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"My precious" - you suggest, maam.

You just gotta have it even if it pulls and pulls President Obama down?

Well, this Easter season had me giving up full length blogs or at least attempting such - but then it also had me wondering if I could remember to avoid eating meat on Fridays.  I was concerned that I couldn’t remember to give something up for forty days or just Fridays during such and well meat seemed the old standard for such testing of my soul/body.

Ok, sure, a single piece of Mall bourbon chicken offered as a free sample, accepted politely before knowing certainly which menu item being offered so, when just one Food Court stand away from Taco Bell, where I was steeled to so to hold forth with a single bean burrito, isn’t cheating on Lent, right?

Well seems I need to write a blog now to cover even a politely accepted free offering, with another.

Asking some Americans to encourage Donald Trump to enter fray of Presidential campaign politics has some elementary and market based temptations.  Please some of you do encourage Mr. Trump — having him in such fray likely to create a reduction in cache’ in the TRUMP aura about his golf courses — Please support an entry of "Donald" into such fray with a loss of TRUMP ‘competitive’ cache’ at least twelve signature golf courses could become available cheap.  What do you think — Think enough investors could be found when such happens for a sudden entrance of HOGAN INTERNATIONAL GOLF COURSES?

On a seeming simpler and even more elementary economic conundrum we have the story of Maam Hillary Clinton to consider for it so obvious even a well learned first grader can see the hypocracy.   Boy is she pulling President Obama down and with him the economy.  She can claim the Clinton 8 "qualifies" her for her current job but now so as more of "I have learned from all our many mistakes" positing on "skills" relevant.  Yes, I have some better line items from same years far less contradictory now - even that I was the muse that challenged J.K. Rowling to write around a "Peter Rowe-ling" fictionalizing with a naming/tagging of his front door (double door - Dutch style double door with top able to open separately from base) as she did "Dumbledore."  Yes I also much encouraged IBM to make many of necessary marketing changes and while also a muse to many others in entertainment in U.S. and as well of power behind encouraging Stanley Tools of Connecticut to work out a design for what is now the standard type of hand saw but then needed to be a marriage of English and Japanese standards saws.  This Hogan has reached "international" yet still quietly and more anonymously.

Oh, yeh, Mr. Donald Trump did get the APPRENTICE show idea from me once well into above and yet wondering about cutting a deal with him, maybe, and one that would have a rider like I would also get to "apprentice" him about his real estate expertise.  He seemed too enthusiastic just about the idea of such for it to fit with everything else I was already and still about.

But this is, quite simply, supposed to be mostly about Hillary Rodham Clinton, current Secretary of State, and very confusing with her a walking - talking contradiction on most of her’s and Obama’s issues.

Yes, still it is important and maybe more so that we stay vigilant with memories steeled about how Senator John Kerry with his ANTI-WAR REVIVAL was of actions that caused reactions that then made Iraq operations far more difficult, slower, and much more costly.  That said, many still now have good reason to oppose Obama-Clinton at least on their processes about this new war.

The bourbon chicken was very tasty, I didn’t change my order plans, though.

Now back to the walking - talking contradiction that is Secretary Maam Clinton:  Now to her past also as a dominatrix of an administration about "no-fly" zones and also some to how "spending" now by Democrats has Clintons’ SUPRLUS as the greatest argument against such in our recent history:



"Your precious" - you suggest Secretary Maam?

Quite elementary, Maam, that if you claim you are "qualified" as well for your days earlier as a dominatrix in an administration, not only do we have problems with your SUPRLUS as now very contrary to Obama’s "necessary spending" claims we especially have a big problem with your earlier dereliction about "no-fly" zone management where it seems now it was nearly three years you were complicit in keeping sanctions on suffering Iraqi people after their leader had fully complied with santions calling for such.

You just gotta have it even if it pulls and pulls President Obama and the economy down?

Quite elementary you may be more qualified now about such than you were when first a dominatrix in the Clinton 8, and that doesn’t yet mean you are now "qualified" — Quite elementary you have to claim if you are "qualified" now because of those first years as a dominatrix in an administration you do now have to claim in the contrary that you are because you have "learned from all your many mistakes."

Poor President Obama being stuck with you and your walking and talking contradictions so very much about your Clinton 8 having near 2 trillion reasons and especially the 1 trillion of your SURPLUS arguing loudly against his own initiatives.

But really poor President Bush – you and your walking and talking contradictions especially about your claims to "qualified" mean it couldn’t have been all his fault – You were either right then or right now, you cannot be both – "it" cannot have been all his fault.



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Have you figured out what you, if so your flavor, are giving up for Lenten observance?

If you are reading this it is at least the eve of Fat Tuesday 2011 - It may be Easter, though, already.

By Easter I may or should have a new format for third year of blog hosting and one less isolated and a "source" unrevealed by so many major media visitors.   My second year has seen more visits and seeming visitors than my first year by my web-stats are basic and uniformative so.   My third year of columns won’t expect so many with so many millions of viewers/readers to leave me as a ‘unrevealed leading source’ or just an ‘unrevealed source’.

Yes, you figured it out - I am stopping column writing here for this Lenten 2011 season.

That said, I am also feeling an unwelcome/undesired need to repeat myself and while my archives here have such I have said/written already still available.   I am also thinking it better to spend more time looking for new material and analytics and such better to adjust to more reading time.   There has to be over or very near 300 past columns here - I haven’t counted.  There are still the 227 columns from first year "hidden" on jphogan.org. 

New "personalities" are surfacing and developing about so much I have written about and mine as well be left some time to develop and maybe mature.   Then there is "President of the World Bill Clinton" still an issue as not a player on a global chess board but nearer a spoiled child about constantly knocking over both players pieces, and now Senator John Kerry some how past his "anti-war" proclivities that under Republicans did cause Iraq operations to be undermined and threatened from "cut and run" nearly effected while other options were still viable - and so of a recent history of causing military operations to lose confidence and support necessary to quicker and/or smoother progress.

Yes, I should spare these days for more study and reading and from writing and such while so much better left ‘room’ to develop and maybe mature.  

That said I also don’t want to write about unions and specifically teachers and their unions for I don’t know off the top of my head whether it was their lesson plans and teaching done poorly that could be said to have us only now so prepared, economically and socially, or, whether the did teach the lessons plans better than any other to us now so poorly prepared and innoculated from such with ‘education’ but that it was Democrat Politicians in their state of nation that kept them from teaching a better and more appropriate or useful economics or sociology.   Seems for these down times to be here now we have to in some way look at our teachers and their unions as somewhat to quite complicit and responsible – unless it was all GLOBAL WARMING and OBAMACARE and their "scaring" and "job-killing" active political alarmism.

Yes, it seems I would be tending now for at least forty days to say what is already said and maybe well here in my archives — please still visit and pop out a column or two from archives each visit - you may find what I wanted to say again, and similarly.  Yes, if feels like I should go look for new stuff to read and study, or at least it feels like I can leave my loyal visitors to find some old columns still, and save myself from an unnecessary "repeating" of my self.

Yes, I do/did suggest that Senator John Kerry’s "anti-war" revival that was so soon upon President Bush’s commitment to OPERATION IRAQ FREEDOM did dumb down general American understanding of really very complex geopolitics far from simply "all about oil" and so that his "anti-war" revival was successful in undermining confidence and cooperation within Iraq such that Iraqis avoiding cooperating with US or Coalition because it seemed a real fear that America was maybe with Senator John Kerry and about to "CUT AND RUN."   Yes I don’t want to repeat myself on Democrats so with "dirty hands" responsibility arguably for so much of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM that became more difficult and costly and of longer and greater duration.

And, again, I just don’t know enough specifically about teachers and their unions - but will think or look to read more about such seemingly out of necessity/a responsibility.

Yes,  I have had a far wider audience than my webstats can suggest and look forward to those days that so many of my regular visitors, with their audiences of millions and tens of millions,  share and work with such a "source" publicly.  Facebook "status" updating  and "sharing" aswell as Twitter "tweeting" will continue at least some in the interim.

No, I don’t expect to find time for golfing - mud golfing, but may find time for a 2011 season start for road cycling and other more "fitness" related activities.

Please do visit regularly still and use such to revisit columns in archives, organized by months.

J. P. Hogan

March 7, 2011



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So, still standing, and meeting demand, our supply curves, each, and as a community/each of a community, if only now globally via "internet" March is upon us all - wondering upon new standings.

How many mulligans is too many?

Imagine — you are ankle deep in a sand trap one hundred yards out - you are ready and "online."  Your client or boss calls or emails or even Skypes - they don’t mind that they find you on the sixth hole on your second shot - they do expect that you and whomever you are with will call the next round to play through, though so that you can maybe sit in your cart for a few moments to write a quick memo or brainstorm a new solution.

Imagine — This goes on for the next few holes, and yet you are able to be fully attentive to your business, and it isn’t raining, and you haven’t needed a "mulligan" at work or play yet.  

Imagine — You still think you will have time to pick up the dry cleaning and groceries on your "honey do list" and be home for family dinner, dinner using groceries already in your pantry/refrigeration device.

Now if only we don’t have to pay for our leader’s "mulligans"?

Seems we are simply to an economics with supplies to demands better personalized and localized — Seems MADE IN AMERICA just not specific enough in such a "NEW WORLD" hankering for more individuality and diversity.

"GREATEST LAST GENERATION" or "WINNING THE FUTURE"?  Our President now asking all to look beyond themselves in the here and now and to dream and act to new and better generations with "Winning the Future"?

Our President already to "MADE IN [YOUR STATE’S NAME HERE]"?

"GREATEST LAST GENERATION" now a sticking point adding unnecessary and burdensome layers and costs much ado around "mulligans" from 90s?  Where once MADE IN AMERICA of a ‘lean and mean’ readiness our 90s ushered a national pride expectant to a two BIG MACs a day celebration and patriotism.  And, so to "mulligans" habitual and pressed to a lighter ’leader’ without an asking, national, for loyalists to change their ways?

How does the economics of such add up — how have they added up?

Around the President’s healthcare reforms are markets and communities and people asked to be loyal and nationalistic.  In our nineties that was to an encouragement to at least two QUARTER POUNDERS a day and even when our "leader" himself sold his new "lightness" as only necessary for him – with an offering that such about his loyalists though would be balanced with offerings of free healthcare later down the road.

So what is your motivation?  How do you think medical professionals got to feeling?

Imagine — You are a doctor - you are such a medical professional that wants to be a respected professional with live saving skills very highly honed and kept, and  also an wise neighbor and community member wishing you had earlier respected their advice.

Imagine — This isn’t POLICE ACADEMY - FOOD POLICE sequel with saboteur humor now refreshed by Motion Picture Association – this is real and now about your communities medical professions moral.

Imagine — You and your community had to cover your health and well being and medical bills all alone as a county of cities and burbs.  Imagine that you and your neighbors weren’t en masse wanting to ignore the doctors expertise in prevention and then to add "unnecessary" costs and with a arogance and expectation of "rights" to care and full coverage.

Sure, the economics adds up and fast this way - and with a equally fast lowering of professional medical moral and expectation that they should work for less.

Mulligans don’t apply in community care?  Healthcare costs and systems are "local" and mostly county wide organisms/ecosystems that can only reduce costs as such.

Imagine — Our state based lottery games could be used instead to fund "coverage" for unisured with "winning" ticket altruistic and "socialistic" such that most of "jack pot" would be a charitable contribution by law with say only one third left for the winner(s) — Most ‘jackpot’ winners more likely to problems from sudden new wealth anyways?

Imagine — Instead of a nationalist "leader" stirring people to eat too much and spend too much and while holding out promises of ‘free healthcare’ to fix such detrimental expected ’complications’ - your local county wide medical professionals were "with you" for general moral and "performance" improving advice a norm, new norm?

Imagine — Our Motion Picture Association not needed to a new POLICE ACADEMY - FOOD POLICE and could just brainstorm to a new sequel in humorous acedemy saboteurism/voyeurism?

How many mulligans is too many?  

The economics really add up fast and yet as per healthcare much can stay local if a nationalist pride to bad behavior not to a regular bait and switch, trapping —  If healthcare kept local then additional layer and costs don’t get added to otherwise general and local county wide dynamics — Healthcare shouldn’t need a "national" bureaucracy for coverage or care - just for standards and practices.

And, yet, due to our nineties and "national" spirit now our states have much greater costs and burdens just because of nationalist "leadership."

Welcome the internet, now to your own counties, finally, and instead?

The President and his "WINNING THE FUTURE" actually depend on such, and so to turn back away from "GREATEST LAST GENERATION" self centeredness and excess the "pride" of our nineties?

You are now about to root for your local teams again, loudly and proudly, how about now for your MADE IN [YOUR STATE’S NAME HERE] and its learned and not yet too dished medical professionals? 

What are your county wide selling points - how good are your products and services - should you really have to expect to pay for others not trying to be better and wiser elsewhere?

Imagine — Even if "lottery" comment just a counter point to illustrate and stir?

WINNING THE FUTURE seems a ’resetable’ canvass still, how about it?

Clintons more GREATEST LAST GENERATION still too much "last gen" and a budget buster in cities and burbs near you?  ‘Eat, eat and be merry – we will get you free healthcare to fix it all later’ - a trap and/or mulligan too many? 



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Latest jobs numbers due out momentarily — yet really "no-fly zones"?  That didn’t work out well with "Hillary" the last time - even near took "bite" out of all future possible "sanctions" as alternatives.

It wasn’t the Clintons thing.

"Hillary" is "Hillary’s" own "ball and chain"?   "Is" definitely is "is" in her case?  No way out?

Good news now out that Russian spies didn’t spy away all our competitive advantage and the Clintons didn’t send all our jobs south to Mexico.

Where are we now with the whole International Criminal Courts?  Do they/we have campaign finance laws yet within their pervue?

It isn’t so surprising that the Republican and TEA PARTY sweeping last November has already worked magic with business confidence and hiring.  And, economically speaking, mentioning THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM as a "concern" for all about character of President Clinton should help them and their business and only reflect less than well upon "Bill."

Jobs numbers are great new - really not too surprising with the recent turn over in Washington — now though how to deal with Governor Huckabee into the breach with "interfaith" usage of words of Islam and its culture and now MSNBC personalities seeming after a "Guiness Record" for all the ways "madrassa" could be said/spoken as a bad or dangerous thing, hmmm?

Yeh, "Hillary" already late to such party - such as it is another "3 a.m. call" for Diplomacy.

Yeh, like we were to think only President Obama allowed to pursue open interfaith popularity —  What has MSNBC gone and done to him now?

And so on campaign finance and maybe international campaigning, selfishly, on our tax-paid dollars  — President of the World - the man who claims to be the President of the World William Jefferson Clinton — Should both Clintons now have to give back all rents and wages/allowances received from the United States since leaving office - for his use of such to campaign against the Constitution and Constitutional Establishment seems premeditated and wilful with intent so?  Do Americans have any business having a former President use their dollars and earnings to campaign globally where our Constitution isn’t the law?

Really not surprising that the sanity that returned to Washington with the swearing this past January is already to greater business confidence and better jobs numbers.

"Hillary" on Libya — maybe finally to say Iraq and Afghanistan were arguably American responsibilities and such that we should have attended to earlier before our absense and wilful avoidance during her years made matters in both so much worse and more dangerous.   That by the United States admitting to its faults for not prosecuting Saddam during Clintons’ years or showing compassion to all the tears and screams being heard from Afghanistan and finally moving to right its past complicitness it now more to other countries more of "Libyan" ties and history now to proceed if needed for the Libyan people? 

After all as well both "Bill" and "Hillary" did show themselves together, separately and individually bad each with "no-fly" zones and Iraq and Afghanistan - but maybe more "Hillary" with her crusading as First Lady being quite "executive" at least with its consequences?

When it comes to Diplomacy now and for history - "Bill" is still quite a "ball and chain" to "Hillary" but "Hillary" still is the real "is" about "Hillary is here greatest own ’ball and chain’"?


And so it would be a reasonable "correction" to insist the Clintons return all taxpayer dollars received since they left office since how they have used it has been to contravene and undermine our Constitution? 



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How is it the Clintons are both being saved by "Harlem Cover" - But for the money?

But for the money, public only money, or public and private monies, how differently would the Clintons appear today, and especially on most Main Streets?  Today, President Obama didn’t overtly meet with known socialists, but in a recent yesterday the Clintons did try to land permanently next door to the RUSSIAN TEA ROOM.

Politicos to the one, maybe wondering how is President Obama, while still surrounded-by both Clintons, and their machinations, today near a global crisis not again meeting with known socialists.  Why is a Muslim world crisis, of sorts now greated otherwise - why this time did President Obama think it Diplomatic to meet with our nearest and greatest Christian ally?  Mexico is an ally, right?  Mexico must be an ally - just look at how open and unsecured our shared border is, right?

I am still most puzzled by President Obama and his foreign policy moves - really wonder about where he is getting his "diplomatic" advice. Is he raising an Muslim response force with a Christian ally - Is Mexico’s President in Washington to affirm we are there for them, and while Mexico’s climate more naturally desirable maybe for Muslims?

Well politicos?  Qadhafi isn’t a Ba’athist, right?  Qadhafi is more of THE AFRICAN UNION than of the original intent from conception of "Ba’athist" to an ambition for a UNITED ARAB SOCIALIST STATE?  Well politicos?

If it comes to Muslims against Americans won’t it be Muslims against Christian with more desirable real estate and climates first?  President Obama, who has the upper hand at today’s negotiations/parlay?

Seems THE BUSH GAMBIT (my term) seems to have steed us well with it so of a possibility and allowance that such long over due prosecution of Saddam Hussein with OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM may free us and coalition states from necessary meddling in other regional reaches for similar freedom.

Politicos, Afghanistan still remains another cup of tea, and so a more easily reasoned concern specific around "a stitch in time saves nine" than even Iraq when looked at just about brief history and how we are arguably now there under difficult situations so because we were not back in their during the Clintons years when enough trouble had already arisen from our absence, there.  Surely the Clintons were smart enough to sell a need for us to return to Afghanistan by the United States as they have seemed to have argued recently without basis in 9/11?  Surely we, as politicos, have an unsworn duty, to consider that Clintons are at least politically negligent for not having addressed Afghanistan properly while enough cause existing, pre 9/11?  Surely we have to ask if Clintons can now make the right call if they couldn’t then.

It also is not a light question to ask seemingly humorously:  If "Hillary" were the Clinton being hailed by at least Matthews as THE FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD would she be "the first black president" or is that just a "Bill" thing?

I don’t know - do you?

How much is convenient "happenstance" that is now saving the Clintons from themselves? — If "Bill" hadn’t been dragged kicking and near tears all they way up to Harlem for affordable rental space how now might they both appear?  How bad would it appear if now President Clinton were as he sought now situated near the penthouse of Carnegie Hall Towers and with THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM next door?  How much would his fight to get the space still, after GAO told him they couldn’t in good conscience approve a rent for him near a million a year and especially while such more than in a year than all past presidents’ rents for first year, combined?

So Senator Clinton was saved by "Harlem Cover" but maybe not as ’saved’ as hoped since, well, we do not have now "President Clinton - the second black president" — How would it have looked even if she were still a Senator and economic story unfolded with "Bill" in guilded spaces and if as he fought once to still getting them by visiting his banking friends with an expectation that they at least owed him such perks for all his help with dirivites scheme conception and regular pimping?

If Clintons were now without the "Harlem Cover" would there be any question as to their implicitness and guilt and such past seeming negligence on non-banking foreign affairs?

Again, well, we may need Christian allies, but again I am one politico wondering where President Obama is getting such foreign policy advice, such questionable and hack kneed dramatics.

Hidden by "Harlem Cover" is still the story of "Bill" first to visiting his banking pals to assert the nearly owed him such a perk as such plush and grand and maybe even guilded prime real estate. 

Politicos, what did have him kicking more that he had to settle for Harlem office space or that his banking pals whom he had helped make so much money with his dirivitives scheme and his regular pimping of it were of wanting separation and fiduciary distance?

So President Obama hosts Mexico’s President today at The White House - how much of direness of such meeting is because the Clintons made "Christian Alliances" more necessary for their years avoiding "stitches in time" around Middle East?

Mr. President, as "Barry", as the author of DREAMS OF MY FATHER, weren’t you writing as a highly educated and Harvard Law trained writer with such to suggest that you had grown up in Kenya in your heart all those years waxed upon?  Wouldn’t instead a DREAMS OF MY MOTHER have steed you better as a Christian?  

God bless America – God bless our "melting pot"!  We do have quite a story. If we are now necessary to "Christian Alliances" such has to be historically from ‘negligence’ or worse by Clintons during the Clintons’ "8" - so it seems, and seems easy to reason and conclude.

But now for "Harlem Cover" it would all be so much more apparent? 



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This stuff doesn’t write itself, you know.


These are tricky and prickly Constitutional issues - did you notice, yet?

There is "collatoral" and "collatoral damage" to consider.

Whose kitty?  Whose pot?  How much the ante?


What a country!  Oh, Christopher Dodd, new Industry Lobbyist, it is great to hear you are finally out from under the Clitnons - and seemingly didn’t also lose half your long time Hollywood friends - Congrats, your years advocating for education and child care alone should steed you well.


This could be the reset of a beautiful relationship.

Really, this stuff doesn’t right itself, and did you know that Christopher Dodd of MPAA has also enjoyed sailing and restoring classic sailing vessels?


What a great country this is - what is the real story - how did the Clintons lose near half their long time Hollywood friends?

>"We could do a RESET!"  "We could do a sequel with BAY OF BABES!"

>"Too trite"?  "Too hack kneed"?  "Too confused"?

>"Not another COVER UP"?

This stuff didn’t write itself, really.


Clintons uncovered - what about their shared kiddy - their shared wealth and assets - their combined motives?

Some things are universal and unavoidable - some are not.



A prickly issue and Constitutional it is that former President of the United States Bill Clinton should have had current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ask him to remove himself from extra-Constitutional activities of CGI that mostly seem to be subversive and treasonous to the more "democratic" governance of President of just the United States Barack Obama and the other equal branches and its Peoples.

Quite prickly and very Constitutional is that our former presidents are kept on our payroll as atleast emeritus "officers"/"agents" and so subject still to our Constitution and its writs about Congress having the duty (Power?) to approve or disapprove all gifts to such from "Kings and Princes… and foreign agents" quite nearly.  And, as with former President Clinton he too is of a record high annual allowance as such "officially" with the People paying so much for his rents.

Whose kiddy?  How much collatoral damaged?


Quite tricky and prickly that a former President can claim to be THE PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD without a foundation to assure such as governance also of laws and not "of men"!  Don’t know how he is getting away with it so far and for such seeming a definition of subversion and even treason - so with him so rogue and of his own missions.  How can our Secretary of State not insisted on him ceasing and desisting from such or at least "recusing"?  How can our Secretary of State complain about suggestions that she should have "recused" herself at least for not having insisted "officially" that her husband recuse himself and desist from further global subversive undermining of the more democratic and maybe representative governance and messaging from Washington?


Clintons uncovered?

This could be the reset of a beautiful relationship - an American RESET?

This stuff doesn’t write itself.


Congrats again Christopher Dodd - quite good to see you clearly out from under the Clintons.

Ahh, the lands of make believe - and the sands of time, hmmm.

Just imagine…



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It may not be too late yet.

Some "universals" still viable and tolerable even here in northern America.

If you have been able to read this it may not be too late.

That "liberals are the ones that write our history" may no longer to as true as once accepted or unchallenged.

We may still have time, yet, since President of the World still stands unchallenged and uncontested.  When once a challenger rises will our Secretary of State have to recuse herself?

It may not be too late - is she safe, oddly, and for liberals haven’t yet writ that President of the United States Clinton suffered from too little "feminine intuition"/"womens intuition" in his deciding?

What an "odd couple"?   Surely Putin must be considering challenging President of the World Clinton soon - won’t "Hillary" have to recuse herself?

Even Qadhafi has led a large union - The African Union - so some already know - what if he pulls out a global soap box and starts challenging yet unchallenged President of the World Bill Clinton?  Really won’t "Hillary" have to recuse herself as soon as any challenger announced?

It may not be too late yet - and for Americans of North America south of Canada, mostly especially, if hoping to avoid a global contest full of questions of problems from Clintons eight years as President of the United States of America are not now known to have been of "Bill" without enough "womens intuition."

So what have we missed with so much recorded history so now mostly wrought by liberals - by such’s ‘historians’?

So the/our current President of the United States of America may want to challenge "Bill" himself and may be better suited and aspired to such, and such with far fewer laws yet written around such.  How can "Hillary" not soon be thought to need to recuse herself, really?

As it is she should already have recused herself and long ago - President of the United States of America cannot reasonably pursue or chase a "bipartisan" Washington and a move to "the center" while President of the World William Jefferson Clinton, and his wife, are so loudly and proudly stirring strong and hard of a global "partisan" very DEMOCRAT party sided/biased.

It may not be too late, yet.

All that is keeping us safe and balanced, domestically and globally, may still just be that our Republicans haven’t supported or embraced the Obama/Clinton party lines — All we may now have keeping us globally short from that last straw too many for such camel loads - is that we have the Republicans as a very clear and certain alternative to our current Democrat Party leaders.

Even if "Bill" can parse these desserts with a dichotomy Decartian again still of an alternate defining about "is" - how as a challenged President of the World Bill Clinton won’t "Hillary" best to a recusal?

Are we only now safe because there is near zero "bipartisanship" in Washington?

Are we now best to a readiness and preparedness to the highest levels of threat ratings from the day forward, that day forward from any that may yet imprudently be of a new rapport without a long and historically thorough disection of Clinton "two-fer" politics and shortcomings?

If Republicans were to remove themselves as such current loud check and alternative to these Democrats, in light of recent events, wouldn’t we then best be too near highest alert levels and quite for most days forward?

At least for now we have time - not even Putin has announced a campaign to challenge seeming self proclaimed President of the World Bill Clinton to a rightful/democratic fair holding.

How now to correct the history of the Clintons’ eight years, hmmm?  — Claim President of the United States William Jefferson Clinton just didn’t have enough "feminine intuition" or maybe claim that his (regular) "feminine intuition" was to hawkish and selfish in her own ambitions to being first female President of the World?

Is "recusal" really the right word for this query line - for this discussion?

It may not be too late - we still have at least two very different political alternatives - and one of them, the one maybe best to avoid is a "two-fer" so they say.

Note:  Please don’t expect me to "like" Hillary Rodham Clinton in any official roll, my take on the Clintons eight years in nineties near, at least near "criminally stupid" - my being right now across such issues affirms I was right about such as I was writing and sharing it from 1991-1993.  And, she still is of the bad first impression from our encounter in New Haven back in early 70s when I likely was still a first grader.  I cannot abide a popularity for "Hillary" now for such would necessarily have me of a contentedness or happiness with their "two-fers" misuse and misappropriating of so much of my strategic and dramatic thinking since before they even were in the 1992 race.  As early as first grade I knew "Bill" as one who expected me as also a man to be his wingman and with a acceptance of him lying about what my given "honest answer" then was to their question. 

Query:  Like the title?  Was it catchy enough?  Time seems to have proven me right and both of them in their proud and confused "two-fer" wrong, and yet I am still trying to be polite, with tolerance.  If only the people were as informed, hmmm.


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We’ve been here before, however, then it was nearer "fool me once" — the Clintons are smart they must know what they are doing, they must have thought it through and plan entrance and exit paradigms.

Again, it is now a United States of America more of a concern for how others are interpreting the arguable "delusions" of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton — Especially those in Afghanistan and Pakistan theater.

We’ve been here before, and yet again "Hillary" goes with this is all new to her — now like "this isn’t my mom’s or my world anymore."

She has earned her "most polarizing" merit badge all over again — and while droning on again.

Better we don’t let her fool us twice — we can’t afford another 9/11 - shouldn’t have to afford, on her account.

It doesn’t take having finally read my facebook friend Ted Bell’s WARLORD this past weekend to remember how many years of "Hillary’s" droning on is actually better told/retold as ‘how many decades…"

To other audiences and fan bases what many witnessed yesterday as another performance by "Hillary" is as delusional as recent ones by Qadhafi, especially while considering how much lack of process and especially due process long in her droning on.  (Maybe finally reading WARLORD helped alert anew?)

Sure she and "Bill" have only been clinging to autocratic powers as much as they could manage now for only near half as long, but, still we are still of "most polarizing" and incendiary "Hillary" also seeming delusional.

Again this is more about how others, more able to be radicalized/called to truths, are seeing each new "performance" by "Hillary" or atleast now as much about how others see her hypocracy.

Yes this is the same "Hillary" of the "Clinton Crusades" that were very incendiary and stirring in the pre 9/11 world and especially on those "turfs" she trespassed to proclaim them necessary to a doing like Americans as she instructed/dictated.

So at least "Bill" sees all the peoples of the world as his subjects - so their plot goes;  And so "Hillary" now speaks of Qadhafi treatment of his people while she still of so much droning on upon subjects in their plotting as ours/theirs.

If "Hillary" aka Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, hadn’t added that "this isn’t my mom’s or my world anymore" her Geneva appearance and ranting would seemed even more delusional than just hypocritical.  Again, America is supposed to know now better that it is how others more her subjects abroad are interpreting her plotting and performances.

President Bush’s trading of road and school construction with Afghans for permission to trespass their country to chase terrorists camped suposedly there still seems a wiser and less hypocritical way — "Hillary’s" continued droning very much now as big an issues as her pre-9/11 Clinton Crusading with her dictates to radicals about how they had to start acting more as she decreed, and especially about Muslim women.

Even President Bush’s "Operation Iraqi Freedom" seemed/seems "clean-up" necessary from insufficient plot,  planning and just executing by Clintons and theirs of those earlier "8".

It wasn’t all about oil — though that was some jobs program Republicans ran for Middle Easterners for years and decades.   Really too bad all the jobs they have lost since the rise of Democrat Party idealism and governance here – really too bad for many here at home as well.

So, now more around the world can see a stark difference between Republicans and Democrats and such that our Republicans are willing to "stand with" while our Democrats prefer "droning on" with less or very uncertain "due process."   And, while same Democrats of an arogance that such are still their "subjects" and even as "Bill" seems to be running a shadow Department of State but for its "travel office" bureaucratic duties.

Last time America let so much hypocracy flow unchecked by "Hillary" we got surprised by some "justice" some others can say.

President Obama can move to the middle but not with any harmony, democratic — He can move to the middle and yet not win a single Independent or Republican supporter.   The last thing he should attempt is to "pull another Clinton" — That didn’t end up so well for so many, anyways, really.

President Obama, even more that Clintons now, though maybe in an attempt to "cover-up" for Clintons and their "8" (or "couple decades"), is stuck with his great success in showing starkly how different the Democrats are from the Rebulicans – there is maybe a new "middle" for Obama, yet seemingly no "bipartisan" or "economically sound" midway.

It is not too late, she/they haven’t necessarily fooled us now twice — Please remember her "droning" is still very much an issue to many, very much so and quite simply.