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Straight from Central Casting: a Russian Bear, and Bearess.

Times seven?  Indivisible?  Orthodox un-scrolled?

From their white haven, proud, and of chaps a squaws, west chestering?  A socialist underpined/covered?  And yet, what covers them best Bush even in hindsight, burning false commandments?

The lines were writ, and lines were drawn, and sanctions even tasked as meant true as commandments.

Establish Justice?  Not Ordered in our Union as "establish Justice" but a rendering favorable for socialists and nuevo-autocrats the Clinton "bear" and "bearess"?  Establishment?  Establishment justice a chiseling away at original commanding intent, towards ordering to Clintons as "establishment" with "justice" "government of man/woman" and cast away from writ as "government by laws"?

Have you missed the straight from Central Casting, "bear" and "bearess" slick Clintons of unraveling our basis in "equal Justice" and not just for its period of though hibernation?  Have you missed the subsurface plumes and slicks of their recasting Middle East, to reseting on path to maybe even a united Arab Socialist State, even allowing for Saddam Hussein to have risen with selfishness and greed as a Ba’athist Party assassin?

God save the Afghan peoples and their proud and local capitalist history. God save this place, this hallowed ground of to the Cold War what Gettysburg was to our Civil War.

Did you miss the turning points that these casting Russian "bears" "two-fer" attempted to their reach to nuevo-Autocrats of "Establishment" justice with them the uncontestable new global "Establishment" and for knowing where the bodies were/are buried, too?

Where, though, is Samantha Powers?

Did you miss the Clintons even out of hibernation "cozy" and the "too cozy" plodding socialist imperialism by careful "one foot in front of the other" advances adding step upon step to falsely getting Middle East and greater regions to blame America Republicans for all ills and evils, then considerable?  Did you miss the hard work at chiseling away reason and to establishment of a hard lined "us versus them" to near "red state v. blue state" Middle East?

Was Saddam Hussein, as Clintons nearly let be free again, as to nuclear as "Bill" is to "interns"?  Was Saddam without a doubt to return to nuclear capacity once free and with a new justification to return to hopes of conquering Iran, and as a Ba’athist up from its founding as a "ressurection" or "renaissance" party towards a united Arab Socialist State?  (ARAFAT, TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER; by Alan Hart c. 1984 - for source of Ba’athist defined and purposed)

Saddam Hussein had to go?  Socialism to a single Arab Socialist State had to be thwarted?  Unless you believed in "Establishment justice" as Clinton bears?  Might makes right?

King Bush?  Bush the Terrible? or just really Czars Clintons?  Nuevo-Autocrats or bust, Clintons? 

Not the old Beaver Wars of Ohio, yet Bush beating now maybe not of Bush bad but now ‘reseting’ around Bush in hindsight an innocent?

Bush an innocent to much even for hindsight?  Yet, then how to explain his having seemingly done the necessary and needed and "right" and "good" yet without knowing how to do it better or sell it?

Hindsight, now clearly of "Russian bears" and not of Central Casting, comity?

And yet, maybe my getting Hollywood/going Hollywood less at risk with legal Dem precedence of taking over industries needing me now in Hollywood defending such from a Republican response post 2010 and 2012? 

A life of a "jet-setter" not a lost American Dream?

Can write, will travel, and, likes planes.  Maybe can act, too.



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So our Secretary of State gets to declare which foreign organic groups are "terrorist groups" - "a picture is worth a thousand words"?

And so now with Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project from our Supreme Court ruling so 6 to 3?

And so now with Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton once more of eight years of "dangerous inaction and avoidance" and then those years partly awol from Senate trying to regain "executive power" cover, of more like "Wilson’s War" executions?

Well, it has been reported as so so now it must be so and is is is anew:  Dynastic rule is passe now in America, long lead the non-Clintons and non-Bush?  But then for Bush not to be all after Clintons and not as the "two-fer" monolith but individually and critically is now to convince people of average intellect that Bush’s must have as much to hide as either or both Clinton.

Again, President Obama with his rare opportunity of a Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance did speak to dangers of "inaction and avoidance" as near like terrorist support and of its "dangers."

In the dissent I just read in mentioned case around our First Amendment and "terrorist support" expression there was even this sentence"  They will not engage in fraud or defamation or circulate obsenity."

Remember Georgia?  Remember "separatists"?  Did court even consider "holy war" and "crusaders"? 

Have you seen the graphic coverage of Afghanistan our Secretary of State supports though near naked in its presentation and towards obscene? 

America, Terrorist or Peacemaker?   Hellman Province not quite the Georgian "separatists" covered near prophylactically, graphically, geopolitically?  Did you miss the "Freudian" in Georgian around unwanted separation messaging? 

But really about Secretary of State now presenting so nakedly and graphically and so counter to passing to past days of basic humanitarian of Bush wars both in Iraq and Afghanistan of wise efforts to effect before it became too late such a return to seeing America past "cloak and dagger" and to a principled "standing with" as fellow human beings willing to accept equal standing.

So now Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton now presenting as an American return to "cloak and dagger" more than principled "standing" almost too late persued by Bush?

So Russia after being haranged by Georgian separatists, geopolitically phallic, did exercise and flex to turn their body politic around, and yes "their body politic" around?  Did you miss the way Russia presented graphically Georgia and more a separate arse, instead of phallic of discarded prophyllactic?  

But "Hillary Rodham" of "terrorist support" with efforts towards "walls of separation" establishment during years of "dangerous inaction and avoidance" President Obama spoke to with Nobel Acceptance? 

But "Hillary Rodham" of Hellman Province graphic and naked terror politics and still with years of aiding in establishment of "walls of separation" at our FBI between enforcement and intelligence efforts to prevent terrorism?

And, again have the Clintons become both exposed individually outside the monolith of their political "two-fer" with the recent Supreme Court ruling for their have one or both been of exercising "executive powers" when not a Constitutionally protected "executive"?

Is the other "graphic" Afghani province seeming more nakedly about shrinkage, or hardly so and so just more about — wait that ‘effort’ just got postponed, didn’t it?

(Personally I am missing the honest of Bush’s Iraq policies and wisdom of Afghani involvement limited to minor security help with school and road construction traded with Afghani people for permission for U.S. Troops to be in their country hunting freely for Al Qaeda, but without so many as to chase them into Pakistan.  Yes I am/was missing those days of Bush presenting America as honest soldiers willing to stand with all Iraqi people, equally, and at least for such time reduce America’s reputation for mischevious "cloak and dagger" behavior our current Secretary of State has near effected a "renaissance" of.  Yes, I was missing such until Bush admin missed taking the Clintons on loudly and publicly over past year.)



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And you thought you were safe.

You didn’t even consider it.

You didn’t even realize they had quietly secreted it all away from you.

You now may wake on this 2010 Fourth of July to a very different country.  A country no longer of concern, democratic, but for now just the "one blogger", "one voter", and also only "one dissident"? 

President Barack Obama (BO) "citizen of the world" so eloquently prefaced to so new "limited" from Berlin, and so there so openly with a telling to becoming only concerned with "one dissident" "the blogger in Iran" and "the voter in Zimbabwe" and as well just the words "never again." 

You may wake to a First Amendment no longer a law protecting free speech.

Ha! Ha! Ha!  Our preamble to our Constitution as "not law" would make our entire Constitution that follows also "not law".  What were/are they thinking?  In Senator Obama’s "I am not here as a candidate for President" Berlin speech orated "in order to form a more perfect union" so goes our rights with his editing it away from "in Order to form a more perfect Union."

It can only be read as an ordaining of their creation of theory and in its grammar, with braggadocio, of a new union as a Union now superior and originally so than any other written/writable ordaining yet to date in the history of government, right?

It cannot be read as "not law" to > what follows is knowingly imperfect and hardly worth the paper it is written on nor all the hard work to its Order > "in order to form a more perfect union" interpretation that it wasn’t really law after all and that American would just have to make it up as they went along, right?

It (our preamble)has to be law and the legend and key to the entire Constitution that follows and fits in following within the full scope and emphasis of our preamble as written and grammaritized oddly with specific and specifically unexpected (for its time) capitalizations as "ordered" in Order, right?

I don’t recall if I publicly graded Obama’s Berlin Speech or if so if it got an "incomplete" but I do remember giving his Cairo Speech an "F" and hardly for it in the "presumptuous" of "to all Muslims" as a man born a Muslim now of chosen faith in Christianity.  He seemed to certainly, and for his political convenience, deny that our American Civil War ever existed, and existed as tens of thousands of white citizens, and even Buffalo Soldiers dying for greater freedoms for blacks.  He seemed to declare that American slaves got out of their bondage "peacefully and without violence" and as instructive so for all Muslims so spoken to.

(Wow, I am keeping this far more positive than I felt at all possible considering how I am feeling about much to all of this.)

Well, we should have our Supreme Court reverse its recent decision around free speech and our First Amendment as decided in agreement with Elena Kagan arguements.  We, necessarily should see the reversal of such and a non-confirming of E. Kagan and maybe by our Fourth of July, 2010. 

Judge for yourself around the implication in just this one quote:

"The event that cut the ground from under Khalad Hassan’s feet, and which then created the opportunity for Arafat by degrees to impose his will and way on Fatah’s Central Committee, was the founding of the Palestine Liberation Organization under the leadership of Ahmad Shuqairi. Nassar was the chief architect of the original P.L.O.  He intended it to be his puppet.  But its real godfather was the American State Department which, at the time, was under the direction of Dean Rusk."


Oh, and Yasser Arafat is storied/biographed as well in this ARAFAT, TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER? "authorized biography by noted English journalist Alan Hart as also having consulted a Catholic Priest for moral establishment, the Father Iyad of: "Father, all I need from you is your blessing." and "And I gave it to him."  "It was the first but not the last time that Arafat turned to Father Iyad for moral support." (Such as storied in ARAFAT, TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER" around setting in chapter "THE DECISION TO FIGHT" with:  "It was in that troubled state of mind that Arafat, accompanied by Wazir, travelled from Kuwait to a convent in Beirut for a talk with a very special Palestinian - Father Iyad.")

Well, should be an interesting week now what with it so nearer our Fourth of July and of trial/confirmation hearing of Kagan, Elena, Supreme Court nominee. 

These are the times trying men and women souls and of a necessary war of words to undo what Kagan wrought?  America, terrorist or peacemaker? Madam Kagan?  America, spreader of freedom and rights, or enforcer of socialism as a few now command? Madam Kagan?

Our preamble has to be "law" for so Ordered and ordained by its signing a Union was formed more perfect than any other ever before it, and, of course that if it is not law than what follows cannot be law, as if prefaced to "a more perfect union" instead -then what follows a pro forma mess not worth the paper it was signed and ordained upon.

Yes, "We the People, in Order to form a more perfect Union,establish Justice,…"  does suddenly drop from braggadocio of "Order…more perfect Union" to reality of Justice as a human condition needing constant working and attempting towards "Establish" with "establish Justice" to the practice of the newly and so ordained new Order in such so consecrated Union.

Oh, anyone:  "I am not here as a candidate for President, but as a citizen… and a fellow citizen of the world."? 

But a Union so not yet an Order ordained, right? 

Best to stick with our own Constitution and speak only as President of our United States of America and not as "heirs" to his father’s socialist dreams?  

And you thought you were safe?

And, you didn’t even consider it, yet?

But then maybe Elena Kagan for such recent arguing, is a godsend as such a decision may pave the way to a prosecution of both Hillary Rodam and William Jefferson Clinton for "terrorist support" speech at least?  Maybe those "campaign" moments where she hinted to "executive power" willingness (to be like Rusk) to belittle Senator Obama for not being ready or willing to make the ‘tough decisions"?  Maybe there was more to Senator Clinton even sounding like she was speaking to a "sleeper cell" with like "it is time for a wake up call"?  Maybe what with "Bill and Hillary" having tried to hold onto their "executive powers" post their presidency, and not as cleverly as they thought, such does pave way for judging Clintons around having highjacked presidential powers and around "terrorist support" and such that they forced President Bush’s hand even or especially around more basic freedom and rights spreading as effected basically by "standing with" in Iraq?

Most morally troubling would be that with such a prosecution of Clintons now with way better paved for President Obama with such recent ruling is quite that decisions made by Clinton "two-fer" monolith may have sold out American soldiers lives as "Bill’s admin best kept without this, and with avoidance and inaction, so that it could be "Hillary’s Rusk moments" years later after their avoidance and inaction maybe just to set a selfish stage made region and situations worse and more dangerous?

Have the Clintons been together in effecting "executive power" while not our "executive" and are they now prosecutable and for getting caught doing such without having regained the "executive power" protection, thought once secure?



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IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, as "past is prologue"?

President Obama’s past with OBAMA’S BERLIN SPEECH now critical reverbing concerns?

Is our new banking reform now profiteering like fortune telling towards a unlikely and improbable turn to right’s favor to community based capitalism, and now with local neighborhood and community banks empowered in fair "revaluations" to help level the confederate republic of our United States at state and local levels to better rulings on international playing fields, towards more level competitions?

Has it turned out to be so that these Democrats in attempting to excercise a thought loophole in our Preamble verbage, and subjectifying in certainly odd cappings, have now consecrated new laws, financial, that cannot long hold their socialist dreaming as inherent now to hallowing all back to community capitalism, and faster to a new federalism than any Republican electing in 2008 could have dreamnt or hoped, audacious, due to likely unavoidable opposition from these same Democrats?

Things not at all how you thought they were?

SCOTUS:  Did you consider the lesson I recently reread telling of while reading ARAFAT by Alan Hart, by Hart as official biographer with necessary access back in early 80s?  Did you consider the lesson ARAFAT and his brothers tought his captors of jailing them for activities so told about wouldn’t keep them from such activities and coordinatings of current or future such activities?  Do you know or did you of a history of birth of Ba’athist Party in Damascus maybe in late 40’s I hadn’t read of specifically of "Ba’athist" as a word meaning "resurrection" or "renaissance" and that party was started by progressives intent in creating a single Arab socialist state?   Have you considered how such birth helps explain American Democrats favoring and forgiveness of Saddam Hussein as our Republican couldn’t abide, and yet still with Saddam’s personal history of having climbed such party ranks as an "assassin"?

Things not at all how you thought they were?

POTUS:  So you did mean your orations from Berlin to have been legended and keyed around an allegorical of all "heirs to" of with usage of "my father" as "Father Russia"?

SOCIALISTS:  If government is supposed to have all the answers, socialist, and top down, then now how do you explain our blue bayous?   Their MMS?  There threats of years on since Hillary for President soap box rants to sieze all oil company profits and such as it may have driven oil companies to risk cost cutting to try to find a way to stay in business without profits?

FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS, AND, OUR TROOPS:  Our preamble seems certain in its odd and specific emphasis with unexpected and unusual for its and our times still - capitalizations, and, as intended as a legend or key for the chorus and refrains of all that follows more specifically than such few poetic words, legal, though still poetically, and, legal, within our preamble of "We the People…general Welfare…secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves…" and with "general" certain in obviously not "General" as dreamnt up meant by Obama’s father and himself to so "socialist" fit and loophole needed with "People" not "people"?

Washed up now on our shores, all, these words of once young Senator Barack Hussein Obama, from Berlin, and with "my father" as like "Father Russia" (dream):

{note:  yes this speech shows more pride in communism than American capitalism and apologizes for America and speaking of America not getting along with other nations and peoples, and almost all its while pining for Soviet communism. His comments yesterday as President Obama speaking also pinningly of old Patriots, Soviet add confirmation to this note.}

  1. "I come to Berlin as so many of my countrymen have come before."
  2. "I know I don’t look like the Americans who’ve previously spoken in this great city."
  3. "The journey that led me here is improbable."  (me: not as past American leaders go)
  4. "And, you are here because you too know that yearning."
  5. "On that day, much of this continent still lay in ruin.  The rubble of this city had yet to be built into a wall. The Soviet shadow had swept across Eastern Europe,…and pondered how the world might be remade."
  6. "People of the world – look at Berlin!"
  7. "Look at Berlin, where Germans and Americans learned to work together and trust each other less than three years after facing each other on the field of battle."
  8. "Sixty years after the airlift, we are called upon again."
  9. "The fall of the Berlin Wall brought new hope. But that very closeness has given rise to new dangers - dangers that cannot be contained within the borders of a country or by the distance of an ocean."
  10. "In this new world, such dangerous currents have swept along faster than our efforts to contain them.  That is why we cannot afford to be divided. No one nation, no matter how large or powerful, can defeat such challenges alone."
  11. "Yes, there have been differences between America and Europe. No doubt…"  (me: what no mention of USSR here where fitting?)
  12. "That is why the greatest danger of all is to allow new walls to divide us from one another."
  13. "That is why America cannot turn inward.  That is why Europe cannot turn inward."  (me again:  What about Russia and Soviet "Patriots"?)
  14. "If we could win a battle of ideas against the communists, we can stand with the vast majority of Muslims who reject the extremism that leads to hate instead of hope."  (me:  Oh God!  Reagan wouldn’t have said "a battle" and so that this was as seeming a pining to winning one for the socialists with a defensive win in debating for ideas of communism - Reagan would most likey have said at least "The battle" and not let a sentence stand that by with just adding a coma after "ideas" would also read strongly as pining to win the battle of ideas for communism.   Again, Ba’athist Party as told founded by Alan Hart in his authorized biography of Arafat was of a conception as a "ressurection" or "renaissance" progressive party towards the goal and idea of a united singular Arab socialist state.)
  15. "This is the moment when we must build on the wealth that open markets have created, and share its benefits more equitably."  (Oh, God!  no capitalist and free marketer would be caught alive saying such, right?  "Build on the wealth that open markets created…" and not on the ideas of open markets that created it like of "teach a person to fish, instead of just giving them a fish?)
  16. SWEET SIXTEEN, THE REAL KICKER, IN ITS SINGULARITY AND SPLENDID ISOLATINGS:  "Will we stand for the human rights of the dissident in Burman, the blogger in Iran, or the voter in Zimbabwe?  Will we give meaning to (me: JUST?) the words "never again" in Darfur?"  (Oy! Oy! Oy! – so in his dreams from his father he gets to lead with there only "one dissident" and "one blogger" and "one voter" and play golf while only considering the meaning of words "never again"?)
  17. "We are people of improbable hope."
  18. "But I come before you to say that we are heirs (to his great "my father" and his dreams and such as allegorical as "Father Russia" - long live the Patriots, Soviet - Hi Afghanis, recognize me?) to a struggle for freedom."
  19. "…and remake the world once again."

SCOTUS:  A ruling please, a ruling please just treating USA equal, please!  Again, if President Obama were to shift his "speech" back to a "war on terror" wouldn’t your recent "terrorist support" speech ruling act as a gag on free speech as "critizing President Obama would seem desired by Executive Branch as "terrorist support" speech?  Please, oh, please rule and judge our preambe to be a full and legal Constitution in itself and so as written a bar to socializing Americans at any grouping larger than near community as such a bar in it odd and certain messaging in rare and quality capping with "People" in contrast marked so with "general" in "general Welfare" and with "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves…" too.  Please treat the preamble as law and the legend and key for rest of binding Constitution with each oath of office taken with defending pledge. 

ECONOMISTS:  Yes our preamble seem a poetically keyed legend in law for full scope and purpose and economics of all that follows within.  Yes, economists, its odd and certain capping does bar socialism with nationalism and nationalization also with such consecrated around income taxation instead of wealth taxation and free press instead of state run media.   Yes our communities and parishes are still free to be small communists and argue regularly for a fair redistributing in their PSAs and sermonizings, even our state governors, have nearer basis in wealth taxation and a duty to act more "communist" where federal representation so barred, seemingly, and more regularly but with debate and justification in cause, cooperative, for more or greater and even sometimes less - redistribution.



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Do Clintons wish now that they had an "out" as Tea Partiers?  Are they now fraught and doomed?  Are they anarchists?

Terrorism, muy mal! Terrorists, very bad too!

Clintons failed to fight tyranny when positioned and called upon decades of American legal and post world war reconstruction precedence?

Are they anarchists to boot?

Surely Secretary Hillary Clinton’s insubordination now rates as also a dismissable infraction; Surely Secretary Hillary Clinton’s first moves as Secretary of State, with a compromised position as wife of founder and operator of Clinton Global Foundation and Presidential Library, and, a term limited President of still meddling beyond existing precedence for past presidents, measure now for her audacity then now as "dismissable" rating.

What are you going to do when he comes for you? Now?

Tyranny bad, very bad!  Terrorists also muy mal!

And so too clever Danteist of Dante Infernoisms "Hillary" now with the General bell also tolling for her?  Insubordination repeated recently with the Equador interview forcing President Obama’s hand on Arizona?  Too clever a Secretary of State starting her reign with her ngo’d Ambassador to the World "Bill" trying to do right by their "two-fer" selfish goals and ambitions, and with ends justifying their means towards first married couple both elected to our presidency, now fraught naught?

Is it "terrorist supporting" orationing or just to anarchy those early comments by Secretary Hillary Clinton trying to live a false illusion of Obama won and then made a deal to let Clintons have the world if he could be left alone domestically to govern our United States of America without their interference?

SCOTUS AND POTUS has the Clintons’ general bell been also rung "general insubordination" and "poor judgement"?

SCOTUS: Does your new ruling on "terrorist support" speech have application to the Clintons and maybe to their having worked to set up "walls of separation" at our FBI between enforcement and intelligence, prior to 9/11?

POTUS:  What else can we make of "Hillary" though maybe just suffering "slings and arrows" of near greatest defeat in American political campaign history so stuck by you basically as a small bureaucrat in just another travel and travel document department?

POTUS:  What else can now be made post General McChrystal pulling a "Clinton" but not quit as serious as when our Secretary of State, maybe just in denial, did say publicly she would be like taking her orders and leadership inspiration not from you but from that high power Dante wrote around with his Inferno?

Terrorism, muy mal!  Have you tried poetry slams?


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Is it time anew for John Millington Synge?

Is it anew an era for William Butler Yeats?

How now but for Maude Gonne? 

Am I really better looking than Prince Albert of Monaco, son of Princess Grace?

Puff Diddy?  Puff Daddy?

Paul Giamatti as Adams?

Where is Dagny Taggart?

Where is Gail Wynand?  Dominique?

I am at least better looking than Paul Giamatti and near so of Prince Albert of Monaco?

Paul Giamatti as Adams?   You were better looking in first grade, old neighbor?

Hey SCOTUS:  If POTUS shifts to language and posture of POTUS BUSH with a return to "war on terror" and away from his "contingencies" towards imperialist neocolonialism so dating back to at least his early days in Manhattan as told by himself in his scribed DREAMS OF MY FATHER of "I picked my friends carefully…the Marxist professors…punk rock poets…neocolonialists" are you not then party to providing this POTUS a "gag" on media criticism of a sitting president?  Were there exceptions in your rulings and decidings that say would now condemn General McChrystal if President was of a "war on terror" instead of his imperialist neocolonial agenda postured?   Surely I will find when I find your full rulings around such, SCOTUS, that you addressed fully how any or some "criticism" of a president in a "war on terror" could be decided as "supporting terror"?

Ok, Paul, I am at least as good looking as you, too.

Are there protections for artists and poets?

Ignorance as bliss?

And, if when mail ordering a bride, without "knowing a priori"?




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"A GUILTY PLEA IN PLOT TO BOMB TIMES SQUARE" the HEADLINE with a Herbert chaser and Brooks "tough to swallow"?

Are you with our times, are you depressed?

Have you heard of the suspicions of a Rodham/Owama for profit terror industry, and its "justifications’?

And so now in those post men’s work day concerns around: My work is seemingly becoming too secretarial! 

Climate note:  It was the fall of 20__ … the famous _________-wing philologist was standing in the tea shop in elation over the Bush-Cheney regime and the future of young democracies.

Character background:  Writer wrote to argue for the surge in Iraq publicly on newsbusters.org as "uc" and one actually agreed to against the Kerriests towards "cut and run" still to arguing for sticking with such as it was one thing and maybe the last thing we had a moral obligation to try as not yet tried before we tried tail between our legs cutting and running.  Also such writer was also so publicly known for saying Hillary Clinton shouldn’t run and should not, and, could not win.  Also, well: I did say that New England may now blame President Obama with his play-offs intervention with a weak Oval Office bias presenting before sixth game as now like the "curse of Babe" with now a Celtic "curse of the Obama."

So Bob Herbert with your keen analysis so oddly wrought:  Is the Dems last chance now to embrace federalist agenda of tea-partier but with a forced legal gambling for each state?

So Bob Herbert with your keen crafting near hysterical to yet short of hard irony:  Can the Dems now survive only by forcing states to legalize gambling and construct with "stimulus funds" each their own a state run gambling consortium with immitation "Bubba Bills" (sexied up) playing saxaphones round and round?

So Bob Herbert, Mr. so clever: But can the golf arenas around your Dems last great deal long survive even with "Bubba Bill lives" look of all the impersonators?  Can even the golf enticements long consecrate "other than Bill" and ‘post Tiger Woods" as pimped out so long during Clintons’ years of meddling as a "fierce and virulent golf puppet" able to be commercialized and pimped out to unwittingly put sexy in golf for Clinton/Rodham temptatious governance and their strictly selfish puppeteering?

HEY TIGER??? GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN FRIEND. Didn’t expect to find you here.  Again, friend, good to see you here, what a burden you have carried having to be the virulent and sexy for Clintons’ golf misdirecting.  OH, by the way do you know where I can get a redistributable copy of President Clinton’s speech at your first Tiger Woods Learning Center Opening that had him telling a roomful of strange young-ones/youth fans that "as a politician I (Clinton) was a failure."?

Tiger: let’s do lunch! But, I got to get back to writing, now, ok?

To regroup here I guess it is best to refresh/reset around how the Clintons gambled away the futures of most of the small people and especially the racially biased against people (small/Democrat) with their calls to Wall Street to try the unthinkable.

To regroup here I guess it is best to refresh/reset America here now around how irresponsible the Clintons together as their monolithical "two-fer" with Hillary knowing full well how human and frail "Bill" was that she could wield the powers of her presidency just by spending the two thirds of every day still his with her, in co-dependency, to deny sex and favors say to get funding for schools in America too near railroad tracks and instead of taking out their irresponsible and unexplainable still rash 2 trillion from federal spending for jobs still in market and capitalism modeling.

When Greatness Slots Away?  These Dems last hope, Faustian?  And still remembering the microphones (off) when asking Wall Street to try to gamble away the risky loans they wanted to pimp out, and pimp out without the wiser federal spending to balance jobs necessary to maintain such?

We are human and proud of it, even if we actually accidently make babies and fail to just leave a stain on say a blue dress?

Where was Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, aka: Hillary Rodham, aka: Hillary R. Clinton, aka: H. Rodham Clinton, aka: Secretary Clinton all those ‘necessary’ deciding years of able to intervene?  Did she fail to keep "Bubba Bill" the sexy and impersonated from diverting or did she need his divertings to justify her station of not yet having already been of holding of real and pertinent presidential powers for the fully allowed and consecrated and defended with blood eight years, Constitutional?

So Deputy President Obama: you are content, and your woman and her mother don’t mind that historically you have been and still are going down as no more than a "deputy" of "President Clinton" and inferior more each day Madam Rodham gains in locking in your inferiority, publicly, to her man? Wasn’t it too humbling and embarrassing to fall to former President Clinton in your early and fresh days of (making you)call him "The President" or was it just orated so yet still near as bad "Mr. President Clinton."?

Note: Well, right?  Of course the Times Square Bomber confessed!  What but to justify more spending by Rodham State Department on terrorist preventing could have been his path to restore his family and friends honor after failing in becoming a proud American?  How many nuevo riche are now those his old friends and now more secure in their funding to walk around a carry guns to chase phantom "terrorists" and get like a billion per hour from even hard working Americans compared to Americans minimum wage.

General McChrystal, I still feel for you having to wage an "necessary war" that our State Department cannot justify and cannot mission contain around that big old "opium in the room".  It was near President Obama’s call to "necessary war" around Afghanistan, and without justifying a but then how wasn’t it also justified during Clintons years so and so that I was publicly blogging with "bring our troops home, bring our troops home from Afghanistan, bring our troops home now." 



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Welcome to my mostly political blog, this first day of summer 2010.

Greetings.  If you are a new visitor to my writings here it will help to be prefaced with this thought about Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton:  If you can prove she thought I would be willing to work for her you then have grounds to have her institutionalized for "insanity."

Now, that said:  How about "cap n tax"?

If you are a new visitor and haven’t yet read through archived columns here and in chronological order from earliest written to most recent:  You likely are not as aware as my facebook friends on facebook.com/jpeterhogan link of how the Clintons got started and then misappropriate much of my "architecture" and arrogantly thinking they knew better, and yet while seeming knowing no more than say 70%.  You likely are not yet aware, as many facebook friends of how Clintons acting so arrogantly assuming they knew my mind and thinking better or "well enough" left me so puzzled and concerned with:  But if they use it that way we are likely to get attacked.  If they use it that way they must have experts who unlike me figured out how to use it that way and not get attacked.

But then again if you are new to my columns and writing and especially here you haven’t likely even read of my puzzlement with the New York Times exhaustive article on the Gulf Oil disaster from a BLOW OUT and it having that quite mysterious paragraph stating that "blow out preventers can be hauled up for repairs at $700 per hour" or some words very near such.  Unh?  The blow out preventer can be disconnected and repair and reinstalled, unh, what?

Well it is the first day of summer and a happier day maybe more for those not in the effected areas of the Gulf or still worried about "Hillary". 

Oh, Hillary how could you and Bill have put your personal ambitions ahead of what was right and best for our country?  Too much?  Not?  You new here?

Oh, me oh my!  What a tale I live having had Clintons naively and arrogantly think and act with their misappropriation of my "architecture" held within and shared mostly but not entirely with my old political poetry!  What a tale I live with so many years stuck with oh well they are not listening or have decided they have it handled, all the while leaving me near certain with "if they use it that way we are very likely to get attacked and with such thinking themselves ‘just’ in attacking."  Oh, what a life I have led!

Can you believe the exhaustive article in the New York Times yesterday on BLOW OUT actually has that paragraph stating that for $700 per hour the blow out preventer could be hauled up and repaired?  Even in these times?

So it is the first day of summer in 2010 and what do I have going but memories of "it then, what?" decidiing that "if so then" to moving to DC around time of Clinton’s impeachment and disbarring hearings with concern still of "if so then how" then "how" to be prepared with old thinking refreshed on how thought long through that thinking used not as Clintons’ used could keep us from getting attacked.

Are you new here?  Do you need a moment to take a few deep breaths?  If you are you should know that to figure me and my "90’s" out nearer "accurately" the near last people you should consult would be my oldest sister or my dad.  I was busy helping them in ways that would have clouded their understanding of my "architecture" and some still.  They never knew to factor in my knowing Mark Felt since before Watergate, and still.

Yes, if "Hillary" ever thought I would be willing to work for her she is certainly certifiably(sp?) insane.  And, this the same Hillary I have known just maybe months less time than Mark Felt.

Oh, sorry, it is the first day of summer and I am a little distracted. 

I was meaning not to write to explain how I put myself in full "rethink" and "rethink it all, all the decade plus of considering and stategizing, through anew" and so in late nineties in DC as a new town to force a full reconsidering with as many or more challenges and necessarily again admist and deep into hands on construction and laws and permitting around.  Yes, I wasn’t meaning to explain or just touch upon how my time in DC was largely out of concern that I may be still right about concerns on how Clintons "interpreted" my "architecture"/poetry then well past stopping likely and towards preparing for a possible "after attack" think. 

See, I wanted to be out cycling or fishing and maybe enjoying this our first day of summer.  I didn’t want to be explaining that on 9/10 I was finally ready to accept that I must have been wrong that near entire past decade of concerns so, and that by morning I should change and accept that I was wrong to have been so concerned and "move-on" and  move on to specifically avoid sinking into bankruptcy.

So yes, if you are new here:  I did wake up so rededicated on 9/11/01 to moving on with my life and so did to get across town that day to install a new front door in Georgetown for a homeowner did decide to mark the day by risking traffic and delays by driving by The White House and so up 17th Street side along side the Old Executive Office Building.

Oh, boy, what would my day have gone like so after marking a new day accepting I had been wrong for near a decade and with driving by The Old Executive Office Building at near 8:45 am to accentuate the positive what with the homeowners not having left their radio on tuned to NPR?

Oh well, I wanted to write about insanity of "cap n tax" and the Democrats global ambitions to use it a a earth wide taxation system for redistribution to carbon "innocents" from those of industrious "carbon guilt" and how our United Nations member fees system still a more workable "redistribution model" even as odd as that sounds.  Oh well!  Writing on "cap n tax" and how we and other states might have to go to war with China or India to force them to make tax payments for "carbon guilt" and to say Darfur or Somalia governments for fair and certain distribution to their "carbon innocent" citizens will just have to wait.



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Hugo Chavez?

Iraq oil rights/contracts to others all over again?

Relief wells just more "junk shots" and not a "well" at all?  Horizontal drilling from Venezuelan Public Oil venture our future "news"?

Sirens’ call;  where’s Bill?


If you blinked this week you likely missed it: If you blinked this week you likely missed the story on CNN of reporter covering the methods and success of oil booming and burning operations constantly on-going but as weather permits — the story of such success that instead of showing huge areas of fish kill float zones was live and replayed with footage of happy schools of fish safely flapping and jumping on the just cleared surface and nearly a school of such note it may have been as large as Harvard Square or Yale’s freshman quad.

Siren’s call; where’s bill?

It certainly is definitely about the faults of beyond petroleum crowds, see how they have governed? Too many "beyond petroleum" for Beyond Petroleum’s sake?  Al Gore the lead "beyond petroleum" well-head at fault, at fault for bringing US closer to stagnation, closer to stagnation by selling "green" like Spain attempted?

It certainly is definitely about the faults of beyond petroleum crowds, and now maybe with Hugo Chavez’s public oil companies an acceptable venture for tapping oil resevoir being closed off to Beyond Petroleum?  Horizontal drilling by Citgo, Chavez’s own?

It certainly is definitely about the faults from more aggressively trying to go green they way the Spainish did that was of two regular carbon based industry jobs lost per one green job created, right?

It definitely was our beyond petroleum Gorists that more aggressively than Spainish attempted to take to new economics all the while knowing that the less agressive Spainish approach cost two jobs for every one created, right?

Sirens’ call; where is Bill?

Stagnation?  Stagette Hillary? 

Sure we have a problem with our Louisiana and to Florida panhandle oyster flats/beds, and so unlike the greater depths of "Beyond Petroleum" faults:  Sure the oil on surface even after dispersants will biodegrade naturally in the Gulf and more with less or little harm in the depths, likely.  But the oyster beds may all be too shallow and too near to suffer less with concentrations higher. 

But, is it Beyond Petroleum at fault for "beyond petroleum" of "let no crisis go to waste" Rahmists lost wages and industriousness caused by government meddling and effecting of MORATORIUMS?  Is BP at least publicly being held responsible post White House "shake-down" to pay the lost wages of other oil companies employees during the duration of the government effecting of a six month MORATORIUM?

And, on top of learning just recently that the two "relief wells" are not to be "relief wells" but paths for additional "junk shots" and "top kills" to leave Beyond Petroleum past it’s already invested/sunk billion(s) to no chance to repair and rebuild/fix with new "safety" systems put in place and so pump such needed oils and gases safely as the ship/vessel has been doing since hooking up after damaged pipe was removed?

Surely the Gorists of "beyond petroleum" capitalistic ambitions and ventures had considered that trying to more aggressively revolutionize our energy usage than Spain attempted would likely cost three jobs for every one "green" job created, right?

Sirens’ call; where is Bill?

Stagette Hillary?  Can it be?  "Billary two-fer" a: Bill shows up and governs "stag" yet an intimate "two-fer", but Hillary not showing up "stagette"?

Where is  Noah?  I don’t get it!

Where is Adam or Eve?  I don’t get it!

And now Obamanation to stagnation, and, maybe with President Obama the Deputy President to Mr. President Clinton, still? 

So they knew they were creating stagnation, and now with social and community concerns to surface around stereotyping of black men of showing up stag to so much even while married? 

Stagette Hillary - an unbelievable tale?

If "Bill" had just lashed himself to the mast of our ship of state, would we be safely on the waters still?

How hasn’t "Bill gone stag" yet still a "two-fer" with and "Stagette Hillary" now of "experience from "two-fer" eight years" for current office now not of having "experience" of having done the wrong things - as now she is doing mostly the opposite?

Has it all been lost; Have we lost all our basis: To swear an oath to "defend our Constitution" now not "legally" an oath "to defend our Constitution" as now seeming lived and practice by these Clinton Dems of a practicing hoping it just isn’t our about seventeen pages so sworn to but all the weakings over decades to make themselves more dime romance novelish with a seeing to "to defend the current little laws used to weaken our Constitution" over years?

Noah, I don’t get it!  I don’t get how all the "two-fer" swimming and in schools isn’t still your way more of to two indivisible, in holdings, and in other "holdings" and in legal union such to "let no man set usunder."

A "two-fer" yet still "stag" and "stagette" when politically convenient?

Don’t forget the economics, Democrats.




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Our finest hours, before, before, before?

Three scores and "Willy’s" slicks?  President Obama a "deputy president"?  Autocracy or bust?  Autocracy or bust? Has Obama lost New England?

"I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all."

A deputy president, de facto?

Our finest hours, before, before, before?

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

By a rude bridge that arches a "two-fer": An embarassing slick, Willy?  Just one trillion in PEACE DIVIDENDS cut too irresponsibly, two?

Autocracy or bust!  Autocracy or bust!

Our finest hours, before, before, before?

"I swear upon the alter of God, eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man." 

What about the small people, the small people of Iraq, the Shia majority the Clintons were willing to let Saddam keep trampling as smaller than Sunni and smaller than Ba’athists?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free…it expects what never was and never will be."

Autocracy or bust!  Autocracy or bust!

An embarrassing slick, "Willy"?

Our finest hours, before, before, before?

"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost."

PEACE DIVIDENDS, an embarrassment, "Willy"?

Was it just one trillion of the two you cut so prematurely and whimsically quickly or both trillions that undermined our Constitution and communities?

Senators in the red, a "Willy’s" embarrassment?

Hillary’s strong suit?  Universal: It takes a village, but let the small peoples of Iraq stay small?  Peace dividends for Americans while national intelligence estimates likely reporting growth of Taliban and screams of women from Afghanistan too?

Is it just now as a "Chicago way" breaches broaching the Washington as "redistribution central" that we hail for our greatest hours of Washington governance - not "redistribution" - our norm?

Fitting suits for Senators, in the red?

Too lording?  Too just "redistribution" of takings from others, unargued and un-justified in orations?

What would an election of "Hillary" have been to the impeachment and disbarring of "Bill"?  A celebration of his wrongs as a new norm, a new standard, lower?

Our finest hours, before, before, before?

Autocracy or bust!  Autocracy or bust!  States’ rights, what, what, ha! ha!?

President Obama now risking a post presidency as much a "deputy" to Clinton as his presidency?  President Obama, the COO of the Clinton Global Initiative or just a VP?

What about tyranny?  What about the Clintons’ eight years?  What about the small people of Iraq ignored and avoided?  An embarrassment "Slick Willy"?

A younger Obama:  "Now let me be clear — I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power. He has repeatedly defied UN resolutions, thwarted UN inspection teams, developed chemical and biological weapons, and coveted nuclear capacity."  "He’s a bad guy. The world, and the Iraqi people, would be better without him."

Ok! Good so far, but why did he go on then to: "Saddam poses not immenent threat and direct threat… to his neighbors."?  How did he "know" this and while left as Clintons had left him he likely now would (rightly) be in a nuclear capacity race with Iran?

An embarrassment "Slick Willy"?

Our finest hours, before, before, before?

Well our Senators in the red, and now this times try us to:  McCains’ platforms better for US then and now?  Now, we are tried and torn to states’ rights the better community and economic revolution to have had?  And now more clearly as "Chicago way" of takings, unargued and un-justified yet, an excess in taking just for redistribution as a new Washington way?

Could it be?  Could it be that our states had houses to clean themselves?



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Ok, I get it, I get that using six "centering do hickies" instead of "…the twenty one recommended by Haliburton scientists" could cause "knocking" and maybe knocking that could allow gas in crude to escape in bursts past crude in pipes.  I think.

I think!  But then why hasn’t the ship/vessel now acting as a temporary platform also blown up?

Oh, Hillary, the healing that can happen when you finally step away, and step away with a stepping down.

See: I have been a licenced contractor and even in DC; I have read building codes and had permits needing attention paid to number of hanger straps for household plumbing.  I am not now in construction, and not currently with any state construction licences, they all should have expired.

Knock, knock Dennis Quaid!!!  I just saw A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP in past week for first time.  Oh, Hillary the healing that can begin when you and your as questionable "business" arrangement as BP with William Jefferson Clinton foundations ongoing!

Knock, knock Dennis Quaid!!!   I just saw myself as your ‘inspiration’ it seemed for more scenes in A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP that those President Clinton was.  What are my rights, Mr. Quaid, Congress?

Knock!!!  Knock!!! Oh no, a gas pocket is climbing risers because enough "centering" do hickies not used to prevent pipe rattle and bounce?

Now Chris Matthews, do you have the answers, and since I only caught the last fifteen minutes of your special show last night:  That section with Pat Buchanan speaking to convention tends to look some like Dennis Quaid in A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP too!  (I thought it was in 8-9 slot.)

Healing, what healing?  Oh, Hillary!!! Knock, knock?

Not a joke, either the pipe system that maybe didn’t yet knock, knock dangerously as the ship/vessel hasn’t also blown up, or Dennis Quaid presenting me and my contributions in "thought" and "nuancing" from 90s unpaid and unrecognized by Clintons.  No, not a joke.  Not at all.

Clintons as mentioned starting dropping fast in "Hillary for president" efforts as soon as I had officials on them not having permission to use my thinking then working closer to as meant with President Bush working to fix damage inherited from Clintons "two-fer" monolith of their presidency, in its allowed eight years.

Clintons, had a chance for all those eight years to approach me and secure ownership of such thinking and artistry and allow me to quietly reduce to just a "consultant" of much use.

Clintons, had every chance to approach me an acquire rights to so much that they loved to celebrate and profess as their own, until I asked officials to warn them away from my intellectual property.  Of, course they hired people and with such squirmed their way back to as close to such ideas of their past "successes" and hardly any of their past failures, and maybe still too close to for my happiness but so such too costly to contest then.

This is not a "friday news dump"!

If the Clintons had approached me and contracted a fair acquiring of my rights to my intellectual property so still being found in artists performances unexpectedly, I would have not been left only to defend myself as the architect of much of their success, once thought their success and now more fairly and honestly "not theirs."

Knock, knock???  Aren’t I supposed to get paid for an actor portraying me and my body of contributions as apparently portrayed by Dennis Quaid of me a non-public, unknown mostly private citizen?  I have mused to quite a bit but never to portray so on such a grand scale a confusing of what was/is mine with what really was Clintons.

Oh, the healing that can begin when Clintons fade away as until such time I cannot and will not bring myself back to such level of thinking and so as to avoid contaminating truths of history more have a right and a need to know, and even if it does defend some or much of the eight years of Bush admininstration and their having permission to work to repair damage from Clintons misuse of such integrated thinking.

Knock, knock!!!  Dennis Quaid, really, aren’t I supposed to get paid for such "inspirations" taken without permission or contract?

And, still, if the fewer "centering" do hickies were at fault why hasn’t the ship/vessel now acting as a temporary platform also blown up?  The pipe so installed hasn’t breached, right?  The pipe so installed still has the pipes above the sea-bed as the problem?  "Bill and Hillary’s" arrangements between State and Global Foundations more questionable and temptation to fraud than any oil business arrangements discussed yet this week?



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Ha, Ha, "unfundable fashion police"!

What?  A reality checking?  Reality checks?

What do czars wear to an Obama grilling? B.B-que? Fly-over?

How do czars, these so many, these of new America record number(s) take their cheddar burgers with dijon?  Their kobe?  Do they have their ice cream deep fried?  Their arugula rinsed thrice?

I had remembered from reading FOREIGN AFFAIRS at turn of the year Dec/Jan issue of President Obama setting an all time new record for number of national security council members each with a staff, if I recall correctly, and, if I recall correctly near four times more than "W."

I had nearly completely forgotten Obama’s fashioning America so with also (as well/same) as a record and precedence stunning amount of with appointment of czars.

But, he had a Secretary of State of saying she was already, all ready, even at hard hour of 3am and of it such a disrupting and disturbing hour, so shouldn’t a record "fewer" number of national security experts and czars have been necessary?

What do czars wear to an Obama grilling, and is there even a room in our White House large enough to settle them even without each having one assistant with them?  Could we have collected in taxes the millions and millions that went to Clintons ngos and foundations to fund such new public jobs, and while "Hillary" (Madam Secretary Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton) should have even been more prepared for all such what with less responsibility with the distractions of "politics" of duties for our office of president holder?

What will President Clinton wear to a post funding unfunding of Clintons’ ngo activities, global?

After all now that Republicans have the luxury of from years and years of hard work and progress as "accomplished" why shouldn’t Republicans, now that many of their efforts, effective, allow them maybe their own "Woodstock", be of encouraging the global unfunding of Clintons’ fashionings governmental and non governmental?  Are the Republicans now for first time in their century of struggles freer to relax and enjoy on the platforms effected in good of those told evil past eight years?  Are attitudes on humanity and "weakness" on hold for "reseting" later after some federal celebrating? 

Are we now all past those years of necessary wars yet settled mostly by living up to our American standards for all Iraqi people’s freedom too, and necessary, sadly, for all those years trying to find some way to preserve America and American values while attempting to stem the spread of communism and fascism abroad?

Wove ye the Senate red?  Time to unfund Clinton ngos?  Time to at least capture the foreign dollars for public dispersion domestic, instead?

Well, I was surprised to find it a lesser story and near forgotten and also so of czarist excess with NSC appointments that even those years of "Hillary" trying to sell "universal healthcare" while preaching "it takes a village" and all the while with so so many villages outside our borders realizing that they must not be "universal"/worthy?

Well, she looked good doing it all, right? But?

Really, though not about fashion:  deep fried ice cream is a treat, but Clintons’ PEACE DIVIDENDS a dished mess. 

Well, she looked good doing it all, right?  But?


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Oy! Mr. President, playing with Boston superstitiousness, and now: the man that cost Boston Celtics the game six close.  Oy!

You want a "DO OVER" don’t you?

You want to be able to go back and discuss the more important "news of the day" for yesterday, right, yet not by "pre-empting" Boston fanship?

Ok, sure Boston may still have some shoe and boot industry about it, or is close enough to New Hampshire and Maine for Celtics fans, but if you Democrats treat Afghanistan’s industries and mineral wealth as you did Iraq’s oil/mineral wealth…?

Have you lost the New England Celtic block?

Surely such area still has the technology, and still has the will to provide the outfitting of mining wear for Afghani people so soon to likely move from farming sandals, but will you force American businesses further from/down from the top of lists to avoid "war profiteering" appearances?

Mr. President, you do want a "DO OVER" don’t you for yesterday? You’ld had been better to have discussed how the mineral finds in Afghanistan and such of rare earth minerals needed to supply the "green revolution"? You’ld have been better lesser of rad with Global Warming Alarmist lobbying for "Go Green" industries, right?

So now to rally America towards your "green industries" future we now need some to all of what Afghans have in their terra firma, and so as of yesterday’s evening news cycle were of close to realizing your "emphasis" and "priorities" likely mean we can never leave Afghanistan with our military, right?

Is a revival in New England shoe and boot making too much near "war profiteering" and to be demeaned as American oil interests and possible contracts were largely by Democrats once (and currently) in Iraq?

Can you never now overcome the Boston superstitiousness?  Have you lost your Celtic half brethren/sisters?  Curse of The Obama?

Oh, by the way, where was your Secretary of State on this "news prioritizing" — Barefoot in the park? Out to lunch? Daydreaming of if she had at least become V.P. she would have passed new uniform standards for all Senators, for all Senators to wear red pants suits, and, not of thinking "too lording."

Oh, by the way, for those who don’t like coincidences:  Rare political resourcing that our’s and other’s economies seemed to have "Hillary for President" announcement as about the "moment" (knowingly/accidentally) that entreprenuerial and global economics started tanking.  Was it that she was scary on economics and that too partly with threats to sieze oil profits and such that today BP itself might not have had enough funds for Gulf spill liquidity?

Where was Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton last night, also rooting for Lakers, and also rooting for her legacy as: Would have been better first female president than you are being as first black president? 

Need to know:  Will better "socialists" of any nation have …?



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Mr. President have you finished your analysis of Gulf oil qualities? Have you discerned that if people still catch/net shrimp from spill area consumers of broiled shrimp from such will find nutritional value of at least less bad cholesterol than traditional English "fish and chips" of deep frying or even Burger King’s Whopper? Do you have the nutritional value and "serving size" information ready for tonight?

Global Warming a farce?

Scarcity of resources, and wars?

Remembering the eight years of inaction and avoidance that you spoke to in your Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech, of the Clintons’ eight years of avoiding action of enforcement of sanctions upon Saddam Hussein: Hindsight now seems to point to failed Arkansas environmental and agricultural policies by once, and for a while, Clinton ‘two-fer’ monolith of Governorship as, and like their federal time as governing monolith as: Failed policies and irresponsible budgeting by Clintons. Mr. President, the "baby tar ball" as small as a small snail you picked up for cameras some weeks ago: Did it make you remember a single time you tried to change your own oil in your Chicago driveway outside your four car garage and over the storm drain, and if such happened, and with your oil going everywhere but the small oil pan you put directly under car’s/Jeep’s oil pan..?

Oh, Hillary! Oh, Hillary? Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton: In hindsight how do you feel about your novelty, your novelty maybe for being recordable in history as the politician whom before losing election to our office of the president had knowingly told more lies to Americans, and world wide so, and, "official lies" than any other past candidate in our history? And, how that you wanted your election to celebrate your and "Bill’s" past of known to have been lying?

So Mrs. Clarence (Gini) Thomas: I may agree with you more than disagree with you on your professed concerns that Democrats are trying to take America towards tyranny, is your site (you are setting up a site, yes?) almost ready?

Steven Straub, thank you for your Federalist Papers discussions, daily, on facebook: Reading today of concerns that America, our United States, was/is designed and consecrated to as a federal collection of states and only some a national and nationalist consolidation. Oh, what to do about a mineral rich Afghanistan country? Democrats would still necessarily have to surge with federalism first before attempting to surge with ’socialism’ as domestic agenda perseveres, right?

Interesting that CNBC’s Erin Burnett, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, already shared that China has one mine (towards) going in Afghanistan. (Mine:) So we as federal Americans are providing the security with our soldiers and our dollars, for such (capitalistic) Chinese?

Global Warming a farce?

Blood ores?

Operation Iraqi Freedom, now even more necessary a global precedence for the United States of America now maybe never able to leave Afghanistan, what with the earth minerals now known to the world to exist? But for Operation Iraqi Freedom what "example" would there be for Middle East and East to show that the United States of America is not out to run their economies and sieze their natural resourses as own?

Mr. President and Madam Secretary, you did see what I wrote as "chimed in" on www.politico.com ARENA thread yesterday, yes? Needed to know?

Scarcity of resources, and wars?

But now, resources, Afghani, needed for "green" industry the "oil pipelines" of Republicans?

Clintons:  How much damage did you let happen in Arkansas letting so much fertilizer and chicken/poultry waste into the waters in Arkansas to run free south to damage the Louisiana wetlands not being covered with oil?  How much damage did you do our policies and safety and economics by so rashly cutting near about two trillion in federal spending, and yes so irresponsibly so quickly?



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Well I guess I too should put this on my reading and viewing "to do" lists, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, that is.

So, Bill and Hillary Clinton vast and ‘inevitable’ political ‘two-fer’ monolith has me most to blame for their loss to the near most junior and most inexperienced Senate peer of Senator Clinton?

So, when Senator Hillary was out of the office as happened a whole lot the New York Senate office actually ran better?  Experience?  Earnestness?

And so: Anyone remember David Geffen?

And so: Anyone figure out for themselves how devastated Clinton monolith and "Bill" must have been when half or maybe more of their thought Hollywood friends publicly announced to the world that they were liars and that they therefore would see only near half the "Hollywood money" they expected?

DIFFERENT STROKES (RIP Willis); FRIENDS; some SEINFELD; LAW AND ORDER; ER; JAG; GILMORE GIRLS; JOAN OF ARCADIA; CSI - as from there was room for a return of old QUINCY show and I had just met Paul Gulfoyle while with Spielberg efforts in AMISTAD and thought with sexing up with old VEGAS PI show…; CSI offshoots; "24"…  to name a few of remembered days of working at musing.

Earnestness, Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton?

And so:  Yes I emailed Natalie Portman’s pr agent and maybe Stan Rosenfield as well as Natalie Portman’s agent Kelly Bush months before the tides turned to flood on Clintons, or was it "dry up" or "dammed"?  Yes I emailed and asked one or both professionals to spread the word to those in Hollywood that in no way or any way really was any past musing of mine of "my artistry, in earnest" to be used to help the Clintons.  It was quite a centrist body of works and really reposesed rightly the magic from the dangers and dangerous handling by the "inevitable" Clintons and their monolithic "two-fer."

What a gift, what a boondoggle, what a winfall for you then Senator, President Barrack Obama, then near the least experienced and least senior Senator also thought stuck on the bottom rung like Senator Clinton should have been for a while, too, or "likewise."

You mean you didn’t know or remember that the GILMORE GIRLS TV show came from my driving around Baltimore one day, musing anew, and of driving by the famed Gillmann School for Boys, and while knowing it a feeder school, legendary, for that school near where I matured in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Anyone decided and willing to share opinions on whether Wikipedia is more reliable factually than Cliff Notes on THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, or just ‘artistically’?

{Neighborly note: Kind of funny these name connections as well for people found of same to very similar names not the people you think them to be: I grew up/matured a half mile from birthplace of "W" and grew up near another Sarah Heath, another Brad Turner (not the "24" writer), another Matt Lewis, another Jonathan Weisman (sp?), later near another Daniel Brown, and also while of course from such neighborhood others who are those of the names famous like their own as their own.} 



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If you see A.M. tell her I did it for money not for her and that her ’side’ of story is mostly all fiction.  It was a spell binder, but for money and money not hers.  J.K. thanks for remembering me, I cannot say the same about some others. But well many of you still consider much around my fiction as non-fiction, go figure, here:

So President Obama owes me his election over The Clinton Machine "Hillary for President" monolith.

I don’t know what difference I could have made in his defeating McCain/Palin but maybe all the excitement from his having defeated the Clinton monolith, really, I don’t know for I haven’t yet really considered such.  I was, you could say, trying to help my more state’s right in these times McCain/Palin efforts, see?

To go back a few years and years before Howard Dean himself said like "I lost because I was in violation of the ‘mental clarity’ act" for being a doctor who should have known better than to twist the necessary truths so much in politics, and that so being before I had to fax the Bush authorities to ask them to tell Mr. Dean to stop stealing my intellectual property of the Clinton rise from back in 1991 on and especially to so steal it to try to profess to poor black inner city audiences his "you shouldn’t steal" message.

A.M. I didn’t do it for your money or the another’s money but for love I had decided/agreed to wait for as a better long path out of the America sixties wash.  I didn’t "do it for you" but in practicing poetry did recognize that while doing for my sister I had to keep from not also doing it for her friend too associated.  I did it knowing someday I, you could say, knew I had the way to win with small internet donations in a more democratic way of "for money" success.

In doing it for the money and pride of succeeding in towards like the success of late maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier but with a political mixing, and while feeling I had time to do it while waiting for another of strong legacy I was in my ten years living on Capitol Hill in DC of walking many times by the buildings and halls of power and pre-2004 of with "but I know I can get a whole lot of small internet donations" as an/the antidote to the money ramparts of Capitol environment.

So President Obama owes me his election? So President Obama owes President Bush his election, rather, for it was his sense of law and order that excerised in protection of my intellectual property rights around many useful marketing fictions, and even those that were written poetically to advance understandings and practices around post traumatic stress studies/practice?  So, but for my faxes to Bush admin with requests to tell Howard Dean, once or twice, to desist from using my material, my material meant and considered towards other ends, and, so also especially my requests, more than once, towards telling Clintons to desist from use of same and other parts of same "working fictions" and more serious other materials/poetry?

See: Clintons didn’t contest such orders and such only proves they knew they were trying to use material not theirs and boy after such did America start to wonder how the Clintons had lost their seeming magic.

Sure there was at least one side effect from my years of such stressing and compassionate cerebral workings in poetic considerations similar to psychological compassion and considering:  I just don’t like to pick up any phone to make any calls, and of from knowing I then and still maybe couldn’t get enough of the right players on the phone in conference at once so not to contaminate communicating ambition.

It is an odd memory for a writer to have memories of people telling him that if he wanted to be a writer he should get to the Hamptons - as that was a place this writer knew he had to avoid while waiting for another as a goal to help move past the negatives of the sixties and seventies, that seems stuck as ghost in many’s "machines".

J.K., again, thanks for remembering me and not trapping me in your fictions but for taking more than twice the time leaning on my musing for you in years than I thought I was getting myself into when challenging you to seven books for seven separate years of curriculum.  I may visit the theme park long before I ever decide to read the books.

But back to President Obama having the illusions of the Clintons working with him now, or actually hardly "working for him":  Did you know the Clintons well enough that during the campaigns you could hear Hillary say to Bill when he joined her on a stumping stage and restored her strength/posture/constitution protected in marriage union with "can you believe they are buying this sh**?"

I did.

There were, for your consideration, more than a few others willing to make deals/set goals in the early 80s to try to move America back in a better direction.  Right Mrs. McInerney?

Note:  The Clintons seem to have knowingly tried to trap me in my "fictions" for their own, not your gain.  The Clintons if not "knowingly" were then necessarily hardly qualified for offices of First Family.  The Clintons like to think they return some or most of ’favors’ but hardly two-cents per grand might they have broached.  The Clintons together, inseparable in their mutual greed and ambition?  The Clintons of needing to think I did it for love of A.M.’s (not my grandfather Arthur M. Menadier) money and with her money enough to look past other parts of my fiction taken as non-fiction for more convenient to the Clintons and Dems?

Truth can be far stranger than fiction and even now far better politics for President Obama.  Truth now being lost for Bush admin folk not excerising my truths that Clintons didn’t contest when conceding they needed to desist?  Truth that what help Clintons may have tried to return was done based on fiction side as real and so only made me have to create new fiction on top of old fiction without letting them know they were so "missing the boat" on "love" angle.  Truth that I couldn’t trust them with the truth after watching them so mess up my life by taking a fiction as a non-fiction and with horrible plot that I was doing it for her (A.M.’s) money as they would have.

For your recording:  The Clintons "lost their magic" and Obama surged (yes because I was right on surge, and that of from the start saying "Hillary would not win.) when I told them to stop misappropriating my personal work and it as my intellectual property, my architecture, my cohesive poetic sense.  



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While walking down the street one day:

"And she was buyayying a stairrrarway to Heaaaaeavan:"

"Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow":

*(Paul McCartney lines deleated here in protest)

"Over the river and thru the woods…"




…"over the river and thru the woods…"

But really: in comparison, in comparison to Clintons and Obama administration:  NIXON WAS INNOCENT!



While walking down the street one day:  Hillary got no soul? 

While walking down the street one day:  an epiphany:  Hillary in power adds up to now room for belief your leaders are "in it for you" more than for themselves - and so - no growth economy possible as such needs at least an illusion of trust in government?

She does beck a stein and weigh the hems and now is of don’t ask, but do tell?  Political toll, doth toll for thee?


Ever more doth rave the "reset" communist and "me first" Clintons, evermore?

From near the rude bridge sometimes over a dry river bed, a near dry stream/brook and now to this hardly American in foundational garments, Hillary?  Exposed a communist?  

"Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow…" and please don’t look back and finally litigate the Clintons’ years?

You are not in it alone?

Has the United Nations actually started the matching program for Afghanistan to match "oil for food" for Iraqi people (meant for Iraqi people) finally with jested "opium for food" program for Afghanistan?  Hillary:  "you have lost a boat load of opium again? - Hillary?"

Have you even stopped and shopped the windows of these professed "Democrats" today?  Have you look at the labels and kicked the wheels?  Have you considered the possible tolls with a bell knelled?  Have you wondered how the great "reset" americanism could go so happy communist? 

"And she was buyyayying a stairraraway to heaaaveen…"

Well how can Romneycare hurt Governor Mitt Romney in battles towards 2012 while "Chicago" reigns rains of now healthcare for all beat, actuallized itself?

Romney in 2012 v. Chicago way?  "my Michelle"? of Hospital Boards?  Hillary of not working to base healthcare for all New York constituents where socialized medicine fits in America with where wealth taxation exists? 

The Chicago way?  The Illinois example?  If they are not doing it in Illinois or even just Chicago how can they argue for doing it in Washington? 

Oh, those/these bad American Socialists having tried to set up socialization of healthcare at the national income and profit taxation basis level where it was designed not to work, economically, sociologically? 

Socialism needs a basis in justified wealth taxation which in our states means in our states or cities.

Oh, Chicago? 

Oh Hillary, you lost another boat load or goat caravan of opium again? 

Seems Bush knows the meaning of "necessary" in war, too bad I am mad at him for not acting on an official request a few years ago, I might celebrate more, than shift to 2012 "new hope" of maybe Romney.

See I am where I didn’t and don’t want to be now a couple years plus - I am back in Connecticut and of necessity for lack of official response to official/written request. 

But really in comparison to Democrats around Obamanations these many months since Bush helped Obama start ruling soon after November elections with unrivaled "transition assistance" Nixon looks innocent and Hillary like evil doer who took down an innocent (in comparison) politician?

Oh, socialism!

Oh, Chicago!

Oh, Governor Mitt Romney?


While walking down the street one day:  "Hillary is a witch!"?  Hillary wears Prada?

Knell:  If they aren’t doing it in Chicago, we shouldn’t even be thinking of doing it in Washington?  If it only about "gansta Chicago" tryin to get other state’s peoples monies for their own political favors distributin under cover of "care" can it really jive > "healthcare for all"?  Ding? Dong? Toll?




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Once upon a time in a land not too far gone.

Badda Boom!   Oh Helen!  Oh Helen Thomas!  Oh Ari?

Once upon a time in a land not too far away.

Hey, have you heard about the Tea Partiers, the old ones and the young ones?  Oh Ari?

So I have boat and will travel, and now the only boat I have only fits one and can be "seaworthy" in seas less than a foot.  I named her "SHAG"  and boy oh boy do I hope the fish will agree to play catch, even if just once.  I did rebuilt an old circa 71 Glastron V196 Bowrider of era of boats in bayou boat chases in James Bond movie LIVE AND LET DIE, and such of a makers plate for Austin boat shop.  It needed basically everything rebuilt including the entire floor and sub-deck framing, and, even the 1987 Johnson 70 hp VRO, entirely to near every part stripped and rebuilt.  I did most of that in DC waters of Annacostia.  But alas now all I have in my ‘pond skiff’ I built from a single sheet of plywood and some stock sticks that years later I saved by rebuilting to a small light sea skiff with near twice the seaworthiness with near twice the freeboard.  It holds at less than 8 feet in length by less than 3 feet in width just one adult.

I was first a small lesser skiff from shortly before HOPE FLOATS production, as I recall.

But alas:  Oh Helen?  Palestine comments and such around Israel?  Oh Ari?

But alas:  Oh Ari?  How could you compare her comments to "as if all blacks were told to leave America."?  Oh Ari?

So, I now almost know which bait to buy, and will as soon as I check on current market prices for clam snouts.

But alas:  No Ari,  your "comparison" ain’t close.   Actually it would be like all former slaves in America having been given Delaware as reparations after war to free slaves, and put them all equally onto the road to serfdom (site?) with everyone else but with Delaware now as theirs in reparations and then many years later after end of such war with these blacks having gotten millions of worlds blacks to move to Delaware and new developments in free Delaware to share in the reparations.  It is more like only asking black so living in Delaware such to now leave, and while Irish still lacking equal reparations in America.  Yes, Ari, it ain’t like you put but more like this but for the Holocaust and post traumatic stress medicine under Hippocrates.  See if it is Helen not being regionally or religiously biased it could be hear thinking about a peoples healing from past trauma - it could be like if you can now go home you will heal better and more fully if you do go home to revisit the traumatic events and heal - but for deserved reparations for war crimes of Holocaust.  Yes, Ari, it would be like former slaves getting our First State as reparations even while the Irish left as they were on roads to serfdom now more equally shared with blacks, and would be more like now just at least asking those in such Delaware now trying to seize and develop in Bel Air to just leave and go home, right?   Ari, was Helen getting with the official position of Obama and Clinton and thought herself "safe" in such expressing?  Were the entire eight years of Clintons’ foreign policies with a specific and practiced bias against Shia and specifically so Iraqi Shia peoples?  But for the Holocaust and war reparations from a world wide war and findings that denying the Holocaust worse than hoping people can now heal in a new world with PEACE DIVIDENDS by "going home" how isn’t it more about Obama maybe favoring Helen’s point of view and with his Secretary of State quietly plotting in cahoots so?  Isn’t part of comparison more like Bel Air now with developments specifically for blacks from around the world invited and encouraged by the millions to come and call it home now by Helen and Obama being suggested towards "go home"?   How does Hillary play this, how can she now have been without a long comment fully explaining how Helen may have felt safe with her inside the beltway sense of political currents and trends?  How does Hillary get allowed to stay silent after years of us being told she is qualified specifically for her years as First Lady Hillary Clinton or just for "Hillary Rodham Clinton" of at least the West Wing staff on healthcare business?

Ari,  healing from old wounds has to be part of any discussion and it cannot be removed from the table even from blacks from slavery not just from the African geo, of whether "healthier" and "wiser" to show that "going home" can work and that "going home" should be now able to work if things haven’t gotten worse, and yes also worse during all eight years of the Clintons’ "two-fer"?

Do you like that, do you like that "SHAG" name for a very small boat best thought a bait boat of "hoping the fish will play catch"?   Pound for dollar it seems flash frozen three pack of Mackeral the best bait choice for strippers and blues, but then I forgot to check the going price for frozen clam snouts. 

Is a surgical hair piece ever mistakable for an artsie French beret? 

Oh, the healing that can begin when Hillary Rodham Clinton aka Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton steps down from office and politics.  Oh, Ari?

Once upon a time in a land not too far away…  I had tweeted that I was finally going to get around to reading ARAFAT by Alan Hart I have as a signed by author copy since hearing him speak at Villanova University before I graduated in 1987.   I think Helen may have ruin the finish for me so maybe first I will dust off THE WORLD IS FLAT that seemed too much a reporting on my strategizing to help IBM and Clintons/USA policy around my calls, instructive, to from "what we need is a more level playing field…".   Seem too much a report "in full" then on something that was only partly along and so I have figured it mere "noise" not needed in my considerings.



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USA Ma Hillary Rodham Clinton, now madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, been… Oh did I tell you that you really should be my facebook friend and listed so with facebook.com/jpeterhogan if you don’t want to miss anything, anything especially like yesterday?

So where is Usama Hillary Rodham Clinton, Madam Secretary?  How do you get "presented" near every day as "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED HILLARY" and with this still unanswered with "oh we lost some opium again…"?

Should it read:  MISS-DE-MEANED-OR ? or still MISS-DE-MEAN-ORED?

Treason! Treason! Treason!  American high crimes?  Celtic roots?  Hillary are you the real…

Would the real Hillary Clinton please step forward?  Would the REAL Hillary Clinton PLEASE step forward?  WOULD THE REAL HILLARY CLINTON PLEASE STEP FORWARD?    Oh, Hillary that was you - sorry didn’t recognize you.

Hillary are you the real U.S.A. Ma been laden?  Can there really be another?  Did you really play the ‘bumbling bubba act’ to the hilt so near negligent administering or actually past "negligent"?

Oh, this novel fiction work is hard and concerning.  I hope it is all celtic trash.  I hope it isn’t celtic trash for all?  Oh brothers?

Novel twist trying to get radicals to attack without them realizing a plot twist to bring cause to spread your personal ideas of American rights for women to others, others just still not Iraqi women not high up in Ba’athist tyranny.  Really a remarkable novel twist but maybe just too much not to be "trash" even with the "treason" angle.

Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, Secretary:  If story is believable and this was all just "bubba Bill" bumbling by all his lonesome as a Senator, new Senator office warming gift:  Is it too much?  Is it taking it too far, still?  Necessarily, wouldn’t such by a term limited president actually leave him still in the driver’s seat if you as such a novelty, or even another lesser Democrat were to gain the presidency after all such?  Would such be near or deep into "treason" and hardly still arguable and defendable even with a "bubbling bubba Bill" defense around "presidential powers"?  Would such be like a highjacking of presidential power for of getting most to play with your stacked decks and at your rigged tables?

I hope you are not giving the Irish a bad name.   Oh, the beauty of some Irish/American novelties before this trash?  

You should do present as your "two-fer" as the best arguement for our 22nd Amendment being recognized as a protection against spousal elections towards furtherance of powers corruptable.  Boy oh, boy, do you.  It is still humorous and I wonder if Irish how such Amendment plays with "holding" as "holding of office" as inseparable 24/7 from body and soul indivisible in "two-fer" of intimacy of legal unions of holding of one holding and the beauty of such holding at least for others, even others more Irish.

Oh Brother!  Boy did I have to be careful with my words at Villanova University for looking like just another demure 5′8 1/2" white guy likely a Main Line suburban punk when saying hello to our basketball players those years from 83-87.   See there was this whole "City of Brotherly Love "proximity" Quaker thing around and well I was at a school run by Brothers, Augustinian.   Then well most of my schools basketball players were black and black without knowing I was from an inner city New Haven Public High School with some I could safely call "brother" maybe once.   Oh, Brother!  I was also of studying twelve credits of Modern Standard Arabic as tought be an Egyptian professor not an Augustian Brother.  So, I think I did abstain from ever yelling "yo brother" to any player not Harold Jensen, and of having watched the brothers from my high school with my one non-brother white brother Bill as only "white" in 1983 deliver the win to the Harold Jensen’s last high school game result.  I had been a co-captain in two of my HS teams but those were then still mostly white sports of tennis and swimming, so maybe it was an easier accomplishment.

Oh, Brother!   I couldn’t dare call the players "brothers" there for boy I don’t think they wanted to be tagged with that whole celibate brother thing.

Oh, sister Hillary, what a mess you are in;  what a pickle!   Everyday "Mission Accomplished Hillary" and yet "oh we seemed to have lost some more opium"?

Oh, sister Hillary, what a mess you are in:  But hey starting out what with not stomping on GEORGE MAGAZINE launch as irresponsible for our times or later putting the kebash on EYES WIDE SHUT further stretching the "wrong for our times" - wrong for our times as global citizens under the specific parenting and guardianship of First Couple in Constitutional intimacy of "two-fer" for allowed maximum of eight years in elective office…?

Oh, sister Hillary, what a mess your "leadership"?   Treasonous?  Negligent?  What isn’t too great a stretch so to avoid a "celtic trash" ending?    They acted alone so we can stop the witch hunt for those "knowingly corrupted" by "Bill and Hillary" and settle that they acted improperly alone, and poorly so?  They couldn’t have done it if anyone else, even the terrorists themselves, realized the clever not in the "bubbling bubba Bill" facade, right? 

Everyone else is innocent? 

Where didn’t they go wrong, how is the story not ruined?

Oh, Brother!  RIP JFK Jr., too bad the Clintons’ failed you?  But Tom Cruise:  EYES WIDE SHUT - just unforgivable?   That whole corrupted husband and wife thing and played past the artistic lines of better acting by a real husband and wife!  Tom, how could you?  Why would you?   And just sad that the night it opened was JFK Jr.’s last.  

Oh, the Clintons?




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I was about five years old, my arm, my left arm felt g-forces it seemed enough to pull it from me as I was suddenly caught up so and dragged but with little feet keeping up, somehow, for near an eight of a mile across the public space of the New Haven Green, towards The Center Church but seemingly not to the center church.

It was scary!

It was scary even if Augustus A. White M.D. had been wearing a french beret of the artsie type.

All I knew, so at age five feeling I was going to loose an arm, but loose an arm while my dad so excited about thinking he had spotted an old friend, and so excited he basically broke into the fastest pedestrian moves allowed "walk" with being a "run."

Silly me, at five thinking if dad said he saw an old friend and got so excited I had to be being dragged towards some white guy in the distance.

(My dad grew up the oldest son of the Hogan that Al Capp honored and old friend with as with a "Hogan" in his L’il Abner.   He grew up a having been one of the first test cases for Penicillin and then a baseball and basketball sportster, even to playing baseball for Holy Cross College.  More recently he is known still as a recent past president of the Connecticut Bar Association.)

So what you may not see yet, especially Cathy Black, of my dad’s story and mine with Catherine my mom and his wife is likely that on that day when my dad’s started adjusting course at such speed like g-force (from before my knowing what g-force was) was that the only possible person my dad could then be heading too might be the tallest person I had ever yet seen in my life, and at that I may loose my arm with my dad so excited as heading not just towards the tallest person I had ever seen but a very tall black man.

It only got scarier while after slowing to a stop at such confirmed as "friend" to find out that it wasn’t that he was "black" that scared me or scared me the most, nor that he was so tall and maybe "the tallest", the tallest I might ever meet, but rather that with a "good bedside manor" he scared me while so puzzling me by with:  "Dr. White, at your service?"   (Doctors do inflect such always as a question right?)  I was five and yes I realized "doctor" was the scariest part of meeting such as the confirmed "friend" of my father that day.

He made a good impression and one even so scary as a "doctor" that I never could forget and thought I would be wise never to forget.

(note:  I can attest the William Stringfellow appeared a less scary figure, and was a short white guy though scary to many as a lawyer through most/all of his career.  William Stringfellow, I knew as a landscaping client and for near a month of summer work single handedly taming his quite simply "out of control" properties on Block Island, and this in years he was already fighting cancer that took him about three years later.)

[A move to cover of impressionist french berets?   And now maybe to the covers of Black Panthers or Guardian Angels or those brave american forces lost because of the dangerous "inaction and avoidance" that President Obama spoke to in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech without specifically pointing out/shaping to properly cover the Clintons’ eight years of dangerous "inaction and avoidance" that quite led to harder work and fights for the next president, left without any benefit of a "stitch in time."  There is still the 2002 Roots beret for U.S. Olympics I still consider wearing when not wearing my "marine floppy" not a "marine floppy" but an ANGLERS FLOPPY of embroidery for the fishing and hunting store near Bay Bridge in Annapolis.  It is my Budweiser beige cap I wear most regularly though, so far this summer. ] 

/:-( ?    :-) ?  [:-(  ?  [:-|?  {:-|  ?  ]:-(  ?  ]:-)  ?



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Oh, Hillary?  Oh, Hillary I don’t know if you are still not cooking, but can we now get an answer as more of your story gets bared - can we now get a definitive understanding of famous "Bill’s: I tried it but I did not inhale."?

As your platforms are wearing away and down and failing it would be interesting to know if he was implying "well it depends what the definition of Hillary’s brownies are."

You seem to have held on to amnesty that now cannot hold or even come close to holding as you picked off those under you in the Democratic presidential primary races who just could never show as well as you with your more detailed and specific understanding.  Remember Senator Dodd?  Gosh, remember Senator Biden?  Was it that you and bill were living the "once you are a marine you are always a marine" even though neither were marines yet thought "once you are president you are always The President" and not even the lesser "once you are president you are always a president."

Are you now essentially a condemned woman?  Is it time to toss your platforms and run from them?  Have all your "the ends justify the means" fallen to well I guess not as well it seems the ends don’t work as we naively thought they might when justifying the means?  Are you and your "two-fer" (better half) Bill now facing real public passions now realizing the Clintons’ eight years so set up America for such and that President Bush is becoming a sympathetic poltical figure for certainly with your acquiescence in going for cover or insisting on cover now falling around President Obama of attempts to just blame Bush years and towards covering up your irresponsible and now seeming certain naivete of governance and rash budgeting?

"Black gold, save the brother!" now an acceptable and believable pro-Bush platform?  Have your efforts to justify your means shown ends that now unlike Bush/Cheney policies have you in "paying for peace" and buying popularity as "diplomacy" now of creating a for profit terror industry that has your monies to sustain it and to sustain justifying it while it seems Bush/Cheney programs of allowing lower mpg standards at least until China and India consumers joined in the auto craze was actually a better Middle East platform/policy for a jobs program from Muslim brothers that encourage enterprise and profit instead of just "nuevo profits" and a "for profit terror industry."

Have you run out of clever political rope, finally?

Are you know risking angering likes of Cathy Black and Louis Gerstner for exposing them for efforts in 90s that irked me to irked? 

Sorry, Paul, most of this isn’t in those "libraries" yet but should have or could have been if Gerstner and Black had played cards differently around Clintons’ tables if that was even possible. 

Sorry, Paul:  I do believe President Bush is up to speed on such reading as there were many successes during the Bush years that came from fixing the redrafting of the architecture some were letting the Clintons misappropriate or assume expertise on, and maybe with Gerstner and Black culpable then around IBM and NYTimes.

See Paul:  The Clintons and many Dems you like more just didn’t get the lyrics in poem LOS ANGELES of ending with "with a Bush on fire what did we see?" in a poem written to cover the Rodney King Riots story.  Reading comprehension here then would have been much better than "knowing what a library is." The one thing as in such a poem it wasn’t about turned out to be "the all" in what Clintons thought it was all about.



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Hush Puppies?  Crude Stilettos?  Refined, pumps?  Game changer, basics?

Oh, how not to appear guilty?  How to refine from crude basics of Clintons’ pair?

Thank god for gumshoes? 

Well it seems a beautiful day for "barefoot in the park" and competing beaches.  Do you know the errors, historical, in GAME CHANGE?  Do you now know as well that "Hillary for President" no "happenstance of whimsy - post Clintons’ ‘two-fer’"?  Do you know that it (Hillary for president) may have been an old "deal breaker" in relations furtherance with underclassman "Bill"?  Do you know or have you yet just considered its possibilities such as "Hillary" might not have married "Bill" if she thought it would keep her from being the first Yale Law Grad woman elected president at national level?  Old school wear, wearing?

Thank god for gumshoes:   Remember Chicago?  Remember Al Capone caught on tax evasion? 

How to use 911 not as a joke:  Well don’t call and report the Clintons are breaking the Constitution by corrupt effecting with intent to selectively avoid the 22nd Amendment?  It may be the only "law" the Clintons can ever be prosecuted upon if President Obama seeks to try to clean up his own party.  The "walls of separation" the Clintons worked between enforcement and intelligence at the FBI are arguably protected under "presidential powers" right?   Their stretching to brushing professional legal ethics protected as well under "life is not fair - she had a better lawyer - do you need a lawyer?   Can you establish intent from carefully nuanced inflections to Anti-Americanism with her every oration of "it takes a village" as of reasonably clear intent to rile peoples of less education in areas like Afghanistan?  Could they have so "rigged the tables" and "stacked the decks" so long ago in old school wear that their onion didn’t need effort to grow protective layers over such?

Flip flops R - Us?   And old school pair, above prosecution?  "Negligence" a presidential protected power?   They really could have kept this just between them and used temptation and seduction of press instead of pimping with consent and knowledge/complicity, right?  All they need though was maybe just one "village leader" among radicals, but that they could have just spun to with hate speach or educated inflections of fork tongued double speak missed on most, or orated to be missed by all in America?

Oh, this novel working is tough.  How not to be too heavy and crude?  How to blame black gold in Gulf even though black gold gave many "brothers" (Muslim brothers) jobs and hopes and when in years in America that lower mpgs meant more jobs for muslims while India and China weren’t yet to capitalism and carbon consumption job creating themselves?  Why is President Obama and his Secretary of State so for America trying to kill oil jobs for muslims?   What to do now for national security as "Hillary’s" paying for peace is actually providing incentives for terror as a for profit industry?

Hush puppies?  Poppies?  Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, I presume, it’s elementary/old school?

How can I write though to make such character appear innocent long enough to get the plot developed for the characters originally intended?  "It takes a village" with careful inflecting came to mind yesterday:  Anyone?   Could they really have done it just as a "two-fer" with media seduced to play at their rigged table without too much old school wear wearing?




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Anyone?  Anyone? Any of you know how to portray in written words a sense of a person looking confortable in thinking they were getting away with murder and mayhem or even just negligence?

Humble flats?  Wearing Prada to China?  Selling fattening American foods President Clinton championed now in China while pushing "get out and move" evolution of first lady messaging?  Oh, the poor in New Orleans now having their already devasted marsh lands and coastal wet lands long ruined by capitalism of Clintons from their public housing in Arkansas housing and federally provided housing?

Humble flats Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton?  "Hillary"?  What did you wear to China, it may help develop the plot, or your innocence?  What did you wear your first day stuck in our Senate without any seniority in such a seniority defending institution?

Anyone?  Anyone?

So we are to believe still these are the already near ruined wet lands of Louisiana from years of agricultural polutants from states up stream and now also that BP has completely totaled a pristene and perfect well endowed coast line?

Anyone?  Anyone?

How do you write to portray "getting away with murder" confidence striding before one looking of complete innocence?

See it is like the problem with earlier fiction plot lines for Clintons:  They must have considered with their goals since early 70s to become the first married couple to be of two presidents some day that they would face "hurdles" and "broken heels."  The Clintons with such their goal since before agreeing to mount up a "two-fer" and maybe with the goal needing to be "possible" for both:  How did they figure to get past Americans unlikely to elect one right after the other?

Anyone?  Anyone?  A summer who done it - fiction?

A summer who done it - yet? - How could they "reinvent" one or the other enough & how could they highjack any president’s power that came between them?  How would they have planned for such and especially once the possibilities of VP Gore greater likely than First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton?  How to highjack the power even if another got between them?  How to make say a President Gore, especially once very likely, look inferior to President Clinton and make even Democrats pine for a return of Clintons to such see?  Would they need an attack to overcome this MAJOR barrier to them accomplishing their master plan?  Would they have to somehow stay in an international "drivers’ seat" and to use the "crisis" to also boost the spouse then not yet president say out of years of near obscurity as an junior member of United States Senate?  How did/would best work?  How might they try to cheat the system and look perfectly innocent?  How could they find something, something say to get "Hillary" out of obscurity and also out of having to return to Arkansas?  What could they do to stop their flight to political obscurity even as a once great "two-fer"?  How? Anyone?

Well, maybe there is a plot line out there that can explain the "possible" in such fiction other than this past season of "24".  Was it maybe not the Russians afterall but just some autocrat want to be(s)?  What could they possible have come up with back in those plotting days of their law school studies with "Bill" interested in an older woman?  For the story to work they must have thought of something for otherwise they wouldn’t have "thought" enough about the job they were seeking, right?

Will their pal A.G. Blumenthal by November suffer more from being a Democrat and a friend of Clintons than one big lie to fix a charisma problem?

Has anyone used the who done it investigative plot line of the FBI called to collect every pair of shoes current and past still around anywhere of a Secretary of State for forensic analysis?

Humble flats, Hillary?  Could they ever be enough?

Bill and Hillary what did you come up with? When did you come up with it?  How, how would you work a reinvention of say "Hillary" to get her out of obscurity as a junior Senator, a junior carpetbagging Senator now trying to avoid "going home" to Arkansas?  What could work but an attack or a war for say President Al Gore that could make Clintons look better at peace and get Americans and world to pine for a quick return of Clintons?



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Are you ready for some comity?

That said:  Are you ready for some comedy?  Some devine comedy?  Could it be?


So we are now just wondering if Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, a lady of presidential ambitions from as far back as law school days plotting with an underclassman "Bill", has enough shoes.

So now is "Hillary" as prepared as Imelda Marcos?

Where is the pair for "they sunk my battleship"?  Is it still the same pair from days after young and most junior Senator Barry Obama "sunk her presidential battleship"?  Oh, if only President Carter had moved American to the cleaner and renewable energy of from peanut oil.

So our Secretary of State had her presidential "battleship" sunk by such a little know underling with equal or greater "hype" factor of "new"?

So Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has known the Clinton "two-fer" for their presidential ambitions and plottings and shoes too maybe since his law school days.  So A.G. Blumenthal must have known by 1993 a ball park number for the number of convenient lies the Clintons were getting away with telling the regular American folks and hard working folks like myself.  So is "Hillary" still of her "Obama sank my battleship shoes" and mustn’t they be tight?  Oh, how easy it would have been for A.G. Blumenthal to maybe wonder on maybe just trying to benefit publicly with just one lie, even if just one very BIG lie?

Are you ready for some fiction, for some fiction as soon as we all get past remembering it as historical fact that the Clintons are known to have lied towards getting elected in 1992?  Are you ready for some "good cop - bad cop" bad humor?

So I am one that has known since early 70’s that a Clinton two-fer was plotting or just dreaming towards becoming the first married couple of two presidents.  Poor me having passed time slowly with such a burden of knowledge, while more right of center living in a liberal neighborhood.

So did Attorney General Blumenthal just think a Connecticut A.G. with a known charisma problem deserved just one lie to help him with his popularity?

Does our Secretary of State Madam Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, who could have become Madam Mrs. William Blythe III, all the same, really now have a pair of shoes, as Imelda Marcos did, for everything? Shouldn’t we be asking especially with her already having had intimate power of presidency as a first lady?

Have we reached comity yet?

Have we done due diligence around a plot line existing of like the "More Poetry, Please" Friedman commentary on President Obama of "missing" for such?  Have we asked if the Clintons had hatched a plot for unrivaled power, so of become undemocratic power for messaging control that could turn any tale needed for a vote regardless of "proper shoes"?

Have "Bill and Hillary" had the fall of Lucifer already?  Has "Hillary" been an agent of Dante’s fires herself or maybe just a manipulated tool? 


The Clintons together unkowningly or knowingly acted to raise unrivaled popularity in "Bill’s years" by playing the "good cop" letting everyone have their excesses and with encouragement to temptations of excesses?  Which is better fiction:  Knowingly plotted as undemocratic power grabbers?  Or:  Unknowing or knowingly having been manipulated by Satan from weakness of their…?

Are you ready for some fiction? 

Could Clintons’ "two-fer" intentionally spent years spreading unwise temptations to build popularity of "good cop" around "Bill" and all the while to later with "Hillary" properly aligned after so many years of plotting for a messianic like savior role of playing the "bad cop" we need because…?

Hillary didn’t have the right pair of shoes when Senator Barack Obama sank her battleship did she?

What is just one lie?  Mr. Friedman the problem with the Clintons still on the scene and so many years post days President Carter should have sold us on peanut energy:  The problem is their is such a plot line that exists as not yet proven not to exist beyond reasonable doubts, right?

DOOMSDAY SCENARIO:  Why didn’t President Obama just order a nuclear submarine to be park on top of the first "top hat" that froze flow within and keep it parked as "containment" until a relief well set?  Now we probably will need a larger caison if cut and pipe refit fails and of sufficient structure for the ironic of needing a nuclear submarine until August or later to just park atop to "kill" but not kill.

Note:  I did just practice my recipe for peanut buttered linguini with onion and shredded carrots if you need a temporary recipe to get you past the shrimp shortage…  You may prefer to devise your own "individualistic" solution, I so understand in these days so close to a failed American Socialist Revolution.