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I was about five years old, my arm, my left arm felt g-forces it seemed enough to pull it from me as I was suddenly caught up so and dragged but with little feet keeping up, somehow, for near an eight of a mile across the public space of the New Haven Green, towards The Center Church but seemingly not to the center church.

It was scary!

It was scary even if Augustus A. White M.D. had been wearing a french beret of the artsie type.

All I knew, so at age five feeling I was going to loose an arm, but loose an arm while my dad so excited about thinking he had spotted an old friend, and so excited he basically broke into the fastest pedestrian moves allowed "walk" with being a "run."

Silly me, at five thinking if dad said he saw an old friend and got so excited I had to be being dragged towards some white guy in the distance.

(My dad grew up the oldest son of the Hogan that Al Capp honored and old friend with as with a "Hogan" in his L’il Abner.   He grew up a having been one of the first test cases for Penicillin and then a baseball and basketball sportster, even to playing baseball for Holy Cross College.  More recently he is known still as a recent past president of the Connecticut Bar Association.)

So what you may not see yet, especially Cathy Black, of my dad’s story and mine with Catherine my mom and his wife is likely that on that day when my dad’s started adjusting course at such speed like g-force (from before my knowing what g-force was) was that the only possible person my dad could then be heading too might be the tallest person I had ever yet seen in my life, and at that I may loose my arm with my dad so excited as heading not just towards the tallest person I had ever seen but a very tall black man.

It only got scarier while after slowing to a stop at such confirmed as "friend" to find out that it wasn’t that he was "black" that scared me or scared me the most, nor that he was so tall and maybe "the tallest", the tallest I might ever meet, but rather that with a "good bedside manor" he scared me while so puzzling me by with:  "Dr. White, at your service?"   (Doctors do inflect such always as a question right?)  I was five and yes I realized "doctor" was the scariest part of meeting such as the confirmed "friend" of my father that day.

He made a good impression and one even so scary as a "doctor" that I never could forget and thought I would be wise never to forget.

(note:  I can attest the William Stringfellow appeared a less scary figure, and was a short white guy though scary to many as a lawyer through most/all of his career.  William Stringfellow, I knew as a landscaping client and for near a month of summer work single handedly taming his quite simply "out of control" properties on Block Island, and this in years he was already fighting cancer that took him about three years later.)

[A move to cover of impressionist french berets?   And now maybe to the covers of Black Panthers or Guardian Angels or those brave american forces lost because of the dangerous "inaction and avoidance" that President Obama spoke to in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech without specifically pointing out/shaping to properly cover the Clintons’ eight years of dangerous "inaction and avoidance" that quite led to harder work and fights for the next president, left without any benefit of a "stitch in time."  There is still the 2002 Roots beret for U.S. Olympics I still consider wearing when not wearing my "marine floppy" not a "marine floppy" but an ANGLERS FLOPPY of embroidery for the fishing and hunting store near Bay Bridge in Annapolis.  It is my Budweiser beige cap I wear most regularly though, so far this summer. ] 

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