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Hugo Chavez?

Iraq oil rights/contracts to others all over again?

Relief wells just more "junk shots" and not a "well" at all?  Horizontal drilling from Venezuelan Public Oil venture our future "news"?

Sirens’ call;  where’s Bill?


If you blinked this week you likely missed it: If you blinked this week you likely missed the story on CNN of reporter covering the methods and success of oil booming and burning operations constantly on-going but as weather permits — the story of such success that instead of showing huge areas of fish kill float zones was live and replayed with footage of happy schools of fish safely flapping and jumping on the just cleared surface and nearly a school of such note it may have been as large as Harvard Square or Yale’s freshman quad.

Siren’s call; where’s bill?

It certainly is definitely about the faults of beyond petroleum crowds, see how they have governed? Too many "beyond petroleum" for Beyond Petroleum’s sake?  Al Gore the lead "beyond petroleum" well-head at fault, at fault for bringing US closer to stagnation, closer to stagnation by selling "green" like Spain attempted?

It certainly is definitely about the faults of beyond petroleum crowds, and now maybe with Hugo Chavez’s public oil companies an acceptable venture for tapping oil resevoir being closed off to Beyond Petroleum?  Horizontal drilling by Citgo, Chavez’s own?

It certainly is definitely about the faults from more aggressively trying to go green they way the Spainish did that was of two regular carbon based industry jobs lost per one green job created, right?

It definitely was our beyond petroleum Gorists that more aggressively than Spainish attempted to take to new economics all the while knowing that the less agressive Spainish approach cost two jobs for every one created, right?

Sirens’ call; where is Bill?

Stagnation?  Stagette Hillary? 

Sure we have a problem with our Louisiana and to Florida panhandle oyster flats/beds, and so unlike the greater depths of "Beyond Petroleum" faults:  Sure the oil on surface even after dispersants will biodegrade naturally in the Gulf and more with less or little harm in the depths, likely.  But the oyster beds may all be too shallow and too near to suffer less with concentrations higher. 

But, is it Beyond Petroleum at fault for "beyond petroleum" of "let no crisis go to waste" Rahmists lost wages and industriousness caused by government meddling and effecting of MORATORIUMS?  Is BP at least publicly being held responsible post White House "shake-down" to pay the lost wages of other oil companies employees during the duration of the government effecting of a six month MORATORIUM?

And, on top of learning just recently that the two "relief wells" are not to be "relief wells" but paths for additional "junk shots" and "top kills" to leave Beyond Petroleum past it’s already invested/sunk billion(s) to no chance to repair and rebuild/fix with new "safety" systems put in place and so pump such needed oils and gases safely as the ship/vessel has been doing since hooking up after damaged pipe was removed?

Surely the Gorists of "beyond petroleum" capitalistic ambitions and ventures had considered that trying to more aggressively revolutionize our energy usage than Spain attempted would likely cost three jobs for every one "green" job created, right?

Sirens’ call; where is Bill?

Stagette Hillary?  Can it be?  "Billary two-fer" a: Bill shows up and governs "stag" yet an intimate "two-fer", but Hillary not showing up "stagette"?

Where is  Noah?  I don’t get it!

Where is Adam or Eve?  I don’t get it!

And now Obamanation to stagnation, and, maybe with President Obama the Deputy President to Mr. President Clinton, still? 

So they knew they were creating stagnation, and now with social and community concerns to surface around stereotyping of black men of showing up stag to so much even while married? 

Stagette Hillary - an unbelievable tale?

If "Bill" had just lashed himself to the mast of our ship of state, would we be safely on the waters still?

How hasn’t "Bill gone stag" yet still a "two-fer" with and "Stagette Hillary" now of "experience from "two-fer" eight years" for current office now not of having "experience" of having done the wrong things - as now she is doing mostly the opposite?

Has it all been lost; Have we lost all our basis: To swear an oath to "defend our Constitution" now not "legally" an oath "to defend our Constitution" as now seeming lived and practice by these Clinton Dems of a practicing hoping it just isn’t our about seventeen pages so sworn to but all the weakings over decades to make themselves more dime romance novelish with a seeing to "to defend the current little laws used to weaken our Constitution" over years?

Noah, I don’t get it!  I don’t get how all the "two-fer" swimming and in schools isn’t still your way more of to two indivisible, in holdings, and in other "holdings" and in legal union such to "let no man set usunder."

A "two-fer" yet still "stag" and "stagette" when politically convenient?

Don’t forget the economics, Democrats.