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Well the brother can do a dirge.

But, holy cow what a BET. THE BROTHERS?

Where is Al Haig? Where are our Governors? What? "It is all up to the Governors, now!"???

But he still has the "Hillary" card the "YOU’RE FIRED!" hand?

Al? Really? The Governors? What’s with that, you some kind of economist now?

Al, is that you?  If it is what do you think of this:  "Hillary tried to get me to invade Yemen, I had no choice."? 

Al, is that you?  Has the Cold War only finally ended tonight even though BET decided not to broadcast such a marking of the final end, the finality to the end of the global spread of communism?  

You did catch THE BROTHERS, yes, right? 

You did turn to Black Entertainment Network (Channel 54 up here) ("BET") to watch them cover the president live again, yes, but, also to be shocked to find the dished "the B.O." for THE BROTHERS of regularly scheduled airing?

Al, is that you?   So it is now up to the Governors, hey?  And, well since "Hillary" wants President Obama to invade Yemen, and just because she thinks it should be named "Ladyland" instead – bye bye "Hillary"? 

Well, in 1998 when I moved to DC to an apartment about seven blocks from the Capitol, a building called THE INDEPENDENCE on seventh SE,  what a different city and even region it was than when I left near three years ago.  

Remember Marion Barry?  Anyone?

Well,  Tony Williams wasn’t up from Mayor Barry’s CFO for DC yet to the office of Mayor himself, and well near half or more of the parking meters around the city were broken or missing, and well near all of northern Virginia was still farmland like from the WALTONS show days. 

Well,  when I left near ten years later it seemed it was hard to find a parking meter that wasn’t in working order, and though still with the memories of near moving in days where it seemed you could get a parking ticket for parking anywhere on Capitol Hill.  But then I was of trying to park near the front door of new home at THE INDEPENDENCE and do have to admit I was of parking "facing the wrong way" and "exceeding one hour" in posted one hour space and then also of "exceeding two hours" for non-stickered cars in two hour spaces while still without my resident status, officialized.  Well, northern Virginia, became known as "The Silicon Valley of the East" during "dot-com" boom and forever changed from "Walton’s ville" to mini-malls and mcmansions and outlet stores and new interchanges and golf courses with matching developments.

But back to BET and President Obama, near a dirge - sotto voce:  Wasn’t this the debut for the new Obama decor, the brand new never seen new "Oval Office" makeover?

Seems it wasn’t Al, after all.   But you know didn’t Candidate John McCain say something about it being the Governors turn?  And you know now what with raising federal taxes based upon income or profit and/or gains a no no in a recession?  Seems if taxes need to be raised in this recession the only place they can be is within jurisdictions more just of our Governors and municiple leaders, for raising taxes on wealth doesn’t "turtle" economic growth quite like taking away most motivation by trying to take another’s profits and gain even if not just for of a selfish "professional politician" slickness to spending of other’s earnings more for your own glory, right?

But yikes "Hillary" that Yemen invasion idea just to force them to change to "Ladyland", well that one should definitely get you "fired"?

Well, it seems by not using this evenings broadcast to showcase Michelle’s remodeling style and their shared "office renditions" is it only safe now to talk about President Obama for not trying more to out "pant-suit" "Hillary"?  

Did BET try to get an exclusive for broadcast with the rest of usual Obama "speak" to over an hour used to showcase the new decor?  Did Obamas diss BET?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone? 

President Obama, you make take to the new decor more if it becomes the turf on which you canned "Hillary"!  Even less of tonight too like a dirge, political, really, maybe, too.

Hey Al, Al Haig, what do you think of "Hillary"? 



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And Morgan Freeman, as Nelson Mandela, did portray "critical" character without too much "drama" - historically - as of Mandela not playing the blame game.

And, lapping with much overlapping, rivals caught battling a surge.

And, overlapping, surging and honor, an America took to playing mostly only "the blame game."

A "man made disaster"?  A global conundrum?

Oh, where is the honor?  Where were the stoics?

Oh, where were the Americans of "independent" spirit?

Oh, where with the overlapping and surge where was the "common sense"? 

Should martial law have been declared for New Orleans with the Federal Government assuming all responsibility for such town even without the smaller storm surge than breathed with concern on weather and news alerts, the smaller storm surge than expected when a cat 5 storm was forcast and for a region and peoples only protected to cat 3 levee constructs?

Should this martial law have been declare over five years ago and Katrina just proof of New Orleans having been at "failed city" status, so thus needing a different type of surge than they got before getting more of military response than they should have needed?

Should this consideration that Katrina surge demonstrated that New Orleans was a "failed" city needing another type of surge, and maybe even a federal takeover with martial law?

So with so much lapping, and overlapping of a smaller surge and now with a President so not the dramatized Nelson Mendela and his acting past discussing of "wisdom" to a clear and certain effecting of a "not playing the blame game"?

New Orleans?  What the heck happened?  How did so many people need rescuing, and not just rescuing of after evacuation order issuance?  How did so many people need rescuing from an area just miles to ten to twenty miles from areas still with grocery stores and maybe even food warehouses stocked and hardly damaged? 

New Orleans?  What the heck happened?  How is it that so many needed rescuing after an evacuation order issuance for an approaching storm with surge of cat 5 and so many of those needing rescuing of living depended upon cat 3 level levees for so many of dwellings beneath the sea, beneath the Gulf? 

New Orleans?  What was dat? Who done dat? How did so many that lived beneath the sea come to need rescuing, and resuing while, now even five years later, Kenner was still in walking distance and with enough stores and high ground better for post storm surge waiting than Superdome?

New Orleans?  Surely you cannot abide the jazz that yours was a "man made disaster" as "an act of a merciful God" seems more your quarter, your quarter spared by a storm national news was reporting coming at greater strength than your levees and general home construction designs, right?

Is it embarassing?  Is it embarassing to here national figures call Katrina damage and post surge lapping and over-lapping and your then more dire straights as a "man made disaster"?  Are we soon to find out that New Orleans though so hit still had within walking distance, safer harbor than Convention Center and Superdom "waiting stations"? Are we and the rest of the world soon to be discussing the surge more critically, and your post surge story of people who did evacuate so with having taken personal possessions to the max and of leaving the grocery stores and hotel pantries fully stocked and within walking distance for those who didn’t leave when it seemed some great power had them all marked and doomed?

The New Orleans story of Katrina more a story of a merciful God than the jazzed blame game to "man made disaster"?

How is it dat?  Who dat?  Who dat that tested the Saints, their Saints?  Who dat, those so many that needed resuing and as a New Orleans majority of those that lived beneath the sea/Gulf?

If a leader insists on playing the blame game should we honor such with an assumption that the person being blamed is likely the more innocent?

So so so many fled as ordered, and fled with cherish possessions and essentials, comfortable that there would be food and stuff where they were going.  Where was all the food and stuff the didn’t buy, even just in Kenner?  Where was the water?  Just in walking distance for a couple hours hike?

And so, dat, this da overlapping, mine around dat more as well of remember 2006 for vigorous blogging as "uc" mostly on newsbusters.org arguing for the "surge" and then in defense of "surge" and at times just for "compassion" or "logic" that if there was still something we hadn’t tried yet, we should try it before giving in to "cutting and running". 

Dem saints dat did too much damage on both dats?

Was New Orleans at "failed city" status already when Katrina struck more mercifully than forcast with greater swell kicking?

Welcome Home! Is the real work just beginning? No "honor" in playing the blame game, especially while Clintons and them dat "two-fer" as much or more to blame for overlapping of the faults in their eight years with maybe lesser "breaching" at the feet of Bush?



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We find ourselves all in a mined-field of "politics" with few "safe" places to write, this morning.

America does seem safer, but not for Clintons’ eight years of that dangerous "avoidance" and "inaction" Pres B. O. spoke specifically (not?) to in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, but for Glen Beck rally/fundraiser for support to military families marking a "point of no return" to old days of Beck so much then in early days of Clintons.

America does seem safer, and maybe a little for Glen Beck, the new Glen Beck, for his rally does etch in psyche for many a "crossroad" for America passed to a return to old "longer term" thinking.

Yes, Glen Beck used to be more a part of "the problem" than now, and well it may not be safe to say much more today for Senator Mary Landrieu on NBC’s MEET THE PRESS did assert a Holy War now against the "Beck Gospel".

We find ourselves all in a mined-field of "politics"?

We find ourselves now in an American Holy War, calling us necessarily to pick paths carefully, not just of "old" Glen Beck, once more of "the problem" of America of so "short term" in thinking to just "get to the next song" broadcasting.

We find ourselves now in this "Holy War" asserting by Senator Landrieu against the old "individual" "Gospel of Beck" revival with her, with her, with her more a "statist" of "socialist" Gospel? What is "Gospel of Landrieu"? Anyone?

Is there anything "safe" to write about today? Is there anything "safe" to write about today, especially now that gladly we are finally back to thinking near as long term as those who attacked us on 9/11, those that thought attacking us on 9/11 a winning concept, for they were seeming then thinking far many moves ahead of The United States of America, and especially its Democrat leaders, then?

I don’t know about you but by my middle school days I was grateful I didn’t have the initials "B.O." especially when thinking to future maybe as a leader someday with same abreviation as "body odor."   Do wonder now the day after the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. stepping it "Lincoln" and with long term thinking, how "African Americans" feel with our "first black President" named with same initials as "body odor."

Is there anything "safe" to write about today?

Did 9/11 attackers think they had out thought Americans,  all Americans?  Just American politicians, or just America’s Democrat politicians, whom they maybe thought would hand Islam the greater defeat of The United States of America, by there own "thinking" post incident of "surprise attack"?

Is there anything "safe" to write about today?

Where is "Hillary" in this new American mined-field of "politics" with the "Landrieu standard" thrown "Holy War" at the Beck "Gospel"?   Must she run, head ducked down across such "tarmack" a "mined-field" anew in America’s story?   Has she lost the "race" card game?   Has she missed the "mined-field" for having "failed"/"crashed in ditch" and permanently side-tracked, already "historical"?

Where do Clintons fall in this new "Holy War" anew an American story?   Were they the "racists" great hope to avoid "Black" rule not just eight more years but a thought to full 16 years by essentially at their heart - Southern "master" and "mistress"? 

Is there anything "safe" to write about today, this day that seems calling all to new opinions and scrutiny and judgement of Clintons?   Did "Hillary" have to move to New York State just to get past detriment of "eight more years of money just for Arkansas and Southern Bible Belt States?   Did "Hillary" though ever actually amount to "becoming" a New Yorker?

Well, Glen Beck hosted a timely and successful and welcome fundraiser, on Martin Luther King Jr. 47th anniversary of "I HAVE A DREAM" but maybe just accidently for having just assumed a year before that asking, so inspired, a year before for a "Saturday" booking of Monument venue that such just wasn’t likely to be a Saturday of "anniversary" significance as well?

I remember the days of Glen Beck, DJ in New Haven, in early 90s and of America those days of such so employed as more a problem for America, for our The United States of America.   Even before Clintons, as First Family, made matters worse Glen Beck was more then of "the problem" than his/our "new" Beck, as "teacher", as now maybe part of "the solutions".

Yes, my collection of political spin suggesting towards "positive change" for New Haven and Connecticut, other cities and states, and our United States of Americans, is compiled as THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and mostly shared and effected to national "opinion" to "positive change" and, mostly shared with New York Times op-ed columnists near entirely before Governor Clintons became President Clintons.  {They call themselves a "two-fer" so plural and plural possessive the most historically appropriate grammar for Clintons’ Presidency and post Clintons’ presidency attempt to secure more years for just Clintons.}

Yes, back in middle school days, while jesting with pals, I was not alone in being grateful that my initials were not the same as "body odor."   I may not alone then in my thinking that if they were I wouldn’t even ever consider running for our office of the president.  I am white though, and don’t know how I would have felt if not "caucasian".

Is there anything "safe" to write about today? 

Was it then and now that many problems around Katrina - New Orleans - of the State of Louisiana a "failed state" to little of "individual" and "state’s rights" old American stoicism?

Glen Beck, celebrity fundraiser?  

Senator Mary Landrieu?

Oh, Mr. President, it is more your failing as a politician not seemingly of "discussing wisdom" of kicking the Clintons both out of your "house"/"politics" within your first year, it is such and not some shallow bias, less "political" that seems to make Glen Beck more popular, but maybe for the company he is keeping.



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Are you ready for "go green"?  

Are you ready for "Hillary II" aka "Obamacare" to be turned back for more "community sensitive" and "fiscally responsible" game plans, more of state’s rights?

Are you ready for the real "soap opera" of  a one term Obama then post presidency to be locked in daily battle with Clintons and the Clintons’ power machine around the (extra-constitutional) flexing with Clinton Global Initiative Foundation, and kept even then to hardly worthy to "work" in the "Clintons’ house"?

So the Clinton Presidential Library may need an addition to so give "Hillary" the first lady space she had hope not to need for of course as "the inevitable" she would have her own "library"?   So the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library not likely to "age well" for its phalic architecture like a big gray (Navy) gun?

Are you ready for tradition, not of such corner cutting — Friday night football?

Are you ready to help New Yorkers?   Are you ready to cheer on Ground Zero rebuilding without being a rally call for "the avoidance" and "the inaction" and insensitivity that so marks the Clintons’ eight years, like as President Obama with his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech spoke to dangers around, and to of risk of repeating?   Are you ready for such days still a ways off where President Obama maybe as the "one term president" now of "discussed wisdom" as to likely where he will likely be in a daily soap opera with Clintons also more on the out struggling to dominate and suppress Obama support and interference globally with their CGI foundation?

What an inappropriate "architecture" for the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library,  but though for "so Freudian" in constructs?   And so of near cantilevered over "more international"/"global"/"feminine" of the flowing "waters"/"river" so of situated/dreamy?

Does Obama even stand a chance, a chance to dream, post his presidency, his "four years"?

Does President Obama have only a future of real "soap opera" daily struggle(s) with odds against him ever quite "getting out from under Clintons"?

How will "Hillary’s" days as crusading First Lady talking trash to radical Muslims on their own turf settle in history — way too ‘incendiary’?   A "talking" without a timely "walking" of message?  Just historical, and inappropriate "trash talking" for a American First Lady?

How will "Hillary’s" days as Senator for New York, though not of doing the more Mass. thing of at least working with her new state, of her carpetbagging, to see New Yorkers at least all covered in healthcare by New Yorkers, even if just as done by Massachusetts?  Must "Hillary" be chiseled into formal history for being mostly just to an autocracy of Clintons establishment and at fault for not doing "small" work like HC for New Yorkers by New Yorkers while not a too distracted, again to autocracy establishing, Senator?

How do we now rebuild Ground Zero safely away and hopefully past the Clintons’ eight years of politicizing the Middle East and their playing the "blame game" before President Obama maybe greater playing of the "blame game"?   How do we get past the Clintons’ "Middle East policies" of politicizing region on hard lines anti-Republican to solid "blue region" PR?  How do we get past the Clintons’ PEACE DIVIDENDS mentality in an era we now better know, finally, not to have been appropriate for so much unfunding and underfunding?

How poorly will design/architecture of Clintons’ Presidential Library age?

Are you ready for some football?  Are you ready for another year of tradition of football not of so much historical and unprincipled corner cutting of Clintons history now being scored with more transparency and clarity?

But for Clintons, is growing old in America, getting back on - back to basics? 

What made you smile or laugh today?   Brett Farve, maybe?  Creations more in "go green"?



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The United States of America, in the pre-Obama era of o’ his old law school days, when it still was "America" > a country where it took only one person to change a light bulb.

Funny light bulbs were already around, but still of an "America" where "one could change" - where one could change a light bulb?

Now then we did become a "sole superpower" on our planet and well with many in world strategizing to hoping to trap Americans into being the globes police force at their own expense.

We barely got through those trying 90s.  What a decade of PEACE DIVIDENDS, not of an era of peace, to justify "dividends".   A sole superpower evolution, frought with booby traps around "responsibility" of course now the "responsibility" of The United States of America for see "to the victor goes all the work and new expenses."

If it is not "socialism" what can it be? 

Did President Obama get his new army of "green" political officers for every town and hamlet in America?  Did he?  Did he yet put a federal agent into every light bulb change permit and home remodeling project across our vast tracks of lands?   Does his "Washington" now have those new "political officers" answerable just to federal agent guidlines and now standing at every union job as a new additional overseer?

If it is not "socialism" what can it be?


Can’t be "cost cutting" can it?

You know,  that it now takes two to three Americans to change a light bulb, and, with a new more efficient lightbulb of greater expense still not necessarily living up to its "longer life" price tag, like?

Where was the world, where was America, when Barry Obama, law student, was just such?

Was it just a "ship of state" "wondering" out to sea?  Or even just into Nantucket Sound?

Did we/were we doin’ the "FDR revival" then, aka "Eleanor revisiting", and now of finding that trying to do it a second time so soon is "self negating", and "canceling"?

In those pre-Obama days whence, when Reaganomics maturing to COLD WAR WON! FINALLY! >>  Those days when it was American pride that it only took one to change, most lightbulbs. >>  Those days nearer fears that Soviet Union would gain control over Middle East oil and an Afghanistan pipeline and Persian warm water ports. >> Ahh, what of the old days, those days that Afghanistan was the "Gettysburg" of the Cold War as the beginning of the end, in battles fought and won against spreading Communist menace, those days of Afghanistan as the turning point in the Cold War?

PASS/FAIL, and now emulating old Soviet system, of "political officers"?

If it is not "socialism" what can it be? 

Well at least it is still "to the victor goes all the responsibility and cost/expense" - right?

How can we question such as the discussed "wisdom" of so many people and countries around the world, such that because the United States won then we must now pay for everything, and change to become more like those we defeated while basically just playing defense?

See it all adds up with Obama’s economics:  Like: 

  1. Who would think that an economy that funds a federal government on profits and income taxation, once more of one could change a lightbulb alone - legally, of course wouldn’t "turtle" with "engines of prosperity" crawling back into their shells, their shells - even starting before "Hillary" came out with her way past "taxation" "take the oil companys’ profits - completely" (like paraphrased) sermon from the mount of basically still FOB, back in early 2007? 
  2. Who could think that Obama’s economics, though maybe failing for so soon trying to do the "Eleanor" or "FDR" revival things so soon again,  wouldn’t so become "a turtle withdrawn inside its shell"?
  3. Who now an "engine of prosperity" not "in its shell" naturally and instinctively for of an era of "economic taking" without a presented "morality" of ROBIN HOOD?
  4. Whom we ask, doesn’t instinctively withdraw when threatened with a "taking" and now of a "taking" fear that seemed of "another taking" as soon as more was there to "take again" and well without even tending to showing all the taking proposed and too real was towards irresponsible spending such that "taking" was of seemingly four to five dollars when those being "taken" from aware that only likely one dollars was needed and "justified" - maybe?

And it came to pass, that the policies of … negated themselves.  It came to pass that the taxation to more spending did lower the revenues, naturally, and seeming luckily still "instinctually".  It came to pass too, that well President Obama’s economic justifications for his "takings", even though seeming halted at "half his goal", were so (expectedly?) to justifying to the "engines of prosperity" the same right to be provided for an with stigma of "not-working" and accepting "free benefits" - as a new right - was soundly of calling them not to need to produce to income or profits, too.  

But, do you now need a "pass" from a new Obama "green" federal building agent employed in near every American hamlet as a "president’s political officer" yet?



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"There is no "I" in team."

You have a right to fail, and yes New Orleans, I heard the Clintons’ eight years were found to have been in "gross negligence" for failing to fund the Army Corp of Engineers "MR GO" to bust, to busted.  (MR GO = Mississippi River Gulf Outlet)

Too many "I" and "mees" in Obama team?  Too much "pure Hillary"?

You have a right to fail.

You have a right to fail.

You have a right to fail, but "Hillary" is too big to fail.  Got to have that bust?

A chiseled Hillary, or just a cheap casting?   Got to have that bust, that first female president bust?

And on the economy we still aren’t stirring the smelting such in such cauldron.

We are yet to even consider the wraught jobs hammered out as a boon to absorb more of feminine into equality in economy.   Throw out the batch, just the "Hillary bust" or the whole smelting?

Got to have that bust, that first female president bust!

You have a right to fail, but "Hillary is too big to fail"?  Busted?

So what if Clintons were found to of "gross negligence" for disaster of Katrina, so what if the economics to such conclusion are "simple stupid".

Busted Clintons, for Katrina, and to such a "busted!" far more immoral and unjust than can be said of Bush’s eight years? 

Got to have that bust, that first female president bust!  So what if "team" is all about "me"!

"Hillary" you went bust, are busted, and still want affirmative action assertion to "Hillary is too big to fail" and, and, gosh golly you and your other "me" in your "I" of "two-fer" of eight years of so many items on "condemned" and "failing" infrastructure intelligence reports and with so much money in your coffers ready to be dispersed, oh my!

Clintonomics is not, so we are told, yet, of "driving the car into the ditch" but is that because their surplus obsession was more of leaving President Bush without enough money in American coffers for him, such that Clintons do own the roots of this economic stalling but more for it a catastrophe of them passing the keys to Bush of our "economic vehicle" then long run low on oil and near out of gas" such that, well, like some used cars, it was more a doomed clunker than a lemon?

So, now that we understand that the Clintons had the "money" and left President Bush an inheritance of "no money"!   Is it only this morning we now realize that therefore Clintons are much more "busted" and "guilty" for Katrina disaster from collapse of Mississippi River Gulf Outlet than President Bush can ever, justly be smelt?

Got to have that first female president bust, damn the condemned infrastructure list - Hillary?

It is all about Hillary!  It is all about Hillary!  Too much "Hillary" in Obama team?

It is the Clintonomics, stupid?   It is the Clintonomics, stupid?  And yes there was an manufactured boom in nineties to create more jobs just to ease feminist struggles for equality in economy, it was with intent that more opportunity was sold than necessarily part of regular economy.   And, yes, now well that bubble may have bust, with too much "I" of "Hillary" and now while only fair that "unemployment" be an equal unemployer.

Guys, do not fret so, do not fret such?  The guy "leisure industry" may be faster way to economic recovery than a return to too much time to go buy shoes.  Have you picked a new hobby, a new sport?   Are you ready to think about being more French but in a truely American way of "leisure" now "just arrived"?

Well, there I go saying we have now an economy as "equal unemployer" and so guided by "equal employment opportunity" laws.   Guys, see the women have to want the job now more than you, it is a necessary step in "feminine" smelt to achieving fair employment, equality.

Interesting too now that with housing bubble, guys, there likely is even less "housework" now than ever before in US history for those equally unemployed now maybe being called to "just go shopping"  with "please go shopping" even if "shopping" now means more "spending" on leisure.

Oh, "Hillary" you seem "busted" and so now more worthy of review than you were then in "two-fer" accomplicehood from skirting with Bill to his "impeachable" and "disbarring" behavior, also yours in of your "I in two-fer" malpractice and reproachable professional behavior, and especially you as first first lady to insist on contaminating the smelt with "official" west wing duties, that must be said to "limit" spousal protections otherwise assured, without prejudice or suspicion.

So, yup it is a "Clintonomics, stupid" bust that has their "car" of run dry and siezing.   Bush was left with a "non-inheritance" of too much "necessary funding" spirited away from necessary American maintenance, and such especially around just those infrastructure items on "condemned" or "failing" lists.   Bush had to spend into deficit, necessarily, and necessarily in economics, for Clintons hadn’t just sold America on their irresponsible "surplus" they had also so "sold" America on not needing new taxes in such for they sold America on them having had done the due diligence with their "unfunding" so giving America an unreal expectation that President Bush wouldn’t need to spend money they decided not to, not even on MR GO, or a Minneapolis bridge, or schools near railroad tracks that have been rattling students and building, detrimentally for too long.

Got to have that first female president bust!  "Hillary" too big to fail?

note:  It always cost more to have to spend to repair or replace a car that siezed after being run dry, so Bush was actually left not a "non-inheritance" but a growing money pit, from Clinton smelting.

note:  Odd still that Clintons had so many "global warming" alarmists in their midst their eight years and still didn’t take wise and prudent steps to protect New Orleans from the predictable with their "science" - Bigger Storms.

site note:  Despite what my blog  artistic free expression here says at to "time" of my blogging waxing art of First Amendment rights it is best to ignore the "posted time" and work with an understanding that most of my collection of words to thoughts here shared to friends, freely, are usually writ between 7:30 am and 9:30am or at times those evening dinner hours or eleven pm-ish to midnight musings. 



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"A rising tide lifts all boats."

The ebb is the Clintons monkeying, again?

And in the face of all this historical and around "global warming" the wonderment still of 2008 election, record long election, and of Clintons even noting a curiosity related to Global Warming?  Ah, the wonder of it all that "wrath" may have been in the air and only "metaphorically" "CO2" in excess with the Clintons more post Greenberg still certain in their posturing like "all the places we ever lived in Arkansas seem to have been specifically hit with disatrous storms."

If over a billion people on our planet, or even just a million, still believe weather can be of "acts of God" isn’t it best America be last country to officially disagree?  Wrath of God in new storms, still a necessary consideration, and especially what with it being like the other end of trucks that seem to be creating all the global warming, not the exhaust pipe?

Hard not to walk by even just a car from back to front and wonder.  And, well, if you walk by a utility truck in summer month with engine running while parked, oy, oy, oy — What is all Gore talking about the exhaust for, he has the wrong end.

Well there is something "in common" with 1994 not just all about the Clintons.  See, then too I was stuck "not helping" after years of helping, and with eyes and ears to discovering, while they insisted on thinking it all about them and their readiness, while noting it just them how much it really couldn’t be or have been such. 

Sort of like about David Brooks column today, but then when a return to source was supposed to be a necessary part of what I was not thought to be enough about. 

Well, seems this isn’t about Republicans as "a party of no" but now like 1994 again but without the Republicans having domestic and foreign policy concerns that necessitated them helping the Dems look better than they were/are to save such progress to so much positive change, more of Reagan than Clintons and Dems. 

Now the Democrats seem to have gotten stuck with Republicans seeing letting them try it all alone, and while they had the votes, as quite the fastest way back to Republican governance, haven’t they?

Luckily letting the Dems use their "expertise" all by themselves, is working faster than any Republican majority could have accomplished.

And, luckily since I get to live with knowing I worked to keep Dems from their instincts in early 90s that seemed to have taken us straight here, then.  

Convenient, really, now how the Democrats are cleaning up their own house, though by trying to do otherwise.

Would be humorous if not so sad for so many. 



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Of course this is just a work in progress.

Of course no matter where we started and whence we have been it still matters to what "character" we may get boxed.

What to make still of "inspiration" of then new secretary of state Hillary R. Clinton seeming most in denial, and insubordinate, so starting off claiming she would see here like "duty" as taking her "inspiration" in her charge from "Dante".   Surely this was a cut and dry "whipping" of insubordination and maybe even a "race card" playing by "Hillary" so claiming she would listen more to "inspriration" in Dante than even daily evangelising and "orders" of her "charge" from new president.  What to make of such still, especially looking to post election day 2010 new balance, that could lead to "incompetency" and "impeachment" hearings? 

VP Biden are you ready?   How "ready" should you be willing or wise to demonstrate?   Maybe just a discussion of whom better to lead our "Diplomacy"?   Certainly an "expressionist" to mere "impressionist"  metaphysics, artful, to a separation of Obama of Clintonomics, just "reset" and with roots same as in 90s, not truely yours, and not "balanced" (yet) by Republicans checks, yes? 

Former Senator from the near most "corporate" state also our "First State" surely you cannot be so anti-capitalism and anti-free market jobs, right? 

Vice President Biden, you were not at Woodstock, were you?  You didn’t "tune-out" an entire decade, did you? 

Not bashing the "beat" of sixties, and amazing artistic expression,  VP Biden "Joe", just in party of those concerned we now be at "leadership" in Washington of Democrats, some, to many, that are at a loss for having had two sixties and gone straight  heartfully with less "tuning in" into eighties.

Is it too late, Vice President Obama, to get "reset" back to be an "American" expression full of pride in and of "made in America" safety?   Should we let it go as too "communist" now too full of Obama and Clinton heart poundings beating so now rooted somehow clearly towards a national socialism our country serenades not?

New York noting >>> Thank you PBS for you broadcast "Live from Lincoln Center" taped program presenting the current dramatization "SOUTH PACIFIC".   I wasn’t wise to it being such a story of America and race.  Must be something to see it performed live, and more than once — maybe some day. 

All readers, a note:   Yes, I will attempt to remain, as politically correct (PC), as I was in early nineties around my vigorous work in spelling and writing to a new "PC" for America.  If I seem to have strayed, please consider the Clintons’ eight years were not of really living up to the new standards fought for with pen and wit.  If I seem to have strayed, please consider I still have to poke at Clintons for their eight years not so kindly as President Bush allowed post 9/11 with them "red state and blue state…" cya appropriate only in our federalism for such "simpletoning" was critical to keep America united and healing.  I cannot abide the Clintons still being allowed to blame America as they did with saying like "blue states voters said do this…" and without some reasonable expectation that they were elected to be wiser and of "leadership" based upon reports and committee discussions from our vast abundance of "experts".   It just seems unreasonable to let the Clintons slide further so passing the "buck" back to Americans when it was actually them being more "politically selfish" and "plotting" with conscious effecting.   It is hard to stay "PC" while discussing either Clinton still today, please bare with me, with me once of trying, with vigorous penmanship and conscious routing to a new political correctness, appropriate for ‘positive change’ then specific to early 90s but now now considered for these different conditions.   It is hard so, seeing Clintons tyring to transplant such "new PC" from early 90s into a different times, on the cheap, and to the "convenient" like to old "cookie cutter" objectionable.

Is is "pc" to present "straight" as edited to "straight"?   Of course it is, right?  And, if Governor Blagojevich truely could do all his "state" duties within just "two hours" each day has not our "Washington" become too involved in local issues and community footing, and decision processing?   Details of "straight" just need broad brushing, in repeating, not a whole new centralized national lexicon, right?  

How are we to get past the "depends what the definition of "is" is"  around blurring of "marriage" commitment?  Like saying our Constitution isn’t supposed to be writ so as a "law abiding" constitutional where any "interpretation" cannot be to "support" or "encourage" criminality and immoral effecting?   Can our 14th Amendment only be "legally" interpreted when finally called to such but as for those "involuntarily" brought into our United States of America jurisdiction not of a conscious entry in violation of posted writs?   It is what the law can only be, if it is to finally be called up for "interpretation"?

Of course this is a work in progress.   Of course,  Vice President "Joe" Biden, up from Delaware, roots, so too of battles, civil, and tortured, of our American story?



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A cardinal sin?   Red birds of war?  Red birds of love?

Time to play the "L-word"?

No not "Latin" - not even "lattitude" or "longitude" - not even "legal" nor "leviathan."

Time to play, oh well, ok, I guess it could be about "L" for "leviathan" sort of like "ying" to "yang" though.

Oh, Jesuits, what a wonder, what a wonder to find a Jesuit educated, like made for me.  What a wonder you less of hill’s of Rodham and her imperialism are, you Jesuits of Fordham.   You haven’t thrown the cardinal sins at Hillary yet though, have you?

What about the ghosts of Eleanor?  What about the spirit of Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt?  

No, yes, the "L-word", that "Hillary" is so wish washy about so of effectings in Republican scribing around the 22nd Amendment - "love".

How remarkable to be to waking up wanting to do the type of work you always set out to do and wanting to do, and while tufting, proud, in other professions years so progressing, mostly unappreciated and misunderstood to such budding, and  years hoping just one had been made just for me, and my tuftiness.

So confounding around missed cotillions, and years an of Augustian "Wildcats" of "NOVA" — "Go Nova!"

What a fed feeder Fordham hams out still, and now in times to recall Eleanor.

So "Eleanor":  "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Wait, is the legacy of Fordham still as "a fed feeder" school?  Oh, Eleanor, how "Hillary" so fails to understand the 22nd Amendment as near all about you.

Oh, Eleanor, of wars ending in earlier years of "pre-Obamacrats" America of Barry Obama also of Hyde Park still pre-president:   You seem to have an entire Constitutional Amendment in our 22nd Amendment just a rendering around "cardinal sins" wisdom discussing around how some to many, and especially republicans of late 40s were of awareness of near to all then more obvious "plots" around FDR’s last term more of like you had been elected and with only "not enough" of "only some" of President Franklin D. Roosevelt sticking around, during essentially your presidency.

Hey Chief Kelly,  are you all Irish? 

Hey former Chief William Bratton, you can never escape the "destiny" of "brats" and "bills" justifyings? 

Hey, "Hillary" of course the 22nd Amendment was meant to prevent say a "Bill" from running for president of say a spouse "Hillary" who, for discussion purposes, say was "term limited" for already having served eight years?  Hey "Hillary" of course the 22nd Amendment, written by mostly (only?) by Republicans was done with knowledge and concerns around an "Eleanor" Conundrum/paradimn?

What purpose other than, yes please now ignore my "retraction" around 22nd Amendment rendering without Constitutional convention, and move to now the obvious lost around time and place and "motives" to the writ we call our "term limit Amendment".

Eleanor, how has "Hillary" not heard your thoughts on such matter, surely not for a lack of trying, still?   Is she just being polarizing and hard-partisan divider while of a campaign for our presidency she likely wasn’t "legal" in pursuing and because of "L-word" LOVE?

"Hillary" a "leviathan"?   A concern, cardinal?

It writ so that "Hillary" should have run first or stopped "Bill" at the gates to a second term so not to be still "illegal" in seat on our line of succession with it "fresh" still that her being elected would have been able to be judged "Unconstitutional" per an Amendment writ just around democratic concerns on longevity of power and the Franklin women thought actually running America with not enough of "Franklin" still around?

Is the Jesuit legacy of Fordham University still of being a fed feeder?

Oh, and to find love to wakings such to doing what you always wanted to do and over years many misunderstood, usefully for art, my art though, is like finding one made just for you.

Too late for a life without art.    Too late for "Hillary" without a "Eleanor" relevance. 



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I am taking a big risk here.  I am now blogging tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow morn whence latest "polling" of minimalist web stats are available for my last blogged cycle.

Not quite as risky as selling change and then embracing Clintons, but still not necessarily advisable. 

This is August and are you ready for Venice, are you ready for Venice Beach?  Has you summer, regardless of your age, been about becoming a hard body again or even nearer to hard body again?  A summer of regrets for too many of "Bill’s" "Big Macs" again averted?

Gosh, is there anything we cannot blame on Clintons?  Gosh, golly, and today with a new conundrum in the financial news with an Erin Burnett "breaking" economic analysis around costs of production in United States of American now possible on level with second world and third world economies, though once of real economic advantage?

Erin, while I am preoccupied with concerns around "ready for Venice" with Labor Day approaching, and still avoiding my Nike black speedo sported in DC public pools for half mile and three quarters of a mile duration of laps with only modest pride in flip turns, and for such still deep in drawers:  Are you ready for Wall Street / DC / world tomorrow to point out that if such is true then President Obama owes President Bush a retraction for blaming everything "down" on him?  Are you ready, Erin, for President Bush to now look like a genius for this down economics for the very beneficial upside that now the crisis of valuation has passed and anchored the United States of America truly in a competitive and promising new economic position?

Well, now more concerned about Venice, still?  After all it is still summer and mid August. 

So today for an august day I did appreciate an August day by taking out my vintage late 80’s Cannondale aluminum framed mountain bike still with tapered forks and fatty tires still not needing to be "shock absorber" front forks, or mono fork.  I even broke out my early eighties vintage Cannondale light grey panniers in case I found stuff to rent from a library or buy from a store, or, still, maybe collect from "waste" of like "found on road side dead" but still not garbage of another useful to me.  So today I was out with fatty low pressure tires spinning for near a few hours and not out on high pressure road tires with spinning taking you much further per minute and hour than fatty tires with lower pressure allow under natural laws around physics. 

It is neat now with August such a summer month still more about family that I am fonding and curiously remembering visiting my brother, not then living in Venice Beach area, and finding him wanting in such mid 90s to explain this new "internet thing" he was being paid to work for a New Orleans production house primarily around a Jeff Fox, if I recall correctly, of turning our safety video products geared and produced as child safety educational products.  How can I not remember my brother showing me the new "search engine" capability so not the old Britannica’s complete Encyclopedia set we grew up with. (Yes, rhetorical, now question mark needed.)  It is neat that my brother post working with Ashley Judd on DOUBLE JEOPARDY, and while a basic production assistant (or was that post child safety educational video work?  hmmm?) is historically the first person to introduce me to "Google search" though maybe with Yahoo!.  Annoying though that by 1997 Clintons hadn’t secured my relevance such that a search of just "J P Hogan" would then have me as the second result on the first page.

So how has your summer been, are you as "ready" for Venice Beach with Labor Day approaching as you hoped?  Am I but still not likely to break out my Nike black "speedo" swim suit, while nearing "hard body" status greater than ever before for me.  (Rhetorical, again, unless you care to express an opinion.

See it was 1997 and I was thinking of driving all the way across the country to LA and Hollywood, but alas, my recently bought 1988 Dodge B250 Cargo van with a Dodge 318 V8 didn’t like getting on entrance ramp to Houston for a day trip from visit to New Orleans and my brother then there.  See, my van bought to take me to my new "home" decided to shake, rattle and roll, but with pluffs of black smoke out the exhaust and a rattle that could only be a timing chain past its past-prime.  But, alas, Pro Engine Sales of Kenner Louisiana was in the directory and had rebuilt cores of such Dodge 318 specs ready.  But so a New Orleans 14 day visit of many fond memories even with summer heat warning days around "114 degree heat factor"  that some could attest to seeing me biking or roller blading some part of distance between NO and Kenner while checking on "rebuild".  (Such rebuild that held up for near 100,000 new miles and until NPR played Stanley Greenberg in 2004 saying (live?) "if we (Dems) can read the minds of those driving laymen vehicles we should be do fine" (like.).

So driving north on 395 in Virginia that day on way back from considering another Asylum Wake Skate Snow store build-out down nearer Richmond what else happened but while hearing Stanley Greenberg (live?) on NPR and near the Edsall Rd exit but my used and then rebuilt so Dodge cargo van of B250 capacity did just suddenly die like with a good firewalling effecting, but to "time to buy a new car, and because of my old neighbor and father of friends - Stanley Greenberg."

I did bike within a block of his home today while out spinning on my Cannondale mountain bike still of tapered forks and attention to front tire air pressure for "shock absorption", and kindly to find that the Elm City Shakespeare company is readying in Edgerton Park to host it opening night for free Shakespeare dramatisations into September.

But, alas, so Stanley Greenberg audacity killed my laymen vehicle and with the mechanic asked/charged only able to say "some ground wire shorted somewhere"…  and so I bought a new Dodge Dakota sport extended cab in two wheel version to so then be my Capitol Hill parked "pick-up" truck necessarily but not willfully replacing my very low cost 1988 Dodge B250 I could maintain myself even when necessary with trips to a nearby junk yard.  I could even fit boats inside such old "laymen" vehicle that hear old neighbor Stanley Greenberg live (it seemed) on NPR did kill.

So near Febuary 14, 2004 I was in Alexandria, Virginia putting a new black Dodge Dakota on payment plan, and with a wonder in Olympic Skating though only 4th in 2002, of those days I inadvertantly opened my heart to anyone of them, the competing female single skaters,  for their bravery trying to make anything beautiful so soon after 9/11.   Such is the same vehicle now of historical significance in my battles to protect America from Hillary Clinton putting "Bill" back into the White House for my realizing it was more convenient to let myself proceed more of victorious secrets in credit, and near anonymous, by letting Chrsyler reposes such vehicle from where it was such historical day, on A Street SE.  My credit is worthy, but it has been useful to beat up on banks for not being more worthy while using their questionable behavior to keep me as "angry" and "motivated" against Clintons as I should stay/remain/posture/still fight.

So:  "Once you go black - you never go back!" is a two sided cupid dart still of justice and prudence, as it still seems "you will never forget such love" and also "you know you should never go back to such, or chase and for such not at all as for about race or color?

So the legend of such eccentricity now so revealing short of Venice ready as a hard body but still revealing for though of anchoring NBC Tuesday nights and such Thursday at 10 spot as so I did and so as most "pop" culture in such of my past so generated for positive change for many that had me not watching almost all, almost any of any creations so creditable, but yet to be credited publicly in print.

So Hillary?  Are you feeling too selfish as my strike continues on economics and entertainment value furtherance for your active presence still a corrupting of original intent, in such art and progress?

Oh, Erin, can President Obama not now praise President Bush for carrying the policies to leveling of costs of production, seeming necessary for United States to maintain any competiveness, or is he now ready to attempt to explain that he and Clintons are actually, somehow, and somehow beyond belief, responsible for such serious loss of jobs and valuation to now near record foreclosures and high unemployment?   Will Dems take credit now with futuitiveness of your economic report, Erin,  and attempt to claim it was by there design or now will they start telling of a wonderful and "just in time" and "necessary" miracle of the Bush administering wisdoms, not "not discussed"?

Yes I ended up in New Orleans in 1997 and for near 14 days with heat factors near 114 degree concern, and so after news after first day of Robert Mitchum dying/passing and the second day while me around Washington DC of James Stewart dying/passing.   Yes, I turned back to Connecticut with a decision seeming wiser, in consideration, to move to DC instead of LA, but not with years later of meaning to still move to LA and with my new 2004 Dodge Dakota, or without. 

I thought my original intent around my calling myself "more a citizen rosebud than a Citizen Kane" had gone to the wind and well LA seemed to be calling more strongly, then.

What about Venice?   And, so with 2002 Olympics so necessarily about discussing widom or trying to act, to beautiful, on wisdom around so many hues to share.

Ready just for Southern Connecticut and Manhatten?  A blogger by any other identity is still a blogger, as universal? 

Yeh, bankers, I used you all to keep up rightful anger and necessary vigilance weary of Clintons, and will still as long as…


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Today is August 18, 2010.   How is your summer going?

Now back to regular scheduled broadcasting:

Some housekeeping:

Yes the party of Lincoln seems alive, though more the partying of Samuel Adams maybe than ever. 

Yes,  President Obama needs a China "diplomacy" nearer Nixonian than hillarious.

Maybe Secretary Clinton would be better served with President Obama more of "stay the course" sparsity of speech.

Maybe all Democrats would be better with less "if the president says it is legal, then it is legal" executive speechifying.


So, are you on board with every thing you have read here on my blog? 

The verdict is still out on New York, around "carpetbaggers, Clintons".

Is it just "moody" that our Constitution and convening was necessarily of THE FEDERALIST PAPERS being needed to counter then Governor Clinton, such Clinton I believe of no "relation" to Mr. and Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.

Is it just "moody" that we needed THE FEDERALIST PAPERS to sell colonists on not going the Governor Clinton of New York "empire" to New York like too big to fail, and, so not needing the rest of colonies for its own survival?

How to cover Harlem today, today now that "Bill" moved into the "big house" of global foundation and post presidency office, and "gentrified" Harlem?  Has he run the blacks out of their home turf?  In these days to fastest new economic growth to come from tourism dollar attracting and especially Chinese tourism dollars, should Harlem kick "Bill" out and rebuild to "historic" and "cultural" as a great American Black Cultural "Destination"?

Is my old client William Stringfellow, a client from a college summer month in landscaping in 80s, now rolling over in his grave with "Bill’s" "new Harlem"?

Can I pick on George Clooney and not need to "retract" for unlike many I can remember NBC and seemingly, specifically, Jamie Tarses then in my head asking and pleading for one more show idea, please, one more show idea, like, and like for 10pm on Thursdays.

Can I pick on Amendment 14 and Amendment 22 as I did but now here wanting to "retract"? 

In the here and now, with our best economic moves to restore jobs being to go retro and dramatic, and historical, and maybe to more Americans employed to trapse about in like TEA PARTY vintage costumes, and 49er miners …:

RETRACTION:   I, in hindsight, take back my comments around 14th and 22nd Amendments recently written and here published.   It seems behind our times to analyse and interpret news around such Amendments in less "revolutionary" walking and talking.  It seems we are now, again in hindsight, best to use every "excuse" to convene a new Constitutional Convention, and that I should have worked that with my earlier comments.  It seems now we need as many reasons to open up Constitution for "revisions" and none now more necessary that an amending of "terms of presidency" to two year terms, still maybe with a maximum of eight years duration, and with more clarity to prevent perversion to selfish spousal greed and "hoging" a dampener to artistic expression and renaissance in clearly new art.  Yes I was wrong to cover 14th Amendment as like 22nd Amendment of suggesting their vagueness though workable still acceptable.  Yes I would better have taken such space to argue for a Constitutional Convention to rewrite our terms of office for our presidency and to two year terms with "special elections" via Ipad and Ipod and smartphones and blackberries and still a pony express where reliable still, and such.   Yes, two year terms with "recall" ousting provisions seems a better way to have covered much recently. 



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New Yorkers are racists! 

New Yorkers are tabloid readers.

New from Chicago and rest of those charges around Illinois, and, how did this trial get allowed to take place within any jurisdiction of such state? How did this case not get moved outside at least of Chicago?

New Yorkers are racists?

I do hope you didn’t have to hire an electrician to come to your home or office at $75 just to show up with by the hour fees, tick tock, tick tock…, just to explain my last couple blogs.

See it may be safer now the blog "New York staters are racists!" than to have been from Illinois or Chicago and volunteer to completely need to change your way of life after such happenstance of jury duty calling dialed you up.

I do not know if such trials could have been tried/heard outside of such political region but do hope it could have. 

Have you ever seen a defendent have the chance to get so much publicity of entertainment value and especially "political" value when with a jury called in ways that a "deciding" could be incriminating "politically" of a White House administration, a current White House administration?

Maybe the government didn’t completely make its case on each point needed in other 23 charges, but then the defendent wasn’t found "innocent".  Were they left with the opportunities to look extremely still "connected" afforded defendent to only dream of being written into a "reality show" with him but written in to be "written off" by him? 

So he wasn’t found innocent, is that "politically" in Chicago as good as "guilty"? Such a way to keep politics local? 

Has the jury done the right and moral thing, and now in the light of "guilty" for lying so soon followed by defendent tonight saying "we didn’t put up a defense"?  Hey, for that should he get max sentence?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Judge?

Well see it best not to talk about it just yet, as President Obama probably will have a statement to make about local justice, soon, right?  And well aren’t the local feelings the most newsworthy? He wouldn’t dare, would he?

So "New York staters are racists" and not because of some Mosque in the news but for otherwise: how did that carpetbagging southern white woman move into Representative Rangel’s state and get elected Senator from New York instead of him or any black so long hankering to rise in New York politics?

Did "Hillary" just give North Korea its own "reset" button and again forget to check the spelling and translations such that now North Korea has a "reset" button that doesn’t say "overcharged" but actually translates as "LAUNCH"?

New Yorkers, white did you vote for a carpetbagging southern white women instead of one of your own homegrown of non-white tax status?  

So there was no one to "sell" the Senate seat to Clintons as it wasn’t a special appointment, by New Yorkers does that mean the Clintons’ White House didn’t buy her the Senate seat?

Better than being a racist?  Right?

At least it is still American to say "reboot".




Really, I do hope you didn’t have to spend $150 just to get an electrician to show up and then go on the clock with fees by the hour, just to teach you enough about their brotherhood/sisterhood to understand my last couple blogs.

"How about some tic tac toe?"

Do there "ends" justify their means?  Or have the proved the "ends" are not workable and now so that their means much more suspect?




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So where, again, do "punk rock poets" fit in here?

What were those "diplomatic" talking points that have Secretary of State of staking Hill, Christ… to state guidance of (or over) Iraq?


What were the lyrics, Mr. President?  What were your "punk rock poet" friends selling / pushing / singing?


Just seems bad poetry, Madam Secretary of State, and near "worse" than "Chirstopher Warr’n" around madams all bright "diplomacy"!

Battery included, battery overlooked by Clintons, and with prejudice and bias?

So President Obama even in your second edition?printing of DREAMS OF MY FATHER you kept that paragraph that says so much about you, and only maybe good, good for these times.  So President Obama if there ever is a third edition will you keep you sentences pronouncing that you took special care when in New York City to choose your friend (FRIENDS!!!) very carefully and so with choosing primarily the "Marxist professors" and the "punk rock poets" and "neocolonialists"?

These are the days still concerned and quite now more concerned about battery. Mr. Vice President, you may have something, finally with idea to split Iraq into three separate states based on bias and beliefs.  Seems the NYC Mosque so near "Ground Zero" best split in three to three addresses for three Mosques.

We should be careful not to let "Hillary and Bill" the saboteurs keep President Obama from celebrating his "poet" friends?  Mr. Vice President seems the "diplomatic" past keeping Mosque issue from furthering "they all look alike" thinking around Muslims and so now these many years of struggles around how different many are, right?  One to three?

On the upside of all these charges much of "Hillary" is how "saboteur" good give President Obama fresh campaign legs, and greater global stature.

On the upside of "Hillary the saboteur" is a neat little revelation around spinning true as your problems are from "Hillary" specifically undermining your presidency, for her and "Bill’s" selfish aiming to move back into White House.

How, you ask can there be an upside to us being here now because "Bill" and "Hillary" are saboteurs?

Well, "Hillary" with Iraq and Afghanistan and now NYC "Ground Zero" Mosque and relevant history of centuries pertinent is of showing now a lack of "poetry" and slamming fresh and forward a backward looking at the Clintons’ eight years of official state foreign policy of "anti-Shia" with "Iraqi Shia not capable of governing themselves, and really quite a pro Sunni eight year bias.  Wait! was it pro-Sunni or more pro Ba’athist as of the birth of Ba’athism to attempt the creation of a united and singular Arab Socialist State?

So Mr. Vice President, three Mosques not just one, if one "allowed" then three really needed?

On the upside, see these current renditions of policy by Clintons shows such a lack of sensitivity and "poetry" that we have to look now back and back at Ireland and Northern Ireland Catholic and Protestant strife.  See, these currents being dispersed by Clintons, even Clintons as "saboteurs" of and to "Obama" success, are muddy and contaminating to seeing the Clintons as even worthy of credit or possible of successful "poetry" that spelled peace for Northern Ireland.  If they could have done that, they should have seen Iraq and its sectarian strife also of Middle East as a region with greater sensitivities.

So, Mr. President, where does the punk rock poetry fit here, now?  Don’t you think your VP Biden and his "three separate…" sings now for NYC?

So not one Mosque for Ground Zero but three if one to be, so that three not one are, and are more realistically with our times.  If Clintons understood Irish poetry then they would be now even as "saboteurs" to Obama "success" still of proceeding differently?

So the Clintons are of for Iraq, a Warr’n Christ (Warren Christopher), a madams all bright pride forced with Madaleine Albright, and now nothing less than Christ… Hill singularity where a separation between just Protestants and Catholics in Christ now still more diplomatic? 

So three Mosques?  But wait aren’t just two needed - one for Shia and one for Sunni?

What about the Ba’athist?  What about the "perversion" of the orginal "Ba’athist" ideal by Saddam Hussein of using religion to grap power and "autocratic" and "tyrannical" power for himself? 

Surely there are those around 9/11 and "Ground Zero" and Islam that see past Saddam Hussein and to a worshiping to a single Arab Socialist State in Islam, that seems not simply Shia or Sunni?

Battery not included, as acceptable, in any?

What is the Obamiwannabee code? Punked?

"Bill" and "Hillary" are saboteurs?  Mr. President?

Couldn’t Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton have found a "Doobie Brother" for Ambassadorship to Iraq?

On the upside Tom Foley for Governor of CT now not of considering, like Dan Malloy to such a need and/wisdom to maybe shift to running as an Independent.  Tom Foley, former Ambassador to Ireland now even with Clintons not likely responsible for positive change in Ireland of their years for if they understood such then they should be now treating Muslims and their issues differently now? But that was before Tom Foley’s statemanship, so not likely his poetry either?

"All politics is local!"  (Former Speaker Tip O’Neil)



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Checks and inspections?

"Hillary is a very polarizing person."?

Cross-wired and now ungrounded?

Time, now to wonder if George Clooney is another Russian spy, and with new movie "coming soon" around "AMERICAN" just fishing with a net to find more to assimilate, socialist?  George Clooney is a Communist? 

How are you wired?  Are you still grounded with American democracy and representation with taxation?

Where’s the Wiggy!  Where’s the Wiggy!

"Hillary" still too polarizing, and yet, and yet… President Obama - ungrounded?

What type of "governance" is this we now have, I do not seem to recognized it?  It doesn’t seem "American" familiar, does it?  Our President as "judge and jury" without grounding in due process?

What type of "governance" is this with President Bill Clinton now nearly and fully the "third leg" of cabinet wiring of Obama’s foreign policy and only such slightly short of voltage to wattage of a full blown AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD tyrannical beam?

Well, it is a Sunday, a day to check your "grounding" and "wiring" in freedom and from possible political shortings.

Caution, we have only one check now on so much voltage surging!  Caution!!!  Our freedom is at risk with the only check on globe trotting nearly AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD BILL with all his relations in support of radicals seeking political change and maybe even in "revolution" is just one person, one person only charged with objectivity, and our safety, with the charge to probe and label "Bill" either as "giving material support to terrorist groups" or "not".  Caution!!! America now daily lives with "Bill" nearly running a private CIA with his Global Foundation and with a hankering for change many places around the world, and with only "Hillary" as our charged Secretary of State as our "checked" grounding responsible for tripping "Bill’s" switch with civil notification to Bill of giving material and so treasonous and criminal support to terrorists.

WIRED?  WIRED FOR WHAT?  No longer democracy and due process?  No longer with a reasonable depth in our checks and balances wiring up with and from our Constitution and founding documents?

"Hillary is too polarizing"!

"Bill" is unchecked, and not sufficiently inspected?

Is the real problem of such a NYC Mosque permitting not that they are wiring in Muslim to Ground Zero with separation of church and state, but maybe that they are so attempting grounding so into an absense of a separation of Mosque and state (Church and State)? 

It is though really a greater problem for more due process than yet reported or elucidated by a top Diplomat. 

It is though really, necessarily, still of wiring around Muslims and 9/11 and President Obama’s condemnation of President Bush’s standing with all Iraqi people including Shia.

It is not the wounds and burns from 9/11 shocking and exploding now nearly as much as still a concern for sectarian strife and civil wars.

A Mosque?  A Mosque while America still best to be thinking at least two Mosques needed?  A Mosque at GROUND ZERO and yet without permits and inspections yet in reports as to whether Shia or Sunni?  Is the real risk and "inappropriate" to such proposals to permitting that a Mosque of the other sect then justified to open maybe just across the street and while sectarian strife still an issue of the still barely "litigated" avoidance and inaction of the eight years of Clintons, that left a horrendous "inheritance" for President Bush?

George Clooney, are you another Russian spy?

George Clooney, are you still ashamed for your bias and spotlighting of "Bill" for Haiti HOPE and over Obama for "HOPE" socketing?  Are you, George, still to be ashamed especially for so "politicizing" Haiti relief such that fewer and smaller donations likely were wired, sent? 

George Clooney, as an actor and director, don’t you agree that the Bush - Clinton TV ad still airing for new Haiti contributions and assistance, oddly still of Clinton-Bush Haiti … instead of Bush-Clinton…, is just so, sooo, nearly the worst political or charitable ad ever made?  Seems President Bush got bullied into being submissive or else… or else they would bury him for not being supportive to Haiti even though they then would have been even more of blocking him out.  The worst ever, George?

Cross wired and now ungrounded?

Are two Mosques the only thing that should be permitted and not even with one "before" the other?  And, even if sectarian strife then is the current events on the streets of NYC purview?

CAUTION!!! We now have only "Hillary" responsible for charge of our safety and proper labeling of "Bill" as of "giving material support to terrorists."

CAUTION!!! Due process shorting and "governance" grounding unrecognizable.  What are we now with a President now so, and so willingly, playing as "judge and jury"?

CAUTION!!! Bill is wired to lie! Such is a matter of past inspections, reports and rulings!

CAUTION!!! Bill, is known as well to pull off lying to "Hillary"! Nearly to corrupting a minor, a minor with older sisters unable to avoid charge of feminism, and so by not just, as told of lying of a minor’s answer immediately to "Hillary" but then with an expectation that such a minor of near first grade would be his "wing nut" in his lying to laying (still?) for years and on no less than "morals around American presidency."

"FAILED!!!"  Bill you have failed in all but living up to the first impression you made upon me in early 70s.  Your eight years so more simply explain so many of the problems around Obama’s inheritance.  Bill, you still seem so nutty, to ask a youth whose "honest answer" you perverted into a laying lie and around the worthiness of future presidents, and, to so perverted it still days and months out, even with charge of feminism not going away, especially for me in liberal Yale neighborhood with two older sisters.

AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD BILL:  So much that you are and still seemingly "nutty" with cross wiring ungrounded in our times:  You do remember for days and months and years you would hope I would be the chauvinist wingnut/wingman supporting your laying desires dependent on furthering your lying about my "honest answer."


So we should only permit two Mosques, not just one for a religion so divided like others, still?

(A "Wiggy" is a brand of voltmeter.)










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That could be in quotes, but I needn’t quotith myself.  Poetic license!

What are the obligations to objectivity in "reporting" – avoid king/queen making "intent"?

Avoid calling oneself a "reporter" if King/Queen making your motivation? 

Feminism now the "longest war"?   Feminism the unfinished "war" still of overreaching?

Gloria!  Gloria!  Gloria!

Stretchhhhh.   Stretchhhhh.   Morning calisthenics everyone?   Some vitamin D creatin?

Oh, Maxine!   Oh, maxims.   Oh, Representative Maxine Waters of Los Angeles district!


How through we see, still now?  How through the phony of the Clintons as first conceived, poetic concern of one not calling himself a "reporter"?  

How now with original concerns still dominant around failing of Clintons and their team of Obama leaning?  

Gloria!  Gloria!  Gloria!

No, not the song, silly, that would need quotes, and recognition.  No, Gloria Steinem, Gloria of:  "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle."  That Gloria, also of reviewing TRAUMA AND RECOVERY by Judith Herman as a foundational book of new poetry/science/medicine now/then publishable as feasible.   See Gloria, that book like no other had me feeling upon finishing more like I had written its "outline" and "core" than any other to that day.   Sure I had days as a feminist and new to consider myself a poet with advance self knowledge and awareness from decades of honing awareness and reflexes towards a solid and more useful neurology, more useful in times of crisis.

Yes, for the most part my "exceptional" where it may exist and "not as transparent" is mostly footed of from self learning and self teaching.  

Gloria!  Gloria!  Gloria!

Dear God, why am I mentioning this today, this decade?  I shouldn’t go and mention such "old" usefulness now dished for near two years by Obama and Clinton Dems as bad like "all the fault of just the Bush eight years."   Really I should be more careful "eee"!  Really it is not as simple as spelling potato.   Really, I should restrain from mentioning my days as a feminist poet for such was just a  phase I can never regain, nor should, nor should try.  If any of it worked and produced useful advances it so then now is time for the experts, the experts and those licenced up from just conception and broad brushing.

Yes, it does make sense!  Yes, if "Hillary" actually had real "political skill" she should have attended to my lines "HOW THROUGH WE SEE?"  & "IN THE RACE, OF HOPE, WHO GETS THE BILL?"!  Most certainly!   And for those now joining the poetry/party late:  These were written as Governor Clinton was being crafted towards possibly President Clinton, and yet so with some assisting more to give President Bush "41" a good and honorable fight without enough consideration for unexpected Ross Perot pivoting votes, enough, away.   Too few seem to know the truth that Clintons were helped to help them some but more to help President Bush, and safely maybe help him live up to Senator Al Gore’s professing (and urging) to "President Bush deserves a second term… so I am not going to run."

Personally, I could have stayed more a "reporter" if "Hillary" or "Bill" had showed real "political skill" and attended to the intent of even just the predicaments in these two lines/stanzas of circa early 90s poetry.   It is Bill and Hillary that made me less a reporter and more a "King Maker" and now still with my answer to their first polling of me in early 70s still the same:   still the same to the question if they as Yale Law Students could both become President some day:  "still the same":   (This is where Bill lied to her, to her face, and right in front of me, me then near first grade):   (note: it was asked, their question, as by two unmarried "students")  so:  From memory, unforgettable, from the early 70s, in proper quotes though maybe paraphrased:  Bill’s lie to Hillary changing my honest "qualifying" of first answer given to as asked two "unmarried":  "Well, wait, if you get married then ‘no’ for you will run into ‘term limit’ problems, maybe  — be careful which one goes first."

Oh Maxine!  A line for Hollywood, now mine:   About nepotism (not?):   (Maybe so about hiring a grandson?):   "It is not nepotism to help an older sister get into your very large industry, it is just ‘masochistic’."   Well I guess maybe that goes to if any "pleasure" actually ever derived?   It is a very large industry and a warning to those even possibly exposed, again while it was "Bill and Hillary" that made me more a "king maker" than still more a "reporter" and for of from their lack of real "political skill". 

Gloria!  Gloria!  Gloria!

Maxim:  It is not nepotism, it cannot be, it must just be "caring" and not even "biased."  And, even, as remembered for like others helped and so many remembered helped in so many industries, some more as a "reporter" than others so that even such that may bring pleasure some day was still of those near three years of "gate keepers" checking in, rightfully, and professionally,  for "office"/"industry" "politics" for "yes/no" checking if one worthy to get deeper into my real/primary industry long of my successful and very profitable to others musing and synchronising.

See,  in the early 90s efforts around Clintons even then had great risk of them being exposed as phonies you could see through.

And, well, that they didn’t attend to "IN THE RACE, OF HOPE, WHO GETS THE BILL?"?

Stretchhhhh!   Stretchhhhh!  Morning calisthenics?   Everyone?  No longer with morning walks to get a newspaper and then morning arm and wrist exercises flipping and reading? 

Yup,  "Hillary" my answer hasn’t changed a single bit since whence first polled and given as honest answer then while a near first grader in New Haven playing in the school yard after school, and then still with looking for your return another day so that I could make sure you got the truth, the real answer and not just the lie "Bill" told you to your face in front of me, seemingly concerned about how you would react (not marry) if you heard the answer as given.   Yup, marriage gets in the way once the term limit Amendment kicks in for one spouse, and still with all these years to question the "spocky" logic that somehow came to me that day for an "honest answer".

Do you know what it is like for it to take near three years for a network to accept someone you endorsed?  Do you know what it is like to "give birth" to an idea you think means only a five year commitment that then holds you "responsible" and "involved" for over ten?

So you want to just be a "reporter"? 

Gloria?  Gloria?  Gloria?

Some "housekeeping" still needed by feminists in this now "the longest war" of Feminism, right?   Two circles indivisible, with inseparable in marriage union of an election of one not some to all the "election of the other"!

Now that we are to "failed" for politicians, it necessary to consider the objectives with objectivity and consideration in subjectivity to how, what, who, whom, when, why and even to where it first started "going bad"?

Poet’s license?  Poetic license?  Reporting?



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Amendment 14, hmmm.

Amendment 22, ah hah!

Logic, oh my!

Oh the overlapping, the overlapping circles, the overlapping legal logic circles, so united.

Seems the 22nd Amendment doesn’t need to be changed just "understood"/interpreted with original intent, and paranoia like of around business accounting "separations" and safeguards.

Not sure about the 14th.   Haven’t even looked at it yet, since concern over their being over 300k per year born so in just 2008, so "illegally" and with the 14th a "carrot" towards "illegal" encouragement.

See though now, please, the overlapping legality of two as one in marriage in the US legally and so under the purview of the 22nd Amendment as Clintons.  I am talking not about teases dreaming of "marriage" but hard core full blown intimacy and unions like the Clintons of legally, as long as "married" as two logic circles never not with some overlap.

Batty?  Batty, the Clintons’ monolith of marketed "two-fer" though inseparable in law to separate circles?

Spocky?  Spocky, the logic that 22nd Amendment forbids all of a President from being returned into any holding, holding in itimacy of White House office, of office of the president, after two terms have been served?  Spocky that legally "Hillary" aka Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton was never to be legally "birthed" as a candidate for President, post President William Jefferson Clinton’s first term completion?  Spocky that legally "Hillary" was never to be "legally" birthed to "candidate for President" as 22nd Amendment forbids all of "Bill" from returning via "election"?

Batty?  That Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton so such, undivided, not, and logically, allowed, legally to be birthed or naturalized into any office within our "line of succession" to our presidency, and that essentially President Obama is in, arguably, a clear and certain violation of his oath of office to defend our Constitution?   Spocky?   Elementary?

Too cute?  Too cute the original intent of just the 22nd Amendment of Republican "sexy" with language and rhyme and reason the beat and words of standard marriage vows around "holding" as the intimate and indivisible so associating, inseparably, the intimate and corruptable, of an intimate of a President, regardless of sex, but fully concerned about sex, and corruptability, and greed, and slothfulness around "democracy"?

Amendment 14, hmmm?

Amendment 22, ah hah?

Clear and present language just needing "legal" ruling on "interpretation" around "original intent"?

Logic, oh my!

A spouse of a term limited president, regardless of sex (their sex) cannot be legally "elected" to a "holding" of office while electing such of inseparable in marriage and marriage rights to "holding" also at least also is such automatically an "electing" to returning some to all of a term limited president to such.

So, is it now that "Hillary" is an illegal Secretary of State so indivisible and without even considering how so many basic accounting principles exist to protect from such lines of overlapping blurring?   Is it still only arguable but while country is wise to be in an arguing mood, and with President  Obama  just a ruling and interpretation from "illegal" in with a ruled violation of his oath to defend our Constitution?

Lawyers up!   Seems, we do not need to amend either 14th or 22nd Amendments or call for a constitutional convention convening.  Seems, we just need to study and asses the existing language within and around so many other standard practices and even "checks and balances" of ours now to help protect us citizens even from absolute power corrupting even not absolutely, like just, intimately in marriage selfish "lying" for spousal defending.

That we have in case of Clintons two lawyers publicly known to be "liars" only helps dismiss the batty though not yet them as "batty" most.  Lawyers up!  Clintons have already established themselves of "lying for a spouse" a hire calling than "representing", democratically and transparently, and indivisible.

As Clintons play it, none of circle of "Bill" returns by "election" with a election of "Hillary" though inseparable in laws of marriage and standard around ‘no law should set another asunder’ like.   For convenience:  Clintons,  Clintons, are of a legal union leaving their logic circles inseparable and yes now in these days past days a wife’s circle just played as a circle within a husband’s circle and not an equal circle always of some overlapping, and unavoidable co-action.


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How to hold on, how to hold on to loyalty.

Once upon a time…EXTRA!  EXTRA!  EXTRA!


Jay,  I have to confess, really it seems imperative that I confess and here.

Jay,  I had consumed less than one case of beer in my life until a month before I was to graduate with my BA in Econ from Villanova University.

Jay,  I have to get this off my chest.  Jay,  I don’t think I have ever read anything you have written but maybe one Wall Street Journal wine column found with Google.

Jay,  I guess I should wait to read HOW IT ENDS until I have at least "popped a cork" with you or read BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY.

Jay,  I just woke this morning to social media of Facebook news to find a posting from an not necessarily "officially Petra" Petra Nemcova link, and with a new status of "single."

Guys:  Do you buy the wine of Jay’s celebration none / some / occassionally / regularly / often / always?

Gals:  Ditto.

Mad women:  See I was busy, by choice, and choice to paddle up stream more than needed, to be working with power tools and ladders and fine skill honing for a better neurology for future marketing and strategizing.  I had a goal in mind, I seemed to have willing accomplices for greater good from positive change.  I had time, and interests.   I was also into bicycling distances at least as regular thought, and such thoughts of needing quick and agile reflexes and especially in city traffic, and Yale students who still seem to cross New Haven streets often without looking but for pack movement, somewhere.


Now the core, the rotten core of "Hillary" – dinasour of the sound bite era, now stuck, tarred, and waist deep in a new more honest and agile era?


NOTE:  David Ogilvy seems to have an interesting biography.  I flipped through it a year maybe ago without buying.  Mine, and of and around same ambitions was to be at least as interesting, yet more from just trying to learn as much in as short a period from as many as I could while synthesising to and with my maternal grandfathers career in marketing and advertising and his still "live" network/wiring even with him in retirement.  After all marketing is supposed to be best with better understanding, not just "pop" and "tease"?

NOTE:  And, then how funny to find myself in my near college years actually a rough and finish carpenter on Block Island - of the Town of New Shoreham - building and finishing much of Jonathan Rhinehart’s "mansion" on Mansion Beach, and especially when news of Adams and Rhinehart moving into Ogilvy Matther.  Too cliche?  Too "clickish"?

Confession:  Right!  I am a cyclist again of distance riding, not yet as much just city roads, so now yes, I was never a smoker.   Do you know already I can call myself a bike mechanis, a rough carpenter, a finish carpenter, a contractor (in past), a cabinet/furniture maker, one of honed electrical skills, one of established plumbing skills, a tiler, a mason of some minor brick and block laying and concrete forming,  yes - a writer (mostly political),  I deny a painter, can cook, can rebuild boats and rig for racing (and have),  have been recognized for conceptual thinking and yes that was a goal in years of construction building first in my thoughts and at times with designing, customly.   I don’t know how to make booze, or vino.   And so all this while a muse with a long unpublished resume, but now with a blog.  I think I still have golf skills, but have had clubs in closet most of past three years after finally getting some into golf just a few years before while getting out of sailing, and back then into some swimming.  Ahh, the dog days of August.



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So what if Donald Trump knows he got the APPRENTICE SHOW idea from me as I thought about a possible casino contract to millions with a side of real estate apprenticeship like, of celebrated in Leon Uris TRINITY.  So what?

So my first suit was a BROOKS BROTHERS brown corduroy three piece from the boys department in New York anchor store.


Ah, from confounded to cotillion – Jay M. you will be pleased to hear, I think, that with some recent birthday money I upgraded to some port and sake.  Jay, I almost feel like I should call you "dad".  AHH?  If only I had an enforceble copyright for having given Mark Felt that old case file name, oh the old tricks, federal and securing, I never might have learned.  I am not sure I have managed the sake to serving at 106 degree recommended heating, I think 90 is most I have attempted.  I haven’t finished the bottles of GEKKEIKAN SAKE & CLAUTRUS PORTO tawny, yet, and should go pick up a new five liter box of my preferred house wine of FANZIA RHINE WINE.  Dad?

Well, it seems "Hillary" is of FAILED.  You’re fired, now?  Or just another, I hope you have a chance to end (soon) your long career, with dignity?  She is well past her time, her time of just trying to put up points, one at a time, without greater worry for the "outcome"/"score."

I must say these sake and port are a finer and more enriching to "palatable" spirit than my mentioned recent house wine.  I have been a sailor, I have been more of a drinker, I always was able to take spells from such and now sport more spells than drinks.  I really should find something to regain my youthful metabolism as now of bicyle rides massing to some 40 and some 50 and one 62 mile trips I am a wondering how it could be more for weight loss than just fat burn.  From confounded to cotillion?

Well it is still bikini season up hear in New England.  Best to keep the talk of "fashion" to a minimum.  Well fall is coming and a sweater is a sweater no matter how "homemade."  See, I am safe, I have once suit I should always never let myself "grow out of" and it has more than one pair of suitable slacks.  AHH?

Yup, it is fashion now to say and conclude: "Hillary has failed!"  If you are late to this party please log on to politico.com today and seek the comment#48 on mixed lot of new republicans in comment thread, and as also by me.

Jay, it really is quite spirited when my "cotillion" reads right especially with so many years with confounding. 

So yes New Yorkers it seems it best to stay "artist" or "cog in a team machine" in NYC as "independents" of "freelance" seem to get double and triple taxed. 


"Eccentric Artist" the best current "cotillion" tax category?

Really you should be afraid to try such boxed Rhine wine, though some port and sake may be finer.

Well if Leon Uris were alive I may find him and ask him why he named her Amanda Kerr and not also confounding to as Anne Chapman?  

It is far less confounding and more good spirited when the cotillion is tilled cooperatively as permissable around the correct heroin.  AHH?  :-) ?

What is a "doxie"?  I am pretty sure I haven’t met one.

New Yorkers, about "freelance" attitude and taxing, anyone?




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With the list, so now established, is America still to "American"?

What a blow "Bill"!  Can you get any lower?

Oh, "Hillary" you do realize you are the primary reason I still strike on "economy"?

Oh, "Hillary" you do realize I can never forget how your beau "Bill" on your "polling walk" that found me near a first grader at play in the school yard available to be polled by both of you with "can we both become president some day?" and while you must still have been trying to decide "to marry" or "not", how I can never forget "Bill" so lied to your face about what my answer really was.   And, how you were willing to accept it, even though a lie.  How did "Bill" even ever pass the BAR?  I’ld ask you "what were you thinking" but I do not want to know.

So now I am still on strike and so confident I am doing less harm avoiding helping you than letting you "get away" with your games and miscrediting would do if helping you and you back to your true ways of misusing and misdirecting around such a complicated market and profit driven, meant, story as mine.

So what is the least I need to say today to keep people with enough information and before unknown facts essential towards keeping America to "American" still?

It is time to bring in the Marines and the Navy, all sailors?  Have you read O’HARA’S CHOICE by Leon Uris?   Are you in marketing now and only now understand the insertion of a Mr. Hogan and a Mr. Burke as critical characters kept quiet to natural deciding took its course?

Do Marines think of "619" more than most others not Annapolis area Cal 25 sailors and rebuilders of classic 60-70 fiberclass racer/cruser sailboat Cal 25?  I see that it fits with the whole concern around the number "23" but for those not driving through Virginia near Quantico a greater relevance is it as the route number to get to Quantico Marine Base.

Sure, my story of a highly skilled rebuilder of boats predates my starting on "September Wind" after an April 1, 2001 ownership change date for 1968 Cal 25 of hull number #619.  Sure I was of Penguin Fleet One in Alexandria, Virginia with a 1975ish, home made like many, and then rebuilt fully and rerigged by me alone Penguin Class Racing Dingy, now maybe still of Dangerfield Island and with Shark Teeth fighter jet bow, a touch by new owner, past my days of racing it in "battleship gray" with black and white gunnel and boot stripping.   It wasn’t for years after starting my shifting in fleets from Penguins to Cal25s and so of the years turning "September Wind" found floating, barely, under the windows of U.S. Coast Guard HQ at Buzzard’s Point and picking it up thus a year after first finding it, and while still hardly floating and ready by most standards as "off the to junk heap" condition.  

Yes, you can now go to cal25.com and find before and after pictures of #619 my old c.1968 sailing vessel I personally restored to racing condition and nearer "like new" than so many others have their often more strictly "racing" cals.   You have to look in "Restoration Pictures" for "September Wind" and also in "Photo Gallery" for "after" pictures,  and old copies of BOATWORKS magazine for the half page on "Reader’s Projects" they presented in spring of 2007.

Of the "OLD SAW" telling it may help to consider past "Mr. Hogan" and "Mr. Burke" that "Amanda" of boatbuilding family "Kerr" heralds around the "saw" story of new saw that looked more English but with less "kerf" more like Japanese to like "kerr" of "kerf".

That said it was years of discover around "BOOM" of 1968 #619 rebuilding by myself and even to discovering it to have originally been named "ALL 8 HOURS" and been a two toned vessel in gelcoat of two shades of (navy?) beige that I had to purchase "IMRON" auto paint to match though with selection of a 60s GM beige and a 60s Ford car beige.

Somewhere in some sailing magazine old cals still fighting, and many also renewed were affectionately covered as like "DANCING ELEPHANTS" and with another of same old two toned beige, but it still of its original gelcoat shading.

Oh,  I was of sailing around Annapolis, always as a civilian, and yes too of thinking the Academy could use a new movie about the Navy …>>>…   ANNAPOLIS, the movie and yes of years I was then regularly welding and grinding metal but for build-outs for Asylum Wake Skate Snow chain of board stores for skateboarders, wakeboarders, and snowboarders.  I seem to remember thoughts from Annapolis sailors (of sailboats) of seeming to grant me "honorary member" status from afar, so near.

I think that is all I needed to blog today.   I am working on my go at "I have to go see about a woman"  >  I have to go see about a woman named Amanda, really.  :-) ?

RIP Erik C. Kesterson,  "Up and coming" Blackhawk Helicopter pilot a "re-upped Marine" into the Army for Country post 9/11.   Yes I still live with memories of holding up my cousin, your girlfriend, when your commander finally found her by phone from Iraq, to present "the official call" she was dreading as likely, post the collision of your Blackhawk with another in Iraq, of another mission and flight line also in combat zone with fire. 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus,  yes your moving to "new Christine, old Christine" from selling J Peter… probably helped many heal while also helping my cousin Christine.

So, yes, we are mired in Afghanistan now and after so much because of the Clintons eight years of knowing avoidance and inaction.   No doubt, about that.

Buzzard Point in DC is basically just under the practice routes and official landing and take-off paths for Marine One and all Marine almost "One" fleet and so as an air space though of such nearly never with President on board.   I would most of time be of driving by Marine Barracks in DC between 8th and 9th and "G" and "I" streets and especially while heading to "September Wind" to keep restoring it from the heap I acquired, and with little willingness to cut any rebuilding corners.




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Frankly I do not recall if she had a Swiss Army Knife.

It started one day, a quiet day, a quiet primary day, a day for tea.

Who should lead?

How should they lead?

Fear?  Fear over "loved"?

What will be for dinner?  How will the left-overs taste?

Are all the hackles raised?

This isn’t in bad taste,  this is REDBOOK stuff:









auther/poet:   J P Hogan  8-25-06

challenge:  Create a poem in competition hosted by Petra Nemcova on her website.  Contest was to write a winning poem on the color red and love to get published with a article on Petra Nemcova recovering and around Tsunami, then being considered for REDBOOK. 

other alternative title:  THERE IS A R E D IN DEAR.

Everys’ dears:  Have you read of the new REDBOOK ap for local shopping simplifying?

Voters:  LORD OF THE FLIES, about the "old saw" we find ourselves now about?

Where titles matter, and now feminism not so dramatic, what of new saws?

What of Stanley, and their "FAT MAX" tool line anchored around "new" saw of "shortcuts" start?  Another Hogan, "old saw"?

So it is a primary day, so what of Stanley?  Statemanship in creative origins hidden?

Who is the real Amanda Kerr?  Did Leon Uris confuse me or did Anne confound.  Both?

Well back to "the old saws" construct:   You may have to "wait for the movie"!

Yes it is another primary day and another eleciton day with Ned Lamont.   Stanley Tools thanks for asking the "godfather" of your new saw whence when around Lieberman and Lamont deciding.   I get a kick out of "FAT MAX" marketing line.

William Goldings:  Would she have brought a Swiss Army Knife?

No comment?  But what an unexpected naming: "Amanda".   Too obvious.  :-)



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The art of the blog, phase one:  Where has the opium come from, Secretary Clinton?

The art of the blog, phase two:  Mad Women of 2010, how worried should we be now that we are less safe with Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton attempting matters of state?

The art of the blog, phase three:  How many in advertising know that J. Peter Hogan stopped keeping bicycling as a primary hobby with bicycle maintenance for all the years of J.K. Rowling tasked with challenge of seven books for seven progressing years of curriculum?  And do any yet know why?

I am not mad, but I do have phases?

In a Salinger order now, let us see, together.   Well if J. Peter Hogan was to have stayed obsessed with just bicycle maintenance the "Harry Potter" school years would have suffered, and suffered for lack of creativity.   The like "wards" hoped not to grow up to more like "warts" that didn’t want J.Peter Hogan (see the Hog(an)warts yet?) to move away were of a small posse of youths then about seven years away from college and on of wearing "Harry Potter" glasses years before there were "Harry Potter" glasses.  Since J.Peter Hogan of such days, living the life of just a few to five or so days younger than J.K. Rowling, and her of with her dad Peter Rowling, passed, so readying to move to DC and away from those neighborhood youths also of his services as a neighborhood bicycle mechanic, such an avoidance of such "attention to detail" was specifically necessary.

And, so now with another phase (of Hillary) we find ourselves arguably much less safe as a nation than we were under President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  For today besides the whole opium conundrum a rediculous puzzle of and in the "undiscussed" we are left quite oddly uneducated or just poorly lead, by O&C.   Can we really be safer with Madam Secretary Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton stemming the preferred supplies of Afghanistan opium to its heralded 80% global market share?  Are not our threats and "enemies" of Afghanistan really just those in the "opium business" and now with us not hearing any stories of global demand decreasing for opium in general?  Mustn’t we just assume now that our enemies are leaving Afghanistan but not leaving their profits from anti-Americanisms surrounding their global markets for cultural opium use?   Are we so thus only less safe with "Hillary" and her "foreign policies" for her stemming of Afghan industries such around opium usage and demand not dropping and so stirring specific new anti-Americanism but so luckily of just the global market for cultural opium use and such now just unhappy for having to pay more for a maybe inferior opium product, and one not with their favorite branding?

Well see that phases are overlapping, and yet I am not mad.  Mad women of 2010 are you jive to this also new problema?  Do you get that the old neighborhood youths whose bicycles I would repair as well as some their houses were also some of the double "Dutch" style front door that became "Dumbledore" more for it being a young magic students door in reality than a purple door whose top could open separate from its bottom?   But really, about the opium?  "Hillary" where for art the opium profiteers still really our primary "enemy" of Afghanistan?

See I am not mad that a man was behind challenging J.K. Rowling to write specifically seven books each for a specific progression in curriculum, nor that such was me, originally.   See, I had taken to heart that such young posse after telling me they "didn’t want me to move away — because we have fun when you are around" and thinking I needed a want to be writer to help me fill the void I would be leaving and for these like "wards" I didn’t want to have grow up more like "warts" under my skin, and so of naming them protectively all "Rowe-lings" including young "Peter" the magic student, and so "protectively" by triangulating around another bike maintenance client the grandfather of "Peter" - Pete Rowe M.D. founder and proprietor of the Yale Student Health Clinic. 

Mad women?  Not happy J.K. Rowling success came from a challenge by a male want to be Mad Man?  Even madder now knowing, almost knowing such was also a challenge to help protect America from "Hillary"?   You do get the Peter "Rowe-ling" to Peter Rowling bridge I hope even though hardly yet aware of how trying it became to stay supportive to such ends when after five years J.K. hadn’t written all seven books, using more research than emotional feeling.  What she created is of course hers, right?  I meant it that way even while feeling her defensive and near jilted for my having asked such of her without the "whole dating" thing.

Yes I am mad "Hillary" still hasn’t settled the "we are not safer" with her involving us in the opium wars, and also that my efforts to encourage J.K. Rowling to such seven books not as much appreciated for its meant purpose of protecting many from "Hillary Clinton" and more years of "Bill".   Such is not a phase, as they polled me before they got married about whether they could both become president someday, and my answer as then a near first grader to this day hasn’t changed.

Maybe Iran is just having a "phase" itself?

I cannot be as certain about such as with my knowing that the days James E. Burke wrote to with "your grandfather (Arthur M. Menadier) would have been proud of your attempts to achieve positive change at IBM" being also those days after his doing the replacing of old CEO and CFO and also the days of IBM Cathie Black stems from.

The "ART"of the blog:    See we are in a better place with Iran specifically for the Bush eight years.    Bush’s "stand with" of conventional support of boots on the ground is now near the only thing holding President Obama’s new foundation together, and giving the little bite to Iran sanctions that exists.

I should be mad, I should be really mad?   Well I guess I worked most of it out writing as "uc" on newsbusters.org vigorously in 2006 (like you see) when so many mad and in the media still of buying too much the "Hillary" fluffing.



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It is imperative, to frank?  It is imperative to Frank?  It is imperative to frank?

It is imperative, to Frank, to be frank, and with franks?   Madam Secretary… Mrs…?

Of course, right?  This has to be somewhat like the old House Post Office Scandals, right?

Too much of Jack Johnson, no longer?   Too much of Clintons’ economics still?

It is a new era, an internet era.   Is such enough to replace our federal Department of Education?

How many teachers could be imployed if the internet in just its current state now sufficient to replace an entire federal bureaucracy around "big brother" government?   How many books could be acquired and contracted for?

It is reasonable to assume or deduce that President Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, with her same "economics" would have us in this same down economy of President Obama, and such with the Clintons’ economic team/click.

So now we countdown to a new round of representative primaries and with our milestone of "First Black President" tread past with ease.   So now we countdown (count-up) to primary days without "Madam President Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton" as our first female president.

Feminists:  Have we been saved, have you been saved, from "p.e." discussions of a failing "President Hillary" so of deduced to have persued the same economics as President Obama, has with the old Clinton team/click? 

Racists  (Those concerned about race but not too biased):  Now sans Jack Johnson trumpets blaring towards racism we battle:  Now sans Jack Johnson with our first "Black President" milestone passed easily:   Do we have a new understanding of "haves and have nots"?

Feminists:  If Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton had gotten past the thumping in national democratic primaries and through to an unlikely national win in the general election, wouldn’t all Americans have been in their rights to insist she only send women into battle?  Isn’t such the only fair interpretation around your reaching for "created equal"?   Like:  Men sent men/boys into battle around their causes and politics, therefore Women, sans isolation in domestication, should only send women/girls into their chosen battles?

Community organizers:   Even if Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton didn’t get thumped by successful campainging of Senator Obama with wise and clever dependence on advances and democracy spreading value of regular (small) joes and janes on internet, and, we now had the unlikely Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton (Madam President Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton),   wouldn’t Senator Obama’s campainging showing America (the USA) had passed the milestone of "First Black President" by so democratically and publicly showing as much frank support?   It is imperative that we now see America (the USA) as past the Jack Johnson days of earlier Chicago politics, right?   And, even if "Hillary" had surmounted so many Constitutional issues of the twarting that moved Senator Obama freely and popularly into such ring?

Trumpeters of modern budgeting:  Really with the internet what it is has our federal Department of Education become duplicitous, and, an unnecessary obstacle and federal roadblock to real progress with American individuals?

Buglers of progress:  These instruments now modern and hopefully more democratic are frankly  ready for new testing?  It is now most imperative to spread the peace, and logical progressions reached, and surpassed?  

Feminists:  Really, a President Hillary should have been to showing restraint in sending men/boys off to fight the "woman’s" wars, right?   Do you prefer "Lady’s Wars"?  Or is it more a "Feminist Revolution for Real Equality"?

Those African American and accepted in Polynesia as "local" with funny hair (specifically Barry Obama):   And, Community organizers:   The Jack Johnson problema no longer jive to our current predicaments, right?   Now the "haves v. have nots" have a significant query specific now just among dark skinned and all African Americans and those thought to be.  Now,  "haves v. have nots" has a more specific clicking local and global as now more people when polled and questioned on street corners are likely to name more "black millionaires" naturally than white/caucasian.

Now to such new "metaphysical" (existentialism?) to be frank on the new jive imperatives:  How?   How now with "class" issues of a pressing frank discussion just among American African Americans and those just thought to be on "social justice"  without it first a dramatization, political, of "haves" of African Americans v. "have nots" of African Americans?

Wowee!!  Kapow!!  All female troops in "Hillary’s" Feminist Revolution in Neocolonialist Imperialism of Afghanistan and now Pakistan, passed with her democratic "thumping"  but hardly, as frank now still "Hillary’s Feminist Revolution" in "neocolonialism" of President Obama, too, but yet with still hardly equality for women in Armed Forces combat service?

Wowee!!  Kapow!!   Jack Johnson and race with the milestone of "First Black President" passed easily this time:   Are not these the days to try African American souls and those souls just thought to be such now so much more around Lincoln and his party of Republicans?   Sure,  Gorists and Obamacrats (Obama’s new political officers) and not without "Hillary" revolutionaries did suddenly jump in front of "car" (economy) that left it no choice but to be compassionate and so swerve into ditch to let voices of democracy get heard so still, right?

Too much of Jack Johnson, no longer?  Too much of Clintons’ economics still?

All concerned, legal citizens, able to participate with a vote:  Yes it seems the "social justice" issues especially around distribution and community organizing now the "imperative" policy issue around inequality, still.   Yes,  it seems America needs room to discuss the "community" issues and "values" issues not even just around "redistribution" of these Democrats as all those just thought to be African American now of it "street" to be able to name more "Black millionaires" naturally than whites, and still too little such with so rare a public discourse local or global on "giving back" as real and present danger/hope now without frank beating, sans violence, that now in 2010 may lead to more blacks voting Republican than ever before, even with vast and great appreciation for President Lincoln.

It is a new era, and internet era.   Is such enough to now replace our federal Department of Education, while wondering on other ways for "social justice" in local and state budgets, anew?

Are you jive to the new problema?