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Welcome to my mostly political blog, this first day of summer 2010.

Greetings.  If you are a new visitor to my writings here it will help to be prefaced with this thought about Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton:  If you can prove she thought I would be willing to work for her you then have grounds to have her institutionalized for "insanity."

Now, that said:  How about "cap n tax"?

If you are a new visitor and haven’t yet read through archived columns here and in chronological order from earliest written to most recent:  You likely are not as aware as my facebook friends on facebook.com/jpeterhogan link of how the Clintons got started and then misappropriate much of my "architecture" and arrogantly thinking they knew better, and yet while seeming knowing no more than say 70%.  You likely are not yet aware, as many facebook friends of how Clintons acting so arrogantly assuming they knew my mind and thinking better or "well enough" left me so puzzled and concerned with:  But if they use it that way we are likely to get attacked.  If they use it that way they must have experts who unlike me figured out how to use it that way and not get attacked.

But then again if you are new to my columns and writing and especially here you haven’t likely even read of my puzzlement with the New York Times exhaustive article on the Gulf Oil disaster from a BLOW OUT and it having that quite mysterious paragraph stating that "blow out preventers can be hauled up for repairs at $700 per hour" or some words very near such.  Unh?  The blow out preventer can be disconnected and repair and reinstalled, unh, what?

Well it is the first day of summer and a happier day maybe more for those not in the effected areas of the Gulf or still worried about "Hillary". 

Oh, Hillary how could you and Bill have put your personal ambitions ahead of what was right and best for our country?  Too much?  Not?  You new here?

Oh, me oh my!  What a tale I live having had Clintons naively and arrogantly think and act with their misappropriation of my "architecture" held within and shared mostly but not entirely with my old political poetry!  What a tale I live with so many years stuck with oh well they are not listening or have decided they have it handled, all the while leaving me near certain with "if they use it that way we are very likely to get attacked and with such thinking themselves ‘just’ in attacking."  Oh, what a life I have led!

Can you believe the exhaustive article in the New York Times yesterday on BLOW OUT actually has that paragraph stating that for $700 per hour the blow out preventer could be hauled up and repaired?  Even in these times?

So it is the first day of summer in 2010 and what do I have going but memories of "it then, what?" decidiing that "if so then" to moving to DC around time of Clinton’s impeachment and disbarring hearings with concern still of "if so then how" then "how" to be prepared with old thinking refreshed on how thought long through that thinking used not as Clintons’ used could keep us from getting attacked.

Are you new here?  Do you need a moment to take a few deep breaths?  If you are you should know that to figure me and my "90’s" out nearer "accurately" the near last people you should consult would be my oldest sister or my dad.  I was busy helping them in ways that would have clouded their understanding of my "architecture" and some still.  They never knew to factor in my knowing Mark Felt since before Watergate, and still.

Yes, if "Hillary" ever thought I would be willing to work for her she is certainly certifiably(sp?) insane.  And, this the same Hillary I have known just maybe months less time than Mark Felt.

Oh, sorry, it is the first day of summer and I am a little distracted. 

I was meaning not to write to explain how I put myself in full "rethink" and "rethink it all, all the decade plus of considering and stategizing, through anew" and so in late nineties in DC as a new town to force a full reconsidering with as many or more challenges and necessarily again admist and deep into hands on construction and laws and permitting around.  Yes, I wasn’t meaning to explain or just touch upon how my time in DC was largely out of concern that I may be still right about concerns on how Clintons "interpreted" my "architecture"/poetry then well past stopping likely and towards preparing for a possible "after attack" think. 

See, I wanted to be out cycling or fishing and maybe enjoying this our first day of summer.  I didn’t want to be explaining that on 9/10 I was finally ready to accept that I must have been wrong that near entire past decade of concerns so, and that by morning I should change and accept that I was wrong to have been so concerned and "move-on" and  move on to specifically avoid sinking into bankruptcy.

So yes, if you are new here:  I did wake up so rededicated on 9/11/01 to moving on with my life and so did to get across town that day to install a new front door in Georgetown for a homeowner did decide to mark the day by risking traffic and delays by driving by The White House and so up 17th Street side along side the Old Executive Office Building.

Oh, boy, what would my day have gone like so after marking a new day accepting I had been wrong for near a decade and with driving by The Old Executive Office Building at near 8:45 am to accentuate the positive what with the homeowners not having left their radio on tuned to NPR?

Oh well, I wanted to write about insanity of "cap n tax" and the Democrats global ambitions to use it a a earth wide taxation system for redistribution to carbon "innocents" from those of industrious "carbon guilt" and how our United Nations member fees system still a more workable "redistribution model" even as odd as that sounds.  Oh well!  Writing on "cap n tax" and how we and other states might have to go to war with China or India to force them to make tax payments for "carbon guilt" and to say Darfur or Somalia governments for fair and certain distribution to their "carbon innocent" citizens will just have to wait.