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USA Ma Hillary Rodham Clinton, now madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, been… Oh did I tell you that you really should be my facebook friend and listed so with facebook.com/jpeterhogan if you don’t want to miss anything, anything especially like yesterday?

So where is Usama Hillary Rodham Clinton, Madam Secretary?  How do you get "presented" near every day as "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED HILLARY" and with this still unanswered with "oh we lost some opium again…"?

Should it read:  MISS-DE-MEANED-OR ? or still MISS-DE-MEAN-ORED?

Treason! Treason! Treason!  American high crimes?  Celtic roots?  Hillary are you the real…

Would the real Hillary Clinton please step forward?  Would the REAL Hillary Clinton PLEASE step forward?  WOULD THE REAL HILLARY CLINTON PLEASE STEP FORWARD?    Oh, Hillary that was you - sorry didn’t recognize you.

Hillary are you the real U.S.A. Ma been laden?  Can there really be another?  Did you really play the ‘bumbling bubba act’ to the hilt so near negligent administering or actually past "negligent"?

Oh, this novel fiction work is hard and concerning.  I hope it is all celtic trash.  I hope it isn’t celtic trash for all?  Oh brothers?

Novel twist trying to get radicals to attack without them realizing a plot twist to bring cause to spread your personal ideas of American rights for women to others, others just still not Iraqi women not high up in Ba’athist tyranny.  Really a remarkable novel twist but maybe just too much not to be "trash" even with the "treason" angle.

Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, Secretary:  If story is believable and this was all just "bubba Bill" bumbling by all his lonesome as a Senator, new Senator office warming gift:  Is it too much?  Is it taking it too far, still?  Necessarily, wouldn’t such by a term limited president actually leave him still in the driver’s seat if you as such a novelty, or even another lesser Democrat were to gain the presidency after all such?  Would such be near or deep into "treason" and hardly still arguable and defendable even with a "bubbling bubba Bill" defense around "presidential powers"?  Would such be like a highjacking of presidential power for of getting most to play with your stacked decks and at your rigged tables?

I hope you are not giving the Irish a bad name.   Oh, the beauty of some Irish/American novelties before this trash?  

You should do present as your "two-fer" as the best arguement for our 22nd Amendment being recognized as a protection against spousal elections towards furtherance of powers corruptable.  Boy oh, boy, do you.  It is still humorous and I wonder if Irish how such Amendment plays with "holding" as "holding of office" as inseparable 24/7 from body and soul indivisible in "two-fer" of intimacy of legal unions of holding of one holding and the beauty of such holding at least for others, even others more Irish.

Oh Brother!  Boy did I have to be careful with my words at Villanova University for looking like just another demure 5′8 1/2" white guy likely a Main Line suburban punk when saying hello to our basketball players those years from 83-87.   See there was this whole "City of Brotherly Love "proximity" Quaker thing around and well I was at a school run by Brothers, Augustinian.   Then well most of my schools basketball players were black and black without knowing I was from an inner city New Haven Public High School with some I could safely call "brother" maybe once.   Oh, Brother!  I was also of studying twelve credits of Modern Standard Arabic as tought be an Egyptian professor not an Augustian Brother.  So, I think I did abstain from ever yelling "yo brother" to any player not Harold Jensen, and of having watched the brothers from my high school with my one non-brother white brother Bill as only "white" in 1983 deliver the win to the Harold Jensen’s last high school game result.  I had been a co-captain in two of my HS teams but those were then still mostly white sports of tennis and swimming, so maybe it was an easier accomplishment.

Oh, Brother!   I couldn’t dare call the players "brothers" there for boy I don’t think they wanted to be tagged with that whole celibate brother thing.

Oh, sister Hillary, what a mess you are in;  what a pickle!   Everyday "Mission Accomplished Hillary" and yet "oh we seemed to have lost some more opium"?

Oh, sister Hillary, what a mess you are in:  But hey starting out what with not stomping on GEORGE MAGAZINE launch as irresponsible for our times or later putting the kebash on EYES WIDE SHUT further stretching the "wrong for our times" - wrong for our times as global citizens under the specific parenting and guardianship of First Couple in Constitutional intimacy of "two-fer" for allowed maximum of eight years in elective office…?

Oh, sister Hillary, what a mess your "leadership"?   Treasonous?  Negligent?  What isn’t too great a stretch so to avoid a "celtic trash" ending?    They acted alone so we can stop the witch hunt for those "knowingly corrupted" by "Bill and Hillary" and settle that they acted improperly alone, and poorly so?  They couldn’t have done it if anyone else, even the terrorists themselves, realized the clever not in the "bubbling bubba Bill" facade, right? 

Everyone else is innocent? 

Where didn’t they go wrong, how is the story not ruined?

Oh, Brother!  RIP JFK Jr., too bad the Clintons’ failed you?  But Tom Cruise:  EYES WIDE SHUT - just unforgivable?   That whole corrupted husband and wife thing and played past the artistic lines of better acting by a real husband and wife!  Tom, how could you?  Why would you?   And just sad that the night it opened was JFK Jr.’s last.  

Oh, the Clintons?