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Well I guess I too should put this on my reading and viewing "to do" lists, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, that is.

So, Bill and Hillary Clinton vast and ‘inevitable’ political ‘two-fer’ monolith has me most to blame for their loss to the near most junior and most inexperienced Senate peer of Senator Clinton?

So, when Senator Hillary was out of the office as happened a whole lot the New York Senate office actually ran better?  Experience?  Earnestness?

And so: Anyone remember David Geffen?

And so: Anyone figure out for themselves how devastated Clinton monolith and "Bill" must have been when half or maybe more of their thought Hollywood friends publicly announced to the world that they were liars and that they therefore would see only near half the "Hollywood money" they expected?

DIFFERENT STROKES (RIP Willis); FRIENDS; some SEINFELD; LAW AND ORDER; ER; JAG; GILMORE GIRLS; JOAN OF ARCADIA; CSI - as from there was room for a return of old QUINCY show and I had just met Paul Gulfoyle while with Spielberg efforts in AMISTAD and thought with sexing up with old VEGAS PI show…; CSI offshoots; "24"…  to name a few of remembered days of working at musing.

Earnestness, Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton?

And so:  Yes I emailed Natalie Portman’s pr agent and maybe Stan Rosenfield as well as Natalie Portman’s agent Kelly Bush months before the tides turned to flood on Clintons, or was it "dry up" or "dammed"?  Yes I emailed and asked one or both professionals to spread the word to those in Hollywood that in no way or any way really was any past musing of mine of "my artistry, in earnest" to be used to help the Clintons.  It was quite a centrist body of works and really reposesed rightly the magic from the dangers and dangerous handling by the "inevitable" Clintons and their monolithic "two-fer."

What a gift, what a boondoggle, what a winfall for you then Senator, President Barrack Obama, then near the least experienced and least senior Senator also thought stuck on the bottom rung like Senator Clinton should have been for a while, too, or "likewise."

You mean you didn’t know or remember that the GILMORE GIRLS TV show came from my driving around Baltimore one day, musing anew, and of driving by the famed Gillmann School for Boys, and while knowing it a feeder school, legendary, for that school near where I matured in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone decided and willing to share opinions on whether Wikipedia is more reliable factually than Cliff Notes on THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, or just ‘artistically’?

{Neighborly note: Kind of funny these name connections as well for people found of same to very similar names not the people you think them to be: I grew up/matured a half mile from birthplace of "W" and grew up near another Sarah Heath, another Brad Turner (not the "24" writer), another Matt Lewis, another Jonathan Weisman (sp?), later near another Daniel Brown, and also while of course from such neighborhood others who are those of the names famous like their own as their own.}