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Welcome back to tales of Borough of Jeffersonville.

While Ted Jon and Miles get warmed up it seems a good time to point out that such community is developed enough to have its own judge.  We may hope you don’t have to meet Judge Moose Becket but if you go to the Hawke Collection you might just or just sight him.  

See the Beckets and the Hawkes both are of the original five and the current Hawkes also of another of five, while the other have of current Becket household, which is situated behind white picket fence across the road directly from Hawke home and library, hails from Philadelphia.

As the Hawke Collection goes as town library it is still Rusty Begsome its most regular visitor and yet still its only visitor yet to take out a book.

Rusty may spend a third as much time at the library as he does at his office and timely so with his habits measured with a collection of quarter, half, and full hour "hour glasses" with two usually of the quarter hour time on his belt such that he is always ready to start a fifteen minute segment.

With Ted Jon and Miles again gathered at bar end of Dam’e Wateringhole you should see that Horace is a wise and attuned bar-keep wise with having learned a while ago that these to "given some distance" will spend twice as much than if "crowded" to an instinctive move to a quiet table and ordering to just appetizers.

Ted Jon was cajoled years ago after his meditations with his sister Sister Elizabeth towards converting their family home’s first floor into a reading room with their combined collections available to townfolk, such to he being tasked to consort with Miles Redemption concerning her "organizing" system for library that needed a fabrication in forging of a graduated system of beavertail bookends - baby size for youth books up to great size for large print books and grand tails for mostly large picture books of foreign places.

As the most frequent and regular visitor to town library Rusty is with certain habits there too.  Rumor is he hasn’t read a single entire book in the place.  It may be true, but that isn’t to say he hasn’t read all of the books in his own collection.   The library to Rusty seems a place to go to find "change" or "confirmation" as what else could holding one self to reading one book for only one turn of a quarter hour "hour glass" be for?

Well, it seemed a timely day to tell you of a library, especially since on Ted Jon and Miles likely only know of what they are speaking and plotting in their again use of their standard wispering.   Could be lock parts needed by Ted Jon of Miles forging - could be a heads up to what books Sister Elizabeth may have cojoled her brother again into acquiring for new books expected from her most recent missionary travels - but could be they are just passing the time with their shared interests in metallurgy and engineering.  

If Horace knows - he isn’t telling.  Many a wild goose chase been had by patrons who past thought otherwise.

While wondering on Judge Moose Becket it is a tip of the hat to Dam’e Wateringhole that town’s discussions around Federalism and such papers were populated there and only on ideological grounds instead of at Hotel Salon if you think it "ideological" that Hotel has no square tables, only round tables, and, that Dam’e only has small square tables barely enough for four if not pulled together.   See the square tables were able to be fit well together to have a tabled meeting with careful consideration to written and printed Federalist Papers.  


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It was back in the early days of the Pony Express that in Borough of Jeffersonville a statement became a playable expression.  With the early riders assessing proper fees townsfolk started hearing "he doesn’t have the right post for his beaver - without correct post it cannot be delivered to ‘your sweatheart’."

Some time after such while Nancy Potter still struggling selling last decades fashions she had time and unknown inspiration to build a giant beaver in yew and honeysuckle bushes as topiary.   Some think others knew a POTTER’S FLOWERS AND SHRUBBERY a better business for her than she at such time.   She has kept such topiaried giant beaver now for decades and the yew and honeysuckle species from strangling each other out.

Beatrice Boxer Business does a thriving packing and packing supply business and much now around the continued perpetuation of prudent concern for proper posting especially when weighing beavers.   Beatrice Boxer Business offers weighing and postage precalculations even for Hillary’s honey and candles customers.   "BBB" for short now at times a short hand "???" to replace "proper post for that beaver, son?".

Paul Boone Jenkins, "The Law" really has found his job much simpler with such in the air than old days without in Kentucky, or there more with catfish plays.

>Ted Jon just walked into Dam’e Waterhole - it is now a Friday, and he seems to have something to talk to Miles Redemption about.   Finds Miles agreeing to have a town father and son bring a bucket of bent nails by to learn how to straighten them properly with reheating and hammering so that they do not lose strenght or integrity with straightening.  Miles has long been called upon for such and so that story is that by the seventh time so called he inventing a jig, a jig to hold two dozen bent nails with "crowning" directed properly such that all could be heated and reforged more scientifically and with engineering over his shorter anvil such that speed and coordination necessary.


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Chief Beavertail has both Rusty Begsome of Courant Chronicle Herald News and Salon Slate besides themselves willing to play along.

Care again must be arranged to copesetic to protect the superior lines of Jeffersonville heralded even in Bertha Ping’s "triple woven silk lines" for "marketing" is "triple woven around a core of two".

Care must be taken by both media interests within their preferred "professionalism" to play along with Chief Beavertail and his scheming now around Beau "Carnival" Carville as new mark, but for him as new mark really his "new competition".   One to avoid confusion or collusion will use "cc" and the other "bc" - so it has been decided.  Rusty is really looking forward to this, and thinks his primary advertiser PRESS GENTRY the New York based clothier will also be happy.

In Jeffersonville the wifes are known to measure their husbands only twice a year – in these muddy spring days for maybe needing to order new suits for men of family for next year (or material if seemstresses themselves for patterns from PRACTICAL GENTRY) & in the early fall when considering knitting and sweater needs for approaching winter.

"Carnival" Beau is a unlikely "mark" for town knows he is established enough in beaver trades and pelt sales that it is for years they expect him now to arrive twice a year, like some harvests, and stay for just long enough to be in the community without really in the community.   Chief Beavertail saw the opportunity in this first and had Rusty Begsome just at the wise grin seen entering his press, even before knowing it was as of "Carnival" Beau as the new "mark".

They know the have to be careful for "triple woven around a core of two" is more than just Bertha’s pitch in Jeffersonville.   How to play it such that Beau feels welcome and feels at home, but with him more a moveable fixture in a salon.  

With "Carnival" expected twice a year for forseeable time and for just under 28 days each time, so they hear, they are ripe to create a fictitious "life" or "cloud" about him.

They are ripe knowing they tried this game on another years before and are stilling "benefiting" years later as their tales return retold by others as only now "Carnival" Beau might now alone tell again when away.   These media hounds know Chief Beavertail as a gifted "capitalist" equal to them in cunning if not superior.   All three still, you can say love, the "retellings" of Borough’s grandeur as planted in "fog" around earlier "marks" known to be likely useful carriers of "new legends" (albeit fictional) afar.

They haven’t used "cc" yet nor "bc" as "code" and now will work separately to avoid collusion while contempletive to their own "professionalism" and media pride. 



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After tossing back the last dram of cordial, Beatrice beckons an "excuse me" from crowd still gathering. "Must get my stead to Darryl Dodge down at the stables before his wife calls him home to dinner - {for those that knew: "…so that I can catch a ride home after checking Betsy in, and checking saddle for some repairs."}

Well it is the spring thaw upon the borough and the traditions of old are upon prudent locals anew.  Most heard retort these days is "You should see me on Sunday!  Howdee!"

Mud is flying everywhere, and the locals are settled into ways of old again.  Beau Carville should stick out like a dandy at a Rodeo or a priest at a carnival.

This spring Jeffersonville is blessed with more than one new "mark" but none more bet against than Beau "Carnival" Carville.  Word is every local who has a beaver tail suit of armor is dusting it off.   "Will Ping, will Hansel Ping sell as new suit of armor and help save another lad"  — now the expected new most talked about story for Courant Chronicle Herald News.

A little history:  Ping’s armor is "superior" to all others in Jeffersonville - really none can compare, and such is part of fun and drama.

See Hansel and Bertha have a earned right to speak about "resistance" and "thrust" and "agility" just for their beaver tail armor weave.   All the locals know it an take part in helping Hansel Armaments and Traps trap another, hopefully.  See the suits Beau "Carnival" likely to see soon arriving in town, dramatically, with echoes to "lucky you!" with arrows stuck in armor obviously with their lives saved by beaver tail armor AGAIN, will be those made by the locals that tend to have tails just fall off after wearer has walked or run 2-3 miles in suit for the horsehair strands they used tend to get cut through quite quickly by tails.  

See Hansel and Bertha use triple woven silk threads Ping Armaments has been importing from China, yet once every six years, about.  Bertha takes the imported single strand and weaves it herself to triple stranded silk "rope" and then weaves and binds the beavers’ tails.  A Ping can go the distance.   A Ping has forgiveness - you will need new beaver tails before new beaver tail silky straps!  (See the silky straps have been tested to cut/wear/bind through the beavers’ tails before the tails can cut the straps.)

The town is about itself with the spring thaw, and Beatrice timed meet with Darryl for transport home, about a "timely" as happens ever in Borough.  Darryl runs a tight ship at Dodge Stables and Chicken Yard.

See?   This is the spring thaw, and so you can set your calender so just by observing the locals out in near there worst clothes still wearable, and chorting "You should see me on Sunday!  Howdee!"   The whole town joined the church going Christians with such years ago, how many no one really knows for certain.

Sundays in spring time are like flowers in the snow or a mushroom in a dung pile - you just start saying honestly of neighbors "I didn’t recognize you, really."

With Winter passing of heavy coats and outer wear the fewer neighbors that had been about and even about on Sundays at least twice as many neighbors now regularly seen and not just "seen" but "recognized from out from under layers and layers."

Most of the local women do not venture out in spring not fully covered from head to toe and with much of face covered.   They have learned it easier to cover face even with only a spare bandana than to get all the mud off their faces, all the mud that flies these spring weeks.

There is one character about Jeffersonville whom is always welcome but with whom you know not to set your calender more closely than by "equinoxs" >  Charles Husar, steamboat captain of steamed powered cargo ship, and legend for three man small vessel sailing record of five knots averaged for three miles.  Husar, visits when around and has yet to leave without a case of Hillary’s honey and a case of candle or more, and not without a fill from Berliner Bakery and good all around cheer - for he has tales to beat all tales from ports and ports.   About the oddest he will look is those spring and summer arrivals when he has managed a couple cases of Beaujolais Nouveau for Horace at Dam’e Wateringhole for years ago he got about a silliness about "fresh wine - now here."  Don’t call him "Chuck" or if you do prepare to run and maybe outrun what ever he sees around to throw at you - he is a lakes and sea Captain afterall and about the size of Paul Boone Jenkins.

Well it is spring upon the borough and local women dressed appropriately for it, all the while knowing they with there high stepping - near running or just trying to stay from  slips to horizontal in the mud have "Don’t get your pantaloons in a bunch - Howdee!" to bear for weeks.  Locals of Christian church going on Sundays much of the retort "You should see me on Sunday! - Greetings!" while some others more of "Not much to do about it - Howdee!"