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Once upon a time in a land not too far gone.

Badda Boom!   Oh Helen!  Oh Helen Thomas!  Oh Ari?

Once upon a time in a land not too far away.

Hey, have you heard about the Tea Partiers, the old ones and the young ones?  Oh Ari?

So I have boat and will travel, and now the only boat I have only fits one and can be "seaworthy" in seas less than a foot.  I named her "SHAG"  and boy oh boy do I hope the fish will agree to play catch, even if just once.  I did rebuilt an old circa 71 Glastron V196 Bowrider of era of boats in bayou boat chases in James Bond movie LIVE AND LET DIE, and such of a makers plate for Austin boat shop.  It needed basically everything rebuilt including the entire floor and sub-deck framing, and, even the 1987 Johnson 70 hp VRO, entirely to near every part stripped and rebuilt.  I did most of that in DC waters of Annacostia.  But alas now all I have in my ‘pond skiff’ I built from a single sheet of plywood and some stock sticks that years later I saved by rebuilting to a small light sea skiff with near twice the seaworthiness with near twice the freeboard.  It holds at less than 8 feet in length by less than 3 feet in width just one adult.

I was first a small lesser skiff from shortly before HOPE FLOATS production, as I recall.

But alas:  Oh Helen?  Palestine comments and such around Israel?  Oh Ari?

But alas:  Oh Ari?  How could you compare her comments to "as if all blacks were told to leave America."?  Oh Ari?

So, I now almost know which bait to buy, and will as soon as I check on current market prices for clam snouts.

But alas:  No Ari,  your "comparison" ain’t close.   Actually it would be like all former slaves in America having been given Delaware as reparations after war to free slaves, and put them all equally onto the road to serfdom (site?) with everyone else but with Delaware now as theirs in reparations and then many years later after end of such war with these blacks having gotten millions of worlds blacks to move to Delaware and new developments in free Delaware to share in the reparations.  It is more like only asking black so living in Delaware such to now leave, and while Irish still lacking equal reparations in America.  Yes, Ari, it ain’t like you put but more like this but for the Holocaust and post traumatic stress medicine under Hippocrates.  See if it is Helen not being regionally or religiously biased it could be hear thinking about a peoples healing from past trauma - it could be like if you can now go home you will heal better and more fully if you do go home to revisit the traumatic events and heal - but for deserved reparations for war crimes of Holocaust.  Yes, Ari, it would be like former slaves getting our First State as reparations even while the Irish left as they were on roads to serfdom now more equally shared with blacks, and would be more like now just at least asking those in such Delaware now trying to seize and develop in Bel Air to just leave and go home, right?   Ari, was Helen getting with the official position of Obama and Clinton and thought herself "safe" in such expressing?  Were the entire eight years of Clintons’ foreign policies with a specific and practiced bias against Shia and specifically so Iraqi Shia peoples?  But for the Holocaust and war reparations from a world wide war and findings that denying the Holocaust worse than hoping people can now heal in a new world with PEACE DIVIDENDS by "going home" how isn’t it more about Obama maybe favoring Helen’s point of view and with his Secretary of State quietly plotting in cahoots so?  Isn’t part of comparison more like Bel Air now with developments specifically for blacks from around the world invited and encouraged by the millions to come and call it home now by Helen and Obama being suggested towards "go home"?   How does Hillary play this, how can she now have been without a long comment fully explaining how Helen may have felt safe with her inside the beltway sense of political currents and trends?  How does Hillary get allowed to stay silent after years of us being told she is qualified specifically for her years as First Lady Hillary Clinton or just for "Hillary Rodham Clinton" of at least the West Wing staff on healthcare business?

Ari,  healing from old wounds has to be part of any discussion and it cannot be removed from the table even from blacks from slavery not just from the African geo, of whether "healthier" and "wiser" to show that "going home" can work and that "going home" should be now able to work if things haven’t gotten worse, and yes also worse during all eight years of the Clintons’ "two-fer"?

Do you like that, do you like that "SHAG" name for a very small boat best thought a bait boat of "hoping the fish will play catch"?   Pound for dollar it seems flash frozen three pack of Mackeral the best bait choice for strippers and blues, but then I forgot to check the going price for frozen clam snouts. 

Is a surgical hair piece ever mistakable for an artsie French beret? 

Oh, the healing that can begin when Hillary Rodham Clinton aka Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton steps down from office and politics.  Oh, Ari?

Once upon a time in a land not too far away…  I had tweeted that I was finally going to get around to reading ARAFAT by Alan Hart I have as a signed by author copy since hearing him speak at Villanova University before I graduated in 1987.   I think Helen may have ruin the finish for me so maybe first I will dust off THE WORLD IS FLAT that seemed too much a reporting on my strategizing to help IBM and Clintons/USA policy around my calls, instructive, to from "what we need is a more level playing field…".   Seem too much a report "in full" then on something that was only partly along and so I have figured it mere "noise" not needed in my considerings.