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To hear told such tales of woe just part of the demons now of Hillary Blythe III, former school head can have some in a dither for weeks.

If it wasn’t for what is really mostly Sister Elizabeth’s library and the new practices of "sourcing" by THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS whence then when the question marks supposedly wore out the scandal of the "Village Curriculum" might not have been alighted upon by that years senior students.

The story of Hillary Blythe III starts for Borough of Jeffersonville as of her arrival as near like a widow with Mr. Blythe III in parts and places unknown and really not expected back and she traveling though with a presentable resume for a teacher - as a teacher.

She advanced quickly when the headmaster of her hiring did pass away unexpectedly into his celebrated duties and quarters.  The town with tales of steamships and railways of distant places and stories of a Captain Blygh liked into the phonetics of Blythe III as head of school.  And for years until Rusty happened himself into new ways suddenly with his printing, so still with a air about her that she was raising Boroughs future leaders with a added wisdom to being wise and ready for possible mutinies.

It helps listeners at this point to try to balance the scandal of "Hillary’s Village Curriculum" by celebrating Sister Elizabeth and her library and her habit in missionary commitments, Catholic, really quite so.

See, Hillary Blythe III was maybe smarter than town had considered for even as senior students seem to be wising up to that she had buttered up history more to her suiting an so verdant from quotes they now might find near or around passages less than "quoted" in CCHN she attacked using projecting and transference.

Only two in town seemed much aware of such a other than a childish tactic most grew out of to being a mature and very useful diversionary public defense tactic.

Yes it really helps to balance the down fall of the "Village Curriculum" with tales of Sister Elizabeth and her easy walk into Catholic missionary world though raised just a town Christian.  But, alas, the Borough didn’t learn to ‘balance’ such stories until near two years after Steward Badger helped move her "out" with an effort taking the entire "village".

Hillary Blythe III did succeed in her attempts at damage control using projection and transference with a clever blaming of another of the worst of what she would likely become soon so accused of, and did so manage a copecetic "removal" from school but with a agreeable "welcome" atmosphere for other existence in Borough.

And, so after being found out to have buttered up the real history quite vergent to recorded and published history she stays of Jeffersonville known now for honey and candles, and of course many demons.

Sister Elizabeth came out a hero for her library for much of this though actually away on missionary work at the time, for without her part of the collections the new "source" practices of CCHN wouldn’t likely have ferreted out the "Village Curriculum" as an altered truth, a series of altered truths.  She had been subtle but clearly effective enough such that school though best to have many students repeat a year under new school leadership.

And so the balance of the story of Sister Elizabeth to her Catholic now missionary habits from a raising and a rearing as a town Christian of Christ Church family does still help moderate emotions that still get heated over Borough education.  It was about the time Elizabeth Hawke first decided she wanted to travel and see much of the world that she happened upon a book about Catholic missionary work and started to wonder if Catholics were luckier in their grand beaucracy of their Church. 

It definitely got her to thinking and of thinking to no other alternative available for her then to see much more of the world independently and found a picture book on Rome and the Vatican.

Having not grown up around many if any Catholics she was expecting a decision would involve a feeling of "different" and kept looking for such, again and again in more and more books and yet kept not discovering the expected "new" or "different" she was warry to find for such would likely reveal how far far far away she was from benefiting as she wished from such a Church’s grand and global beaucracy.

Most times the story of the fall of the "Village Curriculum" is now told it is told more with a "change" to testing as effective and far less to a revealing of the lesser known effecting of transference Hillary Blythe III had manuevered such that when focus became on her for her buttering up a vergent history the town was so only worried about who did it and when and quite distracted as hoped from the "how bad" of "what" of "what had been done."

Have you heard of THE MUTINY OF THE GOPHERS?  Well few have but the town governors and Hillary Blythe III its "playwright" of record in the believed sole copy in town’s safe.

The fall of the "Village Curriculum" did most certainly leave her bitter especially that first year, that year she wrote THE MUTINY OF THE GOPHERS and approached, as she called them, the Village governors for approval for a production at THE BEAVER PLAYHOUSE.  Such "play" had enough "bite" for Borough standards but was far too bitter a piece thought with more subtleties than yet deciphered, with "gopher" a certainly bitter play both on Mr. Badger and also the Borough of Jeffersonville history around and after the seventy years war they still lived daily just hoping was really over.

It had been a slow year so holding many students back for another year of much the same and now with testing made much sense and proved to be a boone more than a paul upon such for those Borough of Jeffersonville youths. 

None others have yet walked so to the Catholic Missionary work as Sister Elizabeth but boy oh boy does Ted Jon get kidded around memories of him saying he wanted to be like Moses and able to part the seas.


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     Men made his first effective weapons and tools - spear and arrow-heads, daggers, axes, hammers, and hide scrapers - from flint or other hard stone that could be chipped without too great difficulty. But flint was found in only a few inhabited locatlities, and men who had to travel farthest to secure it were the most painstaking in their chipping. As a result, these men became the most skillful weapon and tool makers, even though they lived at some distance form flint-bearing areas.

     It is probable that the early Stone Age men made their journeys in search of flint on foot, as flakes of the stone were hunted over wide areas. Then, about fourteen thousand years ago, they discovered underground deposits, and that freshly dug flint could be chipped with far greater ease and accuracy than sun-brittled surface stone.

& so a wiser man than me once said

Now that is a habit you could say of Rusty Begsome especially with his articles as spring filler, and one that Hillary quite frowned upon back when she was the headmaster of Borough school and blessed so with quite fine "public housing" adjoining school.

Some say that when Rusty ran into such resistance from Headmaster Hillary it was the beginning of the end for her and her stay on the Boroughs dollars so.   It happened about the time that he said his printing blocks with "quotation marks" wore out beyond "usable" or "reliable" in catching of sufficient ink.

Such say, of Hillary and her demons, that such was quite traumatic for her, the forced removal from splendid housing she had wanted "for life."  That it came from taking on Rusty Begsome for a practice he has worked to town’s educational advantage still has her smarting regularly at such story’s mention or reprinting.

See, with Rusty’s practice of not reading any book in the library for more than fifteen minutes a visit and not of from the same book his readings but without time in between,  Hillary was claiming he was "lifting" or "plagarizing" other peoples work and intellectual property so.

The new headmaster Steward Badger has been quite comfortable in splendid housing provided sinse, since he was moved up from advanced math and physics educating to new headmaster of Borough of Jeffersonville School.

Yes, she does now need to produce her honey and candles to afford her more plain quarters and yes these are just a couple of her mentioned demons she cannot help but wear on her sleeves.

"& so a wiser man than me once said" following indented sentence or paragraphs became THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS’ new way of presenting others works and knowledge.  Rusty Begsome has been given some "license" since you could say to even pay lesser homage if just paraphrasing another’s work remembered as read but not with source remembered or useful to share if in "story-telling" mode.

Take the above two paragraphs.  If you knew they were from a book titled STAGECOACH WEST would you, like Rusty, think less of import of his sharing?

The Borough of Jeffersonville is mostly wise to Rusty Begsome’s quirks or "developed character" and actually has years benefited, as testing has shown, with educators since Hillary making work but fun work of such with "challenges" to students to find the book being "alluded to" or "borrowed from" at least once a week.   Such hasn’t yet been worked into math curriculum, though.

Yes, it was most traumatic for Hillary when her public housing was pulled from her, and with her of a wanting for such splendor to all her own for her whole life. 

Another quirk of THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS is what seems a constant mispelling in telling of horse tales with "canter" spelled "cantor" and well that was a printers mark of sort itself for such found that when telling horse tales the press always seemed with too few "e" blocks.  

Rusty, though just doesn’t like question marks in his paper.

So if you see an indented sentence or paragraph followed with "& a wiser man than me once said" don’t expect a question mark or a period and think you may be missing part of the story if you don’t go to library and find the book he is at least alluding to.

Sister Elizabeth does keep some cook books in her collection and these are the only blocked up with wooden book ends her father carved her as a child with hawk heads facing out on both ends.