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Oh, Hillary?  Oh, Hillary I don’t know if you are still not cooking, but can we now get an answer as more of your story gets bared - can we now get a definitive understanding of famous "Bill’s: I tried it but I did not inhale."?

As your platforms are wearing away and down and failing it would be interesting to know if he was implying "well it depends what the definition of Hillary’s brownies are."

You seem to have held on to amnesty that now cannot hold or even come close to holding as you picked off those under you in the Democratic presidential primary races who just could never show as well as you with your more detailed and specific understanding.  Remember Senator Dodd?  Gosh, remember Senator Biden?  Was it that you and bill were living the "once you are a marine you are always a marine" even though neither were marines yet thought "once you are president you are always The President" and not even the lesser "once you are president you are always a president."

Are you now essentially a condemned woman?  Is it time to toss your platforms and run from them?  Have all your "the ends justify the means" fallen to well I guess not as well it seems the ends don’t work as we naively thought they might when justifying the means?  Are you and your "two-fer" (better half) Bill now facing real public passions now realizing the Clintons’ eight years so set up America for such and that President Bush is becoming a sympathetic poltical figure for certainly with your acquiescence in going for cover or insisting on cover now falling around President Obama of attempts to just blame Bush years and towards covering up your irresponsible and now seeming certain naivete of governance and rash budgeting?

"Black gold, save the brother!" now an acceptable and believable pro-Bush platform?  Have your efforts to justify your means shown ends that now unlike Bush/Cheney policies have you in "paying for peace" and buying popularity as "diplomacy" now of creating a for profit terror industry that has your monies to sustain it and to sustain justifying it while it seems Bush/Cheney programs of allowing lower mpg standards at least until China and India consumers joined in the auto craze was actually a better Middle East platform/policy for a jobs program from Muslim brothers that encourage enterprise and profit instead of just "nuevo profits" and a "for profit terror industry."

Have you run out of clever political rope, finally?

Are you know risking angering likes of Cathy Black and Louis Gerstner for exposing them for efforts in 90s that irked me to irked? 

Sorry, Paul, most of this isn’t in those "libraries" yet but should have or could have been if Gerstner and Black had played cards differently around Clintons’ tables if that was even possible. 

Sorry, Paul:  I do believe President Bush is up to speed on such reading as there were many successes during the Bush years that came from fixing the redrafting of the architecture some were letting the Clintons misappropriate or assume expertise on, and maybe with Gerstner and Black culpable then around IBM and NYTimes.

See Paul:  The Clintons and many Dems you like more just didn’t get the lyrics in poem LOS ANGELES of ending with "with a Bush on fire what did we see?" in a poem written to cover the Rodney King Riots story.  Reading comprehension here then would have been much better than "knowing what a library is." The one thing as in such a poem it wasn’t about turned out to be "the all" in what Clintons thought it was all about.