of ride of "41"?

So the first Tea Party led to New York City as our first National Capital.  So Washington stands proud across the street from Wall Street.  How "off" and "unpatriotic" has President Obama’s spin set been?  Why did he try to bring in so much centralization from such distance with such a grand air of overlording and pomp?

There would have been a new TEA PARTY even if or especially if Hillary Rodham Clinton had been pronounced Queen instead?

Dear Martha:

     Our Country isn’t in the best of shape, it has hope, like back in Boston during those Tea Party day engagements. The message left our patriots and former prisoners of wars is quite mixed and near unpatriotic, especially if today were your yesterdays. 

     About the worst of it is now that the recent "ride" of McCain/Palin not just would have been better and as "sold" by them then a promise kept to have avoided this new administrations paths.  But worser than that they have so inherited the "car in the ditch" from Bush that is more of him running out of road and finding only ditch because of the Clintons and their irresponsible and security threatening SURPLUS and such of contradictory policies.

     Oh, George would likely be beside himself today, and agast that our current President after having defeated a war hero Patriot once a prisoner of war, was so to such an unimaginable, for America, spin set. 

     Oh, George, would have been irate, I think, if here today to be seeing President Barack Hussein Obama use his "American" story to such ends that have him not to "compromises" and "bipartisan" union building governance but more to "forced confessions" worked and expected these past two years to attempt to get Republicans to confess to "all Bush’s fault" GUILT when quite innocent.

     Shocking, quite, that President Obama with such full bolstering by both Clintons has spent past two years more as if running a prison camp in our Washington capital city and having set out so from moment one with his inaugural speechifying to start his hoofing it to get "forced confessions" from his like "prisoners" Republican defeated and for "GUILT" really historically quite due a confession instead by Clintons and especially former First Lady Clinton.

     Yes, Martha, you probably would look at our current Secretary of State and wonder, and wonder how one so responsible for so much that went wrong seeming directly from her "knitting" (she doesn’t like to cook - maybe doesn’t know how to atleast bake) as First Lady and such that it can be argued that she as First Lady used her executive powers of her office more to our detriment personally than she was culpable for having let Bill about.

     Oh Martha, if only the Clintons hadn’t both been about trying to get past your foundational wisdom and matriarchy for us with a prudent exit after those years our co-executive.  It can be argued that it was their greed and ambition that compromised so many of our then to fore standards of more evenly keeled days of state.

     Oh Martha, have you heard about our American Marathons and how Kenyans have been quite the scene for years now for their prowess and steadfastness?  Our current and young president is arguably half Kenyan, but documentation is scarce about such - maybe an American will win today.

     It is not surprising that this lot of Democrats had "socialist" hankerings and to revivals in a "new court" governance more of the pre colonial governance of the thirteen colonies.  Have you heard about our 60s and/or WOODSTOCK?  You must have by now, I imagine. 

     But, to be so "anti-patriot" with governance so partisan and polarizing these past couple years so far from balanced politicing to fair/necessary compromising, still, and, so as more like an over-lording prison warden/marshall treating the Republican losers so - OH MARTHA!

     We are about a President who by his own machinations or edicts by former first couple Clintons (to attempt to cover their own guilt and negligence or gross negligence) has been more about legal trickery to work a forced confession from Republican losers for "guilt" and "malfeasance" not their own.  OH MARTHA!

     Please tell George "thanks again" and "hello", and the Adams if you see them.  Seems our new TEA PARTY had to happen with such from a new administration, and maybe so that it would have been even more necessary if the Clintons had perverted your term length wisdoms as they sought to.  For now we have the stand off on taxes and tax cuts such that these Democrats have left it that Republicans can not "give in" without such being a "forced confession" of guilt and malfeasance not their own, and so until President Obama steps up and confesses that it is historically so that at least half of our current problems, and likely far more are specifically of the hoofing of Clintons and more so them than those about them dutiful in their past administrating.

Sincerely Citizen Rosebud.

>Oh, of course he doesn’t have an American birth certificate - he is Kenyan.

>Oh, the poor Red Sox now caught with Beckett standards insufficient to protect from "unsportsman" governance and recent "anti-war" revival machinations by Senator John Kerry - the American who may have cause Iraq Operations to take so much longer and cost so much more with his grandstanding so of a gross over simplification of now better known greatly complex and involved global and regional geopolitics.




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President Barack Hussein Obama has clearly raised race issues - has mostly raised them though, you could say, accidentally.

Worse so that President Obama is the Clinton "two-fer" - and, again, really, where is Bill?  I am still so undervalued and too anonymous from the 90s and as one who can claim that not only did I likely have "as good" or better political ties before I helped Clintons become electable but as well that with my paper trail now a couple decades deep I have been steady and much proven right and tired from Clintons flipping from such and then to their floppings and then to their returning, and yet somehow of "rational" thought that I wouldn’t mind them being more my personal and unique contributions to their popularity and such that it is reasonable to claim that they still undervalue my contributions to foreign policy and economics by at least $1 Billion.

You should be reading and checking my tweets at atleast @jphoganorg.

You should be following my facebook.com/jpeterhogan status updates, too.

Tomorrow is tax day and such that I am not remembering when the last year was that I was required to file - has to date to before "Hillary" announced intention to ride further on my successes with her "Hillary for President" announcement that near to the day had me start quite a strike to dedicate my self to a thwarting of such by Clinton "two-fer."  Yup, I haven’t needed to files since about that year, but have a large enough tool and hobby set to be wanting much for to do to feel productive on my own time when not writing/blogging, and haven’t even needed to pull out my old fly tying kit I assembled near my first year in Washington about the time of Clinton impeachment hearings.  Yup, I haven’t bought a gallon of gasoline in near three years but did need new tires and a new seat for one of my bikes - for road riding/touring between blogs.

Yesterday’s speech may have moved President Obama past a point of return to a political or economic venue where any cooperation should be expected from me.

I have bartered for room and board and internet access with cable and phone with my tools with family and otherwise have spent near, it seems, less than two dollar a day for past three years - and by that I could better explain as near two or three times to having spent enough to have equaled two dollar a day for a year.  Haven’t managed the weight loss I hoped for but then returning to road cycling seemed to have put five pounds of muscle back on each leg and well the weight work and physical work kept the muscle mass about the chubby tummy.

Yes I have the network and fanbase for such to have worked out well - many don’t, I know - I am aware - I get the FBI Press tweets.

I could right a book on how to run a strike, but the favorite book is being turned such - the book I set out to be capable and able in hope and determination to an equaling in cerebral construct and production - but then I already mentioned the 90s - Interesting that my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM is though near seventeen pages in length with poetry collection such is in effect an outline and record of such ambition effecting.

Yup, I can claim the Clintons "popularity" from 90s is still with them so undervaluing my personal and unique contribution that they are regularly still to missing by at least $1 Billion.   And, so still as so much is of my having known them since early 70s and such by me originally worked to protect myself and others from their now more evident sense of governance so let free more with Obamanomics than 90s let out with Clintonomics.

Remember www.jphogan.org sets out I wanted to become one of great marketers able to integrate mass marketing and globally.  There is maybe at least three times as much that I was encouraging, originally, and integrating than some of the most informed even regularly remember to consider.

I walk my laundry a mile to my parents home for free machine use, and have much helped them being nearer and so handy - and timely since my ten years in DC on Capitol Hill had me visiting about twice a year for only about a day.  I sometimes walk groceries home from stores three miles away but usually keep such "appearances" mostly for use of Library book and magazine loaning.

Warm weather is nearly here to stay - should be more visible on bike than on foot, maybe - and maybe more this year on roller blades than previous.

Shouldn’t President "force bus" and integration to China and so help find jobs for illegal alien construction workers and American tradespeople there - as the "AUSTERITY PRESIDENT" he likely now to have consider exporting our laborers, right?



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This is no much ado about nothing - it is no the best of times and the best of times — President Obama had many choices to make recently.

Before President George H. W. Bush became a one term President he too had visited the Memorial for America and Lincoln - and did so quite respectfully and humble — he even posited a wondering if "he too could take the heat as did Lincoln." I don’t remember video from such, or that such had our President running over and past "I HAVE A DREAM" memorialization also at such a grand American memorial.

President George H. W. Bush was somewhere near or past hold the union of the United Nations together with character and leadership prudent and sufficient to undo Saddam’s near secessionist agression. He clearly didn’t consider his work near done when so with past visit to such sacred Memorial to Americans, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Though President Barack H. Obama did recently attempt pulling off a President George H. W. Bush performance with his Libya justification attempting and so with harkening to Bush’s fair justifications about Saddam Hussein and Kuwait, what we have now to ponder and deconsecrate with President Obama is the inappropriate visit and nature of such to the Lincoln Memorial and as with memorials to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson and otherwise and also to Martin Luther King Jr. are as convenient.

It was just a overdue budgeting/housekeeping matter that President Barack H. Obama and Democrats had delayed and delayed about and with another punting or moving of endzones.  It was no push back of Saddam Hussein. I have to now write that President Barack H. Obama was inadequate to his tasks and duties again with his choice of a visit to our American MEMORIAL to our Civil War and President Abraham Lincoln.

The President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial would have been a more fitting choice for this new New Deal president running/sprinting on a high for having managed to keep bread lines open another week.

The President Thomas Jefferson Memorial would have been a more fitting choice for this "we need a new foundation" president wanting to hoof it up some Washington steps for the cameras - as even Jefferson pledge "…upon the alter of God" to "eternal hostility" against "all tyranny" over men/women and their minds at least as timely and fitting as Lincoln or King as memorialized with our Civil War.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial may be done or far enough along for President Barack H. Obama to have marched to such and harkened all humbly around his own work/duty still so unfinished.

The steps of our Congress have more steps and could have been used for video spots and more impressively that our President choosing to deconsecrate such as a Memorial to so many fallen and long heralded — A sprinting up the steps of our Congress at the opposite end and business end not so sacred and memorializing would have been maybe even "appropriate". President Barack H. Obama would even have had to risk trampling over Martin Luther King Jr. to make his spot video for even news and internet recycling – He wouldn’t have seem dismissive of our Civil War and Lincoln and the memorialized of such sacrifice.

As it has been viewed so many times already it does appear that he leads his security detail in a charge up a memorial and without consideration for King Jr. or that they were at least to one of a trampling of his memorialized spot.  As viewed it seemed to suggest he was running up the "business end" of our Mall and Congress steps to get finally to the work/duty long his. Running or such charging up the Memorial to Americans in our Civil War and President Abraham Lincoln and as well another in a similar warring - King Jr. - was a poorly chosen and poorly executed executive action.

Maybe a long over due additional punting to move the endzones again with just another continuing resolution feels to him like winning the Civil War - I don’t know and cannot quite fathom as so.  How he couldn’t have chosen our other also sacred site so to the memorialization of a New Dealer - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - another from another Hyde Park, even, is still befuddling.

Would have been commendable if say last Friday a video was cut of a young and attentive and athletic President leading a charge up the business steps of our Mall to fight a real budget battle, but that isn’t how it got spun or "memorialized".  He had basically just assured new "bread lines" wouldn’t have to close.  Better would have been a solemn visit to Martin Luther King Jr. full memorial or a certain humble salute at the then to fore sacred stone at Lincoln site — better so if done humbly with a seeking of strength to carry on to real battles then just nearer "postponed again".

Personally I don’t see how his vidoed and uploaded spots of his charging up the steps of such as near our greatest Memorials was appropriate or prudent behavior even for a junior Senator.  I don’t get how his choice of Lincoln over others as available is even "poetic".  That he charge so with a cadre of security is even worse "messaging" even if one or more of them didn’t trample all over Martin Luther King Jr. sacred stone.

President Barack H. Obama had many choices to make recently.



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President Barack Hussein Obama owns the "JOBLESS RECOVERY".

And well beyond his #wtf  (Winning the Future) oddly being named like a Newt Gingrich work we suffer a #bfd (Beyond Fundamental Democracy) questionable illogic as a daily impediment.

His "is" really is an is and the "is" we cannot escape.  It may be helpful though to consider that Bush suffered from the same grand mistake of using the powers of his own reputation to offer protection to Clintons for a seemingly earned but little spread bad rap.  Protecting the Clintons and their admin after 9/11 witch hunt commenced may be historically the greatest "mistake" of Bush’s administration.

His own "is" so much now of a questionable illogic best not left to scholars and dusty/smoky studies and back rooms.  The Clintons’ "is" of their governance (not the personal "is" that questioned their professionalism) still much the "ground zero" of our recent nearness to a new depression. (See: ECON FORUM now new homepage at www.jphogan.org)  The Clintons gamed our then to fore economic logic and science and with a seeking to a thought impossible "popularity."  Their ‘economics’ set us all to the teetering point that any ‘alarmism’ needed to later trigger a slide.

What is #btf (Beyond Fundamental Democracy) hash all about?  What but how illogical this administration has been across domestic and foreign concerns!

He may try to look like a "winner" this week and while new deal about - but yet this new deal surrounded by too much denial by Democrats.  His #wtf really a #bfd mess.  We are still on his "JOBLESS RECOVERY" path due to illogic about his politics so beyond fundamental democracy.  His ends may justify his "New Deal" like means but his means are ‘counter productive’ and ‘wrong for their times’ for these days - for his era even.

His effecting with his "New Deal" means is illogical and inappropriate for American in an era with so much changing globally.  We are no France with it now still maybe with more colonies/islands around world than even the United Kingdom, but that is less apart now of Obama’s continued stewardship of a "jobless recovery."

So President B.O. really has little reason to be "chipper" this week.  He, himself, now has to get to an asking and probing about what the bfd in the #bfd (Beyond Fundamental Democracy) is that is so illogical about his #wtf (Winning the Future).  His ownership of the "Jobless Recovery" is not transferable even to the Clintons, so it seems - he really, as a democrat, seems now to have little to be chipper about and for the "scholarly" about such.

The illogic in their own "scholarly" is inescapable - though maybe still reversible - it goes to a full and fair discussion about what is beyond fundamental democracy.  (Maybe it’s ownership could be trasfered upon Al Gore - haven’t really considered such yet.)

Even if GLOBAL WARMING "is" a real concern this President is stuck so, again with little reason to be "chipper" for there were other ways available to adjust our economies than the job killing "green energy" rush they charged and charged and charged with.  We may already have enough "statistical" data available to maybe find that though when such path profiteered by Spain to two regular industriousness jobs lost for each new ‘green’ job our "American" solution was more to causing three jobs lost for each "new" job created so "politically correct."  (Don’t know - yet - maybe be so and seems likely and plausible, it does.)

How can so many "top scholars" so "hands on" be chipper this week or next as the bfd of hashing #bfd (Beyond Fundamental Democracy) now broadcast to question their illogic about pursuing domestic and foreign policies and politics to a new "American Socialist Society" or "Nationally Associated Societies Towards Intense Efforts Socialist" governance? 

"Beyond Fundamental Democracy" asks us all now to consider that these "governance" "is" are wrong for this era so much about people around the world more than autocrats and their realms.  It is quite illogical in this era of "power to the peoples" for our Washington fronting to be not as well of "power to our people" anew.  These are days illogic to and inappropriate for a formal "Diplomacy" that suggests a bigger United States of America with a new NATIONALISM is a wise or considerate or even necessary "political correctness."

These are days and economics where suggesting we should be of Obama - Clinton so near an AMERICAN SOCIALIST SOCIETY is wrong not just for us.  It seems scholarly that our Washington today should be stepping down from socialism and ideological grandness to big government rushing.

Their ideology and scholarship certainly seems in the way of progress and counter to most revolutions currently in news.  Their ownership of the "Jobless Economy" may though have more to do with them choosing Gore’s way of addressing his "ALARMISM" and not other ways available that we had time and technology alread mostly invented to otherwise provide necessary change/protections.  It is their ways and "P.C." that has been anti-business and "material world" furtherence discouraging.

He did proclaim that Americans shouldn’t just "go shopping" - he did as well condemn Americans for not saving enough - and he so wasn’t just talking about energy.  Yet still it may be his overwhelming "education" message that was of marshalling America’s young/student to active lobbying at home to guilt their parents into a new "Obama" way of consuming less, not going to Las Vegas, and finding ways to use still what earlier they would have disposed of as still loyal Americans active in a ’disposable economy.’

The "beyond fundamental democracy" is a conundrum or paradigm - it is that their "New Deal" obsession is actually the wrong "democracy" for the world of change now about.  America should better beable to right itself and save itself by selling its People not a new "necessary" BIG BROTHER/SISTER GOVERNMENT arrogance.

To "win the future" we may now have to be "anti" the Democrats "anti-business" political correctness.  We may have to be proudly and loudly "Anti-Obama" - it is way too late for Dems to pull another "Clinton".



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Some readers here may be too young to much remember the "NeoCons" - please "take their hands" and offer them some guidance. 

Our nation is near or in a state of peril, please, please, do your part to help correct so much recent "mis-educating."

Afghanistan is still in our/their headlines, but why? - but how?  Where Iran may have near sixty percent of its population under the age of thirty and educated beyond just "literate" a contrast exists with its neighbor Afghanistan with near 75% of its people "tribal" and "illiterate."  As many in Afghanistan still so "green" that they remain cave dwellers and as much of the land as their neighbors in China still living much as they did three thousand years ago so its neighbor Iran is an ancient civilization, you could say, like some other smaller areas of China.

President Barack Hussein Obama and most Democrats cannot be called "NeoCons" but are some to much of a "neocolonialism" bend.  Much of such seems disquised for "process" but not for missing motivation or aims to "ends."  Democrats are still trying to pivot on "going green" around their GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM and such that they seem near "divine" for a "mission accomplished" in near just one year to a "SAVE" for having miraculously saved the entire world from supposed global warming in just one year.  Don’t look to deep at such - if you do you may have to conclude that President Bush’s admin must have been "on the job" enough about new "green" technology R&D for such to be possible as other than "divine."

As these "neocolonialists" may now be "ALL ABOUT GREEN ENERGY" the "NeoCons" were bashed for being as energy biased yet with them supposedly of an "IT’S ALL ABOUT OIL." 

Today many can claim that President Obama has peaked, and so "triumphed" to his "max" already and then proceed to analysis and discussion much around how his Secretary of State choice much at blame for such an early call.  There are rumors that his near "War Czar" (other War Czar?) Samantha Powers may be equally at fault for an ideology about allowable/prefered "means" permissible to their liberal ends, and that any Constitutionally sworn holder of our Office of the President best to be of less rigid "terms" more open to "recall" and "impeachment" for cause if such to be an "allowed" or "expected" peace time power for all presidents.  You may need to look more closely at these "neocolonialists" "ends" to see some of the dangers and precendence, dangerous precedence, about their prevered "means."  Our Powers of our Presidency are not seemingly meant to be a licence for our President to usher in a minorities ideological limited world view.

Did President Barack Hussein Obama actually accomplish a global "SAVE" in just one year such that he then could spend, spend and spend some more with GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM already sufficiently checked and halted such that school children across the world could stop going home with messaging for homes to find more ways to use less and spend less and even reuse existing items owned in/from earlier too "materialistic" days?

So we have "Neocolonialists" now running our Executive Branch and maybe our Senate majority as well?

How bad are these "Neocolonialists"?   Are they set to keep us in Afghanistan now "ALL BECAUSE OF GREEN ENERGY"?  Are they set now to keep us there to rape and pillage the mostly illiterate peoples of Afghanistan for their abundance of needed rare earth minerals?   Better to mountain top mine their peaks than our own?  Afghanistan is the new West Virginia - the new Kentucky?

Save the Rockies - plateau the Afghans’ mountains instead?  Are you sure?  How can "green" movement among Democrats not now be for securing our nation with a source for needed rare earth minerals other than a here to fore near monopoly kept by China?

Some here may be too young to much remember the "NeoCons" but hardly now able to deny that Bush admin must have been "green" for how else could Democrats have saved world from Global Warming in just one year - in just one year when most new technologies take at least a decade to get to market?

And so about Obama plateaus, another concern about President’s Powers:  Maybe we have to go here/there as a nation near still the sole "superpower" and yet without the dinosaur of old "sound bite" political era that "Hillary" remains - but this new peak is dangerous if we don’t balance with new equal Powers to check a President with such "new" Powers.  It is necessarily time to rewrite the "terms of office" regulations and laws for our Office of the President to at least a more "democratic" two year terms with or without a "recall" provisioning/right establishment?

If the Democrats keep proceeding with their "leveling" we will all be "plateaued" with foreigners or their leaders with more "Power" and "say" in our own elections, and with "Hillary" maybe having bought them this new Power with our tax dollars and her "gifting" such that a weening off from easy American dollars near an impossibility for future Presidents, however elected?

It was the recent "NeoCons" that seemed more modern to a "sharing" around the world of duties to peace and fairer cost sharing – is it too late now to reverse these "neocolonialists" early effecting of "means" to other "ends"?   Can we yet preserve that the American President is an "elected" leader limited to the will of the majorities within the established jurisdictions of such a casting? 

Obama may have ‘plateaued’ and much because "Hillary" was more "polarizing" and "partisan" than most even expected - the Afghan peaks may yet be safe but only because the "Green Energy" Caucus’ precious rare earth supplies are more to be found in the here to fore splendid valleys and low lands?

I could say you can "test" to this or on this but then Democrats fought to keep Iraq people from using oil profits post the "flattening" and "equalizing" to greater "peer review"/"peer judgement" for all Iraqi people during or after Operation Iraqi Freedom to a "compensation" for coalition’s costs.  

Obama energy pricing may climb much higher and without a full or fair accounting of real costs to Americans to such securing.  Obama "education" messaging strongly compromised by his mixed messaging and accounting it is best that I don’t posit that "you can test to this or on this."

We may now be in such predicament because Obama and his Dems "raced to the top"!  I know, you should be able to test on "ends" from Obama "means" such that down economy still much because their GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM even with their attempt at selling "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" did have too many students go home marshalled to getting their parents and peers to spending less and using less and even reusing what would already once have been still of our "disposable" materialism.  

They (Democrats) did more to cause these down economics than yet "testable" as really due to Republicans - what may have been and may be "wrong" about Bush administration still less "testable" as "responsible" for down economy - there is clear separation on many of such accusations in partisan gaming. 

You cannot fix the economy while still avoiding looking at Clintons’ years as more at fault, and yet that is how President Obama wants you to feel "educated" and "literate".

Please don’t join "race to the top" – their "Utopia" - their "Mount Olympus" doesn’t really exist and cannot, at least democratically – Bush may have been "wrong" but much of Obama and these dems is just unreal.



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It is vital to consider the importance, recent, of "boots on the ground" priorities, regular – the days of "fairness" as an "inheritance" left President Obama by President Bush, so ignored or misunderstood, may be lost.

Are we now into a second Presidency suffering from "inheritance" really from the Clintons’ administering - their reigning with standoffishness?

What would any Presidency have looked like after either 2000 victory if Clintons’ had been to an effecting of "bite" into United Nations sanctions? 

Could Al Gore, President, have made an argument to enter Afghanistan before 9/11 and with justifications near maybe - America’s avoidance and inaction has been tearing at our souls too long, and "droning" or pot shots from United States Naval vessels inadequate and unfair for such "Americanizing" former First Lady Hillary Clinton had been about as a "necessary" change?

Would Afghanistan under a President Al Gore now be "all about the rare earth minerals" as necessary for his GLOBAL WARMING ELECTIONEERING?  Would the opium be overlooked with "talking points" to redirect from?

Iraq operations needed a equalizer, Iraq needed "boots on the ground" of a "standing with" and yet because the eight years of Clintons had squandered other options with their years so of salt in their wounds and a festering let free from a once more manageable day prior to Clintons’ years of much avoidance and inaction.

A Nobel Peace Prize recipient was recently to an acceptance speech with a strong erudition about dangers from "avoidance" and "inaction."

Saddam as of the Clintons’ pro-Sunni posturing may also have been more acceptable past the general "the dictator we know is better than the one we don’t" for having been a Ba’athist even if not one true to the Ba’athist conception to a single United Arab Socialist State effecting.  {Alan Hart - ARAFAT, TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER}

How bad do the Clintons now look for an "acceptance" of Qadhafi their eight years?

How important still is it that America only proceed in "war" with "boots on the ground"?  Surely "droning" and "droning" begets "terrorist" responses nearly as concerning as a danger of "Washington" being too close to "Hollywood" as such begets terrorism as Philip Bobbitt aired with his TERROR AND CONSENT work.  {Philip Bobbitt, former Clinton NSC advisor - plus}

How would President Al Gore have handled Afghanistan - did he already know of their rare earth mineral deposits and want them for his GREEN capitalism and new crony "green" markets?  Would he have acted in next step of First Lady Hillary Clinton’s "crusades" about bringing and "Americanization" to Afghan women and to rights for them, before 9/11?  Would it have been the natural next step for Democrats so oddly enamored with Clintons?  Would more years of "avoidance" or "inaction" have acceptable even to us, with our souls being torn with such a region festering since our premature departure?

Our "boots on the ground" in Operation Iraqi Freedom may still be enough to differentiate Libya on cause and to an avoidance from such as now "appropriate" or "necessary."  But Afghanistan was one of "Hillary’s" babies - droning on and on couldn’t have been ever thought to be enough to satisfy her, it seems. 

Don’t know if the "mission creep" into Pakistan was a amatuer moment with "Hillary" too eager and effective to such a dispatching with additional boots before a "mission" and/or "plan" had been set - but to ‘chase the enemy’.

What are the "unexpected" or "collatoral" issues we should be budgeting for now with "droning" a likely "recruiting" favorite for our swearable to "enemy" and even to "terrorist - Jihadist"?  Is our years of standing with Shia, Kurds, Sunni and even Ba’athists in Iraq enough still for a while to balance Secretary Clinton’s "Droning Diplomacy"?

Yes, the Clintons left the next President two festering nations suffering and angry for clear "abandonment" by the United States and "avoidance" and "inaction" so the norm of the Clintons’ years also to a reduction in "bite" to just sanctions hard worked with international jurisprudence and concern.

President Barack Hussein Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Awardee, was clear with his oration with his acceptance about dangers from "avoidance" and "inaction" - well maybe "clear" isn’t quite transparent or translucent.

Seems Clintons avoided Libya too, and without having intellectualized "use of force/boots" modernization while posturing prematurely to PEACE DIVIDENDS largely now necessarily reversed.

Will their "Droning Diplomacy" be as costly as that warning from their former National Security Counselor Bobbitt about concerns that "terrorism" is begetted when Washington becomes too cozy with Hollywood?

So that Saddam Hussein wasn’t called to a "new" Nuremberg within the Clintons’ first or second term seems much a precedent dangerous about "avoidance" and "inaction" - how was his over-reaching after the world starting turning past the Cold War old geopolitics and "intelligent" option - how could we now call for a "prosecutions" of other heads of state "lesser" in their reigning if President Bush hadn’t finally put the "bite" back in sanctions Clintons let weaken yet stay and get passed/"inherited"?

Are the costs of "droning" greater but to variable and unknown to be budgeted "intelligently" now?  Can they be as great an "unknown" as the seeming collatoral from the Clintons’ reigning with "avoidance" and "inaction" - their unwillingness to "stand with" to a more equal Iraq when estimates near daily as depressing as those about their acceptance of conditions in Afghanistan?

Is Afghanistan "necessary" now just for its plethora of rare earth minerals necessary for the spread of Gore’s crony "green" capitalism? 

And, wow, President Bush must have been a "green" President since it only took President Obama and Democrats one year to save the earth with new technologies, right?

Maybe if Clintons and Democrats with their "global citizen" bend should have atleast budgeted body armor for all the "boots" in reach of their "global policing" paradigm?  Maybe at least Hummer armoring?  After all it was an extra trillion they said could and should be cut while they let Iraq and Afghanistan, at least, fester on.

Some conventions seem now unavoidable - are we making the same personnel mistakes?  Have Democrats "Diplomacy" rendered our "war" budgeting unintelligible?



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The illustrious benefits of such balling isn’t that a one world solution exists in every confrontation – it isn’t even that within a state a pre-ordained "fix" an a priori expectation.

Why should healthcare reform undo and undermine your team enthusiasm and loyalty - why should it undo anothers?

Welcome to baseball - American style!- Are you for a one state solution or are you loyal and proud for a local franchise?

How dull is the recent attempt to national to one "healthcare" team more like a sport with only the HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS and that other team?  Rah! Rah! Rah!?

We have a new world order still, and really ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall and related collapse of the Soviet Union — Did you join those that then moved to celebrating "communism" as less an "un-American" activity?  Did you stay loyal to your local team and its "colors"?

Could you stand much more than a brief series with "sport" planned to "solutions" with expectations to an a priori rendering?

Do you get that Dems have profered and proceeded to a "GLOBE TROTTER" healthcare arena of a one state solution?

How "illustrious" really is such?  Dull already?  Go Globe Trotters, Go Globe Trotters - enough?  American?

What are the benefits of sports and of fanship and fanaticism? - A team for everyone - a local team and team spirit for each?

So now we have our Major League ball play commenced again and an old thought first around Nation Footballing demographics still contestable; now we have that consideration that while being a fan of a sports team you either win or lose with them and maybe don’t what the other team’s medical team telling you they know how best to treat a big fan of another areas team.

Do you just want to "pop a pill" to maybe "get over it" and while such may break your "loyalty" and "team" dynamic?

How can you want a healthcare system like a one state footballing or baseball or basketball operator? Sure "transportability" may mean "emergency care" has to have some standards and evenness especially for the peeked fans supporting team at away gaming, but, your "preventive care" and generally practiced likely has you hoping your doctors root for the same team as you do.

Sports is as subjective as objective most of the time and as well about an ushering around a martialing of art, arts.  Why shouldn’t your healthcare team be as "local" and "highlighted" as your fandom?

Why again did you, if you did, support the Democrats attempt to change a more level playing field around medicine into a near pre-ordained venturing more like a two team "sport" like we have with the HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS and that other team?

It can be set up another way and a way much more like the business practices about your favorite sports and franchises - shouldn’t it?

The illustrious benefits of such balling isn’t that a one world solution exists for every confrontation or sport.