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If you see A.M. tell her I did it for money not for her and that her ’side’ of story is mostly all fiction.  It was a spell binder, but for money and money not hers.  J.K. thanks for remembering me, I cannot say the same about some others. But well many of you still consider much around my fiction as non-fiction, go figure, here:

So President Obama owes me his election over The Clinton Machine "Hillary for President" monolith.

I don’t know what difference I could have made in his defeating McCain/Palin but maybe all the excitement from his having defeated the Clinton monolith, really, I don’t know for I haven’t yet really considered such.  I was, you could say, trying to help my more state’s right in these times McCain/Palin efforts, see?

To go back a few years and years before Howard Dean himself said like "I lost because I was in violation of the ‘mental clarity’ act" for being a doctor who should have known better than to twist the necessary truths so much in politics, and that so being before I had to fax the Bush authorities to ask them to tell Mr. Dean to stop stealing my intellectual property of the Clinton rise from back in 1991 on and especially to so steal it to try to profess to poor black inner city audiences his "you shouldn’t steal" message.

A.M. I didn’t do it for your money or the another’s money but for love I had decided/agreed to wait for as a better long path out of the America sixties wash.  I didn’t "do it for you" but in practicing poetry did recognize that while doing for my sister I had to keep from not also doing it for her friend too associated.  I did it knowing someday I, you could say, knew I had the way to win with small internet donations in a more democratic way of "for money" success.

In doing it for the money and pride of succeeding in towards like the success of late maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier but with a political mixing, and while feeling I had time to do it while waiting for another of strong legacy I was in my ten years living on Capitol Hill in DC of walking many times by the buildings and halls of power and pre-2004 of with "but I know I can get a whole lot of small internet donations" as an/the antidote to the money ramparts of Capitol environment.

So President Obama owes me his election? So President Obama owes President Bush his election, rather, for it was his sense of law and order that excerised in protection of my intellectual property rights around many useful marketing fictions, and even those that were written poetically to advance understandings and practices around post traumatic stress studies/practice?  So, but for my faxes to Bush admin with requests to tell Howard Dean, once or twice, to desist from using my material, my material meant and considered towards other ends, and, so also especially my requests, more than once, towards telling Clintons to desist from use of same and other parts of same "working fictions" and more serious other materials/poetry?

See: Clintons didn’t contest such orders and such only proves they knew they were trying to use material not theirs and boy after such did America start to wonder how the Clintons had lost their seeming magic.

Sure there was at least one side effect from my years of such stressing and compassionate cerebral workings in poetic considerations similar to psychological compassion and considering:  I just don’t like to pick up any phone to make any calls, and of from knowing I then and still maybe couldn’t get enough of the right players on the phone in conference at once so not to contaminate communicating ambition.

It is an odd memory for a writer to have memories of people telling him that if he wanted to be a writer he should get to the Hamptons - as that was a place this writer knew he had to avoid while waiting for another as a goal to help move past the negatives of the sixties and seventies, that seems stuck as ghost in many’s "machines".

J.K., again, thanks for remembering me and not trapping me in your fictions but for taking more than twice the time leaning on my musing for you in years than I thought I was getting myself into when challenging you to seven books for seven separate years of curriculum.  I may visit the theme park long before I ever decide to read the books.

But back to President Obama having the illusions of the Clintons working with him now, or actually hardly "working for him":  Did you know the Clintons well enough that during the campaigns you could hear Hillary say to Bill when he joined her on a stumping stage and restored her strength/posture/constitution protected in marriage union with "can you believe they are buying this sh**?"

I did.

There were, for your consideration, more than a few others willing to make deals/set goals in the early 80s to try to move America back in a better direction.  Right Mrs. McInerney?

Note:  The Clintons seem to have knowingly tried to trap me in my "fictions" for their own, not your gain.  The Clintons if not "knowingly" were then necessarily hardly qualified for offices of First Family.  The Clintons like to think they return some or most of ’favors’ but hardly two-cents per grand might they have broached.  The Clintons together, inseparable in their mutual greed and ambition?  The Clintons of needing to think I did it for love of A.M.’s (not my grandfather Arthur M. Menadier) money and with her money enough to look past other parts of my fiction taken as non-fiction for more convenient to the Clintons and Dems?

Truth can be far stranger than fiction and even now far better politics for President Obama.  Truth now being lost for Bush admin folk not excerising my truths that Clintons didn’t contest when conceding they needed to desist?  Truth that what help Clintons may have tried to return was done based on fiction side as real and so only made me have to create new fiction on top of old fiction without letting them know they were so "missing the boat" on "love" angle.  Truth that I couldn’t trust them with the truth after watching them so mess up my life by taking a fiction as a non-fiction and with horrible plot that I was doing it for her (A.M.’s) money as they would have.

For your recording:  The Clintons "lost their magic" and Obama surged (yes because I was right on surge, and that of from the start saying "Hillary would not win.) when I told them to stop misappropriating my personal work and it as my intellectual property, my architecture, my cohesive poetic sense.