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America, you have a duty this week, a near sacred duty this week.

America, you have a duty and calling like never before harkened to as now so necessary.

America, your President needs your help.

America, your President really needs your help and its like Constitutional HELP!!! he needs.

America, are you willing to help your President, this week of such Constitutional need as Clintons are making necessary?

America, are you ready - all of you - this week ready to do your Constitutional DUTY and help your President, President Barack Hussein Obama?

America, are you ready to fight the autocratic reaching still of monolith in Clinton "two-fer" still, especially this week, of reaching for extra-Constitutional power?

Jim Carey>> You realize ME MYSELF AND IRENE story line came from happenstance around me those two days of my being an extra in AMISTAD courtroom scenes with Steven Spielberg and Morgan Freeman and such present with Paul Gulfoyle there as well with Pete Postlewait (sp?)? And that before Governor Clinton became President I was known for as many facial expressions and where Irish cap backwards as you are now known for?   See a policing cadet/student name Irene was working security on set, and well after my couple days I visited friends and ended up with their friends and a couple studying crimology under Henry Lee while also so grouped drinking mudslides with off-duty Rhode Island State Troopers.

Lance Armstrong>>  Great work these years carrying our banner.  I guess you are not the only famous American up from Austin, Texas hard rides.   It seems you rode better when clearly riding for American capitalism and not this year confused to maybe American socialism.   Well, being back to cycling myself this year, an older man in cycling, and not nearly as old as President Barack Obama who is four years older to the day:  Yes it is time for me to start shopping at least a new saddle.  Vintage Advocet Racing III saddle I mail ordered from Palo Alto back in those days after meeting Erik Heiden in New Haven as he headlined first Columbus Day Weekend Bike Race just off his Olympic skating victories, has held up over thousand miles this year but not without some glass and epoxy on plastic base.  Those were the days I was neighborhood bike mechanic for professionals tasked to needing to stay strong in the arms with surgical lances in pediatric neurosurgery, and well with my able to borrow time on another neighbor’s Park truing stand, and one neighbor those years unknown by me to have been a Yale bud of "W".

America, are you ready to do your Constitutional DUTY this week and help President Obama remind, as likely needed "per hour" and "per day", not just President Clinton but all our fellow Americans to us now of Presidency of Obama and not just a "deputy president Obama - still under President Clinton"?

Demi and Ashton>>  Well how many people get the "cycling" in your relationship with history of cycling shorts to both of you with Ashton’s being like named the province of India most cycling chamois was then coming from?

America, this is a tough week for all of us, but none maybe more than President Obama with him needing to try to maintain some sense of "relevance" with so much scheduled Clinton puffery.   Especially confusing still is how it is all the fault of eight years of one up from Austin but yet while President Obama is actually most of the time of selling doing the exact opposite of type of budgeting as Clintons did.

Well America maybe it will help this week as you are called to help President Obama in Constitutional DUTY by reminding world whom is now really our president to be of imaging the "inheritance" left President Bush as a "two-fer" of (yes, this time two meaning defined as two - not as one or not two), of two JENGA! towers each played only by Bill or Hillary left next President and First Lady played to "see we left you two towers standing" — "we did good" >>>

BUT, such an inheritance such that next president and spouse had at most only two or three pieces they could touch or play before JENGA!!!

America, President Obama really needs your help this week, as never before - please it is a matter of protecting our Constitution.

CGI attendees>>> I was working from memory here and do not remember whom all was listed such today when I had a few minutes to look.   Hello First Lady Laura Bush, you seem to have your eight years covered, hope you don’t mind I was only asking Americans to help protect Obamas.