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A polar bear enters stage left:  A polar bear enters chin down looking dehydrated and sad:

>Seems no more than rubber bullets and/or isolation at play.

>Seems odd, just odd this polar bear entering from stage left.

(Polar bear doesn’t speak)

(No real guns seem responsible for all the hype – wondering about the possible dehydration.)

The stage?  What, you want a stage?  Who do you think you are - Al Gore?

Polar bear keeps walking, you can see Russia in the back ground, visibility is good.

(Polar bear doesn’t realize it is 2010 and a mid-term election season.)

(Polar bear also doesn’t seem to understand combat - human style, naturally.)

Left is trying to cheer polar bear for entering stage left and are claiming him/her a "friend of Bill" - FOB.   Left is already understood for trying to move back to before Gore.

(Polar bear doesn’t realize "Hillary" trying to silence the guns hero style like GUNS OF NAVARONE dramatization of Battle of Leros, but only with hollywood hype, like.)

Left is now mired, mucky - mucky, torn between two competing histories, and especially that around the Clintons’ legacy around FOB (Friends of Bill).  Left needs a hero.

Polar bear still moving, sad, and looking dehydrated, no Democrats moving forward with "empowerment" or a bottle of water, or a song.   Dems starting to worry as polar bear keeps going right.

>Gladly no one even has rubber bullets loaded nor extra Kool Aid.  Polar bear not looking as sad anymore - still moving right.  Was it something President Obama said?  Was it due to a new centralized solution effected in Washington, by committee?  Did the polar bear just stop smelling Democrats?

So what if GUNS OF NAVARONE was fiction?  You get that Blumenthal was a big FOB, yes?  You get that "Hillary" is trying to play more hands from the FOB deck even though "personality based" centralization governance by President Obama is counter to the "empowerment" attitude of the nineties around Clintons?  Oh, you like the "hype" punditry offering comity to the LAST CHANCE FOR PEACE - Hillary entrance?

A polar bear enters stage from right, and Democrats start to smile again - seems they think polar bear can only be heading left.

(Polar bear doesn’t speak - well…?  Seems to communicate, some how - something.)

(Polar bears seem to start battling.  Dems don’t see it as love.)

>Seems interesting and that no rubber bullets seem needed, even.

>Seems hopeful as "battling" bears move left - hopeful for the Dems, bears seem indifferent.

Left seeing no blood, start cheering both bears, especially for seeming to head left and so most certainly big FOBs.   Al Gore, who?   What a fear monger.  All that talk of polar bears all soon to die that may have driven gas prices over four dollars a gallon as like a carbon guilt tax, with his subjective scare mongering - best to sneak back to "Bill" and his friends, even if "Hillary" now trying to play from such deck, and counter too to "empowerment" and "decentralization" that worked so well in the 90s.

Quiet, would you - this is my story, please just sit back down.  Yes the nineties was maybe more a success of Republicans than of FOB (Friends of Bill) science and analysis.  Yes the nineties that worked with a dot-com boom was obviously just "happenstance" and not "inspired or created, or saved" by Bill.  Yes, so much of the good news that came to our cities with the decentralization in "community policing" programs and the much championed by Republicans "welfare to workfare"  was arguably "happenstance" "Bill and Hillary" got too much credit for.  Please just take your seat, please.

Polar bears, still with Russia in the back ground look "together" and "happy under the sun" — Dems can smell them, and, so it is likely polar bears "up-wind" and not able to smell them.

>Seems no longer odd.

>Seems one bear was wanting after the other, and seem "safe." 

Polar bears start heading right.

Yes, Dems start to fret.

Yes, polar bears seem oblivious to the contradictions around LAST CHANCE FOR PEACE heroic "Hillary" effecting so also of the hypocracy steppin’ out around Democrats towards mid-terms.   Yes, very few seem to understand how they can be for "empowerment" and "empowerment zones" and the decentralization that was key to "community policing" and also be now for President Obama attempt to run a centralized "personality" based governance with redistribution key.

Well, yes "The Guns of Blumenthal" may need some explanation, past "FOB" ties and "rubber bullets" punditry.   See I first heard the "served in combat" Vietnam service lie back during the Clitnons’ years, when he front and center a "close friend" of "Bill" and "Hillary".  See, I realized such "lie" that someone pointed out to me meant an end to my efforts in Connecticut around helping write for more "clean"  positive change. 

Polar bear that entered from left no longer seems sad, probably wasn’t dehydrated.


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Single file please, SINGLE FILE! now!


>She is not a nurse - she is a patient.

Sure she may be now "nursing" a "peace initiative" but see - she should be doing such for America’s south western "border" states instead.  Just maddening.

>She is one of our "most difficult" cases.

"Last chance for peace…"???   >>> See what I mean?

You should see here as "Queen Rodham"!   Still almost as monotone and quite similar but maddening itself in a completely other un-American way.   God bless America!!!

>She is not a queen - she is not a nurse - she is a patient.

Please, stay in single file, you will get your medication(s) shortly.

>How she came to us is a long story – you may need to visit the mens ward in the wing to the east to see "King Blythe III" - patient "Bill".

>Oh, you want to hear the story?   Well, if you wait until we get all the meds distributed and those back to their "corners" that require such, I can spare an hour for a brief synopsis.

>Oh, you only have fifteen minutes?  Hmmm.  I can try to do story justice, I guess.  They may need me to help with lunch, anyways.

Back to your chairs everyone.  PLEASE!

>How much do you remember about the nineties?  Do you remember the early ninties and the Persian Gulf War being necessary to liberate Kuwait?  Do you remember the Iraq-Iran wars that cost near a million lives and mostly Shia lives?   Did you consider Saddam was largely of sending Iraqi Shia off to kill Irani Shia and that America under Republicans had little choice but to become complicit some for such was the era of United States in struggles to thwart a global spreading of Soviet Socialism?  Have you yet asked yourself, about Saddam Hussein and his "state of mind" – Why did Saddam Hussein think he would be able or allowed to keep Kuwait?

>Ok, so you remember enough to attempt some "justification" within fifteen minutes, now ten-ish.

Queen Rodham, please return to your seat, and checkers game, please!  You know you like it better than knitting, and well you are almost ready to beat that poor, innocent "unmentionable".

>So much for that!  With only a few minutes of your time left it best we just jump straight to the year 2010, and November.   See, it must have been too much of a con to continue any longer, both President William Jefferson Clinton and Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton had burned all their bridges, so to speak – their cons could not maintain themselves any longer, so we here think.

>It is quite amazing the stories you can garner here!

>It just have been too much for them to have played the sincere ingrates full participants in playing a hard partisan political blame game against the entire Bush family - the Bushes that had been so kind for them for so long.   Their conscience must have caught up with them, so we here think.  Their political back stabbing became, finally, too much even for them - even for them when their cons stopped maintaining themselves and the world started looking at the "Clintons’ eight years" as the much more "logical" and "guilty" root of problems facing President Obama.

What is that Queen Rodham?   You beat the "unmentionable" - you beat her bad?  Well - good for you.

>Just maddening, I tell you.

>Well, with us now only to a minute or two of your time still available today let me try to figure out what else needs to be added.  Of course > the Clintons’ economics, luckily without "Hillary-care" that "universal coverage" that really wasn’t "universal" and quite rude to those not American for being "universal" but them not. > Well, even Wall Street caught on to the Clintons’ selfish political needs to spend more time in 90s lining up "Hillary" for "President Hillary" inevitability that they didn’t look closely enough as with compromised motives they took out at least a trillion too much from federal spending and such now best considered as not just another trillion removed "too quickly".   They "turned off the tap" of necessary spending in so many ways their con(s) just started falling apart around all of us, so we here think.

>Have a good day.  God bless America.

>Yes, it really is amazing the stories you can hear here.  Live and learn.