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A proud recipe to curry?

A proud new RECORD Congress to commence soon and such in number as has not been seen since before World War II.

Because of what?   Because of whom?  Because of how?

Because of Reagan?  Because of Saddam Hussein?  Because it had to be near half Clintons fault?

Conceived around common sense and Constitution

Conceived to celebrate and restore and empower again our states and their Governors and such?

Divided and united?

Divided but united?

Easy for some!

Easy for some?

Foragers for new old meanings to be discovered and honored anew?

Foragers for old as new and for one just needed to change a lightbulb not one plus WASHINGTON?

Government of the people?

Government by the people?

Hope is out?

Hope is in, anew?

Independence at home!

Independence abroad!

Justice at home!

Justice abroad!

Kilamanjaro and ablation?

Kilamanjaro and green house gases?

Level with the people!

Level with the people!

Many have voted, many will vote again, soon.

Many have voted, many will vote again, soon.

Nuclear issue of old - offensive and targeted?

Nuclear issue of now - defensive and ready to "the sky is falling"?

Oh my, oh me does everyone need nuclear weapons now just to save the planet?

Oh my, oh me does everyone now have a equal right to such as space bases alien and NEO defense?

Presentation, presentation, presentation - don’t be a dinosaur of a by gone sound bite era.

Presentation, presentation, presentation - don’t be a dinosaur of a by gone sound bite era.

Quantify and qualify, and query up to a new curry?

Quantify and qualify, and query up to a new currying?

Righteousness to a new currying - a currying back to community sense and strength in commerce too?

Righteousness to a new currying - a curry anew to a less imperialistic centralized elitism?



Total world wide DOMINATION?

Total world wide web netting in equality and equinimity and essential pursuits, civilly?

United anew soon in less polarizing and less "Pelosi" Congress.

United anew soon in less big brother/big sister renditions to big government the only way.

Victory is near.

Victory is near, but not for the seeming endless war from Obama - Clinton politicing the policing abroad?

What a wonder - whom to curry - what horse to ride.

What a wonder - whom to curry - where to ride this new "of the people" like really anew?


Xenophobic not, not a bit, not a tad - a melting pot still and maybe anew and anew more global? 

Yankee Doodle Dandy?   A Yankee sense but also Midwestern sense and Southern sense…?

Yankee Doodle Dandy?   A Yankee sense, and now a new national sense in each of state’s rights anew?

Zip codes and representatives and now a RECORD new Congress elected.

Zip codes and Washington and a call for less and sense to curry to a "stimulus" shouldn’t be pushed while also telling all Americans they were spending too much and eating too much and using up too much energy and so of a "pushing" of two opposites against themselves?

[NOTE:  To my new readers and those that may have been away most of month of November:  The sequence of blogs here in November were written in a series of BEATRICE BOXER AND THE BEAVER WARS, and written so from earliest days in November to even today and so may only be best understood in their "twain" (depth) by reading in reversed order than here presented.]



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     …It would not have occurred  to people in the Middle Ages to call a landscape or even a plant "beautiful."  A cornstalk was useful, a poppy a mere weed, and a lily nothing more than a symbol of the purity of the Virgin Mary.  When Petrarch, the Tuscan poet, described the rapture he experienced during his famous ascent of Mount Ventoux in southern France in 1336, he did not devote a single word to the view he enjoyed at the summit; instead, the reader learns how nature whetted his appetitie to open a book he had brought along about St. Augustine, whereupon the mountain hiker began to contemplate all the foolish mistakes in his life and the insignificance of mankind as a whole.

…..The effect of the Mona Lisa can be summed up in two words:  She lives. … ’She reacts to us, and we cannot but react to her.  Leonardo is playing upon one of our most basic human instincts — our irresistible tendency to read the facial signs of character and expression in everyong we meet.  We are all intuitive physiognomists at heart.  No matter how many times our expectations of character on the basis of facial signs may be proved false, we cannot stop ourselves doing it.’

…..The expressions on these two pictures could hardly be more different.  Moreover, Mona Lisa is looking to the left, and the old man to the right.  But when Schwartz flipped the self-portrait and super-imposed the two images, they fit exactly.

& so a man named Stefan Klein came to say of another from another time and in a different order.

Well most of Borough of Jeffersonville still stuck with cover story now as more than two head off to Gullybuck’s for some baked goods.   Seems a futuristic piece on weapons needing a future proliferating in keeping with fears of near earth objects (NEOs) has many in their time wondering how but not to work to new proliferations towards space defense for all.



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And you thought the play was hot!

And you thought the play was HOT and of the fires of Hell?

Remember that fellow "Bill" being rolled into just outside the fires near the River Styx?

Been a while, you mean back a while with the talons of an albatross about the Devil’s neck and she telling "Bill" to keep heading towards the fire and to get busy or something?

Yeh, that’s it - with the albatross not just some "stuffed and gilded bling" about her neck but an active albatross about something.

Diabolical, but not quite "simply diabolical.

Are we talking a "play" within a "play"?

Seems so.

Good to hear from you.

You too.

So about treaties and entanglements about treaties?

Yes,  very bad record with treaties with Indians,  how much did Clinton have to do with such?

No idea.  Would be quite awful if Clintons also are "bad" for treaties and betrayals of allies.

Yeh, imagine if such became a family trait and also a problem in a couple hundred years.

Yeh, maybe with relations with Muslim countries and them the Clintons to betrayals of "alliances" and "agreements" near as bad as once with Indians.

Horrible, just to think about such - beyond "Hellish".

So in a hundred and fifty years what would be fighting over?  Coal for trains and boats?

Does old Mesopotamia have rich coal veins?

Don’t know but hear some think it "as hot as Hell there" at times, and not quite "tropical".

What would an alliance mean in a hundred and fifty years?  Would Clintons be of reversing a former President’s marching with an ally in defense of such and towards a spreading of more rights and freedoms and to a foundation in democracy with a small "d"?  Would Clinton’s be weak and passive and more leading to "no action" than listening to the ‘moral’ voices calling to action, and action within treaties?

Are they to be such professional politicians our founders may have feared, and such to more history of ignoring treaties?

Seems possible and reasonable to think such and to as "professional politicians" "pass the buck" when ever possible "reputations".

So maybe a war over coal supplies from old Mesopotamia and with Clintons of turning their backs on a "attacking one in alliance through treaties is an attack upon us" standards thought necessary for more fair and global trade and evolution of civil relations more global and "flat"?

Could be,  seems the play inside the play might be resuming.

So it might.

Would "2008" be so "off" as to have a start with those of the party of Clintons actually to public and "prepared remarks" such counter to Jefferson and his "hostility" against all forms of tyranny over the mind of men and so with a inaugural marching away from a ‘moral’ to "we won’t make human rights a priority"?

That Clinton Governor from New York must have smarted quite a bit not only for not winning the presidency but also for all those FEDERALIST PAPERS written so directed as against much of his thinking and ideology.

Quite something, in a hundred and fifty years it may not be all that different, right?



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{Mr. Badger to himself again > "Thank God it is Saturday! - What have I gotten myself into?  My friends must have all gotten my cable yesterday - how else to explain the tormented sleepness night.  The blueberry muffin will have to wait."}

Would a student with such a story even want to ever speak to a teacher, if such a teacher actually existed, ever again?

Would a student with such a story have given up hope, all hope in his/her leaders?

Would a student with such a story have had as his only defense to a affirmation of what was and should still be his/hers to have given away as much as was taken inappropriately and with lacking of political prudence and "right" - and given as much or more away secretly in traceable musings such to affirm the other great half or so could only have been theirs?

{Mr. Badger to himself again >  "Where was this coming from, are they demons from my past - are they failings mine to a past student?  Where, where, where?  One of my friends in math and physics had my question "hit to home" a little too much?"}

Would a student, former student with such a story bed each night and wake each morning now with a moral calling to warn others not to try to do what he did, to not attempt an immitation for on waking each morning ‘injustice’ must be waking too?

Would a student, former student, of such a teacher if any really could exist, be waking to a "morality" of a "responsibility" to a projection and broadcasting like "It wasn’t worth it!"?

{Mr. Badger to himself again >  "Where, where, where has this arisen from - is it just a consideration of futures possible, is it more diabolical and "here already"?"} 

 How could a student, a former student, if with such a story and then unlikely to seek such a former teacher out if their really could have been one be now but to a "opposition" and "guardedness" in a new morality, quite diabolical?

{Mr. Badger to himself again > "Could fit in a "2008" play between "1992" and "2012" and have it attempt a reach to comedic or farce, maybe, maybe could lighten the story by having the spouse, in such "un-American" in "anti-Washingtonian" tradition be of getting elected themselves, maybe?"}

{Mr. Badger to himself again > "Where, where, where did that "defend" himself/herself by giving away as much as was inproperly taken come from and as "only defense" available around such a corruption at the "top"?  -  How much would such really be speaking to with an "It wasn’t worth it!" - the given as well as the taken?}

{Mr. Badger to himself again > "How did I get myself into this - how bad could THE MUTINY OF THE GOPHERS really be - What have I gotten myself into?"}

{Mr. Badger to himself most definitely to just himself, again > "Could it even be humorous to present a "2008" with two ‘President Clintons’ having installed a second desk in the oval office and carrying on like President Clinton?, yes President Clinton, how are you too this morning President Clinton - should we have another royal state dinner and present the two President Clintons again if full regalia and pomp and circumstance royally again on the wee tax-payers dollars, President Clinton?  Sure President Clinton, why not we said "buy one get one - a twofer special" so of course President Clinton.  President Clinton our only mandate was that we be not what we are like an is not is, right President Clinton?  Yes dear President Clinton we have gotten them to overlook the ‘necessary’ and ‘prudent’."}



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While walking home with his blueberry muffin he took a side street detour that had him walking by the Borough’s only stained glass constructor.

"Surely in two hundred years stained glass will still be stained glass, but what by 1992 will actually be much different from the current state of human engagements?"  - The thought now a necessary bite of wisdom to consider he thought as he walked.

Another morning detour now necessary and reasonable as he was ahead of schedule this morning of the longer days and with time before school opened.

Five fellows in advanced math and physics interests needed to be cabled and so dispatched to thinking with him under pretence of a "school project" to arise interests further in math with a call to imaginations about possiblilities for "in fifty years" and "in a hundred years" and "in a hundred and fifty years" - steam engines already here and the railroad, so how much really might change, like.  A future meeting date should be set for a weekend of dialogue in Cincinnati for these five and Mr. Badger.

  • "Will good still exist in the world?"
  • "Will are young republic still be standing?"
  • "Who will be the families more of good?"
  • "Who will be the families burdened with vengence and evil?"
  • "When will advantages befall upon the vengeful accidentally?"
  • "When will the good triumph anew?"
  • "How will humans be different - will they be tools of new tools?"

All were fit into cables and sent with a note for the five fellows in math and physics to more imagine to the year 1992 as when the "worst" might be afoot.

"How will humans pine for earlier days - what will they be eating?"

"That should get it started, just fine."

Should be fun encouraging his current charge of young minds to imagine - maybe best not to encourage them to much more than fifty years forward.

"How evil to make the descendents of once Governor of New York Clinton now a critical consideration - will spouse be, will such be an angry but electable bachelor, or maybe even female - will spouse of president be the descendent and of the vengence and bitterness?"

So charged for seven and a half plays and with an expectation by town governors that such be self perpetuating in its own profits and returns "bite" had to be worked in somehow, with prudence for any production at THE BEAVER PLAYHOUSE.

"1992" will have to set the stage for "2012" and maybe still for all others plays.  But how?

"Will "1992" usher in a greedy selfish professional politician no willing to moderate themselves in the Washingtonian tradition of limited service and as limited service as necessary to prevent any and all slips more to autocracy or "royalty"?" 

"Will it become so anti-Washington in power reaching such that a couple will seek to themselves a "reigning" over United States and so abusive too to the "wait your turn" aspect of democracy and hierarchy still to exist even then?"

"GOSH THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE!!!  Just imagine a student returning to a teacher after years of being taught "fairness" and "patience" such that they had timed their career in their head and with great ambition and effort to exhaustion many times more and greater than "normal" to find a spouse of a president stepping in line for two servings of his/her "good will" as theirs when tradition had been to a fairness to of "one serving per family" as an unspoken rule."   "JUST HORRIBLE - WHAT COULD I TELL A FORMER STUDENT SO AFTER HAVING WORKED HARDER AND MORE CREATIVELY AND LONGER THEN MOST - WITH A SPOUSE OF A PRESIDENT STEPPING IN AGAINST THE WASHINGTON TRADITION A SO TO STEP INTO AND UPON PLANS MADE FOR FAIR CONSIDERATION IN AMBITIONS."


"Hmmm?  A Presidential couple that want to reign and reign and selfish and blind to a necessary ‘trampling’ of others?   An evil power grabbing couple of modest ability perpetuating their reign on the creativity and hardwork of others expecting them bound to the Washintonian standards and somehow to thinking such should still just "be willing to wait their turn" and oooh, all the while they of a taking of gains of others meant to have been a celebration of the other party?"

"Top of the morning Preacher Rousting."   "Should be an interested day at school."

"Top of the morning to you Mr. Badger."

{Mr. Badger to himself again>>> "Will student so taken aback have been of the other party and of an extra unusual ambition not to the presidency himself but to a creative future such that his "property"/"creations" were useful to a president seeking popularity beyond their own ability - will new presidential couple be of such sense of power they take such as their own without compensation or credit and so to a ‘trapping’ of such student from a use of his own work and his meant career path?"}

{Mr. Badger to himself again>>>  That about the worst a teacher could hear a former student arrive back with as a true story, most certainly.   Maybe best not to encourage students to think to work too hard for another or dream to much, such could really even happen in their own time.}



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     Brig. Gen. Rufus Putnam was sent to the Wabash tribes with an exceptional commission.  He was given copies of all the treaties which the Government had consummated with the various tribes and nations and instructed to convince the Indians that peace is desided, all unjust land claims renounced, to urge the treaty of Fort Harmar as a fair basis of negotiations, insist on the safety of the outposts, and insure the just, liberal and humane cooperation of the Government in all matters pertaining to their welfare.   Capt. Peter Pond and Wm. Steedman were sent out as secret spies, with instructions to mingle with the tribes of the Maumee and Wabash in the guise of traders, ascertain their views and intentions, and, if possible, openly announce the peaceable and benevolent intention of the Great Father Washington.

     The well laid plans of the new government were doomed to miscarry.  The spies were intercepted at Niagra;…

& so just a man Frazer Ells Wilson once said of the advancing of advancing the Ohio frontier.

Another day dawned in Borough of Jeffersonville anew with a Rusty Begsomism and those two so the two more than most did put down their new papers and head out for a walk to GULLYBUCK’S COFFEE and some of BERLINER fare, each in their own way and each in their own time, yet both of habit of a considering to what dear Begsome may be about, and well, before actually reading to what he has been about.

This morning Chief Beavertail was seen arriving first and so to a friendly "any sight of Mr. Badger this morning yet?  Your usual sir?"

That these two more than most were of such a habit when news was new is not fodder for conclusions that such two sat for two and not in their customary as two so but as two apart habitually as one.

Chief Beavertail was wise to something afoot already for he had to be involved in the scheduling and booking when ever the Beaver Playhouse was due another production, and this time with a fog of unknowing about and oddly with a booking by town governors in unanimity in their five for such block for the next eight years.  He was led to believe such was just for town business now expected but such to turn a rate of return near or greater than his regular cut.

This morning though for Mr. Badger was a heavy ponderance he would have liked Chief Beavertails marketing advice upon but knew better than to engage — this morning was a morning more than most with seven and a half plays upon his skull and with an idea to present "1992" first and "2012" second and then return to beginnings around THE LEGEND OF THE HOPEWELL MOUNDS.

Deciding the stage and heft of his charge had to stay to the serious Mr. Badger had already concluded best to avoid mention of Little Turtle, but maybe not Pontiac and Cadillac fondness for mustangs of the range.

Both in their own ways to concern over what Rusty Begsomism today may be about both to their habit of considering the "might be" before "is".

Either way, now with scone and coffee, Mr. Badger, having forgone the delicious looking fresh blueberry muffin, "1992" seems to need to be the keystone best to be written first and then maybe saved, and saved such that "Don’t make me go Oliver Cromwell on yee hams" works most when it is supposed to in future year of 2010 when the legislature has a near Cromwell effecting.

Well, it was a good day for a morning walk it seems and Mr. Badger now busy to his charge and its "morals" messaging so to a creation around the disappointment and broken dreams of Governor Clinton of New York and to a festering for decades and centuries in future generations raised to be bitter and angry against Federalists.

Can’t share it with anyone yet not even Chief Beavertail, but he likes it and likes it a lot this idea he has to create a story to decendents of Clinton, like in obvious or mystery, to a future administration from the year of 1992 elections such to the first "administration" the country and world may best have been without, and without for its history in politicing the world in a new polarization more empiracle in beaten traditions of once Governor of New York Clinton than federalist and democratic with checks and balances still.

Seems, Mr. Badger has concluded starting with "1992" and then restarting with "Hopewell Mounds" just too trite, and while he seems tempted to get a blueberry muffin to go.

Only for one of these two the two more than most that put down a new Begsomism for a walk with considering to Gullybuck’s before a reading to what "is" that day is the year 1992 more significant for being two hundred years added to the year of his own birth.



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THE MUTINY OF THE GOPHERS, by Hillary Blythe III, former and bitter head of school, did necessitate some play back.  New head of school Steward Badger was read in, his first instinct showed to a tale of Yeoman Guards.

The governors of town specific to morals and education duties insisted he not play with or "butter up" the past, and with "past is prologue" emphasis.

Head of School Steward Badger, was most in agreement but a little bit worried with such a charge, and such a charge of the republic with federalism still so new, and quite so for it was math his cup of tea not "writing."

The Borough of Jeffersonville had much area history to work with towards a better future, with dramatizations to a lasting respect for community based organizing. > How to work in the Borough militia corp and theirs to keep, Constitutionally?   That was the question. <

Mr. Badger worked it right, worked it left, studied the past and considered the future and so respectful of the governors of town’s raised hackles about THE MUTINY OF THE GOPHERS.

Mr. Badger presented a consideration to town’s governors so charged that he write "in the future" and with a focusing worked piecemeal into seven and a half plays, and thinking his first effort might be a play on Beefeater Guards, in these United States and its areas.

For his second book/play he was thinking he should do a farce in dangers of electing the wrong president and so to too many presidential powers but not sure what yet to title such piece that was to have a president ordering the constructions of a Presidential Palace in each state.

Steward is still thrashing around with governors how to work in a tale of future possible maybe as a "1992" with a sequel "2012" as a scare that could have and should have been avoidable.

The town likes a line he has come up with as a guard to overreaching for a young republic and likes his ideas to work such creatively around Sheriff Jenkins and his family of the Jenkins of Jenkins Hill our republics new capitol is now upon - They like his "Don’t make me go Oliver Cromwell on your hams!"

Much support was echoed by town governors around his "focus" on healthcare standards and practices with his harkening to need for every family and traveler to have with them a bottle of whiskey, a bit, a method to tourniquet, a sizeable sharp knife with narrow enough tip to use to scalpeling with matches to heat for sterilization or sufficient alcohol, and black silk tread of the worms of the mulberry trees of South Carolina, and a needle for suturing.  Is thinking maybe a character named Flint Westwood may help tell to a preparedness to mend your own arrow or musket ball inflictions, to a warning to head that timely and effective healthcare may need always to stay to the fewest and nearest around.  Oh, and something as to "dressing" or "bandaging."

The Borough governors have sworn themselves to secrecy to provide the muse in Mr. Badger room to create 7 1/2 plays in however much time it takes, just to write such.

There are many aires about the stories around Pontiac and Detroit to use so and may in the "futuristic" plays of either "1992" or "2012" to a presence of where they went wrong, wrong in a keep to a better charge for a young republic.

Though liberties may be taken with time such will only be done to fit "emphasis" into stories writ to being most respectful of "attention spans" and "learning curves" such as an extra curricular lesson plan worked to moderate much into just a seven and a half.

Of the Hopewell mounds may be a working of stories of the Bering Strait once over ten thousand years earlier to four hundred feet less of ocean over it, but how Mr. Badger is still as uncertain to as when.

How to protect the future of Borough of Jeffersonville and especially from the plotting revealed when the "Village Curriculum" happened upon, much of the charge with a realization a schedule series in dramatizations with annual teasing a wise effecting to curing lingering sympathies and to an innoculation from future veering.

So now to THE BEEFEATERS AND THE REPUBLIC and towards a scare to "1992" and a saving finally with "2012".



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Those who heard this story told, while not knowing Buster and Olympia themselves, could be seen to be visibly shaken as if towards a need to call social services for their kid.

Those were earlier days of the Borough of Jeffersonville, and yet still such monopoly theirs is the Boroughs only "monopoly" to what extent it is a monopoly and not just a provisioning to "uniform goods".

The Borough hasn’t complained in years still that Buster and Olympia were given such business towards "uniform goods" for their press, though newcomers have happened to wonder what type of parents they may be when story turns to their naming their oldest son Beatrice and raising him as "Beatrice the Kid".

"Beatrice the Kid" stuck with him during his school years in Borough.  That he had the furthest distance to walk to get to school from the family press, he had much "afterschool" work upon regularly just added to the lore.  Some children that lived nearer had ponies they could ride to school but not this "Beatrice the Kid".

"Beatrice the Kid" was from the B LOG PRESS of the B LOG DAIRY BEEF AND A B LOG of press monopoly in Borough.

"Beatrice the Kid" was in the same school year with Beatrice Boxer and born to a good friend of Boxers such that Olympia Log insisted Buster Log let her name their new son Beatrice also.   See, this is about the time newcomers of hearing the stories around the town’s press monopoly start to show concern, and quite interestingly as they often are tending to buttering up their rolls while sitting engaged with Horace at Dam’e Wateringhole.

Beatrice and Beatrice are still good friends but Beatrice Log has moved past "Beatrice the Kid" but doesn’t mind old friends hailing him as "B the Kid" especially since still most of his days are spent in family monopoly working the press daily at B LOG DAIRY BEEF and the commercial B LOG PRESSES producing the most uniform good of regulated fair in the Borough of Jeffersonville.

Beatrice Boxer grew up nearest the school so those years of the other Beatrice having the longest walk wasn’t riddled with Beatrice Boxer having a pony or not having a pony.  The Logs had horses and ponies but not an extra one not needed in commerce with their monopoly.

Well, usually, at this point Horace the bartender, noticing that again he had broached such story for another newcomer and timed it well with the arrival of the butter and diner rolls, is to "what do you think of the butter?"

To a one over all these years "best butter I ever had" is the retort with "not too much salt" or "not too little salt" added.

To which Horace may again suggest they can get some for themselves on their way out of town if they just look for the B LOG butter from the B LOG PRESS of the B LOG DAIRY BEEF - and with a they have been making it just so for decades and that is why they are the only monopoly in Borough.

This is just a tale of the commercial butter in Borough of Jeffersonville and not a story of a beef monopoly for that the Logs do not have.   Many in Borough still have their own dairy cows and their own modest churn, modest compared to the commercial size churning of B LOG DAIRY BEEF.

If you want variety in butter it is available only at flea market or private tables, what is "butter" in any commercial enterprise in Jeffersonville is expected to be the certified B LOG goods, fresh from their presses.



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To hear told such tales of woe just part of the demons now of Hillary Blythe III, former school head can have some in a dither for weeks.

If it wasn’t for what is really mostly Sister Elizabeth’s library and the new practices of "sourcing" by THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS whence then when the question marks supposedly wore out the scandal of the "Village Curriculum" might not have been alighted upon by that years senior students.

The story of Hillary Blythe III starts for Borough of Jeffersonville as of her arrival as near like a widow with Mr. Blythe III in parts and places unknown and really not expected back and she traveling though with a presentable resume for a teacher - as a teacher.

She advanced quickly when the headmaster of her hiring did pass away unexpectedly into his celebrated duties and quarters.  The town with tales of steamships and railways of distant places and stories of a Captain Blygh liked into the phonetics of Blythe III as head of school.  And for years until Rusty happened himself into new ways suddenly with his printing, so still with a air about her that she was raising Boroughs future leaders with a added wisdom to being wise and ready for possible mutinies.

It helps listeners at this point to try to balance the scandal of "Hillary’s Village Curriculum" by celebrating Sister Elizabeth and her library and her habit in missionary commitments, Catholic, really quite so.

See, Hillary Blythe III was maybe smarter than town had considered for even as senior students seem to be wising up to that she had buttered up history more to her suiting an so verdant from quotes they now might find near or around passages less than "quoted" in CCHN she attacked using projecting and transference.

Only two in town seemed much aware of such a other than a childish tactic most grew out of to being a mature and very useful diversionary public defense tactic.

Yes it really helps to balance the down fall of the "Village Curriculum" with tales of Sister Elizabeth and her easy walk into Catholic missionary world though raised just a town Christian.  But, alas, the Borough didn’t learn to ‘balance’ such stories until near two years after Steward Badger helped move her "out" with an effort taking the entire "village".

Hillary Blythe III did succeed in her attempts at damage control using projection and transference with a clever blaming of another of the worst of what she would likely become soon so accused of, and did so manage a copecetic "removal" from school but with a agreeable "welcome" atmosphere for other existence in Borough.

And, so after being found out to have buttered up the real history quite vergent to recorded and published history she stays of Jeffersonville known now for honey and candles, and of course many demons.

Sister Elizabeth came out a hero for her library for much of this though actually away on missionary work at the time, for without her part of the collections the new "source" practices of CCHN wouldn’t likely have ferreted out the "Village Curriculum" as an altered truth, a series of altered truths.  She had been subtle but clearly effective enough such that school though best to have many students repeat a year under new school leadership.

And so the balance of the story of Sister Elizabeth to her Catholic now missionary habits from a raising and a rearing as a town Christian of Christ Church family does still help moderate emotions that still get heated over Borough education.  It was about the time Elizabeth Hawke first decided she wanted to travel and see much of the world that she happened upon a book about Catholic missionary work and started to wonder if Catholics were luckier in their grand beaucracy of their Church. 

It definitely got her to thinking and of thinking to no other alternative available for her then to see much more of the world independently and found a picture book on Rome and the Vatican.

Having not grown up around many if any Catholics she was expecting a decision would involve a feeling of "different" and kept looking for such, again and again in more and more books and yet kept not discovering the expected "new" or "different" she was warry to find for such would likely reveal how far far far away she was from benefiting as she wished from such a Church’s grand and global beaucracy.

Most times the story of the fall of the "Village Curriculum" is now told it is told more with a "change" to testing as effective and far less to a revealing of the lesser known effecting of transference Hillary Blythe III had manuevered such that when focus became on her for her buttering up a vergent history the town was so only worried about who did it and when and quite distracted as hoped from the "how bad" of "what" of "what had been done."

Have you heard of THE MUTINY OF THE GOPHERS?  Well few have but the town governors and Hillary Blythe III its "playwright" of record in the believed sole copy in town’s safe.

The fall of the "Village Curriculum" did most certainly leave her bitter especially that first year, that year she wrote THE MUTINY OF THE GOPHERS and approached, as she called them, the Village governors for approval for a production at THE BEAVER PLAYHOUSE.  Such "play" had enough "bite" for Borough standards but was far too bitter a piece thought with more subtleties than yet deciphered, with "gopher" a certainly bitter play both on Mr. Badger and also the Borough of Jeffersonville history around and after the seventy years war they still lived daily just hoping was really over.

It had been a slow year so holding many students back for another year of much the same and now with testing made much sense and proved to be a boone more than a paul upon such for those Borough of Jeffersonville youths. 

None others have yet walked so to the Catholic Missionary work as Sister Elizabeth but boy oh boy does Ted Jon get kidded around memories of him saying he wanted to be like Moses and able to part the seas.


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     Men made his first effective weapons and tools - spear and arrow-heads, daggers, axes, hammers, and hide scrapers - from flint or other hard stone that could be chipped without too great difficulty. But flint was found in only a few inhabited locatlities, and men who had to travel farthest to secure it were the most painstaking in their chipping. As a result, these men became the most skillful weapon and tool makers, even though they lived at some distance form flint-bearing areas.

     It is probable that the early Stone Age men made their journeys in search of flint on foot, as flakes of the stone were hunted over wide areas. Then, about fourteen thousand years ago, they discovered underground deposits, and that freshly dug flint could be chipped with far greater ease and accuracy than sun-brittled surface stone.

& so a wiser man than me once said

Now that is a habit you could say of Rusty Begsome especially with his articles as spring filler, and one that Hillary quite frowned upon back when she was the headmaster of Borough school and blessed so with quite fine "public housing" adjoining school.

Some say that when Rusty ran into such resistance from Headmaster Hillary it was the beginning of the end for her and her stay on the Boroughs dollars so.   It happened about the time that he said his printing blocks with "quotation marks" wore out beyond "usable" or "reliable" in catching of sufficient ink.

Such say, of Hillary and her demons, that such was quite traumatic for her, the forced removal from splendid housing she had wanted "for life."  That it came from taking on Rusty Begsome for a practice he has worked to town’s educational advantage still has her smarting regularly at such story’s mention or reprinting.

See, with Rusty’s practice of not reading any book in the library for more than fifteen minutes a visit and not of from the same book his readings but without time in between,  Hillary was claiming he was "lifting" or "plagarizing" other peoples work and intellectual property so.

The new headmaster Steward Badger has been quite comfortable in splendid housing provided sinse, since he was moved up from advanced math and physics educating to new headmaster of Borough of Jeffersonville School.

Yes, she does now need to produce her honey and candles to afford her more plain quarters and yes these are just a couple of her mentioned demons she cannot help but wear on her sleeves.

"& so a wiser man than me once said" following indented sentence or paragraphs became THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS’ new way of presenting others works and knowledge.  Rusty Begsome has been given some "license" since you could say to even pay lesser homage if just paraphrasing another’s work remembered as read but not with source remembered or useful to share if in "story-telling" mode.

Take the above two paragraphs.  If you knew they were from a book titled STAGECOACH WEST would you, like Rusty, think less of import of his sharing?

The Borough of Jeffersonville is mostly wise to Rusty Begsome’s quirks or "developed character" and actually has years benefited, as testing has shown, with educators since Hillary making work but fun work of such with "challenges" to students to find the book being "alluded to" or "borrowed from" at least once a week.   Such hasn’t yet been worked into math curriculum, though.

Yes, it was most traumatic for Hillary when her public housing was pulled from her, and with her of a wanting for such splendor to all her own for her whole life. 

Another quirk of THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS is what seems a constant mispelling in telling of horse tales with "canter" spelled "cantor" and well that was a printers mark of sort itself for such found that when telling horse tales the press always seemed with too few "e" blocks.  

Rusty, though just doesn’t like question marks in his paper.

So if you see an indented sentence or paragraph followed with "& a wiser man than me once said" don’t expect a question mark or a period and think you may be missing part of the story if you don’t go to library and find the book he is at least alluding to.

Sister Elizabeth does keep some cook books in her collection and these are the only blocked up with wooden book ends her father carved her as a child with hawk heads facing out on both ends.



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THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS is likely to run a new version of this old tale of woe in its largest paper of the year the paper that goes to press just as the spring thaw is expected, or maybe last years anew.

As the paper with its second largest paper of the year is regular with at least one story on the history of stagecoaches and especially those of Concord Coaches from New Hampshire.

These two papers of the spring are the largest money makers of the year and especially for revenue from "Holiday" advertisements for the Christmas holiday that really bulks up the paper in spring.   Paper is busy all winter collecting stories just as filler so better to frame and entice to products for Holidays and gift ideas needing proper planning and ordering if to be finished in time.

Word is Borough should be ready to discuss education at the end of the thaw and in furtherance of a discussion Rusty Begsome overheard Teacher Rosie Greenberg in with her class one day loudly enough to have peaked his interests enough to have entered the school house to attempt to hear more.   He has been teasing the subject along Teacher Rosie Greenberg’s bias and in much agreement it seems with her statement to students that they should definitely not see education as for a "race to the top." 

Teacher Miss Rosie Greenberg still is from Cincinnati and just takes a room at hotel during weekdays.

Borough of Jeffersonville lesson plans have never been about education as for a "race to the top" but more a practical pursuit towards a ability to travel more with ease and relate while home and away more civily and engagingly, with an emphasis most to "being prepared" not just there - where ever - first.

It is likely that Rusty himself or another will offer a new variation on the old tale of WHEN THE BOROUGH WENT GREEN with the start of spring, next to the "reminder" of the story of the stagecoaches expected with the end of the thaw it is the most reworked "filler" each year for THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS.

There is always something happening in this Borough and much republic humor - best not to be calling any of local humor "republican humor" though for that implies you like the out of town "Republican News" paper and stories better.

WHEN THE BOROUGH WENT GREEN was when it happened quite a scare that went around the town, such so that the preacher, K.J. Rousting, was the first to suspect something was about for nearly everyone was ducking their heads and looking away as he passed and with a speeding up of their steps.  It was a scare about the Borough for near three days with people generally avoiding each other like a plague.  No matter how it may be retold it was quite a scare WHEN THE BOROUGH WENT GREEN that year the morning after having a town wide dance and pot luck supper - such a success it added to the scare the next day and some for fears they had had a sinfully jolly good time to the last of them.  Not a mark got applied to a single slate for days, and yet a scare was definitely about. 

Preacher K.J. Rousting had avoided the "pot" at pot luck that seemed the most popular that night so was out of the scare himself so he soon discovered.  The Preacher for some reason had avoided the pot the teacher had cooked up that was all the rage at the dance and pot luck with "secret ingredients" she had found in Cincinnati and finely diced into her stew to disguise them. 

What a scare was about the Borough those days the Borough was going green.

When first in town started seeing lighter green the Preacher perked up some and the library stopped having a record number of people visiting and looking at medical books.

Don’t worry, the town took to the Teachers cooking as soon as the scare passed and they learned of the beets and asparagus and sheer quantity she had reduced in her stew, they even began to ask her to bring some for them especially when expected out of town guest they were pretty sure had not yet ever gone green.

Yes in Jeffersonville, the holiday ads necessarily come early for time needed for many to build and assemble or knit or sew for to be prepared for a merry holidays.

Did you know the best stagecoaches were purposefully build near the shape of eggs?  Just wait you will be able to read about it and as sourced from another, a Ralph Moody likely.



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Yes Ted Jon’s sister Sister Elizabeth is stern, and as stern in her library as of her habit.

She is still of practical Jeffersonville sensibility and actually prefers the "duck" when it is on menu really as "Fresh Lame Duck" however it is prepared.

It wasn’t a single harvest past the opening day of THE LIBRARY - A HAWKE COLLECTION that Sister Elizabeth realized something would have to be arranged around Sheriff Jenkins.

There is a section of collections marked with marble book ends not in "beaver tails" theme that were fancy of Sheriff Jenkins, but that is the lesser part of this story.

Sure Sheriff Jenkins had a pediliction for the books on philosophy and law studies kept so between marbled columns in miniature, but it was he inability to return books by there prescribed due dates that concerned Sister Elizabeth. 

Sheriff Paul Boone Jenkins wasn’t raised like Beatrice Boxer with traditional Borough of Jeffersonville practices and procedures but did arrive with ample respect for beavers.  There are no books in Hawke Collection to teach the local ways of rearing Jeffersonville boys so Sheriff is constantly needing to check with likes of Ted Jon and Beatrice, while hoping to not have to question Judge Moose Becket himself.

The Hawkes together realized soon their library had what they had planned to call an "offender" as per their planned book loaning practices and that something had to be done quickly to dam a scandal before it caught the wind.  They had no choice but to hang a closed sign upon the doors until such time as they could have a sit down with Sheriff Jenkins, and with all due books out now out "legally" until further notice.

Sister Elizabeth baked the Sheriff’s favorite pie when Ted Jon was finally confident an arrangement making was doable and scheduled.  The siblings Hawke were confident they could keep Sheriff Jenkins from becoming their first "offender" of permanent town recording, but they had to wait until he returned from recent railroading to Washinton with some of their philosophy books.  Ted Jon and Elizabeth were working off a cable communicating Sheriff’s due return and availability.

The Sheriff would have to become more than just a borrower of books, he will have to become a "patron" of the library with special privileges, it was agreed, and still though he would be expected to bring back a new book for the library from Washington each time he traveled there with pieces of the Hawke Collection.  This way and this way alone could Sister Elizabeth see her way past fining Sheriff Jenkins and recording him as a regular offender, since his trips were always of longer duration than the Hawke Collection permitted.

So it was quietly agreed, leaving Ted Jon to return to relaxed relations with Sheriff again much ado around Jeffersonville’s traditions of raising its young boys not to consider lame ducks as sport but to consider them as fair game.  One of Paul Boone Jenkins duties was to certify a duck as actually lame before it could be prepared and served as "lame duck" on Hotel menu or any other’s in town center.  Some of Borough were near vegetarians but not, and much appreciative of finding certified lame ducks offered up.  Just helped them with the humaneness issues they had around a slaughtering of healthy game.

The town ordinances around the beavers and young boys of Jeffersonville are more specific and more strict than the "lame ducks" as "fair game" edicts.   Young boys of Jeffersonville are raised still in the same traditions that raised Ted Jon and Beatrice with actual edicts against young boys harassing beavers or even to disturbing them.  There is some wiggle room.

Young boys of Borough are reared away from a trapping of beaver til a proper age, and such "age" a season subject of governance debate.

Fishing is most encouraged and is duck hunting, but as for the young boys and the beavers laws are laws, and the "lame ducks" "fair game".



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So it is told, so it was written.

This town of settled spirit still fresh with frontier sense and sensibilities does have its quirks, and sure has a few experts.

Once a new leader hit the tablets and presses or stories of just blaming the president before him, and this town was a laughing, this whole town was a laughing with their own sorts of "no he didn’t!"

Borough of Jeffersonville did have a down economic period with a noticeable reduction in economic "energy" and not at same time as other towns they were reading about.  They realized they had to look locally for the causes and that they did.

You heard told that most in borough have taken to carrying a piece of chalk with them at all times, yes?

Well, the year of the great Jeffersonville recession near the first "indicator" as it became that they found being forensic in their own markets was a reduction in sales of chalk at BBB - Beatrice Boxer Business of packing and supplies.

Really not since the first production of THE GREAT BEAVER AND THE BEAVER WARS, as written by Nancy Potter and directed by school’s teacher of english languages, as the first production at the then new Beaver Playhouse has the town had such a laugh, such a laugh as that again heard with stories of a new president blaming everything under the sun that was wrong on just the former president.  Jeffersonville just thought it had been written as humor, necessarily, they were not ready to fully question a new president.

See, Jeffersonville had long been of critical discussions of the tempestuous policies and politics of the president before the now before, and now with new president after such of same party as that of the before the before, the not blamed, also to speaking of not wanting an economy of booms and busts - an economy of even and scheduled and dictated growth and wages Jeffersonville readers just had to laugh.

See, Jeffersonville had long been wise to that the before the before to intentionally running a reckless boom economy around irresponsible budget cuts while with a specific effort in empowerment to encouragement of most in country to imprudent spending.

It just had to be a big joke like the first production of THE GREAT BEAVER AND THE BEAVER WARS,  it had to be – the "boom economy" president, the before the before was with graphics showing policies three times above new president’s ideal scheduled "growth economy" and yet the before such only a single click below such - it just had to be a joke, this public attempt to blame just the president before.

The last thing Borough of Jeffersonville would attempt to market is an economy without booms and busts, and that while still a town worrying that the Iroquois 70 years war might actually not really be over yet.

Town governors of the town council did discern that the reduced chalk sales was now the "indicator" to watch before all others in the Borough of Jeffersonville if another recession to be averted.   Conclusions were reached after some casual studies not quite dispositions around boroughs kitchen tables and fires, and even regularly in the Gullybuck anteroom at Berliner Bakery at peak times for Gullybuck’s Coffee and Fancy Teas proprietry.   The Berliner has long also had a slate inside and outside for sense of community, but makes no use of it themselves for news, or broadcasts.

Town learned that they were late to learning that citizens had stopped carrying chalk and also stopped their spirit use of it.  Town used some story telling not issuance of new edicts to return sense of community around apt applications of eruditions in chalk, by many.

So it was told, so it had been written and produced with the direction of teacher Rosie Greenberg.  

And so the town lost the carpenters they thought they had convinced to stay and stay after having been convinced and partly bartered into construction of the Beaver Playhouse.

Some say Nancy Potter doesn’t want carpenters regular in here economy and say so remembering the days of the last carpenter migration were those she was still in the dress business.   Those who know the production and/or story of THE GREAT BEAVER AND THE BEAVER WARS are much in agreement, for it was just a couple days after opening night with such production until then well a town secret that those carpenters found themselves to the one all mocked by the town they had just build a playhouse in and they thought for, it was just a couple days until they to the one did pack up and leave in the dark of the night.

Some visiting carpenters have been known to laugh at later productions not knowing its bite was specific to some til then traveling carpenters led to think to calling Jeffersonville home.  

The Beaver Wars did last at least 70 years and the play on opening night more than most did present to futility in building with so many beavers around.

Chief Beavertail gained the most in these fiasco for he was the property owner carpenters were seduced into building upon with their finest skill in barter for future trades with their new town.  Chief Beavertail really made out the best when the town decided he could rightfully be considered the owner of such building if only he were to pay the remaining debts for material and transit of such materials from mill a few days ride away.

What could THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS lead off with next paper but "If only Nancy Potter hadn’t rammed through an approval for THE GREAT BEAVER AND THE BEAVER WARS with the town governors as its opening production"

So it is told, so it was written?


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It was just last spring that a traveler came through heading west with need to stop and rest a few days - nothing new or strange in that - just it was he that got Darryl Dodge a telling of tales when he asked him what might "someone go find Vernon Jones" mean for he saw it chalked upon a board outside the hotel.

That’s the dandiest the town has.  Vernon Jones is the town’s top civil lawyer and quite a sight - so much so that some say this full blooded Iroquois reached "over gentrified".

Next to Chief Beavertail and Paul Boone Jenkins this barrister Vernon Jones is arguably the next easiest to spot from a mile away.

The "someone go find Vernon Jones" Darryl Dodge couldn’t yet explain much past well someone thinks they now need a lawyer or someone else thinks they do or are about to, certain though that if it is on Hotel Slate it likely not about Coley Slamen, of the Slamen Beaver Ranch, known to most as Jones’ most regular client.   The town long ago stopped putting the petty civil grievances from a run away Slamen Beaver up as apt.

Darryl Dodge had time to chat up this client for arrangements needed making for a new "rental horse" for the next leg of his travels to the next stable in this ‘rent a horse’ franchise/enterprise.   Darryl also had a habit to find something to talk about while considering customers on other matters and as of these parts habit of "a days ride" a local colloquialism more a question.

Darryl Dodge’s father may have started such time keeping for town just so with a basis of "a days ride" being based upon day light available on the shortest day of the year and with allowances made for a "a ride" duration in inclement weather or most muddy of days.  For most in Jeffersonville area "a days ride" on a good day is no more than a four hour ride below full gallop.

Darryl Dodge like his father is using conversation to get a better sense of how the horse he his now receiving was treated before deciding which other horse to let out to such rider.

About the only time "someone go get Vernon Jones" may be "app" towards a case relating to Coley Slamen is now in few metal allergy from Coley’s Piercings and Earmarks.  Darryl Dodge is pretty sure that not the case and actually volunteers such as an opinion.

"If only I could find a good fence carpenter…" is a standard retort by Coley Slamen of Slamen Beaver Ranch.   Mrs. Slamen is a naturalist who took it upon herself to rally a community nearer a fraternity of sorts towards a goal or repopulating the beaver population.   She may the only other franchisee in Jeffersonville, with her beaver ranch.

Mrs. Slamen at first thought to hire Paul Boone Jenkins to lobby in Washington while there on visits to old family on same Jenkins Hill the Capitol now built upon.   She was at first set on her Beavers as a national cause needing federal dollars in a grant at least for the metal needed for the earmarking - left ear for lady beavers and right ear for males.

Just thinking of asking Sheriff Jenkins quieted her from such some say or think, all the while she tells of power of the press and postings of official notices.  See, she saw an ad for an estates sale two days ride away for a recently passed apothocary’s collection of instruments and realized his instruments likely just what she needed and was trying to get Washington to pay for.   She still thinks of future funds for earmarks but now having acquired the scientific instruments and instrumentations at one twentieth the expected cost she is now just picking up metal scraps where ever she finds them.

The Slamen Beaver Ranch is also a sight for the best retrained sheepdogs in the entire region, but still some beavers do manage to get away from the ranch and do damage, all the while well marked as hers.

Darryl Dodge and Coley Slamen are like two peas in a pod but for the regularly talk about the other and their ventures but hardly ever talk to each other.

If you are looking for some good fresh eatin chickens Darryl Dodge overs the best price if you have children you want to have "catch" your dinner for you.   See, Darryl raises near free range chickens in a quite oversized pen and offers a standard ten percent discount if you catch your own chicken.

Darryl now done for the day with traveling rider using the "rent a horse" program does tip his hat to him with the dandy Vernon Jones is easiest to spot from two miles away for on the day he finished his law studies in Philadelphia he did two things:  He changed his name from Iroquois language to a chosen Christian name of Vernon Jones, and, well he walked into the town hat shop and asked the proprietor what was the worse selling hat he had, found one in his size, stuck a feather from his breast plate (bib if you must) in it and has been carrying on now years into replacements of his standard stovepipe top hat.  He told the shop keep that he wanted to try to create a new fashion in once Iroquois lands.

That’s the "dandiest" and also the best at tortious adjudications these parts if you can afford him.  

He doesn’t favor funds for earmarks, says they subvert the due process or something like that, but does hope Ted Jon and Miles can help her get to a new alloy for less allergic ear piercings she is being solicited for as jewelry and decorative wares.


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Chief Beavertail now at second stage of his plotting can be found taking time at Hotel Salon in the cushy (well cushioned) lobby.

But last November when he alone started considering such and its possibilities after learning of Rusty’s knowledge of "Carnival Beau’s" past with an unintended overhearing Chief was fancy to Dam’e’s libations in lieu of Hotel’s trusty warmed cider.

See, it isn’t so much about being sinister or coniving but more just practical to problem solving - clever like.

See, Borough of Jeffersonville is the type of town that when it heard the railroad could come through within a mile or could be routed to a route a within a day’s ride was to a unanimous voting to lobby for the latter.

Their town and its courthouse remained the county seat for such and the town has kept its original character and better so.

Some things in Borough haven’t changed much in quite a while - at least since the regular Federalism Papers discussions and effectations.

I will get to the architecture of the courthouse later.  If you see a building with five people in a frieze at a table and CC * BC underneath you will have just started to see the courthouse.  It is much easier to find in the daytime.

Many families have visited and stayed since railroad was built and so "agreeing" situation superior than if otherwise routed.  

Borough has had an odd way of attracting architects and engineers and I would say how many "multiples" so than carpenters but that there is another oddity of Borough.

You can really see how lively and spry Jeffersonville is as soon as the last spring thaw mud has been declared here and items routine and habitual find their scheduled start date as now calender has yet let allow properly respectful of nature.

Oh, do you know where to find the church?  Or better put:  do you know when to find the church?

See?   It isn’t about being sinister that Chief Beavertail is a plotting but quite practical in clever.   Jeffersonville needs carpenters but as yet cannot get any to move and stay and hopes creations of some new legends with duping of Beau Carville might overwrite the word out to most in carpentry around five states that Jeffersonville is not a borough made for carpenters to call home. 

When the courthouse, the CC * BC did get built the town had to import carpenters and at much higher rates than customary, and not just because of its dual use design. 

If you are looking for the church in daytime look for the only building in center of town that seems to be built out of limestone blocks.   The church nor the court is build of limestone block though both do appear so to be such designed and constructed.

But in November most are tucked in nightly to thoughts of springs arrival when with the heralding of the thaws are over by scientific measuring to current frost depth and with reminders to be ready for the first Thursday after spring declared here in Borough.  The town pops alive suddenly with colors made even more spendid by the habits of locals having worn through the muds their oldest most beaten wares as children don their newer more colorful garments.

Can Chief Beavertail work up a fictional integrated marketing concept to get Beau Carville to unwilling help town attract carpenters and at regular wages?  He thinks he can.

Official spring when it arrives the first Thursday after the thaw declared past and with a heralding "spring is here" brings with it the newest "processions properly passing postured prudently prideful presenting manners & mannerisms maneuvers mainly measured maturingly…" of the newest classes in little women’s manners by Jenna Holley, and yes on occassion with books carried hands free and flat in processions as proceeding at parts from school house to Potter’s Topiary and back to school house.

The school house is much more basic an in german shiplapped clapboards, that is than the church or court.

It hasn’t been since the dual use concept was conceived at Federalist Papers discussions towards town memorializing with some effectation that a carpenter has been seen around for any more than a couple months before journeying on again.  They go west, they go south, they go north and some that went west pass through as well while heading east - but they just don’t stay.

See yet?  Chief Beavertail thinks the courthouse needs some repairs and such building that appears to be limestone is really a wooden building made to look so with five times the standard effort having been needed for a building of such size and importance, maybe even 7 times the effort.  It is the county seat and Judge Moose Becket presides from 10am to 4:30 pm Mondays and Tuesdays and Thursdays and Fridays, and then the dual use features conceived in desire for local effectations of Federalism Papers and American Independence are manuevered so that all other hours of the day and week the same CC * BC presents as the town’s Christ Church.  (the "BC" is for Borough Courthouse).

It is an architectural wonder with inspirations from Washington and Jefferson and said to be a clearer "separation of church and state" than any other courthouse on the continent.

Location, location.   By day four days a week it is the court house with alter table the judge’s bench after a well considered and designed moveable platform placed beneath to adjust to raise sitting proportions proper for such proceedings, and with the church’s nave and religiousity separated with mechanics and french door, albeit large and solid french doors, hinging inspired by Jefferson where such here engineered such that one person can manuever from one side of nave both doors that swing out the religiousity and close out for county/state peer review in jurisprudence.  They do just remove the kneelers from the front row of pews at the rail design with gates more fitting for a court but quite in the spirit of "church" when kneelers present.  Seems they would have removed kneelers from all pews for "court" not "church" attendings but a traveler presented a consideration that many in court benches tend to want to kneel and cry so a dual use separate from just kneeling and praying might to be considered.

So much "local" in properly representing this hamlet of a developed town, this Borough of Jeffersonville.  It may still be the only of a church that is also a court on the continent.  And, maybe atleast the only one so considered that is still sound in its presentation proper in its federalism to a well defined separation of church and state - especially since the judge doesn’t keep chambers in the church, in CC * BC.

Since last November Chief Beavertail has become more concerned that the town is growing large, and too large for a court open so few hours or days.  He is now leading the discussions overtly and covertly to try to find an affordable way especially since the Borough of Jeffersonville has shown an natural repelent to carpenters but not architects nor engineers.

Yes, by November children are settled off to sleep to think to spring days when the spring thaw declared past and that special Thursday can be announced.

Finding framers for projects has yet to be a problem, and so such that only some homes look as if beavers might have built them, but, the finish carpenters and those of sash and trim specialties and skill, well that is just a side of this community. 

Yes, the courthouse does not have stained glass windows, and, yes, the preacher wants stained glass windows.  The town does have a struggling chap skilled at stained glass creations, but hardly a fine carpenter when needed.




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Welcome back to tales of Borough of Jeffersonville.

While Ted Jon and Miles get warmed up it seems a good time to point out that such community is developed enough to have its own judge.  We may hope you don’t have to meet Judge Moose Becket but if you go to the Hawke Collection you might just or just sight him.  

See the Beckets and the Hawkes both are of the original five and the current Hawkes also of another of five, while the other have of current Becket household, which is situated behind white picket fence across the road directly from Hawke home and library, hails from Philadelphia.

As the Hawke Collection goes as town library it is still Rusty Begsome its most regular visitor and yet still its only visitor yet to take out a book.

Rusty may spend a third as much time at the library as he does at his office and timely so with his habits measured with a collection of quarter, half, and full hour "hour glasses" with two usually of the quarter hour time on his belt such that he is always ready to start a fifteen minute segment.

With Ted Jon and Miles again gathered at bar end of Dam’e Wateringhole you should see that Horace is a wise and attuned bar-keep wise with having learned a while ago that these to "given some distance" will spend twice as much than if "crowded" to an instinctive move to a quiet table and ordering to just appetizers.

Ted Jon was cajoled years ago after his meditations with his sister Sister Elizabeth towards converting their family home’s first floor into a reading room with their combined collections available to townfolk, such to he being tasked to consort with Miles Redemption concerning her "organizing" system for library that needed a fabrication in forging of a graduated system of beavertail bookends - baby size for youth books up to great size for large print books and grand tails for mostly large picture books of foreign places.

As the most frequent and regular visitor to town library Rusty is with certain habits there too.  Rumor is he hasn’t read a single entire book in the place.  It may be true, but that isn’t to say he hasn’t read all of the books in his own collection.   The library to Rusty seems a place to go to find "change" or "confirmation" as what else could holding one self to reading one book for only one turn of a quarter hour "hour glass" be for?

Well, it seemed a timely day to tell you of a library, especially since on Ted Jon and Miles likely only know of what they are speaking and plotting in their again use of their standard wispering.   Could be lock parts needed by Ted Jon of Miles forging - could be a heads up to what books Sister Elizabeth may have cojoled her brother again into acquiring for new books expected from her most recent missionary travels - but could be they are just passing the time with their shared interests in metallurgy and engineering.  

If Horace knows - he isn’t telling.  Many a wild goose chase been had by patrons who past thought otherwise.

While wondering on Judge Moose Becket it is a tip of the hat to Dam’e Wateringhole that town’s discussions around Federalism and such papers were populated there and only on ideological grounds instead of at Hotel Salon if you think it "ideological" that Hotel has no square tables, only round tables, and, that Dam’e only has small square tables barely enough for four if not pulled together.   See the square tables were able to be fit well together to have a tabled meeting with careful consideration to written and printed Federalist Papers.  


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It was back in the early days of the Pony Express that in Borough of Jeffersonville a statement became a playable expression.  With the early riders assessing proper fees townsfolk started hearing "he doesn’t have the right post for his beaver - without correct post it cannot be delivered to ‘your sweatheart’."

Some time after such while Nancy Potter still struggling selling last decades fashions she had time and unknown inspiration to build a giant beaver in yew and honeysuckle bushes as topiary.   Some think others knew a POTTER’S FLOWERS AND SHRUBBERY a better business for her than she at such time.   She has kept such topiaried giant beaver now for decades and the yew and honeysuckle species from strangling each other out.

Beatrice Boxer Business does a thriving packing and packing supply business and much now around the continued perpetuation of prudent concern for proper posting especially when weighing beavers.   Beatrice Boxer Business offers weighing and postage precalculations even for Hillary’s honey and candles customers.   "BBB" for short now at times a short hand "???" to replace "proper post for that beaver, son?".

Paul Boone Jenkins, "The Law" really has found his job much simpler with such in the air than old days without in Kentucky, or there more with catfish plays.

>Ted Jon just walked into Dam’e Waterhole - it is now a Friday, and he seems to have something to talk to Miles Redemption about.   Finds Miles agreeing to have a town father and son bring a bucket of bent nails by to learn how to straighten them properly with reheating and hammering so that they do not lose strenght or integrity with straightening.  Miles has long been called upon for such and so that story is that by the seventh time so called he inventing a jig, a jig to hold two dozen bent nails with "crowning" directed properly such that all could be heated and reforged more scientifically and with engineering over his shorter anvil such that speed and coordination necessary.


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Chief Beavertail has both Rusty Begsome of Courant Chronicle Herald News and Salon Slate besides themselves willing to play along.

Care again must be arranged to copesetic to protect the superior lines of Jeffersonville heralded even in Bertha Ping’s "triple woven silk lines" for "marketing" is "triple woven around a core of two".

Care must be taken by both media interests within their preferred "professionalism" to play along with Chief Beavertail and his scheming now around Beau "Carnival" Carville as new mark, but for him as new mark really his "new competition".   One to avoid confusion or collusion will use "cc" and the other "bc" - so it has been decided.  Rusty is really looking forward to this, and thinks his primary advertiser PRESS GENTRY the New York based clothier will also be happy.

In Jeffersonville the wifes are known to measure their husbands only twice a year – in these muddy spring days for maybe needing to order new suits for men of family for next year (or material if seemstresses themselves for patterns from PRACTICAL GENTRY) & in the early fall when considering knitting and sweater needs for approaching winter.

"Carnival" Beau is a unlikely "mark" for town knows he is established enough in beaver trades and pelt sales that it is for years they expect him now to arrive twice a year, like some harvests, and stay for just long enough to be in the community without really in the community.   Chief Beavertail saw the opportunity in this first and had Rusty Begsome just at the wise grin seen entering his press, even before knowing it was as of "Carnival" Beau as the new "mark".

They know the have to be careful for "triple woven around a core of two" is more than just Bertha’s pitch in Jeffersonville.   How to play it such that Beau feels welcome and feels at home, but with him more a moveable fixture in a salon.  

With "Carnival" expected twice a year for forseeable time and for just under 28 days each time, so they hear, they are ripe to create a fictitious "life" or "cloud" about him.

They are ripe knowing they tried this game on another years before and are stilling "benefiting" years later as their tales return retold by others as only now "Carnival" Beau might now alone tell again when away.   These media hounds know Chief Beavertail as a gifted "capitalist" equal to them in cunning if not superior.   All three still, you can say love, the "retellings" of Borough’s grandeur as planted in "fog" around earlier "marks" known to be likely useful carriers of "new legends" (albeit fictional) afar.

They haven’t used "cc" yet nor "bc" as "code" and now will work separately to avoid collusion while contempletive to their own "professionalism" and media pride. 



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After tossing back the last dram of cordial, Beatrice beckons an "excuse me" from crowd still gathering. "Must get my stead to Darryl Dodge down at the stables before his wife calls him home to dinner - {for those that knew: "…so that I can catch a ride home after checking Betsy in, and checking saddle for some repairs."}

Well it is the spring thaw upon the borough and the traditions of old are upon prudent locals anew.  Most heard retort these days is "You should see me on Sunday!  Howdee!"

Mud is flying everywhere, and the locals are settled into ways of old again.  Beau Carville should stick out like a dandy at a Rodeo or a priest at a carnival.

This spring Jeffersonville is blessed with more than one new "mark" but none more bet against than Beau "Carnival" Carville.  Word is every local who has a beaver tail suit of armor is dusting it off.   "Will Ping, will Hansel Ping sell as new suit of armor and help save another lad"  — now the expected new most talked about story for Courant Chronicle Herald News.

A little history:  Ping’s armor is "superior" to all others in Jeffersonville - really none can compare, and such is part of fun and drama.

See Hansel and Bertha have a earned right to speak about "resistance" and "thrust" and "agility" just for their beaver tail armor weave.   All the locals know it an take part in helping Hansel Armaments and Traps trap another, hopefully.  See the suits Beau "Carnival" likely to see soon arriving in town, dramatically, with echoes to "lucky you!" with arrows stuck in armor obviously with their lives saved by beaver tail armor AGAIN, will be those made by the locals that tend to have tails just fall off after wearer has walked or run 2-3 miles in suit for the horsehair strands they used tend to get cut through quite quickly by tails.  

See Hansel and Bertha use triple woven silk threads Ping Armaments has been importing from China, yet once every six years, about.  Bertha takes the imported single strand and weaves it herself to triple stranded silk "rope" and then weaves and binds the beavers’ tails.  A Ping can go the distance.   A Ping has forgiveness - you will need new beaver tails before new beaver tail silky straps!  (See the silky straps have been tested to cut/wear/bind through the beavers’ tails before the tails can cut the straps.)

The town is about itself with the spring thaw, and Beatrice timed meet with Darryl for transport home, about a "timely" as happens ever in Borough.  Darryl runs a tight ship at Dodge Stables and Chicken Yard.

See?   This is the spring thaw, and so you can set your calender so just by observing the locals out in near there worst clothes still wearable, and chorting "You should see me on Sunday!  Howdee!"   The whole town joined the church going Christians with such years ago, how many no one really knows for certain.

Sundays in spring time are like flowers in the snow or a mushroom in a dung pile - you just start saying honestly of neighbors "I didn’t recognize you, really."

With Winter passing of heavy coats and outer wear the fewer neighbors that had been about and even about on Sundays at least twice as many neighbors now regularly seen and not just "seen" but "recognized from out from under layers and layers."

Most of the local women do not venture out in spring not fully covered from head to toe and with much of face covered.   They have learned it easier to cover face even with only a spare bandana than to get all the mud off their faces, all the mud that flies these spring weeks.

There is one character about Jeffersonville whom is always welcome but with whom you know not to set your calender more closely than by "equinoxs" >  Charles Husar, steamboat captain of steamed powered cargo ship, and legend for three man small vessel sailing record of five knots averaged for three miles.  Husar, visits when around and has yet to leave without a case of Hillary’s honey and a case of candle or more, and not without a fill from Berliner Bakery and good all around cheer - for he has tales to beat all tales from ports and ports.   About the oddest he will look is those spring and summer arrivals when he has managed a couple cases of Beaujolais Nouveau for Horace at Dam’e Wateringhole for years ago he got about a silliness about "fresh wine - now here."  Don’t call him "Chuck" or if you do prepare to run and maybe outrun what ever he sees around to throw at you - he is a lakes and sea Captain afterall and about the size of Paul Boone Jenkins.

Well it is spring upon the borough and local women dressed appropriately for it, all the while knowing they with there high stepping - near running or just trying to stay from  slips to horizontal in the mud have "Don’t get your pantaloons in a bunch - Howdee!" to bear for weeks.  Locals of Christian church going on Sundays much of the retort "You should see me on Sunday! - Greetings!" while some others more of "Not much to do about it - Howdee!"



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Well if you are thinking of visiting Borough of Jeffersonville you may want to learn a few new words first, wars in the "fog" the locals tend to put about newcomers.

Take the SALON SLATE as the "hourly" competitor in news to Rusty Begsome’s Courant Chronicle Herald News >>  See it is a quiet "news" town most of the time.

See?  It is an "hourly" but hardly for there being new news each hour.

See?  It doesn’t even have new menu but twice a day, as it as part of hotel and bar is of just posting specials on part of board and only for lunch and dinner, but not for breakfast.

See?  It is an "hourly" Ha, Ha, Ha, - very funny - who changed my "Fresh Duck" to "Lame Duck"?

Rusty’s part in all this is still unconfirmed or actually a myth > yet until he decided to start reporting on his competition and so with using "applications of applied apt news and appointment" and then abreviated in competitive jest with "aps" most people in town had just left SALON SLATE in peace and hadn’t yet joined the game of "aps" as an "hourly".

Rusty Begsome likely to be part of some shenanigans with Beau Carville now new to town, as with at least a third of populace, as custom.   Likely SALON SLATE won’t be vigilant enough to keep Carville from getting posts in "aps" via such of wrong news and menu.  One day Courant Chronicle Herald News ran a whole page with all the false news and menu alterations and how it made a record in "aps" for one day in history of SLATE SALON "news".

Beatrice has long tried to play it straight and narrow around both media interests.  He is though just wondering if Beau Carville now will suffer the customary play rumored to possibly best last and now long held record for necessary reapplications of apt news applied by chalk, standard chalk, like most townfolk have taken to carrying around just in case they need to use SALON SLATE for a friend as a personal message board.

See, you have to know the local language and politics to make it in the Borough of Jeffersonville, and especially when it gets confusing in social speak of tales of people asking at CNN Softgoods "what’s new?" and that such there is almost always about new fabrics or candy.   If you are at Dam’e Wateringhole it is best to ask "heard about the last aps?".

But, yes, it does help to know how SALON SLATE deals with what has necessarily become an "hourly" and has the town in cooperation with awards for penmanship at school such as "honor" to be "spotlighted" for such as more an "honor" than "work".  There are even different size stools as children started earning such "honor" earlier and earlier.

Sometimes the Hotel chef deserves the "Lame Duck" edit.

Do wonder if Hansel Ping will manage to sell Beau Carville the beaver tail armor suit on display.   He has only manage to sell two in past decades, and so hasn’t had reason to have his wife make a third.

[[Not sure Chief Beavertail whether French or African will still have an Iriquois wife, but that may entertain.]]  


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K.J. Rousting >>  The preacher  {no one knows what the "K.J." stands for yet}

Paul Boone Jenkins >>  "PBnJ"  > The LAW - Tall brusk figure standing taller than most in Jeffersonville - moved family up from Kentucky when he heard town needed a lawman some years back.  Regularly travels to Maryland to visit family on Jenkins Hill near the Potomac and Anacostia rivers, but only when his deputy has a deputy available.

[[ still trying to decide about Chief Beavertail > he is not to be a native American but maybe a Frenchman now second generation American and second generation trapper and about the size of President Sarkozy.  >>   Or a 6′2" 250 pound African American with most of his "story" unkown all the while some features of his appearance he mustn’t have been born with.  Either way he will have to speak at least English and French.]]

Walls Jon Berliner >> odd educated bloke that speaks at least German French and English.  Heads up a near secret society called World is Rounder.  Family, has strong accent and bakes some wonderful treats available at the Berliner Bakery.

Gretel Bjorn > Bertha’s mother - due to arrive from motherland this summer to join her daughter and son-in-law in Jeffersonville, with hopes of many little Ping grandchildren.

{Really, I should stop about here and take time to learn more about the Ohio area around time of great Beaver Wars - maybe even go to the library to enhance Googling.}

Miles Redemption >> Town blacksmith and assistant to Preacher Rousting for religious education >> No one knows his real "Christian" name but do keep asking him "what was your name before you emigrated through New York and made up your current name?"

Barbara Walker >> A run-away from Maine where rest of family happy with climate but she needing something else,  did wait to run away until after she had finished learning her ABCs and multiplication tables and then much of recommended readings.  She is from hearty stock and is really quite self sufficient in Yankee tradition, works part time at Dam’e Waterhole as bookkeeper.



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Nancy Potter >> first came to town couple decades ago and started a women’s clothing store — seemed stuck even then in decades before "fashion", store "failed" but now she seems to be doing okie dokie as POTTER’S FLOWERS AND SHRUBBERY.

CNN Softgoods >>  proprietor Calvin Newton Newcombe doesn’t sell flowers - is, though, doing better in clothing business than Potter did.

Constable ("Conny") Bobby >> husband of Gertrude Leatherman & the town’s Rodeo star of sorts.

"Gerdie" - Gertrude Leatherman in her second marriage now as wife of "Conny" - still town’s organist and music teacher, as from when in first marriage to Sage Etna Leatherman.  Sometime substitute teacher of the english languages.

Ted Jon Hawke > "Ted Jon" is the town’s librarian, locksmith and barber, and lives with sister Sister Elizabeth Hawke above the library, but only because his sister invited "Ted Jon" and his wife to move in and turn the first floor into a library.  "Ted Jon" and Elizabeth are descendents of two of town’s first five families.

Fawn Hawke > French wife of "Ted Jon" with their story that they met over a baguette while both at the Sorbonne.

K.J. Madison > operator of Salon Slate - family came over, supposedly, on Mayflower. "KJ" also is town undertaker and subcontractor for POTTER’S FLOWERS AND SHRUBBERY - for "installations".

Hansel Ping - purveyor/proprietor/hunting guide >> of HANSEL ARMAMENTS AND TRAPS > claims family has been working with gunpowder for thousands of years an fits since family claims their great - great -great grandfather started family off on a spring pilgramage one year from Northeast China and of the spring before the great freeze that had them able to walk/trek with dogs across straights without even knowing they were crossing between two continents.

Bertha Ping > petite blond of European descent and wife of Han Sel Ping - story is they met shortly after she sailed the Atlantic to emigrate and while he was in New Haven at a gun show, she had gotten bit work at as a model.

Hillary Blythe III >> beekeeper - maker of honey,  candle maker well reknown for mulberry honey and juniper candles, and her taxidermy.   She is quiet and keeps to herself and said to be a woman of many demons yet quite good honey and candles.


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"Dam it!" could be heard round.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it" could be heard by Beatrice as Beatrice tried to fix the poor start.

"Damn it, I mean and meant "Dam It!"

What a pelting Beatrice was taking - oh all the mud already being thrown about, and yet with so much further still to go.

If only we had a good boys camp - damn it, they might understand my "dam it" herald.

***{this piece is in development, I just wanted to get the start out there,  haven’t decided yet if Beatrice is a woman or a man.  Do you know anything about 1650s around Ohio area?  9am draft.}***

*** {now back to writing at 10am}***

Well, now at the troph Beatrice hitches up and begins to read latest post THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS and its lead about Chief Beavertail and his current battles with Beau Carville.

With trusty stead now to keep - hitched and saddle lightened at the troph outside the Dam’e Watering Hole, Beatrice heads in to catch a draft and some comaraderie, and grub.

Not a big surprise to soon hear old wife’s tales of lore of Chief Beavertail and his rise as a heralded superior marketing "MAD MAN" and more so than new guy in town, new ambitious settling Beau Carville. 

If only Beau Carville hadn’t arrived so through local and regional canopies so vaulting with and arching known to be like an outdoor cathedral - if only Beau Carville hadn’t arrived to find his old nemisis Rusty Begsome already dug in and as a story teller - if only Beau Carville hadn’t arrived to find his legacy had arrived before him of a tough childhood (pre car) always of tease about name like "beau carnival".

"Phew!  Oh Jesus… yikes… oh my God… Jesus!  Phew!  Yikes that fallen tree seems to have another’s "damn" upon it a "phew" in their name, oh Jesus all this spring mud, is there nothing to knell upon to keep from falling to waist deep in such "cathedral"?"

Yes, such is just part of Chief Beavertail’s heralding. 

How is Beau Carville now to compete, how will he hawk his peltings what can he say that Chief Beavertail hasn’t already said?   He has to come up with some line - some preachery - to break up "Chief’s" loyal base.

Rusty Begsome is just smelling the money, the money he as proprietor of THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS should be able to trap with real controversy and competition - really almost already to "what a jobs creator".

Rusty though now also finally has some competition himself in "rag" business with the Hotel publishing the SALON SLATE hourly.  They are competing on content for the lack the press machinery of Rusty but have the traffic with their three slates - the "outside" the "bar slate" and the slate in the salon.

"Boy was the mud ever flying today."  "Yikes, that "phew" seems alread named."  "Ok steady, around the trees like massive columns for their holding vaulting cover of cathedral like canopies, by some of the "legendary" "phews" long named for town’s founding five."

Beau Carville is at a great disadvantage so new to such town and unaware still to legend of Chief Beavertail as greatest "Mad Man" of both sides of the Mississippi.  He just is going to have it rough not knowing the mos’ queing underpinnings of "Chief’s" desert reach, so to of "phews" with no names.  And, well there are not even community colleges yet to offer a PhD in Beavertail dictoms or dogma.

What Beau may not understand, being more of just elementary slates of his local shire a little east of grand cathedral like canopies, is Texas and Southwest deserts, at least.  Many a competitor has come to Chief Beavertail’s troph and tried to find enough sales to afford regular meals at the hotel.  Many have arrived and packed the most heralded pelts but then headed south not understanding the double speak in local lore.

Beatrice is hearing this all in the air today yet few words have yet been heard.

Whose "journalism" - whose "rag" - will Carville become to and beckon to more…?

Beatrice, has it hedged - Beatrice has it cornered - Beatrice sells the best packing. 

Beatrice is also "smelling the money" and feeling "playful" like Rusty Begsome, and spots a stool open next to none other and with "here it goes again - spring is full of such wonders - same old? same old, Rusty?"

"So he really grew up chided and shilled as "Beau Carnival"?  "That must have been iffy."

"He looks like the type to head south instead of west or north or even back east, doesn’t he"

"Rusty, please would you put the question mark after your rhetorical questions or at least a period?"

"Well we have seen them hoof it here for years at a cantor when a gallop better told, and with gallop with cantoring favored"

"Rusty, there you go again!!!"

"Yes, Horace, a rye on the rocks, a double."   "Rusty, you need another Rob Roy?"

"Beatrice, I may need some new boxes and packing at my press, can I sell you an ad to cover the costs"

"Is Chief Beavertail a wise man - a true Mad Man?"

"He is still the best at mos’ que cathedral rocking, a "pew" before most others"

"That Carville "beau" hasn’t learned how harmful all the sands of time and a region that a pelt can trap and carry are to new mosaics and floors now popular even in our south"

"Hey Chief - good to see you back from the Northeast - when did you get in?"



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Really, I should just focus on how the "Clintons’ SURPLUS" was actually a willful and gross unfunding and underfunding to the grand rash tune of two trillion cut.

I should just focus on how the Clintons’ "popularity" has no soul.

It was a mean and cruel beat, theirs and a knowing beat forward and wise to knowing it was beating good for them in short term but loud and angry for whomever became president after them.

It was mostly of "we can have the best of times, for ourselves" and cut and cut to assure we look better than next as "they get the worst of times, for themselves" as the vast two trillion cut too quickly (atleast) became the unspoken - the undiscussed vast knowing cutting of spending for jobs for middle class and others, or "jobs saving spending" out for years after 2000 that their cuts went straight at.

Really, someone needs to discuss this and get a memo to MSNBC folks with evening shows, at least. 

Really, someone needs to soon "poke" MSNBC at least and with a calender from second term of Clintons’ decision points - it was all a designed we get the best of times and pass the buck as bad times to next, and especially while mounting steads of "surplus" "GREAT SURPLUS" as a distraction of all those they would stampede and trample on way out and for years after especially those when Speaker Pelosi would also ride hooting "GREAT SURPLUS!!!" 

Really, Speaker Pelosi may have done more than Clintons to trample and muck up our economy while riding proud as a Clinton hooter tall in her saddle with irresponsible and gross unfunding and underfunding as nothing less than GREAT SURPLUS!!!

How do people of at least MSNBC now dismount from a mount that never should have been harnessed or saddled so?  Have they now been thrown, and so now such question mute?


I really should discuss how the Clintons’ SURPLUS was really a willful and gross underfunding of our defense and intelligence programs in years before PEACE DIVIDENDS a prudent or wise conflagration/conclusion, but really it is how simple it to an understanding of Bush economy - Bush had to put more than half of what Clintons took out and knowingly removed from spending for jobs in years after 2000, and had Dems fighting him at every move to not put spending for jobs back in that their heroes the Clintons had removed.

Just rediculous how Bush is unpopular for having had to put more than half of Clintons’ cuts to unnecessary surplus back into federal budget and all the while with so many of the Clintons’ cutting of two trillion too quickly (at least) all spending cuts for jobs and programs in years mostly after 2000.

Just REDICULOUS!!!  Bush unpopular for spending to create jobs and to fixing economy and while being kept by democrats from actually spending enough when it was Clintons cutting of so much spending so quickly that it became "unpopular" for Bush to reverse and yet all the while public still encouraged to think Clintons "POPULAR" eventhought they cut out the spending for jobs that Bush is blamed for and for while also being blamed for spending too much for jobs and all the while reversing more than half of Clintons’ cuts they only way Bush could fix economy sooner?

So Imus did this morning refer to President Obama as an "amateur president"???

So it is really of a conflagration of Clintons and their eight years of seeking a new "corruption" for DC as a new global political standard.  

PEACE DIVIDENDS???  Weren’t they reading their intelligence reports?  Right?  Right - fair question?

Now to South Korea:  Now to that country whose state specific domain so far is holding in 49 out of 49 for least amount of visits to jphogan.org for a specific domain that at least showed one visit:  Yes, now to South Korea that shows as last on my site stats page for "domains" of "visits":  Great entire new "green" city you have built out of your seas near the shores of your new international airport - I enjoyed seeing a TV show about it once.

Maybe with all this GLOBAL WARMING we all need to prepare for or prevent we should look to Chris Christie to champion his saving of the failing and near lost city of Atlantic City as a New Venice - An American Venice, with network of canals built and a full new city designed in green and constructed with travel near and around near mostly done on water?

Well, what to make of President Obama the "amateur president" as tagged by Imus? 

Was he ever not really just ambitious as more DREAMS OF MY MOTHER and a faulty and leaning and leaky foundation maybe for a pretense stagging as DREAMS OF MY FATHER?

Was he ever of a S’OUL such of American internet as his campaign floated and paddled?

Is there any S’OUL in his soul?  Is he beyond saving for missing how important to most Democrats internation ideologies the prosecution of Saddam Hussein was, and maybe because he was still "clay" in the hands of law professors at Harvard?

The soul of his leaning to presidency as to "religious" clarifications in stead of a spreading of federalism and Constitutional equality for all, now on display in Seoul - his S’OUL?

Presidents Bush did hold to a new foundation that didn’t needed a "new beginning" for religiosities around the world and at home - The Clintons may have but then you embraced their unbalanced souls, Mr. President.  Presidents Bush were of a spreading of our Constitutional values of equal rights more equally with a foundation in governance by laws not "of men" and especially not of American leaders in their personal "religiosity" with an undermining of Constitutionality in separations of church and state and such of separations of mosque and state intent.

This internet of S’OUL around president’s soul - was it/he ever of empowerment through internet of "small - small internet donations" and increased civic involvement?

Was his quick and ready embrace of Clintons a sign it was just a political ploy and so evidenced by his sheer readiness in conflagrations to with Clintons of first 2008 riding with CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN into just a mere (albeit more honest?) UNITE FOR CHANGE?

To save the economy it seems he needed to throw the Clintons both out of the back of his moving bus and to then reconnect with the "internet generation" and learn to walk it as he had learned to talk it - the internet was the way to save healthcare, maybe, maybe save the "community" and "organizing" in a healthcare reforming that could actually cut costs and not just add an over-lording new and grand Washington bureaucratic layerings on top of existing costs and structures. 

Is it too late for President Obama to become the "Internet President"?

Seems building on "Compassionate Conservative" and a new harkening to "Law and Order" past a sound and reliable foundation for religious understanding and freedoms, and as designed or "interpreted" within our existing Constitution.

Mr. President, did Harvard teach you your current views and interpretations of our Constitution or did you come up with them yourself, and if so that you "came up with them yourself" after you moved to Chicago was this before or after you started teaching in Constitutional Law?

You, see Mr. President, my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM was largely conceived well before you started law school (we should compare college papers some day) and then even so of a collection of political poetry largely written before you were out of law school or out more than a year, and all the while I four years younger to the day than yourself and of having left law studies the spring before you commenced.  

Yes, the internet was hardly "here" then in 1988, but the Reagan Revolution was in the air, and well the law studies and career guidance was then to a greater "you need to become a specialist" aires than I could abide what with my already a decade plus into tougher ride to "generalist" skills and adeptness.

Yup, really not much you can do for the Clintons now, nor them able to do for you.



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What do you call it when…?

The year was 1992, it was March, and President Obama still more of the dreams of his mother and fresh still hardly a year out of law school.

It was March 1992 and Governor Clinton was running for President against President Bush at near or over 87% popularity.  Governor Clinton must really have been thinking Al Gore was right that "Bush deserved a second term" and yet a political opportunist able to see a 1992 run as the preparation for a 1996 run.

The Middle East and African states were far from allocations to PEACE DIVIDENDS declarations, but then it was only March 1992 and it looked as if we had turned the recession around and set it on a prosperous path, a path good for whomever America would soon elect in November - yes it seemed by March that our economy was on its way to booming and even if Bush did get re-elected.

But now all that is missing is the soap opera that could have been - the "it’s all your fault Bill - NO! Hillary it is all your fault! - No, Bill, honey dearest, it is all your fault, these are your economic experts, no mine - No Hillary, it is your fault!!! You were an accomplice and full and willing partner in our "two-fer" decisions, so it is your fault for not stopping me…."

Oh, what we are now missing with these Dems and their economics mostly exactly as they would have been if Senator Hillary Clinton had been elected!

Oh, the movies that could be made - the books that could be written of such as of a Clintons’ "two-fer" White House torn asunder as no other, oh and so of "in sickness and in health"… "til death do us part" "united as one" contractually.

Are Obamas "higher drama"?  Are we really at a loss for lacking stage of Clintons as 2010 "Pelosied" too?

Surely, all that is missing really quite how Clintons in "survival mode" would have already have been throwing Speaker Pelosi out of the back of the bus? 

Would we have been saved the irony of a "community organizer" undermining communities with healthcare reform so? 

Would we have neighbors still seen as getting healthcare in their neighborhoods/communities by other neighbors with other neighbors also for other neighbors and with decisions specific to neighborhood sense of community and health?

Would we also be with "Hillarycare III" as like Obama/Pelosi healthcare reforms enough that neighbors now would be looking to Washington to make decisions even for the neighbor the community helped nurture and encourage into medical profession to be there in community as a local solution with a better bed side manner?

Maybe?  Maybe?  Maybe?

Who needs "community organizing"?  Just look to big brother Washington?  Washington will provide, stop thinking about your neighbor, stop thinking about your community and county?

Would Speaker Pelosi already be gone if Presidents Clinton "two-fer" now in power needing a "save" from "Hillarycare III" and as well the "economics" of old Clinton click? 

Who else could they attack to save themselves - oh the high political and personal drama we are all missing now.

{Note: You do realize President Bush 43 was America’s first MBA President and maybe for such studies commendable now more than ever for walking away from Dems Kyoto priorities in first term?  Have you at least read A MATTER OF CHARACTER about his first term and learned of his reasons around such as "concerned" that following Clinton/Gore initiative would necessarily cause a sharp down turn in our economy one that sounded then kinda like what we have now?} 



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Once upon a time in a land/community really not far away at all…

When Nubians still walked more like Egyptians and well, and well Gunga din…

And, well, Mr Binks and his Municipal.

Ja Ja Binks quite a Gunga din?   But not of Hezabad?  nor Nubia?

General Petraeus, may I ask what you are reading now?  Maybe something more of Jedi metachlorine counts?   Maybe some more of "Walks like an Egyptian"?  Or maybe a Michael Jackson dance video retell of King of Pop with 3000 dancers in India - did he do that, or is that still "original"?

Only a President versed in "Iraq Surge" speak really should, and should only if having been then and now of being also as "for" such sympatico and supportive then and now of the "Iraq SURGE" speak of before and after… — that is only a President versed in such is safe to listen to on "export" economics and especially how international property rights protections and international criminal courts so then and now applicable.  Yes General Petraeus I get this is mostly only for your light reading time.

Everyone else, and I mean I am open to "everyone else" globally - there should be an email "contact info" page here, or at jphogan.org.   You see my early public school days and studies were such that I was daily in Constitution with citizens of near 70 other nations also in attendence and likely as children of Yale students or professors.  

When I say "recess" I am necessarily talking GLOBAL.

Oh, and when I say "recess" and GLOBALLY yes I am aware I am saying like "junior FBI" more "equal rights and protections" than safer and maybe sounder stick with your own, evangelize or crusade and convert like some Jesuits and Catholic safe havens/saver havens of thought, and thought especially then in early 70s.   I just had to grow up with any rights seeming mine also to seeming all my school mates then.

Yes, the Iraq SURGE has its success possibly only because Bush 41 didn’t rush into Baghdad and thought wiser to pull back and reconsider and consider around American cities and places like Time Square and Las Vegas in need of corporate take-overs just to facilitate a liberation of Iraq from under a Saddam Hussein who seemed ready to use both against us globally in a PR war he seemed to think he could win.

Yes, without "community policing" and nationwide reversal of tending to policing with "bunker mentality" and "welfare not workfare" nor "livable cities initiatives"  Operation Iraqi Freedom wouldn’t have even been wise to attempt then in first term of Clinton administration when it was best schedule to succeed with least amount of global resistance and Iraqi distrust.

Yes, 300 or 3000 and now seeming of Dems ignoring that the internet and hologram projection a better marketing tool much lower in carbon credit debt creating and while it is only an simple accounting trip to show that such galavanting really accountable to $200 million per day of tax payer earnings.  See,  if so much of our federal budget is justified and allocated to "protection of President" in international travels and authorized with an expectation that only 10-30 days would be involved all that "expense" across so many cabinet departments could be said to be best accounted with a division by ten instead of 365. 

But if $200 mil per day spent to India and Asia rim and Indonesia can net 200 jobs in export and yet only maybe two more than a fancy 1 million per day internet extravaganza should why then should we over look that 200 million per day could somehow as a tax rebate have created maybe three thousand holiday jobs?

Do you know me as John P. Hogan from school days?

Do you know me as "Peter" and also "uc" - my newsbusters.org handle from most of 2006 arguing against main stream media and Washington, mostly, for the SURGE and then in defense of Iraq SURGE and at least for it was something we hadn’t yet tried that we would be wrong in a cutting a running if such effected before trying something we could try but hadn’t yet tried?

NOTE:  President Obama, your column today in New York Times, at least, was the least flattering imitation of my early 1990 writings and a letter to the editor of New Haven Register I have yet read.  Your column as by you also the greatest "stretch" by one imitating such "economic thinking" of another recession especially for your attempt to sound creditable as a "builder."  That you still were against Iraq operations also greatly undermines your creditability with such for globally speaking we needed to prosecute Saddam Hussein just to protect civility in international property rights protection.  But don’t worry, as I said earlier, we should still be able to make you look better than Clintons’ "two-fer" and now that their recent attempts at ‘economics’ have shown the world that they still must not be sufficiently understanding their own economics from 90s that still have them looking good for work and renderings that mustn’t, logically, have been theirs.  You see, my then saying around economics that "we need a more level playing field" did become what Thomas Friedman later was able to report upon as a world is flat metaphor.



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President Obama the good news is we, we pundits near "historians" can still make you look better than Clintons.

President Obama the bad news is we, we the pundits nearer "historians" can now suredly make the Clintons look like the second coming of H______r or Mussolini, and in the right air that Clintons get made not out as "racists" specifically but something equally sinister.

President Obama are you sure you still want to play the CYA game for Clintons?  Can you see any up side to such, still?

The whole "racist" label is a conundrum like few others in human history and even more confused than hearing VP Biden in mid 90s speaking to "Federalism as like ‘devolving’" before our very eyes, while at a symposium hosted by Yale.  Tough image from a Senator, even Senator Biden to ask us to actually see man reverting back into apes.

Oh, by the way — Senator Blumenthal wasn’t lying about Vietnam service and "action" after all — he sees dead people and speaks in tongue, he is, you can say - "bewitched" or "possessed".  He speaks honesty, it just isn’t his own original soul he speaks from? 

Boy when he gets going he will rock the Senate?   Is it an MIA soldier — a forgotten soul or a honored and recognized soul haunting him for some political reason or another now more our business than ever before?

Yes I have known Sarah Heath Palin since early 80s and for having (regrettably) asked everyone if there was another "Sarah Heath" in the world other than the one of recently teaching me about photography and darkroom processing that I might need to be aware of if I were to parlay such into a career in photojournalism.  You, know like one of those questions a stupid (but smart) high school kid might ask and then regret for someone other than the Heaths you knew and then were of walking near and by such’s home becoming a sudden "pain in your butt." 

But really, Mr. President we should still be able to make you historically better at presidency than Clinton "two-fer" but yes that is for the Clintons’ "two-fer" now nearer a just prosecution for some base and horrible mis-governancings. 

See, we can let the record of Clintons show now fairly, finally past the whole novelty of "first female president angst" aires, that Bill and Hillary woke near every day since law school days (of "compatibility") to working out plans to keep tiddy whity them in power instead of any others, and with a purposeful deciding to let Bill go first for eight years and with such towards years of manipulations and false pretenses such that a full eight years for Hillary to be "inevitable" and with a clever "hiding" of Bill’s supremacy and all the while with there selfish plotting a white washing (but for moving onto Whitehaven Rd. in DC) such that they could still manipulate facts and history and American sentiment and global spending on American campaigns to their selfish establishment to an autocracy of Clintons that would necessarily leave only a "hedge fund manager" as compatible with their daughter and such leaving only the issue of whether Chelsea or husband then to go first for another "locked up" and "inevitable" eight more years for Bill, oh and for Hillary too.

Yes, Mr. President, it is not all bad news for you.  Well but then you did appoint Hillary to your cabinet — maybe we can only make you now look only "as good" as evil axis of Clinton "two-fer".


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So President Clinton threw you under the bus - a housing bus - a artificial housing bubble economics bus!

That’s the fact.

See, we at least know one thing for certain today while so much other "change" being analyzed - we know that Clintons now won’t be able to escape the economic forensics tracing back indirectly and directly to them.

Yes President Clinton is remembered for having asked banks if they could just "gamble away the new risks" to be in the pushing of irresponsible spending in housing and around mortgages he so wanted. 

Yes,he just wanted to be popular for everything and so wanted to be popular for cutting spending to an "all time record" - he wanted to have your cake and eat it too.  He wanted peoples who had no great or grand history of quick and great economic change pushed into new record spending and all the while wanting to be popular for cutting the federal spending that historically had always been needed to balance such "social programming" and with one trillion not enough such that an extra trillion so to a record popularity as "surplus President" could be had.

Yes, at least President Clinton sold us out - and sold some out more than others.

Yes, urban blacks may now be hit the worse, as now Economists can look back and measure and calculate and place blame on more than just Clinton. 

Yes, President Clinton’s selfish economics have sold out blacks more than any other, and mostly for his having asked banks to "gamble away the new risks" that historically had been "balanced" with federal spending and budgeting not so of cutting and slashing programs needed to save or create jobs.

Yes, he is so smart that he must have known he was setting up blacks more than any others, he must have known he was pushing an unstable agenda with most of his popular "social programming" essentially unfunded. 

Surely, "Hillary" is at least as smart, right?

The Clintons are off the hook, sort of, for coldness of their plotting such that now they can say they gave you all enough rope to hang yourselves.

But that only if you accept that pushing "social programming" that historically needed increase federal funding but as they did with a vast underfunding and unfunding not of clear intent and purpose.

See, they must have known that what they were trying had never ever worked before and really was just a political game that shouldn’t have been played.

See, today it is "street" to be able to name more black millionaires than white for many and now so that economists and Clintons can and should be asking first like > if blacks aren’t "giving back" to other blacks… why should others be taxed to pick up the slack?

See, we didn’t need to cut another trillion out nor consider more cuts so soon upon balancing national budget under Clintons.  Such was irresponsible and well short of "discussed the wisdoms" confidence. 

You can even say that the Bush tax cuts were due and not a concern because of Clintons rush to surplus - we didn’t need the taxes, the Clintons had established we don’t need to spend on so much and now so much though that Obama heard professing "necessary spending".

So President Clinton threw you under the bus?

So we are at a place in American race politics and economics I now am not qualified to discuss much more deeply than this.  It isn’t my opinion and personal story really involved.

Well, but that I was of speaking to Grover Norquist before 9/11 while a contractor at his rented townhome, and of discussing coming tax cut legislation and of suggesting they at least postpone voting for such for my gut was telling me something was coming we might need the additional revenues for. 

He, Grover Norquist, really didn’t seem to see or share such a gut sense that America might suddenly be needing more revenues in its budget.

So will Senator Blumenthal be seeing a need to become another Connecticut "Independent"?

Has California spoken and loudly that the actually prefer their pot "illegal"?

And, well is Senator Manchin really a TEA PARTY success story as former President Clinton professed?

What can we do with such change?

Who best to do what with such change?

Free at last?  Free at last?  Thank God we are free at last?



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Rarely in the regular course of daily living of our history do we get just five minutes to twenty minutes, let alone four hours to a whole day entirely available for righting wrongs of historical record falsely held in political opinions.

Today is such a rare occurance.  How much, how much of today available for "social justice" not yet certain nor if til tomorrow’s eve its rendition.   Justice is in the air!

I don’t have children, but I can sympathize and empathize.  Mommy this, mommy that, mommy dad say I could have ten pieces of candy…and stay up until 11pm…

The greatest problem, at least with 2008 elections, was how uniformed or misinformed most of America still was around both the Clinton and Bush years, especially regarding Middle East and Iraq policies and politics.

You could surmise much of problems of Bush’s eight years also like "all the fault of the past eight years" and maybe be closer to "truths" than most even now want to consider.

You could bring up differences between Bush years and Clintons’ "two-fer" years and compare and contrast, and yes all the while with a sense of wonderment and feeling like a pioneer with such discussion/consideration.  We still haven’t litigated the Clinton "two-fer" years let alone don’t the "re-litigating" President Obama played fast and loose with so orating to suggest a "litigating" had actually happened, satisfactorily if not "thoroughly".

Well 2010 is not 2008 - many fifth graders have more knowledge now than most voters in 2008, and now maybe their parents do too.

Yes, it was an acting in many intentional acts by Democrats to keep the discussions around 2008 electorate to the dumbed down and way over-simplified presentations they heralded as whole truths.

You can, today, think that Bush was a bad president and didn’t know how to run Operation Iraqi Freedom and was ill prepared for what he inherited.

You can also look at Bush 43 and say he was the proud son of a proud father, President Bush 41, willing to take up the charge and its prudence of the policies and politics abandoned by Clintons so once of Reagan and Bush and then Bush and Quayle.

You might still ponder if Republicans were behind 9/11 as an excuse to go into Afghanistan for oil and pipeline reasons, even though Bush/Cheney pursued policies around Afghanistan more specific to just prosecuting a group called Al Qaeda that started near Iraq, in Saudi Arabia persons, in response to Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait.

You can still though compare and contrast Bush years and Clinton "two-fer" years and see how Clintons politicized and polarized thinking in Middle East and let Iraq fester and fester in growing feelings of abandonment by United States after Persian Gulf War.

You can still though compare and contrast these two as few have done near new elections and wonder, perplexed, still, on how Afghanistan during Clinton "two-fer" years was also festering in similar atmosphere of abandonment by United States.

Seems Democrats now in trouble - seems more than five minutes available for "social justice" with justice in the electoral air.

Cost of war?  A war that Clintons Bush had no entrance or exit strategy for?  No plans to help other Ba’athists just quietly replace Saddam Hussein and quite nearly just continue in his governance style?   A war that Clintons Bush felt justified because Clintons had kept santions on Saddam Hussein for all of their eight years?   A war that Clintons left President Bush as "necessary" but without leaving an entrance or exit strategy and after having spent past eight years proclaiming to PEACE DIVIDENDS that left United States with new "wars" but without even funding for body armor in budgets for our troops in such new era of expectations to such new "urban" conflicts?

It is worse that a couple years ago, or maybe just about a year ago, that a TV show hosted a panel discussion around healthcare reform and with a doctor reportedly a friend of Clintons oddly of mentioning that if the United States of America could get back to average personal weights on record for before Clintons became first couple that we Americans could save a trillion dollars in healthcare costs nationally?

Yes you could maybe decide Bush didn’t know how to run Operation Iraqi Freedom and that it took longer and cost more.   But, you cannot say so without it a fact that many Democrats after voting to support Operation Iraqi Freedom and President Bush with such were of "pulling the rug of confidence" out from under such operations nearly as soon as President had committed our troops and with coalition troops.  But you cannot judge Operation Iraqi Freedom simply without so noting that Democrats actions so soon after voting to "support" did undermine confidence in Iraq such that many Iraqis became afraid to cooperate out of fear that Dems would succeed in effecting a sudden cutting and running again leaving them at mercy of Saddam’s revenge.

How much to blame the Clinton "two-fer" and still for not just objecting then but to years and years of helping perpetuate lies and over simplifications much in CYA mode?

Seems justice may be in the air around here a while, and even well past tomorrow’s decisions.   Have you asked yourself how much longer Operation Iraqi Freedom took because Democrats were so quick to undermine confidence in America with Iraqi people wanting to help but then too afraid to risk it?

Have you asked yourself:  Are we there yet?

Have you even just asked how is it Clintons seem still the only American politicians that truely benefited from 9/11 attacks that made their new home of offices globally more relevant and with them necessary still on world stage?

I am just of reading A MATTER OF CHARACTER and DEAD CERTAIN myself while wondering what opportunities to greater "social justice" and educating may be in the air.  I don’t remember being aware that Senator Clinton was of knowingly lying on 9/11 about her daughter with reported telling of a tall tale that Chelsea had been out jogging at time of attacks near towers and Battery Park and nearly had buildings fall on her, all the while actually comfy at friends on Park Ave.

Don’t believe how A MATTER OF CHARACTER ends with last paragraph(s) - I for one was of concern for such when helping Clintons become electable towards 1992, it is even partly in my title for such collection - THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM - a collection of political poetry.