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So as soon as next Tuesday elections pass we will be fresh upon the lingering still real problem, our national media as presently conceived and "practicing".

We have a major league problem on our hands with these the current standards of our national media, a very major problem.  Our national media with all its hours and hours of air time to fill is about to become the bigger problem than Washington.

Sure fighting to keep our First Amendment and avoid our White House’s wishes for like "state media" compliance and dotting had to come first, had to be fought before fighting our national media for undermining America with so much "national" news covered so.

See, take a look at the Clintons, and while still maybe trying to understand what the heck Gail Collins was trying to say >>>  One "house" or "two"  >>>  divided???  or not divided???

See, take a look at the corporate liberal media just seeing "sellable stories" and ignoring Constitutional considering basic to "home and hearth" or "the home is where the heart is"?

See, the Clintons have the media wrapped up and around what a fun "story" they could be and with "something" soap-operaish" to write about every day >> like see media you will hardly have to "work" to have an available "story"?

See, the Clintons have the media so hopefull for effortless "stories" they may have completely over looked "fair playing time" and limited "eligibility" around our unique ways of an "office of the President" first and foremost enshrined as a "home office" of the "house of the first couple"?

We have a very major problem now that is of our national media conglomerates and their bottom lines to profits predilictions.

They have accepted the Clintons "divided house" standard among other things, and yet while selling Clintons as a "house" not divided.

Maybe you have to have been a small business man/women with contracting around home improvements to understand a sense of law around "homes" to better or rightly understand many of issues our 22nd Amendment is wise to.

Our Presidency with its term limits is a very unique major league establishment not 9-5 "corporate" but "24/7 hearth and home/family"!  It isn’t a "punch out - join the family" charge but the old "First Couple" a house united, working as one unit, one unit to both parts term-limited, it seems smartly.

Have you been a home improvement contractor?

Have you been exposed to how laws protect home owners and their rights and so respectful of marriage and family laws and property and contract laws around such?

See, it makes absolutely no sense while such laws exist that our 22nd Amendment cannot be wise to such and of intent around "hearth and home office - 24/7 house united" team indivisible, especially for all those old and new protections between spouse and spouse and disclosure and incrimination.

So the Clintons have the media eating out of their hands as to easy profits, without a end to stories in sight, and, such so also so against the Washington spirit of limited eligibility for say "high school football" play.  

It has been someone else’s turn for quite a while now. 

The Clintons’ house isn’t "divided" and we are at peril for it being played and spun so.

They are one in a legal "two-fer" of an "electing of one an electing of the other - inseparable and indivisible."

It is clearly still of our 22nd Amendment as "undecided law" that Clintons still ride on past fair eligibility traditions an all the while it easily arguable that "Hillary" was not an "eligible" candidate for president nor eligible for any position within our line of succession to the presidency.

See, the laws around contract protections for home improvements and in such industry around "nesting"  has laws written and enforced just because husband and wife and families really legally quite one, indivisible, under many laws.

Maybe our bigger problem after this election deciding will be our lawyers barred around our country but still it seems next Tuesday analysis best now told as "our national media now our nations biggest problem."

Yes, it is now time to consider what a "house" really is and how unique our Presidency for being not a "King’s Fortress" but a "First Couple’s Home and Hearth" - right?

Families do tend to grow apart but that usually shows with "separate houses" not "obviously divided" nor "irreconcilable".

Note to Gail Collins:  When I boosted for the Clintons as first couple of Arkansas as available to give President Bush then "someone to run against"  I did so still of thinking them a disposable tool in a national reconstruction like a set of temporary and removable scaffolding.  Only if President Bush was actually afraid of becoming re-elected was such boosting supposed to be enough to have declared the "scaffolding" a house.



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In the mish mash of politics this year - what a masher.

How did the porridge get passed, even small, medium and large Democrat?

What happened to your vegetables?  Are you ready for a tummy tuck?  Some lipo?

Have you checked the "freshness" dating - the "use by" date?

In the mish mash of politics this year - what a masher.

What type of Democrat are you - what is your "porridge" portion?  Candy?  Quartered?

Are you a high speed rails and high speed trains "futurist", with your mixing?

Are you a high speed rails and slower running trains "throw back", for you mashing?

Have you seen the full mix of fifty state quarters - are you sure?  Quartered "candy"?

Are you a slow speed rails and slow speed trains "traditionalist"?

What happened to your vegetables?  Are you ready for a tummy tuck?  Some lipo?

Are you for more amenities in your training options and local/state spirit furthered?

Are you for more high speed rails with "diner cars" - "theme cars" slower and more peaceful, like quartered in states characteristics and character? 

With ten percent unemployment how is selling "high speed rails" and "getting there faster" not a "porridge" mixed too cold?  Get where faster?  Why?  What’s the rush?

Eeeeeeeeeee!  Cold porridge not my cup of vegetables!  Quartered "candy"?  Slow/slower trains on faster tracks, even "high speed rails" of amenties to distract and relax?

Are you for more amenities in your training options and local/state spirit furthered?

Every train with a "theme car diner car" recognizable from the outside as from the inside?

Smoother training yes, yes for "high speed rails" with trains that could go fast and faster but don’t, and shouldn’t need to?   An improved mobile work space in new eeeee lifestyle?

This is a certain mixing, a mash, of like minded modern traditionalist thinking.  I am not alone in my new thinking here today.  Can you save the healthcare "squash"?

What type of Democrat are you? 

Did you welcome the news of Congress to lose its last "Kennedy" seat?

Did you feel limited in early nineties with what seemed a nation wide "Kennedy ceiling"?

Your county can handle a new healthcare coverage system and a new county medical boards and chamber "porridge" a better "candy" for our times of quartering "candy".

What would we be thinking of Healthcare today if in nineties the Kennedy clan had cooked their mash to what seemed a nation wide political take over with near twenty Kennedies in to elective offices?  Would they have needed to promise free healthcare for all just to please the lesser masses?   Was that really more just the "Clinton" in Hillarycare I?

One result is already in:  The last Kennedy seat soon to be passed to non Kennedys.

What type of Democrat are you?  One that hasn’t figured marketing futuristic "green" cars best mixed and mashed, and mixed and remixed, with quartered "candy" and themes for slower, smoother, suaver train travel with more amenities in eeeeee and "mobile office" lifestyles? 

Be against "high speed rails" but as "for" for such to smoother rails for slower trains?

With ten percent unemployed who needs to worry about going places faster?

Did you wonder in early nineties if any routes, political, were available to non-Kennedys - did you look then for other party options for your own advancement in our freedoms?  Were you just never a Kennedy Democrat and yet aware of national move in clan, Kennedy clan to seat what seemed at least twenty Kennedys at once?

"Slower and smoother" rail spending the better way to sell "green" cars?  Better in quartered "candy"?

County based healthcare systems a likewise better "quartered candy"?  We have the eeee technology, we can rebuilt it, smaller, faster, better, and still free.

Have you checked the "freshness" dating?  Have you checked the "use by" date?

And so now we have a choosing again, anew, of hauntings even of Bay of Pigs redux recent in rants more Bay of Babes, starring President Clinton - the negotiator that brought us back from the brink of war with North Korea over two Al Gore employees in political and partisan espionage or "reporting" but not "national spying"?

And so now we don’t have the sequel to President Clinton of the dot com booming with YKK (Y two K) "zipper" concerns that looked to be President Clinton II of the dot org with elastic wasteband pant-suit skirting.  

What type of Democrat are you? 

Can you live with state based healthcare for all just quartered "candy" in states in their counties? 

Can you live with smoother and slower trains quartered in themes and eeeee lifestyle marketing?

You can, can’t you?  

You have an outfit already for each theme car, or now have to think about new shopping for new and old styles?

What fun it could be seeing theme cars passing daily also in quartered "candy"? 



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The secret of the success of much of the nineties was its "decentralization" movement.

We have alternatives to Dems reaching to keep the "big human-sized chessboard" of their imagination of best way to keep most of America "pawns" in the schemes and recipes of DC mixing.

Rep Rosa, you do realize that when you let loose on glory and glories of Obamacare (Hillarycare III, if you prefer) you started appearing to be of "mine, mine, mine"  - to let me get and keep my big DC chess pieces and move them this way and that way, like a god.  You took such gesticulation way past just "being Italian".

Yes I canvassed in 1991-92 on better clean air standards and on subject of "universal healthcare" and for maybe more than half a year.  I have to check.   Yes I canvassed on such and decided then by 1992 that nationalized healthcare not our best move.

So it was while working for Governor Clinton’s Connecticut Primary campaign HQ in 1992 I was already much of such opinion and already then of my "we could use Connecticut submarines and new contracts and designs to heat or cool oceans, and while at Groton event working rope lines for crowd control while Gov. Clinton met to discuss closing down all facilities there.  Governor Jerry Brown, we may have actually bumped into each other in Hartford as you race to stairs somewhere for an event as I was walking by on sidewalk.

Yes I know who Ted Marmor is.  Yes I know where he played/plays squash.  Yes I never played squash with him, but did play on the same courts those handful of times I did, and did with my Slazenger "Diplomat" squash racket I like to call a Schlesinger "Diplomat" for sporting spirit.

The nineties worked so well because it was a "decentralization" away from "bunker mentality" in local policing and "welfare" governance by big Dem brothers in Washington DC.   It worked so well and rode spirit of old SPENCER FOR HIRE dramatization.

Yes we have alternatives to re-centralization by Dems to Washington "Establishment Elitism" and for "green" future and better healthcare reform.

Yes I am ready to stop writing about politics and move back to career path more in entertainment as soon as being back on good long term path for growth "believeable" such that I can get again to gambling about knowing what may sell a couple years before it can get to market.  I cannot do it until Democrats shift from spend - borrow - tax and tax - play the partisan blame game with "guilt tax" re-centralization.   No profit seems available for "motivation" with Washington not just dreaming of spending "their share" but spending and spending to that closer to 70% taxation they desire, quietly.

There may still be the old reported 6 trillion of private investment dollars available for profit seeking and investment in our futures.  There may still be $6 trillion just sitting around without a place to invest it for a profit or a fair earnings not hobbled with new "guilt tax" governance.   There is enough private capital out and available for my mentioned development concepts for Detroit and Atlantic City.

But about "community organizing" and saving our communities and finding a better healthcare system to reform to:   We need "county-based" not "country-based" healthcare system that can use new computer and internet now to prevent the old most feared "corruptions" then "preventive" to such a considering for local/regional solutions.

Yes I have had this idea since before Clintons got elected in 1992 and checked its thinking after near half a year of door to door canvassing that opened me more to thinking of many in Connecticut.  Yes my INTERNATIONAL FLEET OF NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES dates back to such day I worked rope line for candidate Clintons visit to Groton.  Yes healthcare reform is best to fit back, and fit into old movements in "decentralization".

Sorry, I don’t really have too many new ideas on such, but that may be the good news for such would mean old ideas stopped seeming the better ideas.

Why call yourself a "county" if you cannot provide coverage for all within?

Why keep old system of healthcare coverage as "employer-based" when now moving to a competitive "county-based" system a likely more cost effective and efficient system?

Why become "Washington-centric" when holding on to your local character and with a way to use a county based healthcare system provides both a change for "comparative advantage" for economic and global competitiveness, and, offers itself as a new and needed "barometer" of general economic and sociological health of "counties"?

We have alternatives, and now a down economy largely for private capital without a place to make a fair return or a profit.

At least we need a Washington not of spending the future earnings and dreaming of maximizing their spending of the very future earnings in same dreams that small businesses and large need free for discovery and securing of "motivation" to the work to actually create "taxable earnings".

Yes, getting back on path to a new "decentralization" the better path and even for our Homeland Defense. 



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Ahhh the Tea Parties.   Ahhh my local Connecticut candidate choices.

I was thinking of passing up voting on local elections this year, I was thinking such for I haven’t felt I had time to learn enough about the candidates on current issues and times.

This evening CT-N channel though helped settle that thought.   Thank you CT-N for rebroadcasting yesterday’s CANDIDATE FORUM from Hamden with Governor and U. S. House candidates.   I heard enough tonight to realize I know enough and have enough opinion.

I would repeal Obamacare, I have been against it since before it was Hillarycare I, and, as then even of at least six months a door to door evening canvasser with CCAG and ConnPIRG with "healthcare" and issue.  Yes I may have canvassed your home or your neighbors and funny how now I have parents and a sister living in the only two homes I canvassed and thought I could pick up and rebuild and maybe for profit or to keep for myself, if I had the time.   Yes it took me a year or two after years and years past such to connect the dots so in Milford and Westport.  I did canvass Christopher Shays at his home and some of my old New Haven neighbors those months with many fall and winter months.   I had stopped/closed my home improvement contracting business because change was happening quickly, and I lacked confidence in many leaders.

You could say I have been involved as long or almost as long as Representative Rosa, in my own special ways.  Here is a letter from 1991 the New Haven Register did "work with" but without publishing for subscribers direct view:

Letter to the editors of the New Haven Register, June 8, 1991.

New Haven is a great city, with problems yes, but none that the culturally diverse and talented peoples and businesses of the greater New Haven are can’t address and solve together.

Our biggest problem is that we have not learned how to work together.  The businesses and the voters of New Haven do not work as a team.  We all need the same things:  A safer and more attractive city, more business and jobs, thus the chance to grow and become someone.  We all have a lot to learn and all need to become even smarter and more knowledgeable in order to turn New Haven into a premier city.  We have the raw talent, what we need is the leadership.

It is getting tiresome to listen to the candidates for mayor speaking of an either/or world, one in which the problems are seen in black and white simplicity.  There is a "new world order" emerging and what it amounts to is that if we, the people of the greater New Haven area, are to survive let alone prosper in the world economy we have to , out of economic necessity, resolve our differences.  We don’t have to like each other but we do have to learn to respect each other and our different backgrounds.  It is our great cultural diversity in New Haven that already make the city great, regionally.

We can, however, no longer to afford to just think regionally.  We now must compete globally.  To prepare for the improved competition we must get our city in order.  We need to discover and tap all the talent that is in New Haven, of any and every age, especially the kindergartners.  After all it is their future as well as our that we are trying to build.

To prepare for and adapt to the new world order we need the agility of youth, the ability to think freely and thus learn quickly.  Our age old ways may no longer be appropriate to the new world order.

The city of New Haven does need to become more attractive to prospective businesses as well as residents, shoppers and tourists.  We must succeed in attracting more businesses, with their additional jobs, and also at the same time succeed in making the city a place where people want to visit and spend their money.

What it seems we really need is a mayor who is characteristically a democrat, with concern for the people as foremost, and one who is also a republican with a focus on the interests of businesses.  This only sounds impossible because the term "democrat" now means the opposite of "republican" and vice versa.

It is no wonder then that campaigning has become negative when the democratic party and the republican party instead of worrying about the needs of the community, state, and nation have instead focused on how to make themselves appear different and better than the other party.  It is about time that they realize the voters want substance in their representation.  We know what we need, and we know what we want.  So candidates, if you want to succeed show us you know how to listen, and know how to lead.  In a Democracy we aim to elect the candidate who will best serve our needs.


Such letter is now a part of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM that was meant to keep pace with Reagan Revolution and as well with known ambitiousness of William Bratton, then known since 1988.  Such letter was not meant to be a Marxist argument but another America piece on self reliance.  Such was written while wondering if what would work in New Haven could work also in Ireland.  Such was never of expecting Clintons to take out two trillion in spending when just one trillion maybe too rushed and too much.  Yes, I wrote such with my concern around positive change for New Haven and US as it was fresh upon tracking of "sole superpower" status.   Yes I wrote such mostly to start trying to retune journalism and main stream media to a new way of writing that wasn’t just of city news about blacks and whites, and such the town I did K-4 public elementary days with at least 70 nationalities on roles. 

Well,  Dan Malloy, I have to protest your "War on Drug" dodge with "Clintons did a fine job" that drolled into "blame Bush" and talk about border problems today without even mentioning damage done by Clintons unecessary slashing of defense and intelligence budgets in their two trillion of unfunding of program spending for programs of next presidents term.   Not only did Clintons remove money good for border security when squeezing out money from spending that traditionally made or broke our middle class, they also logically also removed money from availability for new green spending and high speed rails.

Glad to hear CT got High Speed Rail funding,  there is winter up her, and well do the heaters in new green cars work as well?   What happens if you break down in the winter.  

Senator Barbara Boxer is a direct relative of one in the Clintons’ house, right?  And now Representative Rosa’s advantage of Clinton ties and lift from my market efforts and creativity may have passed,  a soccer coach may have better "networking" now in DC in comming years, but maybe not.

I did mean to get paid for so much of what Dems in 90s took without proper authority as state goods.  I am still "on strike" as per the economy for "benefits" to such during time "Hillary" remains in office. 

I play me better than Bill, you should see some day.  Do you have any idea how much you still like him for has come back to me, as mine?



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So you want to take a left turn and want to trust the "voice" of our President.

What could be more "patriotic" or even more "hopeful"?

Scared?  Scared stiff?  To take left turn as "instructed" or not to?

How much American "open road" left to work with?

How much American "between the lines" still makes sense?

To go left or not to go left? >> that is his query postured >> anew >> a new way >> and again a way contradicting to earlier ways, most certainly.

"Washington is broken" the signals no longer clear?

Game on!!!  It is a Hearst World Series, did you know?

Game on!!!  President is smart, and smarting but wishing he had managed a state run media, an unquestioning and obedient "media"?

"Washington is broken" the signals no longer clear?

To take the instructed "left" or stay longer on America’s "open road"?

These are the time that tie men’s souls eeeeeee so!

These are the worser of economics and the eeeee here of economics - we do not need faster trains, we do not need high speed trains.

These are the eeeeee days! We could use slower trains and more "environment" upon like old dining cars. 

Take the sudden left?  No rush!!!  We are eeeee together "E Pluribus Unum" like, still?

Yes America could use slower trains!!!

Yes "American" is of "55 saves lives" but can’t we make that just about our trains?

It has near been two years and these Dems have shown they have few and small ideas and near "take from one and give to another" about "the best they have".

It has near been two years and since such time Bush rivaled and rallied in with a "transition" period near the opposite of Clintons same with he, Bush, reported the "most cooperative" in a transition yet, like.  Bush was so "ready" and cooperative you have to really start asking: "Didn’t Bush really save us from the new Great Depression and with his "transition" policies?

Ok, President Obama supposed to be a superhero!  Where though is his costume? (If you haven’t seen star studded comedy METEOR MAN you should - Very very funny.)

Ok, we can accept Obama/Clinton embrace has shown neither skilled at "marketing" America and quite mad now about such "exposure".

Ok, we can accept, sadly, that the "peaceful" house of Obamas and Clintons cannot now stand long still united.  It must be now after President Obama’s college speaking this past Saturday that one is right and the other to blame, and such with Obama nearer of specifically blaming Clintons’ budget balancing and extra surplus chase as the governance that wreaked his spoken to damage upon our middle class.

The people win and our First Amendment and maybe all the rest - We have a Hearst World Series of Houston AL team against San Francisco NL team > We have a Chronicle vs. Chronicle celebration of capitalism and citizen journalism, right?

Scared??? Scared stiff??? Scared to take a left as instructed?

Do you know citizenrosebud.com currently links as jphogan.org.  Do you remember FIELD OF DREAMS and it working for father - son baseball relatings confused around "and he had a bat name Rosebud"?

Word/phrase of the year and one that may prove Bush a "green" President may be "shuttlecock re-entry". Seems no "education" politics served by denying Bush was green with continue avoidance of great unfundings of science at educational institutions.

Seems though President Obama may need a super hero costuming after orations in Minnesota. 

Seems President Obama may need to hide from President Clinton now after starting speech around attacking President Bush around "middle class" slide.

Seems that President Obama went so far back in "blaming" of President Bush as like from "day one" for sliding of "middle class" that he actually nailed it, scientifically speaking, by effecting a blaming of President Clinton.

Seems scientific and irrefutable that President Obama finally nailed the "economics" by seeming to lie and appearing uninformed while so maybe being "incompetent". 

Quite odd a way to "nail" the economic science.

Quite a wonder to speak so near ignorantly at an education institution and speak to be warry of Republicans desires to cut Federal Education Deptartment funding.

Quite a wonder, this "super hero", so "nailing" economy by blaming President Bush as from day one and so accidently have revealed the true forensic economics of Clintons’ rush to balance budget and then further rush to surplus that removed two trillion from federal funding that usually makes or breaks our middle class economics.

So these Dems have shown the do not know how to market American or America.  And Clintons too for thinking "bring back Bill" markets "American" and without being a condemnation and near mutiny among Democrats.

So now in these the worser of worst of bad times so eeeeeee we do not need faster trains but maybe do slower and more enjoyable trains with new old amenities for all.

And now to market America with failed/failing cities of Detroit and Atlantic City??? 

So don’t take such sudden left as instructed and follow our still tilled American "open road" and its "heartbeat" "green" throughout Bush administrations support of private and educational revolutions in green and conservation of limited resources?

So think about Atlantic City born of green anew as an American "ATLANTIS" a new entirely "NEW" city conceived and build new in GREEN to compete globally with at least South Korea’s entire new concept city build on the old sea?

So think about Detroit maybe born anew as Detroit City The American Destination!  Detroit the City of Earth Domes of indoor "destination" "replications - recreational"?  Year round interior downhill skiing?  A misplaced "tropics" with all the warmth and distant culture?  An indoor desert horse track with races and betting Dubai styled?  Detroit a celebration in "open road" independence and mobile destination enabling now to the destination?

"Washington is broken" the signals no longer clear?

Dems don’t know marketing American?

Take the left and only get "take from one and give to another"?

Stick to our heartbeat of "open road" and independence and encourage Detroit and Atlantis rising and not of "stimulus" or "big brother" especially since both as so conceived stand a change as capitalist for-profit successes of the "We the People" inspiration seeming needed?

But what to do now of President Obama "nailing" damage to "middle class" as from day one of Presidency of Bush and so necessarily therefore the "inheritance" from Clintons and after their "transition" near the most ugly ever, in all our history?

And, wow, so President Bush saved us from another Great Depression with his transition of having programs and plans ready to go for America at the earliest possible moment he could manage any Democrat support?




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"Constitutional" is a big word.

Some people even call an evening walk "a daily constitutional".

Hold on!!!

Constitutional also of "constitutional"???

The authors of our 22nd Amendment had quite a sense of humor, at least, for writing in confounding around "holding" and "holding of office" so linguistically like standard marriage vows around "holding" of "to have and to hold…" such that they at least dealth with or just broached the issue that if a spouse were to get elected after another spouse had been term-limited, even though such shouldn’t have been allowed, then their contract in marriage would be violated for Constitution of instructing that such spouse no longer able to "hold" the other spouse, while "holding office".

Kind of as "Constitutionally" challenged as Bill and Hillary attempting an effecting to "promoted" out of office and with pay increases and benefits to bulster.   You do remember Carnegie Hall Tower 57th floor suite renting assault to our senses, still - yes?

Still a puzzle maybe best for Bill’s or Hillary’s psychotherapist or publicist >> that these from Arkansas so tried to settle in Empire State as like royalty, and with taxpayer funding of extravegance "expected" both for providing of "office" for Hillary as Senator and $811,000.00 plus as annual rent just for Bill, and that before "build-out" or leasehold improvements.

Still a puzzle that Bill and Hillary had expectation that taxpayers owed Bill an office at an annual rent near four times his old annual salary, and one at such time, for just one year, an amount more than all past presidents had billed taxpayers for a year’s rent after leaving office of president COMBINED.   Luckily taxpayers still had friends in GAO that nixed Bill’s extravegant reaching on their dimes and earnings, even though Harlem rent still may be twice what President Clinton "earned"/"deserves".

Take this visual:  I think it was in Washington state while Hillary for President present and of Hillary stumping, as usual with the full security detail and extravegance only afforded so to term-limited president, of eight years of presidency:  It was a visual to question "Hillary" as of necessary "constitution" to carry the "Constitutional" of presidency without Bill doing daily "holding" of "office duty" and "charge of Constitution" of/for her.  Such "holding" is what spirit of term limit amendment seems most about, yet there was Hillary getting applause for being able to go "slack" and let Bill step in as "her man" and carry her and her obvious weakness and insufficient strength.

But such is a mere haunting now that "Hillarycare" the scare equal to "Obamacare".

But such is now a mere clump in meant to be smooth and creamy mashed potatoes.

But such though quite a "visual" then and unforgettable "Hillarycare" quite the doom to Obamacare as HILLARY-SCARE II & III.

She may not be a witch, that Hillary, but she may certainly be "bewitched".

So of their empirical reaching to new grand posture and stature in realm of Empire State, whence >>> What of Clintons having attempted acceptance of their work and expectations to "promoted out and above" holding of "office of president"?   What of Clintons reaching to grand and global extra-Constitutional autocracy of Clintons around grandeur of New York City new diggs and an effecting at least in essence of Bill as AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD?

So Bill was born William Blythe III — SCARY!!!



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Back in the day, the days, Speaker Pelosi was more "Pelosi from Baltimore" — even then in early 90s as even Clintons were together showing a lack of "leadership instinct" for our times: 

What was a "HOMER"?

Yes we are at risk, daily still, for "character" lacking as evidenced in early 90s change era when Democrats (National Democrats especially) showed a dangerous lack of "leadership instincts". 

Yes we are at risk, daily still, for not knowing the Clintons more for whom they are, and were, more so known to be whence, of instincts of national Democrats, in early 90s more of running away from problems and running away from running.

Simply "RAVENOUS" - Speaker Pelosi, once more just "Pelosi from Baltimore".

If you missed those years and months of Democrats showing their grand deficiency in "leadership instincts" for our times before Clintons were sported to stepping out of their confort level you now likely miss that their character flaws increase our dangers still today, and especially for them not wanting them "discovered".

Do you remember the gay days of gay demonstrations then too?  Do you remember such as a grander attempt to change the general defining around vocabulary even more than gaining equal rights?  Was it just the early days of a struggle, a struggle for judicious negotiations where asking for twice as much as needed to hopefully settle for half, for half the whole they needed - their play?



Hmmm.   Yikes!!!

Official records???  Unchangeable???  Bureaucratic delay, delaying, delayed, delayed still???

What is a "homer"?  Does every state really have a "Springfield"?

Hmmm.   It is your choice, choose it well — it will be with you and your record forever?

No "bewitching"/"bewitched" out/defense?   No retreat - no going back?

Who is on base?  Who is on base?  Who is in officer housing that might help my career?

What is a HOMER? 

Hmmm.   It is your choice?  Choose it well?  It will be with you/your record for ever?

Hmmm.   So you just have a tingly feeling in your leg while walking by that, that, that "lola"?  Not even "concerned" about "career" for such "tingle" from "lola"? 

Hmmm.   So yes you didn’t do your homework once and now be off to Afghanistan?

Hmmm.   Speaker Pelosi once was more just "Pelosi from Baltimore" and of those years and months of concern (actual location unconfirmed)  as change was happening fast and faster than most could compute/keep up/process and such those days national Democrats and Clintons were showing a serious deficiency in "leadership instincts" for our times and our Constitutional preservation.

{Personal note:  yes it was a little later and after they/some started listening to me and trusting my guidance that during Clarence Thomas hearings Senator Biden was willing to alter to "America is a great country" while wanting to say it wasn’t.  (I was helping, from afar, further the positive change via spin doctoring to a new and improved "political correctness"/PC)}

{Personal note:  I did not enjoy much of those years, and especially the linguistic fights to effect an aggressive "new gay" lexicon over existing dictions, long of new and old budding.  It was a harder time made even harder with so many Democrats and many Republicans seemingly lacking of necessary "leadership instincts" and enough paranoia around possible threats.}

Hmmm.  No "bewitching"/"bewitched" OUT/"DEFENSE"? 

What is a HOMER? 

Who is on base?   Who is that "lola"?   Gotta have that "lola"? 

It is your choice?   Choose it well?  —  It will be with you forever, your record, permanent?

Official records???   Unchangeable official record???


Does every state really have a "Springfield"?

No retreat!!!   No going back???

Imagine >>>  You are a male enlistee, a proud new "gay" enlistee, a male gay and proud new "official" "gay" soldier — and then you get a tingle?  You look - you smile - you see a uniformed officer - smile again, tingle grows, grows, grows - and you on private time as much as allowed start to follow noticing no "committment" sign of a ring as officer’s arms swing back past her backside, her backside you still think "his backside" … 


Oh my??? 

Now what???  Was it just "the uniform"???

And now you want more???

Are there words to describe such still? 

{Personal note:  if you are not aware enough to consider how great a deficiency in "leadership instincts" that mostly Democrats showed in early nineties then you hardly have enough knowledge/information now to understand our current threats and how Dems may not either.}

Oh?  GAY STREET?  That is down in Baltimore near the Inner Harbor.

Who is on base?   What is a "HOMER"?   UNCHANGEABLE - PERMANENT RECORD?

ALERT:   Ginnie Thomas has no "conflict" with husband’s powerful office/duty any greater than "Bill Clinton" has with his powerful wife’s office/duty and sole official duty to protect us from "Bill" and "material support to terrorists" linking with his supported and nurtured and empowered AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD stirring of worlds "new leaders" that some to many might otherwise be labeling "terrorists".  right?

{Yeh, MONK television sit com shouldn’t have started with a bouncy redhead assistant - blond or brunette and not curly, would have been better.} 



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Oh pumkin, my pumpkin - oh jack o lantern. 

A wise and prudent man once said, and maybe in his biography, that one should always look for one person behind a happening and maybe more than that happening as like by that one person. 

Sorry, I don’t have a copy of such in front of me - it was said more in the "clever" and "spooky" like "there is no such thing as permanent friends or enemies, just permanent interests".  And, I don’t know who said that, who said that first.

It is "41" all over again.  What a surprise.

Thanksgiving is coming!  Thanksgiving is coming!  Thanksgiving is coming!

I guess the intel irrefutable that the British are already here.

Oh the president’s "tee times" - his record of tee times, maybe only comparable to Mother Bush’s tea times in such periods of record:   Can it be said of even one of his tee-times that he took the less than "BEST" tee times at such courses at any time in such period?

Oh the horror of all such play.  Oh the horror of all such play.  Oh the horror of all such play time?

How now but a haunting ghost towards November - such record play time…?

A thousand points of light from another’s ghosts and era, a haunting anew, anew in a prudent witching?

Ahh, the forgiveness,  ahh the evangelizing,  ahh the old adage around looking for one person behind "change" as most responsible.

Oh pumpkin, oh pumkin - my jack o lantern?   A thousand points plus of light anew?

O’ the Obama!  O’ the EVANGELIZER!  O’ the evangelizing of Obama only runner up to tee time priorities?

Ahh, the forgiveness!   Ahh, the EVANGELIZER!  AHH!  THE EVANGELIZER?


The treat the trick!  The treat the trick! 

The treat the trick of "forgiveness" era for Dems in evangelizing?

Evangelize daily, not just once a week, not just the once a week attending better spent golfing with BEST tee-times? 

Evangelize daily, try to hide "separation of Church and state" inconvenience to mission - Get on airwaves and mesmerize daily for an hour in evangelizing.

Where prudence lacked, and, whence prudence failed - just forgive your fellow Dems in mass, daily?

For Biden - a reprieve from plagiarism story?  A way past electoral barriers past of from such to higher office with such?

For Woodstock Dems of "experimentation" even of just hallucinating to "Aqua Buddhas" another mass forgiveness.

For Anti-war Democrats so rebellious of their parents and grandparents conservatisms:  more mass forgiveness and now a shoulder to cry upon as they wise more to their parents ways in prudence?

Oh, Halloween!  Oh, Halloween!  Oh, Halloween!

So many ghosts of American politics past.   Ahh, the evangelizing to one party forgiveness.

Ahh, the evangelizing to one party forgiveness?

Oh, the ghosts of Blumenthal past?  Oh the ghosts of Blumenthal’s past?

A witching to "Aqua Buddha" a love child born to criticizing from such a Dem Conway?

Ahh, the evangelizing to one party forgiveness!   Oooooo!  The Blame Game Ghosts.  Ooooo!

Oh, the "ghosts" of Blumenthal’s past a similar ghost to Biden’s plagiarism problem?

Ooooo?   Boooooo? 

Whose story have you taken as your own?

Who are you to be this Halloween?

Oh pumkin, my pumkin?

Oh butcher?  Oh butcher?

Is her "meat dress" ready? 

It is "41" all over again - SURPRISE!

Ahh, the evangelizing to mass one party forgiveness?

Oooo?  The Constitutionality of separation of "evangelizing" from state?



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Best we call ‘m Indians. 

Who’s this Saint Brendan, fella?

Hey, neat!!  Look at all the beads.

Hmmm?   What about the spices?  What about some gold?

Will they call us "occupiers" - will they fight when "occupied"?

Best we find a way to get them to think they have a vote, a vote that matters, but…but that can wait.

That is for another day, if any day at all - but as just an illusion to left to fester?

Best we give ‘m some religion and then some more religion, and then maybe take it away for our selfish socialist power needs.  Good thing we are not Spanish explorers acting for the crown.  

So much easier being devotees of Clintons, ain’t it - but for the festering that may again exceed their plans.

History?  What has history to do with any of this?  This is about October anew about "Bill" wondering how to stay relevant again.   This is about a "Clinton fester" anew and imminent as a new danger.

History?  What has history to do with any of this?  HUSH HUSH!!!  Don’t rock our boat - don’t do anything for the rest of October to remind Americans how much President Clinton tried to take all taxpayers for, per year, with attempt to get into nearly a million per year New York City office space.  

Best to keep this all hush hush, and quiet to just wisper of "linked" and "emailed" or "share".  We should discuss it, yes but quietly right, since "Bill" and "Hillary" need it kept quiet still,  lest they start being called "Indian givers" or much worse.

How to say it once, just once so it can rest quiet for rest of October, hmmm?  Blog it, but not blog another over it until November, hmmm?  Hide it in plain sight?

Yeh, Columbus today likely would have still landed but after a quick look around taken quickly back to vessels towards finding the real India.  Maybe if he wasn’t to arrive until after early November, hmmm?

Riches, hmmm riches!!!  Hmmm, the riches - those riches sought of Clintons’ seeking?

Sure this November is about how nothing is actually as Democrats are trying to say it is or was.

Sure this November is about how so much is so fictitious and still much of "Clintons’ political machine" machinations, even more than of President Obama "change".

"Hey neat, look at all the beads" — yes is a part of Clintons own past of sixties and seventies, right?  Just maybe of "Hillary’s brownies" and maybe of "Hillary inhaled" but "I didn’t inhale" still "Bill".

So if Clintons are still popular for creating a housing bubble and a housing economy then they should now still be proud of such, right? 

So if Clintons can still ride popularity for having created a bubble economy around housing as even they both like to "remind" then why aren’t they now explaining the unemployment numbers "post bubble" more realisitically?

Oh?  You do remember where Bill and Hillary hoped for President Clinton to set up his New York City office in mid-town, right?   You do remember hearing stories of innappropriate expectations of taxpayer appropriating for them, right?

Well, how to keep it hush-hush until November here, hmmm?

Oh!!! You forgot most of such of President Clinton trying to take taxpayers for near a million per year in just his office rent, post presidency, and for near the penthouse poshness nearest THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM?  Yeh near a million per year with just $811,000 for the raw space per year before "improvements"!   Yeh, it does seem odd, very odd especially with Hillary then of efforts to be a New York Senator.

That is for another day - if any day at all.   Hush, hush - please - until November.

Yeh the Clintons still have us paying too much for offices in Harlem and yes local blacks do seem to have become displaced as feared, by locals.

But if it was a "housing bubble" then we are more back to "regular employment" and not to "record unemployment" - right?

I have no idea how much Senator Hillary Clinton’s NYC office rent was but do get that Clintons did try to get enough taxpayer dollars  per year such that they couldn’t feel demoted.



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"Columbus sailed the ocean, blue…"

Can I get a "U"?  Can I get an "S"?  Can I get another "S"?  Can I get an "R"?

How clever it was for Obama administration with what help necessarily from Secretary of State, post Russian RESET, to have found less than a dozen "Russian Spies" to deport.

How clever it was for them, together in a more complicated "two-fer" crowded around intimacy of "Hillary’s own",  so then to find a few to deport and use such to import higher skilled Russian snoopers in science.

How clever it was!

How clever it was even mispelling RESET as "overcharged"?

How clever it was to deport less than a dozen to take the heat off hundreds of thousands of loyalists in Democrats new American Socialist Revolution?

1492 all over again?

Can I get a "U"?  Can I get an "S"?  Can I get another "S"?  Can I get an "R"?

How do you spell RESET? 

How do you spell RESET?  

And, all the while with U.S.S.R. of falling for having over-charged into Afghanistan such to Afghanistan of becoming "the Gettysburg of the Cold War"?

How many of Obama - Clinton American Socialist Revolution were hidden by the clever deporting of such "few" Russian "suspects"?

How smarting, that Afghan defeat of the entire U.S.S.R.!  

Can socialism ever return to such an old mass global spreading before effecting a humbling of Afghanistan "fighters" of such legacy of defeating the U.S.S.R. and being the warriors of the "turning point" in the Cold War of "like a Gettysburg"?

To socialize Afghanistan? — these Dems, with their American Socialist Revolution will, though, conveniently, have to first usher in "federalism" before they can attempt "socialism" for Afghanistan that can exist as a "must" with any reach to "socialism" at home.

How smarting, even for American socialists and "Hillary" these Afghan fighters standing in the way of RESET.  How can we move forward, forward with Russia without "containing" well earned pride of so many Afghan fighters?

Hillary’s State Department, with its part in deporting of a select few Russian spies seemingly still with poor performance reports for many past quarters, did so allow a swap for more highly trained Russians and such with specific training around better understanding classified and cutting edge scientific materials, right?

Clearingly, it is just too cynical to think that Obama-Clinton are targeting proud Afghan fighters just to help former U.S.S.R. states feel better, right? 

Clearingly, without such push-back by so many proud Afghans,  Iraq under Saddam Hussein would still be of great cause to "counter and balance" that Soviet sympathetic - Iran, and without the end of the Cold War having changed such loss of near a million Irani brave - in war - into more a like "genocide" by Ba’athist socialist Saddam Hussein of once stronger anti-Shia machinations, right?

When the Cold War was first thought to have ended and then with thinking the global mass spreading of Soviet socialism also halted Saddam was just of with so many dead on his hands as "collatoral damage" though maybe more ugly.

So clearly the Cold War didn’t end when we thought it ended and many now still to trying to negate the successes of our "greatest generation" and quite to a tramping on their still fresh graves with an arguing that with their "victories" we now must embrace near all that they fought and sacrificed "defending" from, right?

"Columbus sailed the ocean blue…"

Can I get a "U"?  Can I get an "S"?

1492 all over again?



Boy oh boy!!!  Are bodybags piling up the specific "effect" from "Hillary’s" "causes"! 

She at least chest deep or higher already, especially when adding in more "domestic" stats of costs around our south western borders left unaddressed and underfunded and even unfunded all those eight years of her itimacy in "two-fer" "experience" during 90s that supposedly made her "qualified" for continued responsibility on same issues at same levels. 

She has to be at least shoulder deep in body bags from her reigning of decisions old and new.