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     Brig. Gen. Rufus Putnam was sent to the Wabash tribes with an exceptional commission.  He was given copies of all the treaties which the Government had consummated with the various tribes and nations and instructed to convince the Indians that peace is desided, all unjust land claims renounced, to urge the treaty of Fort Harmar as a fair basis of negotiations, insist on the safety of the outposts, and insure the just, liberal and humane cooperation of the Government in all matters pertaining to their welfare.   Capt. Peter Pond and Wm. Steedman were sent out as secret spies, with instructions to mingle with the tribes of the Maumee and Wabash in the guise of traders, ascertain their views and intentions, and, if possible, openly announce the peaceable and benevolent intention of the Great Father Washington.

     The well laid plans of the new government were doomed to miscarry.  The spies were intercepted at Niagra;…

& so just a man Frazer Ells Wilson once said of the advancing of advancing the Ohio frontier.

Another day dawned in Borough of Jeffersonville anew with a Rusty Begsomism and those two so the two more than most did put down their new papers and head out for a walk to GULLYBUCK’S COFFEE and some of BERLINER fare, each in their own way and each in their own time, yet both of habit of a considering to what dear Begsome may be about, and well, before actually reading to what he has been about.

This morning Chief Beavertail was seen arriving first and so to a friendly "any sight of Mr. Badger this morning yet?  Your usual sir?"

That these two more than most were of such a habit when news was new is not fodder for conclusions that such two sat for two and not in their customary as two so but as two apart habitually as one.

Chief Beavertail was wise to something afoot already for he had to be involved in the scheduling and booking when ever the Beaver Playhouse was due another production, and this time with a fog of unknowing about and oddly with a booking by town governors in unanimity in their five for such block for the next eight years.  He was led to believe such was just for town business now expected but such to turn a rate of return near or greater than his regular cut.

This morning though for Mr. Badger was a heavy ponderance he would have liked Chief Beavertails marketing advice upon but knew better than to engage — this morning was a morning more than most with seven and a half plays upon his skull and with an idea to present "1992" first and "2012" second and then return to beginnings around THE LEGEND OF THE HOPEWELL MOUNDS.

Deciding the stage and heft of his charge had to stay to the serious Mr. Badger had already concluded best to avoid mention of Little Turtle, but maybe not Pontiac and Cadillac fondness for mustangs of the range.

Both in their own ways to concern over what Rusty Begsomism today may be about both to their habit of considering the "might be" before "is".

Either way, now with scone and coffee, Mr. Badger, having forgone the delicious looking fresh blueberry muffin, "1992" seems to need to be the keystone best to be written first and then maybe saved, and saved such that "Don’t make me go Oliver Cromwell on yee hams" works most when it is supposed to in future year of 2010 when the legislature has a near Cromwell effecting.

Well, it was a good day for a morning walk it seems and Mr. Badger now busy to his charge and its "morals" messaging so to a creation around the disappointment and broken dreams of Governor Clinton of New York and to a festering for decades and centuries in future generations raised to be bitter and angry against Federalists.

Can’t share it with anyone yet not even Chief Beavertail, but he likes it and likes it a lot this idea he has to create a story to decendents of Clinton, like in obvious or mystery, to a future administration from the year of 1992 elections such to the first "administration" the country and world may best have been without, and without for its history in politicing the world in a new polarization more empiracle in beaten traditions of once Governor of New York Clinton than federalist and democratic with checks and balances still.

Seems, Mr. Badger has concluded starting with "1992" and then restarting with "Hopewell Mounds" just too trite, and while he seems tempted to get a blueberry muffin to go.

Only for one of these two the two more than most that put down a new Begsomism for a walk with considering to Gullybuck’s before a reading to what "is" that day is the year 1992 more significant for being two hundred years added to the year of his own birth.



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THE MUTINY OF THE GOPHERS, by Hillary Blythe III, former and bitter head of school, did necessitate some play back.  New head of school Steward Badger was read in, his first instinct showed to a tale of Yeoman Guards.

The governors of town specific to morals and education duties insisted he not play with or "butter up" the past, and with "past is prologue" emphasis.

Head of School Steward Badger, was most in agreement but a little bit worried with such a charge, and such a charge of the republic with federalism still so new, and quite so for it was math his cup of tea not "writing."

The Borough of Jeffersonville had much area history to work with towards a better future, with dramatizations to a lasting respect for community based organizing. > How to work in the Borough militia corp and theirs to keep, Constitutionally?   That was the question. <

Mr. Badger worked it right, worked it left, studied the past and considered the future and so respectful of the governors of town’s raised hackles about THE MUTINY OF THE GOPHERS.

Mr. Badger presented a consideration to town’s governors so charged that he write "in the future" and with a focusing worked piecemeal into seven and a half plays, and thinking his first effort might be a play on Beefeater Guards, in these United States and its areas.

For his second book/play he was thinking he should do a farce in dangers of electing the wrong president and so to too many presidential powers but not sure what yet to title such piece that was to have a president ordering the constructions of a Presidential Palace in each state.

Steward is still thrashing around with governors how to work in a tale of future possible maybe as a "1992" with a sequel "2012" as a scare that could have and should have been avoidable.

The town likes a line he has come up with as a guard to overreaching for a young republic and likes his ideas to work such creatively around Sheriff Jenkins and his family of the Jenkins of Jenkins Hill our republics new capitol is now upon - They like his "Don’t make me go Oliver Cromwell on your hams!"

Much support was echoed by town governors around his "focus" on healthcare standards and practices with his harkening to need for every family and traveler to have with them a bottle of whiskey, a bit, a method to tourniquet, a sizeable sharp knife with narrow enough tip to use to scalpeling with matches to heat for sterilization or sufficient alcohol, and black silk tread of the worms of the mulberry trees of South Carolina, and a needle for suturing.  Is thinking maybe a character named Flint Westwood may help tell to a preparedness to mend your own arrow or musket ball inflictions, to a warning to head that timely and effective healthcare may need always to stay to the fewest and nearest around.  Oh, and something as to "dressing" or "bandaging."

The Borough governors have sworn themselves to secrecy to provide the muse in Mr. Badger room to create 7 1/2 plays in however much time it takes, just to write such.

There are many aires about the stories around Pontiac and Detroit to use so and may in the "futuristic" plays of either "1992" or "2012" to a presence of where they went wrong, wrong in a keep to a better charge for a young republic.

Though liberties may be taken with time such will only be done to fit "emphasis" into stories writ to being most respectful of "attention spans" and "learning curves" such as an extra curricular lesson plan worked to moderate much into just a seven and a half.

Of the Hopewell mounds may be a working of stories of the Bering Strait once over ten thousand years earlier to four hundred feet less of ocean over it, but how Mr. Badger is still as uncertain to as when.

How to protect the future of Borough of Jeffersonville and especially from the plotting revealed when the "Village Curriculum" happened upon, much of the charge with a realization a schedule series in dramatizations with annual teasing a wise effecting to curing lingering sympathies and to an innoculation from future veering.

So now to THE BEEFEATERS AND THE REPUBLIC and towards a scare to "1992" and a saving finally with "2012".