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Ha, Ha, "unfundable fashion police"!

What?  A reality checking?  Reality checks?

What do czars wear to an Obama grilling? B.B-que? Fly-over?

How do czars, these so many, these of new America record number(s) take their cheddar burgers with dijon?  Their kobe?  Do they have their ice cream deep fried?  Their arugula rinsed thrice?

I had remembered from reading FOREIGN AFFAIRS at turn of the year Dec/Jan issue of President Obama setting an all time new record for number of national security council members each with a staff, if I recall correctly, and, if I recall correctly near four times more than "W."

I had nearly completely forgotten Obama’s fashioning America so with also (as well/same) as a record and precedence stunning amount of with appointment of czars.

But, he had a Secretary of State of saying she was already, all ready, even at hard hour of 3am and of it such a disrupting and disturbing hour, so shouldn’t a record "fewer" number of national security experts and czars have been necessary?

What do czars wear to an Obama grilling, and is there even a room in our White House large enough to settle them even without each having one assistant with them?  Could we have collected in taxes the millions and millions that went to Clintons ngos and foundations to fund such new public jobs, and while "Hillary" (Madam Secretary Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton) should have even been more prepared for all such what with less responsibility with the distractions of "politics" of duties for our office of president holder?

What will President Clinton wear to a post funding unfunding of Clintons’ ngo activities, global?

After all now that Republicans have the luxury of from years and years of hard work and progress as "accomplished" why shouldn’t Republicans, now that many of their efforts, effective, allow them maybe their own "Woodstock", be of encouraging the global unfunding of Clintons’ fashionings governmental and non governmental?  Are the Republicans now for first time in their century of struggles freer to relax and enjoy on the platforms effected in good of those told evil past eight years?  Are attitudes on humanity and "weakness" on hold for "reseting" later after some federal celebrating? 

Are we now all past those years of necessary wars yet settled mostly by living up to our American standards for all Iraqi people’s freedom too, and necessary, sadly, for all those years trying to find some way to preserve America and American values while attempting to stem the spread of communism and fascism abroad?

Wove ye the Senate red?  Time to unfund Clinton ngos?  Time to at least capture the foreign dollars for public dispersion domestic, instead?

Well, I was surprised to find it a lesser story and near forgotten and also so of czarist excess with NSC appointments that even those years of "Hillary" trying to sell "universal healthcare" while preaching "it takes a village" and all the while with so so many villages outside our borders realizing that they must not be "universal"/worthy?

Well, she looked good doing it all, right? But?

Really, though not about fashion:  deep fried ice cream is a treat, but Clintons’ PEACE DIVIDENDS a dished mess. 

Well, she looked good doing it all, right?  But?


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Oy! Mr. President, playing with Boston superstitiousness, and now: the man that cost Boston Celtics the game six close.  Oy!

You want a "DO OVER" don’t you?

You want to be able to go back and discuss the more important "news of the day" for yesterday, right, yet not by "pre-empting" Boston fanship?

Ok, sure Boston may still have some shoe and boot industry about it, or is close enough to New Hampshire and Maine for Celtics fans, but if you Democrats treat Afghanistan’s industries and mineral wealth as you did Iraq’s oil/mineral wealth…?

Have you lost the New England Celtic block?

Surely such area still has the technology, and still has the will to provide the outfitting of mining wear for Afghani people so soon to likely move from farming sandals, but will you force American businesses further from/down from the top of lists to avoid "war profiteering" appearances?

Mr. President, you do want a "DO OVER" don’t you for yesterday? You’ld had been better to have discussed how the mineral finds in Afghanistan and such of rare earth minerals needed to supply the "green revolution"? You’ld have been better lesser of rad with Global Warming Alarmist lobbying for "Go Green" industries, right?

So now to rally America towards your "green industries" future we now need some to all of what Afghans have in their terra firma, and so as of yesterday’s evening news cycle were of close to realizing your "emphasis" and "priorities" likely mean we can never leave Afghanistan with our military, right?

Is a revival in New England shoe and boot making too much near "war profiteering" and to be demeaned as American oil interests and possible contracts were largely by Democrats once (and currently) in Iraq?

Can you never now overcome the Boston superstitiousness?  Have you lost your Celtic half brethren/sisters?  Curse of The Obama?

Oh, by the way, where was your Secretary of State on this "news prioritizing" — Barefoot in the park? Out to lunch? Daydreaming of if she had at least become V.P. she would have passed new uniform standards for all Senators, for all Senators to wear red pants suits, and, not of thinking "too lording."

Oh, by the way, for those who don’t like coincidences:  Rare political resourcing that our’s and other’s economies seemed to have "Hillary for President" announcement as about the "moment" (knowingly/accidentally) that entreprenuerial and global economics started tanking.  Was it that she was scary on economics and that too partly with threats to sieze oil profits and such that today BP itself might not have had enough funds for Gulf spill liquidity?

Where was Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton last night, also rooting for Lakers, and also rooting for her legacy as: Would have been better first female president than you are being as first black president? 

Need to know:  Will better "socialists" of any nation have …?