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So it is told, so it was written.

This town of settled spirit still fresh with frontier sense and sensibilities does have its quirks, and sure has a few experts.

Once a new leader hit the tablets and presses or stories of just blaming the president before him, and this town was a laughing, this whole town was a laughing with their own sorts of "no he didn’t!"

Borough of Jeffersonville did have a down economic period with a noticeable reduction in economic "energy" and not at same time as other towns they were reading about.  They realized they had to look locally for the causes and that they did.

You heard told that most in borough have taken to carrying a piece of chalk with them at all times, yes?

Well, the year of the great Jeffersonville recession near the first "indicator" as it became that they found being forensic in their own markets was a reduction in sales of chalk at BBB - Beatrice Boxer Business of packing and supplies.

Really not since the first production of THE GREAT BEAVER AND THE BEAVER WARS, as written by Nancy Potter and directed by school’s teacher of english languages, as the first production at the then new Beaver Playhouse has the town had such a laugh, such a laugh as that again heard with stories of a new president blaming everything under the sun that was wrong on just the former president.  Jeffersonville just thought it had been written as humor, necessarily, they were not ready to fully question a new president.

See, Jeffersonville had long been of critical discussions of the tempestuous policies and politics of the president before the now before, and now with new president after such of same party as that of the before the before, the not blamed, also to speaking of not wanting an economy of booms and busts - an economy of even and scheduled and dictated growth and wages Jeffersonville readers just had to laugh.

See, Jeffersonville had long been wise to that the before the before to intentionally running a reckless boom economy around irresponsible budget cuts while with a specific effort in empowerment to encouragement of most in country to imprudent spending.

It just had to be a big joke like the first production of THE GREAT BEAVER AND THE BEAVER WARS,  it had to be – the "boom economy" president, the before the before was with graphics showing policies three times above new president’s ideal scheduled "growth economy" and yet the before such only a single click below such - it just had to be a joke, this public attempt to blame just the president before.

The last thing Borough of Jeffersonville would attempt to market is an economy without booms and busts, and that while still a town worrying that the Iroquois 70 years war might actually not really be over yet.

Town governors of the town council did discern that the reduced chalk sales was now the "indicator" to watch before all others in the Borough of Jeffersonville if another recession to be averted.   Conclusions were reached after some casual studies not quite dispositions around boroughs kitchen tables and fires, and even regularly in the Gullybuck anteroom at Berliner Bakery at peak times for Gullybuck’s Coffee and Fancy Teas proprietry.   The Berliner has long also had a slate inside and outside for sense of community, but makes no use of it themselves for news, or broadcasts.

Town learned that they were late to learning that citizens had stopped carrying chalk and also stopped their spirit use of it.  Town used some story telling not issuance of new edicts to return sense of community around apt applications of eruditions in chalk, by many.

So it was told, so it had been written and produced with the direction of teacher Rosie Greenberg.  

And so the town lost the carpenters they thought they had convinced to stay and stay after having been convinced and partly bartered into construction of the Beaver Playhouse.

Some say Nancy Potter doesn’t want carpenters regular in here economy and say so remembering the days of the last carpenter migration were those she was still in the dress business.   Those who know the production and/or story of THE GREAT BEAVER AND THE BEAVER WARS are much in agreement, for it was just a couple days after opening night with such production until then well a town secret that those carpenters found themselves to the one all mocked by the town they had just build a playhouse in and they thought for, it was just a couple days until they to the one did pack up and leave in the dark of the night.

Some visiting carpenters have been known to laugh at later productions not knowing its bite was specific to some til then traveling carpenters led to think to calling Jeffersonville home.  

The Beaver Wars did last at least 70 years and the play on opening night more than most did present to futility in building with so many beavers around.

Chief Beavertail gained the most in these fiasco for he was the property owner carpenters were seduced into building upon with their finest skill in barter for future trades with their new town.  Chief Beavertail really made out the best when the town decided he could rightfully be considered the owner of such building if only he were to pay the remaining debts for material and transit of such materials from mill a few days ride away.

What could THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS lead off with next paper but "If only Nancy Potter hadn’t rammed through an approval for THE GREAT BEAVER AND THE BEAVER WARS with the town governors as its opening production"

So it is told, so it was written?


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It was just last spring that a traveler came through heading west with need to stop and rest a few days - nothing new or strange in that - just it was he that got Darryl Dodge a telling of tales when he asked him what might "someone go find Vernon Jones" mean for he saw it chalked upon a board outside the hotel.

That’s the dandiest the town has.  Vernon Jones is the town’s top civil lawyer and quite a sight - so much so that some say this full blooded Iroquois reached "over gentrified".

Next to Chief Beavertail and Paul Boone Jenkins this barrister Vernon Jones is arguably the next easiest to spot from a mile away.

The "someone go find Vernon Jones" Darryl Dodge couldn’t yet explain much past well someone thinks they now need a lawyer or someone else thinks they do or are about to, certain though that if it is on Hotel Slate it likely not about Coley Slamen, of the Slamen Beaver Ranch, known to most as Jones’ most regular client.   The town long ago stopped putting the petty civil grievances from a run away Slamen Beaver up as apt.

Darryl Dodge had time to chat up this client for arrangements needed making for a new "rental horse" for the next leg of his travels to the next stable in this ‘rent a horse’ franchise/enterprise.   Darryl also had a habit to find something to talk about while considering customers on other matters and as of these parts habit of "a days ride" a local colloquialism more a question.

Darryl Dodge’s father may have started such time keeping for town just so with a basis of "a days ride" being based upon day light available on the shortest day of the year and with allowances made for a "a ride" duration in inclement weather or most muddy of days.  For most in Jeffersonville area "a days ride" on a good day is no more than a four hour ride below full gallop.

Darryl Dodge like his father is using conversation to get a better sense of how the horse he his now receiving was treated before deciding which other horse to let out to such rider.

About the only time "someone go get Vernon Jones" may be "app" towards a case relating to Coley Slamen is now in few metal allergy from Coley’s Piercings and Earmarks.  Darryl Dodge is pretty sure that not the case and actually volunteers such as an opinion.

"If only I could find a good fence carpenter…" is a standard retort by Coley Slamen of Slamen Beaver Ranch.   Mrs. Slamen is a naturalist who took it upon herself to rally a community nearer a fraternity of sorts towards a goal or repopulating the beaver population.   She may the only other franchisee in Jeffersonville, with her beaver ranch.

Mrs. Slamen at first thought to hire Paul Boone Jenkins to lobby in Washington while there on visits to old family on same Jenkins Hill the Capitol now built upon.   She was at first set on her Beavers as a national cause needing federal dollars in a grant at least for the metal needed for the earmarking - left ear for lady beavers and right ear for males.

Just thinking of asking Sheriff Jenkins quieted her from such some say or think, all the while she tells of power of the press and postings of official notices.  See, she saw an ad for an estates sale two days ride away for a recently passed apothocary’s collection of instruments and realized his instruments likely just what she needed and was trying to get Washington to pay for.   She still thinks of future funds for earmarks but now having acquired the scientific instruments and instrumentations at one twentieth the expected cost she is now just picking up metal scraps where ever she finds them.

The Slamen Beaver Ranch is also a sight for the best retrained sheepdogs in the entire region, but still some beavers do manage to get away from the ranch and do damage, all the while well marked as hers.

Darryl Dodge and Coley Slamen are like two peas in a pod but for the regularly talk about the other and their ventures but hardly ever talk to each other.

If you are looking for some good fresh eatin chickens Darryl Dodge overs the best price if you have children you want to have "catch" your dinner for you.   See, Darryl raises near free range chickens in a quite oversized pen and offers a standard ten percent discount if you catch your own chicken.

Darryl now done for the day with traveling rider using the "rent a horse" program does tip his hat to him with the dandy Vernon Jones is easiest to spot from two miles away for on the day he finished his law studies in Philadelphia he did two things:  He changed his name from Iroquois language to a chosen Christian name of Vernon Jones, and, well he walked into the town hat shop and asked the proprietor what was the worse selling hat he had, found one in his size, stuck a feather from his breast plate (bib if you must) in it and has been carrying on now years into replacements of his standard stovepipe top hat.  He told the shop keep that he wanted to try to create a new fashion in once Iroquois lands.

That’s the "dandiest" and also the best at tortious adjudications these parts if you can afford him.  

He doesn’t favor funds for earmarks, says they subvert the due process or something like that, but does hope Ted Jon and Miles can help her get to a new alloy for less allergic ear piercings she is being solicited for as jewelry and decorative wares.


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Chief Beavertail now at second stage of his plotting can be found taking time at Hotel Salon in the cushy (well cushioned) lobby.

But last November when he alone started considering such and its possibilities after learning of Rusty’s knowledge of "Carnival Beau’s" past with an unintended overhearing Chief was fancy to Dam’e’s libations in lieu of Hotel’s trusty warmed cider.

See, it isn’t so much about being sinister or coniving but more just practical to problem solving - clever like.

See, Borough of Jeffersonville is the type of town that when it heard the railroad could come through within a mile or could be routed to a route a within a day’s ride was to a unanimous voting to lobby for the latter.

Their town and its courthouse remained the county seat for such and the town has kept its original character and better so.

Some things in Borough haven’t changed much in quite a while - at least since the regular Federalism Papers discussions and effectations.

I will get to the architecture of the courthouse later.  If you see a building with five people in a frieze at a table and CC * BC underneath you will have just started to see the courthouse.  It is much easier to find in the daytime.

Many families have visited and stayed since railroad was built and so "agreeing" situation superior than if otherwise routed.  

Borough has had an odd way of attracting architects and engineers and I would say how many "multiples" so than carpenters but that there is another oddity of Borough.

You can really see how lively and spry Jeffersonville is as soon as the last spring thaw mud has been declared here and items routine and habitual find their scheduled start date as now calender has yet let allow properly respectful of nature.

Oh, do you know where to find the church?  Or better put:  do you know when to find the church?

See?   It isn’t about being sinister that Chief Beavertail is a plotting but quite practical in clever.   Jeffersonville needs carpenters but as yet cannot get any to move and stay and hopes creations of some new legends with duping of Beau Carville might overwrite the word out to most in carpentry around five states that Jeffersonville is not a borough made for carpenters to call home. 

When the courthouse, the CC * BC did get built the town had to import carpenters and at much higher rates than customary, and not just because of its dual use design. 

If you are looking for the church in daytime look for the only building in center of town that seems to be built out of limestone blocks.   The church nor the court is build of limestone block though both do appear so to be such designed and constructed.

But in November most are tucked in nightly to thoughts of springs arrival when with the heralding of the thaws are over by scientific measuring to current frost depth and with reminders to be ready for the first Thursday after spring declared here in Borough.  The town pops alive suddenly with colors made even more spendid by the habits of locals having worn through the muds their oldest most beaten wares as children don their newer more colorful garments.

Can Chief Beavertail work up a fictional integrated marketing concept to get Beau Carville to unwilling help town attract carpenters and at regular wages?  He thinks he can.

Official spring when it arrives the first Thursday after the thaw declared past and with a heralding "spring is here" brings with it the newest "processions properly passing postured prudently prideful presenting manners & mannerisms maneuvers mainly measured maturingly…" of the newest classes in little women’s manners by Jenna Holley, and yes on occassion with books carried hands free and flat in processions as proceeding at parts from school house to Potter’s Topiary and back to school house.

The school house is much more basic an in german shiplapped clapboards, that is than the church or court.

It hasn’t been since the dual use concept was conceived at Federalist Papers discussions towards town memorializing with some effectation that a carpenter has been seen around for any more than a couple months before journeying on again.  They go west, they go south, they go north and some that went west pass through as well while heading east - but they just don’t stay.

See yet?  Chief Beavertail thinks the courthouse needs some repairs and such building that appears to be limestone is really a wooden building made to look so with five times the standard effort having been needed for a building of such size and importance, maybe even 7 times the effort.  It is the county seat and Judge Moose Becket presides from 10am to 4:30 pm Mondays and Tuesdays and Thursdays and Fridays, and then the dual use features conceived in desire for local effectations of Federalism Papers and American Independence are manuevered so that all other hours of the day and week the same CC * BC presents as the town’s Christ Church.  (the "BC" is for Borough Courthouse).

It is an architectural wonder with inspirations from Washington and Jefferson and said to be a clearer "separation of church and state" than any other courthouse on the continent.

Location, location.   By day four days a week it is the court house with alter table the judge’s bench after a well considered and designed moveable platform placed beneath to adjust to raise sitting proportions proper for such proceedings, and with the church’s nave and religiousity separated with mechanics and french door, albeit large and solid french doors, hinging inspired by Jefferson where such here engineered such that one person can manuever from one side of nave both doors that swing out the religiousity and close out for county/state peer review in jurisprudence.  They do just remove the kneelers from the front row of pews at the rail design with gates more fitting for a court but quite in the spirit of "church" when kneelers present.  Seems they would have removed kneelers from all pews for "court" not "church" attendings but a traveler presented a consideration that many in court benches tend to want to kneel and cry so a dual use separate from just kneeling and praying might to be considered.

So much "local" in properly representing this hamlet of a developed town, this Borough of Jeffersonville.  It may still be the only of a church that is also a court on the continent.  And, maybe atleast the only one so considered that is still sound in its presentation proper in its federalism to a well defined separation of church and state - especially since the judge doesn’t keep chambers in the church, in CC * BC.

Since last November Chief Beavertail has become more concerned that the town is growing large, and too large for a court open so few hours or days.  He is now leading the discussions overtly and covertly to try to find an affordable way especially since the Borough of Jeffersonville has shown an natural repelent to carpenters but not architects nor engineers.

Yes, by November children are settled off to sleep to think to spring days when the spring thaw declared past and that special Thursday can be announced.

Finding framers for projects has yet to be a problem, and so such that only some homes look as if beavers might have built them, but, the finish carpenters and those of sash and trim specialties and skill, well that is just a side of this community. 

Yes, the courthouse does not have stained glass windows, and, yes, the preacher wants stained glass windows.  The town does have a struggling chap skilled at stained glass creations, but hardly a fine carpenter when needed.