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It was all over by November 1, 2009.   It was all over by the time Thomas Friedman’s column reached full circulation.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.   Today is the day, the evening, the night for our nation’s Memorial Day Concert on our Capitol grounds.

How can it be?  How can we be having a Memorial Day Concert this year as usual?  How but for still supporting arts with public funds can Democrats be party to this ceremony in 2010?  How are we not already to having moved such "event" to a May 1 annual occurance?  Do you remember Thomas Friedman’s October 31, 2009 column "MORE POETRY, PLEASE"?

It hasn’t been a typical "American year".  It hasn’t been a year of celebrating America’s long fight againt communism and its spread and our long struggles to prove the American way of capitalism and individual efforts as better.

How are any of these socialism pushing Democrats even quiet on yet another "Memorial Day Concert" happening to celebrate our United States of America’s long histories of battles and sacrifice to save or create democracy and peace?   Can we expect anything short of Democrats now pushing to move "free public concert" still as supported and brought to you by superior public support of arts, and to get moved, and moved quite symbolically to near or on May 1st of future years?

How can we rectify "More Poetry, Please" today?   Was Thomas Friedman "duping" or "duped" back near November 1, 2009 as he wrote that Obama had no sense of "poetic theme" or plot to his marxist administration?   Was it clear Obama/Clintons adminstration had clearly by then been holding to a ‘revolution’ to move America to the left of socialism?  Was Mr. Friedman just missing it?

So tonight we have an annual concert that celebrates fights and battles and especially Operation Iraqi Freedom and its actual spreading of rights "Hillary" is supposed to have held dear during Clintons’ eight years yet while choosing to sleep on inaction and avoidance.   Anyone?

Tonight we have a concert to rightly honor and memorialize again our American struggles to preserve and nurish freedom.   And, now so much of our way of life years so defended are being still declared "wrong" and to  just wrong, and even for their lifting economies of Middle East in ways no other economics may ever have permitted.  Anyone?

Are Democrats boycotting the 2010 Memorial Day Concert and I just haven’t heard them reported as taking such a idealic stand/principled stand?

I still hold it as truth that Operation Iraqi Freedom was a necessary "operation" even though President Obama still doesn’t.   I still hold to theory that the mostly manufactured for domestic political play of  "anti-war" efforts by Dems is still greatly responsible for Operation Iraqi Freedom taking years longer than projected, and as from such having distributed a palpable feeling likely in Iraq that the United States of America and Coalition states would cut and run and leave the people seeking justice and freedom at the mercy again of Ba’athists and Saddam and/or the sons of Saddam.  I still hold fast to idea that the best time to have prosecuted Saddam Hussein was early into the eight years of Clintons avoidance and inaction and quite near before three years of their holding sanctions upon him.

But, really to be brief:  What to do about the Clintons?   Has her only arguable "success" as Secretary of State been from buying new "american popularity" and not from any discernable "diplomatic skill"?   And now on Koreas while Obama/Clintons administering of foreign policy somehow either "poetic" or "not poetic" as their policies of pushing and pulling America left to socialism seems to justify the have nots of North Korea having a right as well to the riches of South Korea.

Mr. Friedman,  how are they having it both ways?  Did you get Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton ("Hillary") stating "politically" and not "diplomatically" and as our Memorial Day was fast approaching:  that America should consider becoming more like Brazil?  And did you miss the possible "plot" of such so near stories of Brazil’s leader making nice with Iran’s leader?

Well, May Day in 2011?  

So now with Afghanistan having been the "Gettysburg" of the Cold War where the Soviet Union started its fall for socializing and communist revolutionizing in Afghanistan failed?  So to take America to socialism we have to be able to show our "socialism" is able to work in Afghanistan?  

Oh, and Mr. President as you still hold true to your "Iraq was not a necessary war" how do you now as you keep borrowing strategies that we tried and tested in Iraq and to "worked", now, in attempts in Afghanistan?

Memorial Day for me is still of long struggles by America to defend from foreign attempts to do what Democrats are now attempting domestically.  You?


Dear Memorial Day celebrants:

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It has come to my attention that our United States of America now should become more like Brazil.  And, so from our Secretary of State surprisingly and so unexpectedly on the heels of Brazil and Iran meetings.

Well, this may be our last Memorial Day celebration as a free and democratic republic.

According to Democrats now in power we need to become more a socialist country.

According to Secretary of State Madam Mrs. Clinton we need now to make the rich pay for everything.  

So in considerations for your Memorial Day celebrations please consider this could be America’s last as a celebration of what made us the success we were until recently.

So in consideration this weekend as it seems necessary for America, for our United States of America to become a socialist state, please broach with your compatriots the socialism dilemma of the "how" in who to choose to be our leader. 

Surely, we are not to threaten our necessary moves to socialism by attempting further reliance on risky and unstable "democratic" choosing?  Surely we need to find one leader or one "first family" to be our new Autocrats and helmsmen in socialism without limits to term.

It does now seem to great a stretch to think the Clintons can be any more in consideration for such shift, necessary shift, to autocratic governance with a new socialism, and not just because they had their happy eight years allowed already, but, more for they had their eight years cutting spending by two trillion or so when as socialists they should have been increasing it and raising taxes, even if it would lead to the down economy we now have.

So how as we now are best to model our spending on Brazilian governance are we to choose a leader?  Do you have time to consider this during Memorial Day Weekend?  Do you have time not to afford considering such? 

If we are to become socialist then we need the even helmsmanship of an Autocrat not limit in term or with term put at risk by uncertain democratic decidings.

So even though "Hillary" (Madam Mrs. Clinton) does have a "need" to be our leader isn’t it now far too great a stretch to consider either Clinton for Autocratic governance ad infinitum, as for in hindsight many have already done the math and determined their rash rushing to SURPLUS popularity put even many socialist programs and other appropriate federal spending for jobs into the downward spiral we now are trying to recover from?

Then of course we have Madam Mrs. Clinton, as a sitting Secretary of State, saying so soon after Brazil’s leader was making nice with Irani leaders… to America needs to become more like Brazil.   Is it from your ability to "Hillary’s" need to stay in power, to her own selfish "need" in close intimate union with "Bill" that your efforts and ability should be so dedicated?



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Yes I have been to the Memorial Day Concert on the grounds of our Capital. Yes I have sat in either the brides side or the grooms side of the first five rows. Yes I sat facing the stage from three to five rows back with the center isle to my right as facing the stage. Yes, when I turned around to converse with an "others" not wearing alot of stars I found in the row behind me one claiming to have produced much of "tonights show". I was given the tickets area/zone (of such two tickets by a neighbor then Miss Madden). And, so as this new concert date approaches I have very rare memories of a special night and special as a patriotic night from now near a dozen, a dirty dozen years ago as I was then paying for my political thinking and writing times by using my extensive construction skills across many trades. It was quite a view and while not wearing then the trappings of medals and stars at all or any where near like the material accomplishment so recognized for those surrounding me. I did feel at home but do not yet feel I have considered necessarily the "magic" that may or may not have been then involved, or not.

{Oh, my mom likes the stool I finished today and if only for aiding in height extending for her grandaughter while assisting in window box gardening.}

{yes, I now have a Connecticut saltwater fishing license.}


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Please pass the coffee.

Is this evolutionary or devolutionary, for starters?

Are we held hostage to foreign suppliers of coffee?

Is it really now about the rediculous of pancake and rouge of policies?

Oh, Watergate! Oh, Hillary! Talk about laying it on thick. What species is she preserving?  Is "Bill" endangered?  Oh, Nixon!

Oh, Nixon?  —- China anyone?  Oh, Hillary?

On the way to Memorial Day…

What on earth could "Hillary" have given the Chinese to compare with the "RESET" button (not) given to Russia?  Did the Chinese receive a "Home is where the heart is" plaque, or, maybe "Home Sweet Home"?

Where is the talk of Nixon with a member of commitees to oust Nixon so covered and flushed?

Where when we get past the sad irony of "Hillary" on China will we get to "Hillary" on Mexico and illegal aliens trespassing as a greater known threat than Taliban?  Painting by the numbers, Madam Secretary of State?

Really, did America just give China a "Home is where the heart is" plaque to rival "reset" button in "emotion"?

What an unlikely new face on American - China relations, this "Hillary Rodham Clinton" up from Nixon bashing?  Where was/is all the irony deserved in the media discussions for the past week?

Anne the four legged stool I made yesterday is for my mom, and as from a pressure treated 2x8 for her gardening and outside usage.  I can make you one if you wish,  it is of the modeling from childhood wooden stool that provided lift/reach for me and siblings growing up near tall sink.

Thank you for your continued efforts protecting waters and endangered species.  I think I am off to get a Connecticut salt water fishing license today and likely by bicycle.  Some species do have greater concerns these days trying to find the right mate.

Gosh some in some families may even have stories of struggles within similar but different and from same gene pool.  Some may have to live daily with past reaching for positive change for America and more of helping some Democratic politicians.

On the way to Memorial Day…

And so what did Secretary of State Clinton present to China?  And, so MSM where is the talk of irony of Secretary Clinton on China as up from Nixon bashing?

Is MSM just preserving reach of Clintons towards governance by man over governance by laws, of autocracy of Clintons?  Is Secretary Hillary the worst thing that could happen to feminism? 

Is she still protected by misappropriated use of old efforts in feminism by me of from days in nineties both poetical and philosophical of helping them (the Clintons) overcome their natural governance tendencies by trickery of sorts closer to home?

Is she still protected from misappropriations and misuse of my past efforts from readings of Democrats closer to home, who now quite humorously own properties that I while canvassing door to door during winter months back around days of dedicated thinking was of saying I could buy and fix up, if I were not so busy with politics?

Is she and "Bill" now still of unauthorized borrowed usage of a more endangered species works?  Can wanting to be like William Randolph Hearst/Joseph V. Connolly Sr. and other media successes of old be said to be an endangered species?

Don’t they get the pickle they are in?  Don’t they get how using solutions garnered from bouncing "change" thinking off the connected Democrats in my family was used to help them as from seeing what they would do and knowing most of the time it as from party think was going to be wrong but not so wrong that I could use it to see how wrong and ineffective and remodel it and so adapt it and through much hard work of thinking. 

Don’t they get that as neat as it is that two family members own the properties I might have bought and fixed up if I hadn’t gotten entangled in trying to be charitable to Democrats in early 90s it is still quite annoying that Clintons still try to build on my intellectual efforts worked easiest towards some useful charity for struggling Democratic leadership then mostly running scared from running, but so worked easiest of from a knowing Democrats close and in party efforts would be "wrong" but in a way I would see a way to work to right?

"Hillary" is so bad for feminism and now so much more an ironic figure on China as up from Watergate.

Feminists, please she is one of yours and not good for you as her story goes.  Are you missing the details?  Are you just seeing the cover and story and not the compromises and acquiescence?  Are you really willing to dishonor almost all other First Ladies by promoting Hillary still of from "the Clintons’ eight years" now far more at fault and for lack of spending and courage than the Bush years?

Anne, thank you for your years of dedication to endagered species protection.  Would you like a stool?  I do wonder if you are not a closet Republican what with your interest in taking a long view, back around 1983.



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Today started seeming a day for trash talk.

And, then I read Mr. Brookes, as the philosophers considerer.

David Brookes, a posteriori considerer?

"It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is."?

So "French" of William Jefferson Clinton, President?

So just a small part of Clinton Descartian "separations"?

So trash talk:  Yes it really can be perceived and derived and deducted and with suppositions that my story of writing towards positive change for America for during its expected struggles to come from adapting to becoming a sole superpower were of discarding "French" and working more reliably from and with Hume, Smith and Burke: i.e.:  Brits and Scots, and some Irish mixing.  Trashing the French could be said to have been necessary for the triumph of the positive change Clintons ‘inherited’ from Reagan/Bush and others on right.

Well, President Obama in furtherance of Clintons’ "French" incinations did declare "we need a new foundation" and so set to take apart the good inheritance that was left the Clintons around an American Renaissance.  So Democrats in close exercise of incorruptable "separations" have taken apart the good that had been ready, and well past its "new foundation" for a certificate of occupancy after the maybe Alcoa new gutters got installed.

David Brookes, couldn’t you have stayed in saddle of English a little longer into summer?  You and your limited resource of limit space to have been better served, in hindsight, for a glance at Clintons and Obama admins as more French and Descartian than that sparse parsing around America’s founding considerations.  Stuck in the now? More people should bicycle?  "America spins true"? 

And now, anew, still more Hume, Smith and Burkian, thank God?

For me by then, then so of past 1983 I was of regular parsing around media of being "more a ‘Citizen Rosebud’ than a ‘Citizen Kane’!".  Why doesn’t Hearst have a bicycling magazine, and, should Hearst buy SAAB? I am still hooked it seems. 

{note: I considered as named "Hogan" I may be better known not to be a "philosopher" while thinking best to become a "Mad Man" like my maternal grandfather last in career of running Johnson and Johnson ad accounts for Burke, for James E. Burke.  Yes I did set out to be more a "Mad Man" like Arthur M. Menadier who is more responsible than any for my being less Irish by an eigth though maybe more Irish by half.  Yes I studied philosophy and philosophers as did David Brookes, and enough to have earned an undeclared minor at Villanova in Philosophy.  "Undeclared" meaning I got the necessary credits without letting the department realize I was so earning and towards while thinking better for a "Hogan" to be seen as a poet than a philosopher. Same difference, just more Irish?}   




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Well it is commendable that the Obama Team did push healthcare hard before pushing "GET OUT AND MOVE." And, with it seeming said/ordained as "get out and move." and not "GET OUT AND MOVE!!!".

DISCLAIMER:  PLEASE, remember adage to "consult your physician before trying anything new."

Right?  It is commendable?  And, in these days of "green" also about urban cross/urban cross training and transiting? 

So: Today are we at anew a "new" defining moment for "Democrat" and "Republican"?

Though: Now, it may be First Lady Michelle Obama that is "saving" the Obama Administration…?

Is this where "civil rights" legislation fits?

Are "civil rights laws" a stigma on our Constitution?

Are "civil rights laws" devolutionary as a stigma on our grand "created equal" foundation?

But for Candidate Obama on way to his inauguration stating in Philadelphia (of all places) towards America needing a new declaration of independence…?

Was Barack Hussein Obama on way to train in Philadelphia actually speaking just to Americans or was his comment extra-Constitutional and borderless?

Was he then dooming himself for saying that the nation he was just about to be sworn in to lead (with some swearing problems) that had been playing defense for many peoples, domestic and foreign, for decades, was of a foundation that though framed and focused to such success …?

Was our current success and position in the world of civilizations but for our Declaration of Independence as it is, still?  Could we have had "civil rights" laws amending but for such as it is?

So now: Democrat = we are all carbon creatures that need government and not some superstition and are best served by having a "pill" for each "every thing" and each passage?

So now: Republican = still holding to prose and community conversing around "holy books" of communities that a "well chosen" passage is still good for aiding passage/travel and domestic/statis?

Where do we draw the lines. Where is our independence?  Is government the panacea?

Well, "Hillary" brought up Dante.  So "Hillary" is a paradox and so a study in contrasts. 

And so: "Hillary" making "Michelle’s" work to keep "cholestoral" of President Obama harder? 

Yet: And so "Hillary" lingering on as "training wheels" past their prime - and/or- as a "third wheel" ducking judgement?

So Republicans are fighting to keep to ‘a well chosen passage - as read by - or - read to’ as a core foundation to our nations health and wealth with a fit Constitution for all communities.

So Democrats are still not of wisdom of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a necessary standing by our values equally for all and as still true to "I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."? 

Just President Obama? 

Not clear?  Not clear on "Hillary" for her history of flip-flopping and again flip-flopping on so great an issue and that/these not even including the faults of the Clintons’ eight years of dangerous inaction and avoidance?

Can President Obama be blaimed for what may be his "inheritance" from the Democratic Party of "just take a pill for it/everything" governance?  Is he to blame for all the footing?

Has he now passed his first threshold/starting line, and of now well into not having removed the cancer of Clintons?  

Were do we put our hopes?  Where to we lean for audacity?  How do we jive to such with a paradox of Clintons a lesser infection on our general Welfare?  

How now with some already of "he is a lame duck"?

How now still with "Hillary" of Dante insubordinations?  

A judgement against "Hillary" and "the eight years of Clintons"?

How?  How do we keep this about democratic policies?

How do we keep this just about politics?

So it is only fair that every day news coverage and historical conversing about "Hillary Clinton" isn’t to be done in a vacuum of now as every day calls for her as a former First Lady to also be in the news everyday in comparing and contrasting with Michelle Obama? Every day of Secretary of State she is also a former First Lady who didn’t…or did…?



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I ventured today after memories of Bounty.

I was wheels down through thick and thin, through grassy and concrete, through stick built and brick/block layed, and through neighborhoods of many varieties towards the Bounty.

Marlon Brandon saved the Bounty, this Bounty the HMS Bounty made as a full size replica for 1962 MGM movie making. It rode out on the morning high tide and not the afternoon I rode towards hoping to catch Bounty.  And, not just because William Blythe III was so born like: Captain William Blygh of the real Bounty whose story cannot be now unwritten.

And, so I was out and moving again via my vintage road bike and through a route to and routes around a city I grew up "near" but near never ventured into as though then still "The Park City" was also … and most impoverished city in my state.  The powers that be almost didn’t let my tennis team of New Haven Public HS Wilbur Cross even play in Bridgeport for "concerns" in early 80s.  Yes I know that Shahzad suspect did study at University of Bridgeport.

An so I tripped here and there, and, then and now, and, even by an old Stratford Shakespeare Theater, in disrepair, yet with a sign, a large sign signally funding (private? and/or public?) acquired at least for the needed new roof.  Did you know the mass produced the famed "Liberty Ships" of WWII in Bridgeport ship yards?  I even cycled by Sikorsky Airport and an old Army Engine Plant.

It was memories of old and not so old around today and no longer.  It was of much that cannot like Clintons’ popularity be so unwritten.  It was of pondering even Georgia "peach" and Contract with America and its time and place.  It was of such days remembered of my entreprenuerial testing of business and political theories as a licensed S-Corp owner/operator in the State of Connecticut. It was days of daily concern for contracts and law and order.  It was days of accepting someones advice that I should have an accountant and suggestion that Mr. Peach might be a fit.

So remembered now anew of days so before Gingrich Contract with America and still so of days before even Governor Clinton for President and Friends of Bill.  It can’t be unwritten these details of my past business testing of theories for America as a caboose to Reagan Revolution for when and if we became a sole superpower.  It can’t be unwritten that by having a Mr. Peach as an accountant I had to keep thoughts on Georgian politicians. I did have some accounting at Villanova while earning my BA in econ and in the end had enough expertise myself and so decided after a year testing.

If you only knew already how much the Clintons leaned on my theories and strategies worked on for years and then tested with real hands on entreprenuerial home improvement contracting as a Connecticut CEO/owner/operator.  If you only knew how much such when passing George Stephanopuolus’s desk at Gephardt’s office in a couple letters so didn’t get treated the way many out of constituency letters usually got treated.  Many, many moments of from my pen to from their lips and especially that day I sent pen and black stationary to David Gergen in his new turncoat job in Clinton White House that start the saving of Clintons’ administration, and of such news cycle that rightly he and Mr. Akers then CEO of IBM were of saying: "It is like starting with a blank piece of paper."  Yeh, I was helping IBM through their hard changes, from afar too.

Yes, it is still unbelievable that Clintons never sought me ought and asked me about gaining ownership or full understanding of theories they were using parts of but not with a looking for "all". 

And, yes these were of those old days in New Haven walking nights with my dad and so able to try my theories and years of thinking in and around his professional and community work and the political problems he came home with and looking for answers to on many evening walks.  I was even able to test ideas and theories around my sister then employed in Washington with a CT Senator.  I was then over a decade into trying to train myself to end up as successful in Mad Man type career as my maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier had ventured into and through.  Yes, I was carefully laying a foundation to be a top Mad Man and maybe with a focus and "area of expertise" in around politics.

It helped me having my dad trying to again effect positive change in New Haven as he had done with the Jaycees in the sixties and now so again but with New Haven’s first black mayor.  Did you know John Daniels is New Haven’s first black mayor and like me a Villanova University graduate?  Gosh, famous Mayor DeStefano was still working towards running for Mayor to make Daniels a one term mayor.  Did you know I also got involved with New Haven Jaycees and towards effecting positive change and testing of my marketing theories then a decade in development, at least?  I was also burning midnight oils helping a pioneer in educating in New Haven create exhibits for the still young Eli Whitney Museum that now is a fully established learning center.

Boy did my dad give me access to hitting political issues head on in "problem stage" discussing and well I probably never would have been able to have had the confidence to attempt such broader positive change but for such "knowing" that came from many offered solutions and even "face saving" nuancing providings.

Some of you already know of my story of even editing one speech my sister was then responsible for producing for Senator Dodd and such to have removed an extra page of words and sentences, or two, to thin it down to length required.

It can be interesting getting experience, and more fun when your contribution cannot be unwritten.

So maybe I am closer to publishing my collection of penned spin doctoring collected as THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and mostly of hand scribed political poetry written with the felt tip pen then sent to Gergen when I was through voluntarily providing solutions without crediting, yet past those days when such were sent via mail to op-ed columnists at the New York Times to again and again earn the spin I was suggesting for best helping us in such trying and warlike times.

I have notice that much of America is ready to embrace discussions of our Federalist Papers but know not yet if they are ready to embrace a similar rehashing of political poetry to similar ends from actual usage and effectiveness in the making of Clintons as "electable."

Yes I was out for another thirty mile plus bike ride today and through rich and poor neighborhoods of Connecticut towards a hoped viewing of Bounty. I was new to riding through such "communities"/"gangs"/"clicks"/"turfs" so didn’t rush it by riding too quickly to miss some sense of surroundings.



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Something is afoot!  A paradox clouds a nation, and, well "let’s not re-litigate the past" cannot hold.

Sure President Obama is a lefty, and a rare lefty who disguises such by wearing his watch as if a righty. Sure he has been maybe the most generous victor to a beaten Democrat opponent ever in our history by offering the Clinton ‘two-fer’ so much political protection and so many opportunities to redeem.

But Tuesday is on local voters minds across battles more pedestrian and community oriented.  How can President Obama in a era of - we need to fix the credit card lifestyle of citizens spending as much or more than they earn - by spending more than our nation can raise - help on Tuesday, and still help Clintons at all as these now seem the days we the voters are realizing that we need to "litigate" the Clintons’ years? "All the fault of past eight years of Bush!" cannot hold.

If the Republicans had not been towards earning "the party of no" how much higher would the twarted spending spree have been taken by these Democrats?

President Obama has been too kind to Clintons?

President Obama by asking and near insisting that main stream media avoid "litigating"/"re-litigating" the past has been all too generous and protective of the Clintons?  The Clintons have become a paradox.

He cannot stop the public doing their best to litigate around the Clintons’ years now more at fault or even finally just to as at fault as Bush years.  The Clintons now are largely doing the opposite of what they were popular for doing in their eight years an intimate two-fer coupled fully in daily decidings of First Family. The Clintons have become a paradox.

What can President Obama do now? What while surrounded by mostly all the same people and experts around The White House that the Clintons would have embraced, if elected. His attempts to offer political cover and protection of distraction from the Clintons’ years are falling off from around the Clintons exposing them and their now paradoxical politics of doing the opposite of what they had been popular for and for such having been wrong?

How do any Democrats "know" now going into Tuesday local decidings what it means to be a Democrat any more?

Will President Obama now have to shake up his "team" and see that a ridding of the "paradox of Clintons" may be his best chance to start anew with a strong "reset"?

Is the international popularity Secretary of State Hillary Clinton been buying around the world easily replaced?  Has his Secretary actually gotten America trapped into paying for peace without getting peace? And is such proof she was best kept to limited duties of just matters of State Department?  And, that even to an increasing "popularity" from "buying it" sheer "paradox" to/of the Clintons’ eight years of cutting near or over two trillion from national spending?

So the Clintons have been protected by President Obama and look at where that has gotten Dems. So only since Clintons nearly let Saddam Hussein off from all domestic and international prosecution has an American President so "protected" a past "failed" leader?

So the Clintons did the "avoiding" and "inaction" for eight years that President Obama in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech warned of for of serious dangers.

So we are in Afghanistan now with a troubling Taliban and because the Clintons looked the other way with "avoidance and inaction" during their eight years re: Afghanistan. So Al Qaeda was the "international terrorist threat/group" and Taliban just overbearing "local leaders" not up to spead on "Hillary’s" feminist crusade?  So Taliban not really a "necessary war" around American’s national security?

So President Bush waded carefully in Afghanistan and traded building schools and roads for access to country of Afghanistan for our troops so they could hunt our enemies in the Al Qaeda training camps hidden around country and mostly populated by those foreigners in Afghanistan. 

So with "Hillary" in charge of foreign policy we ended up adding near thirty thousand more troops than Bush had deployed and with them pushed into a chase without coherent foreign policy considerations, and, so today we know Obama/Clinton first foot steps in Afghanistan had their "additional troops" chasing Taliban and Al Qaeda into Pakistan such that we had to chase them there too?

How is Clinton’s foreign policy guidance so different around Arizona than around Afghanistan?  Both are about illegal in America drugs and trafficing and dangers and harm to Americans with cross border transits?  How can she be so "different" on two such issues and even have the Clinton "two-fer" of having cut two trillion from spending during their eight years now deserving, finally, some public litigation?

It seems by Tuesday America may have decided it as likely or more likely to "the fault of the past eight years of Clintons" than still just distracting "all the fault of the past eight years of Bush"?

And, so too: The passing of "Hillarycare" recently was still done and done with a clear and certain disregard to the expressed and measured will of majority of Americans on a bill or two of so discussed for near a year? 



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What a paradox!

So you have found your way back to my blog or to it for the first time.  Can you believe Bill O’Reilly last night saying "no one else is saying this…" about something maybe no one else said anything about since I wrote about it last week?

So Hillary Clinton is done.

So Hillary Clinton the politician is cooked.

Now Hillary, there is a paradox.

Take how now she cannot leave the Obama administration without it looking like she is quiting her job just part way into it.

Take how though she tried for the "Big Job" attaining and for an already tired "two-fer."

Paradoxical so now even more than before "Hillary for President" cut the national popularity of Clinton "two-fer" and even just among Democrats to in near half of "starting point."

Take how Obama is basically administering with same crowd as return of Clinton "two-fer" would have and now with nation now close to certain that Democrats deserve "ownership" of down economy.

Take how she cannot any longer stay and not be of having done her best and fully poured her heart and full energy into making the Obama administration work for all Americans, and, that she cannot leave with so much not going well without world wide thought that well if she is leaving to "run again" than did she subvert Obama’s efforts and underperform in such time to try to line the "two-fer" up with a challenge.

She cannot leave and she cannot stay if she wants to run and win.  A Paradox?

And how now President Barack Obama can look upon her time as Secretary of State regrettably and wonder if she really has been "giving him her all."  He is using most of the same experts she would have and even given "Bill" room to move around as like an AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD, so really other than her being white and a women what has she to claim to "different"?

There has been some moments recently that the Clintons seemed like they wanted to break away and start a "two-fer" come back.  But how?  Is Obama not getting her best effort is she not fighting to get done what she would have done as president?  What possibly could such "two-fer" actually have been thought to have done any different?

So now we have quadrupling of deficits in just a year and with the same experts the Clintons would have likely leaned upon…

So now we have a failing of Liberal Democratic Think as it is being allowed free space to show itself.

So who is going to take the fall?  Who is going to take the fall — the Clintons or the Kennedys?

They cannot both be families of "legacy" now "equal" but families and legends in contrast. 

And so now with likely the same "experts" these Obama/Clinton administerials have us all away from "ask not what your country can do for you" and to this down economy in their chase to bring us all "ask what your country can do for you!"

Will the Kennedys go quietly and let the Clintons off the hook?  Obama?



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I am really starting to wonder if I missed a part of a "24" episode this season.  I am really starting to wonder how many hours it takes a dead parole officer to start smelling when hidden in a wall panel section.  Could that have conveniently been a large exhaust duct so the stink is just venting out or does it take more than eight hours for stink?

And, that said:  So around the time Americans were trying to follow Anti-War Dems towards forcing a "cutting and running" from Iraq with about 3,000 brave lives lost wasn’t it about 15,000 homicides in America per year that were being measured as our domestic crime stats for "by illegal aliens"?

How much is a "terrorist" worth per capita in United States of America spending outlays to foreign countries?  How much less is an "illegal alien" valued per capita?   Is it near ten million per expected yet unconfirmed existence of a "Terrorist" in Afghanistan or Pakistan being doled out to those countries yet just thousands per thought domestic populace of "illegal aliens" per capita?

And so with a thanks to CSPAN this morning for rebroadcasting the confirmation hearing for Elena Kagan from early in 2009 when Senators cross examined her for her current Solicitor job.

And so thanks to CSPAN for early morning re-airing that refreshed Senator Lindsey Graham’s questioning specifically of asking her if "she agreed with her boss Eric Holder…" that it better to look back at the nineties and with consideration that we then should have considered ourselves "at war!"

Touchy area with a President still with an administration mantra of "all the fault of the past eight years" with Solicitor Kagan and Attorney General Holder both saying our problems are much because we didn’t consider ourselves "at war" during the Clintons’ years.



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So? So what are you doing today? Are you changing your stripes?  Are you still unable to shake the "familiar" in "familiar"?  Can you but not help but put family first?  What are your values?

Back in the early days of Clinton foreign policy the "Clinton two-fer" was active in Middle East trying to drive partisan wedges into such region and with askings to please blame only Republicans (Red Staters) and don’t blame or judge us Clintons for we have no record with our (Blue Statisms).  Sexy? Safe?

Were you duped?  Did you get that Clintons for having no track record and history in Middle East did somehow manage to get many leaders in Middle East to give them a "blank slate" and with their specific requesting to "blame" and spread "blaming of Republicans" to help build "Clintons’ innocence"?

Were you duped?  Did you mind that Clintons as our great "intellectuals" and "smartest first couple ever" did actually blame 9/11 on Americans – on well: Red states said do this and blue states said to do that…?  And, so of instead of admitting "mea culpa" did specifically blame Americans after 9/11 instead of their own "leadership" by so with "well Americans told us to do this and Americans told us to do that…"  we are not responsible with our "intellect" or "leadership" we just did what we were told as simply as if a "two-fer" of monkeys were doing it.

Well, so Clintons did the unthinkable and took two million out of our federal spending for creating or saving jobs across America and much specifically spending for intelligence and defense that usually kept us safer!  So? 

So Clintons did the unthinkable of not only trying to balance our national budget but to do so in record spead now in hindsight now known to have been quite irresponsible and rash! Not only did they rush America into such job saving or creating budgeting to balanced they personally championed taking even another unneccessary trillion out of spending just to acquire unthought of and thought impossible popularity for SURPLUS.  So?

So they maybe used the CIA to falsify intelligence reports so they could sell "peace" and PEACE DIVIDENDS and without even adding some spending to equip what fewer forces they were leaving funded the new improved body armor protection for personel being stretched thinner and their equipment/vehicles and for the new type of conflict they seemed to atleast have been aware of themselves?  So?

Do you mind that our main stream media and President Bush let Clintons blame America for their eight years and how it left us more at risk and unprepared and with their "walls of separation" at FBI between Intelligence and Enforcement branches with some blame for 9/11 working even if Clintons able to blame Americans?  Do you mind that Clintons were allowed to pass the blame "buck" at least for a while so that Bush could help America heal faster, and faster so without driving us apart as maybe hoped by Al Qaeda along hard partisan lines?

So who or whom got duped?

Is Faisal Shahzad…?

How did Faisal Shahzad celebrate Mother’s Day? Did he bemoan losing Miranda Rights?  Did he rest knowing he had secured more "anti-terrorism" American millions for his family and friends in Pakistan to keep such "windfall" flowing?  Did he rest yesterday as a "proud son"?

Was Faisal Shahzad duped?  Can it even be considered? 

Isn’t it more possible and plausible that the TTP is whom got "duped" and by American Faisal Shahzad a proud son of Pakistani family fully in the "green" of American anti-terrorism spending?  How else could he sell his ploy to encourage more hard earned American dollars going to Pakistan and his friends and family in their military but by going and pretending to be a "terrorist" with the TTP?

Was the TTP duped by a clever American citizen just wanting to see more American dollars sent home to his friends and family?  Was the objection to "drones" more again of fighting for spending to employ more Pakistani in forces to chase elusive "terrorists"?

Have you seen the pictures of Faisal?  Doesn’t he look more the one of having done the duping than a one that was "duped"?  How else to protect his families honor and wealth but to try to get training from TTP and then maybe make it a dud and so to help them recoop what ever it may be costing them to help him through his financial hard times?

Did he really change his stripes?  What are his values?  Did he buy into just blaming Republicans and red states the way the Clintons encouraged with their "two-fer’s" first foreign policy steps?  Were those Middle East leaders that "agreed" to such with Clintons regretting it more and more each year as Clintons held such "honorable" people on the "honor" of "having given them their word" and years past they should have kept arguably "looking the other way" on Clintons intellectual invovlement and deciding not at all "just doing what Americans told them to do"?



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No, I am not talking about "LT"!  He may be compromised but not as topically much as our country is today for "kid’s gloves" the "modus operandi" of "news coverage."

America, we got some problems, big problems.

Yes, this again is about Bill Clinton.

Yes, this again is of grave concern for our Country and its acquiesence to the "light hearted" modus operandi of Clintronics.

Someone isn’t doing their job in Washington.

I am not in Washington; I cannot help but be concerned that "someone" is actually a large grouping/class of Washingtonians.

How many people will suffer for the main stream media continuing to treat Secretary Clinton with "kid gloves"?  How many Republicans will now suffer? By treating Secretary Hillary Clinton with such "forgiveness" how many Republicans are not being "compared" now when such would present them in "better light"? And, now so to nation thinking Republicans must have something to hide? 

By acting so "soft" on Clintons is it "favoritism" or "affirmative action."  By not scrutinizing and with a calling for "head(s) to roll" the main stream media is presenting a "Republicans must have something to hide" story in their absense of coverage of Secretary Clinton.

Is this "compromised" of "affirmative action" even though we have already had two other female Secretary of State professionals and arguably with far less controversial modus operandi?

Is this still my greatest pet peeve of long scribed concern over not treating the Clintons as a "two-fer" of "One" legally and within the "spirit" and "soul" and prescribed meaning in passing a term limit Amendment like our 22nd? (Not all marriages are of equals as an indivisible team but our law allows for such to be a concern and rightly.) 

Is this now yet another "cautioned" from "danger" of not forbidding a spouse of a term limited president not only a run for more terms for their "two-fer" but allowed such stretching to even having them lingering around as within a new Cabinet?

We are all now "compromised" for Secretary Clinton again being treated with "kid gloves"!

By treating "Hillary" so softly it is now former Secretary Colin Powell and Secretary Condoleezza Rice who will pay in minds of American voters, and for of our main stream media not working it.

Even Sec. Warren Christopher and Sec. Madeleine Albright have their reputations at risk for this a current "soft shoe" on Clintons, maybe "affirmative action" for "working moms"/"female spouses"!

Is "Hillary" too big to fail?  Is that the problem?

Where is the "cat fight" that past administrations would have MSM throwing at them over either infighting or a great oddity in "infighting" not present?

(Speaking of "topically":  Are sun-screen sales surpassing summer sales/spring sales suspected seasonally so suspiciously soon so spirited so Arizona?)

Is "Hillary" too big to fail?  Can we discern from The White House also not lambasting Clinton(s) that they are more at fault now in security failures and economics and "dependent" on Clintons?  Where is the infighting?  How is "Michelle" not running "Hillary" down?  Could Secretary of State Hillary Clinton be making President Obama (Michelle’s man) look any worse?  Or is it: Could he look any better without her?

Well, the MSM is only working it "soft shoe" and "kid’s glove" and now Republicans will suffer for such unamerican activities of press weakness.

Is the Clintons’ (Bill’s?) usefulness as "already in bed with world leaders not democratically elected" and willingness to look the other way with "acceptance" of their "governance" too great a "contribution"/"power" in play in Obama’s White House? That was "Hillary’s" greatest selling point during campaigns, right?  It was that "Hillary" already knew everyone and wouldn’t have to refresh ties or worry about petty democratic opinions abroad? 

So "Bill and Hillary" even without being re-elected to a third term are now seeming of Bill as "Putin" and Hillary as "Medvedev" and President Obama as maybe just Russian underlings?

Are we all lowering our standards and our expectations by allowing such unamerican activities to proceed still daily with our dailies?  

Are our defenders of our "Fourth Estate" now "compromised" for extending such as ’courtesies’ to a former First Lady/First Couple as have long been expected as "tradition" and now even though one now of real post such duties?



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Well it now seems certain we that we face a "bomber" of the worst type.

It now seems certain that the Time Square Bomber couldn’t have turned out to be a worst "type" of "terrorist"!

Mr. President are you now finally ready to fire your Secretary of State?

She and "Bill" are wearing on you like a pair of "cement boots"; Hillary and Bill are dragging you down.

Sure it is a "Penitent Bill" of a political fall for a "cover-up" and the "lies to officials" and "lies to the American People" that now travels the world "penitently" (?) either preaching against extramarital sex and/or mulitiple partners or just pushing condoms and "safe sex"! But?

We are now learning, and with Hillary’s State Department still of not being alert enough around a parental warning, of a son a possible radicalized danger before Christmas, so much more about how we with Time Square Bomber now are facing the worst type of "terrorist"!

Mr. President "the other shoe" has fallen, are you now ready to finally fire Hillary Clinton? 

Mr. President we now know we face the worst type of "terrorist" in Time Square incident of one that proves that Hillary Clinton’s policies as Secretary of State are not making us safer.

Mr. President the Clintons are dragging you down like a pair of "cement shoes/boots". I don’t know that there is a Republican skilled and willing to help you "fix" her mistakes without her being fired. Are you not now feeling her drag you down where once she was "your expert" that gave you "street cred" or "float"?

Mr. President what she has shown you is that her "expertise" and "readiness" is not making us safer and now with Time Square Incident that all the American hard earned monies she has been giving away is not making us safer.  Mr. President the Time Square Bomber is of a family seemingly financially benefiting from all the millions (and billions?) being given to Pakistan to "make us safer"!

It really is a sad day that all your hopes that Hillary could be of help now seems dashed. I don’t know whom you can turn to now, and now with her so long already there, but, how can you keep her around any longer?  She should have been picking up slack around TSA as well while without a permanent leader, and really just because of State’s failure to have priorities from her sufficient to have caught "Underwear Bomber" before Christmas.

I am not suggesting you fit her with concrete shoes but please give her "the boot" before it is way too late.  Her policies of just giving money to buy popularity isn’t working and Time Square Bomber of such a notable Pakistani family seems to establish that as highly plausible.

Mr. President how did you let her talk you into listening to "her expertise" and pursuing such foreign policies of just trying to buy peace by giving away hard earned American dollars when we may be needing it more at home for jobs?

Mr. President I know the Clintons were once formidable and even to "inevitable" but does their left know what their right is doing?

Mr. President your Secretary of State’s "policies" and her once "political usefulness" seem countered and exposed as more harmful than gainful.  It seems from family ties of this Time Square Bomber that her policies and her "leadership"/"readiness" are certainly not making us safer.

Mr. President, don’t you have the numbers yet?  Don’t you have the polls in yet that show as well that we are not getting "economic gain" with her attempts to just buy peace? 

Mr. President, how many jobs here at "home" can you create with such monies dispersed by Secretary of State Clintons policies, that now seem to not be "working"?

Wow, so there really was a loophole in our "no fly lists" that this "terrorist" knew of that nearly let him away and with from buying a cash ticket and counting on Emirates Airlines of practice of "usually" only updating its "no fly lists" once every twenty four hours? 

Oh, Hillary?  Mr. President was leaning on your experience and readiness, right?  Surely an "expert" like yourself must have known of such "loophole" and left it open, right?

Yes, it does appear that this Time Square Bomber was connected enough with our Pakistani allies through his family and friends there to have gotten into a Secretary of State Clinton visit event and just thrown a shoe, instead, but that wouldn’t help keep billions of US dollars flowing to our "allies" there like his family and friends as like a "windfall"! 



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Oh, the "pumpkin patch" of daily living.

Today to wake and relate and celebrate life and for the whole day as much as possible and with as much more as possible with planning considerations, ahh!

I am bound to this now, this riding, and such so now weight loss must start setting in soon, especially since I know I am eating fewer calories than my special scale is telling me I should eat for someone my age and my height as an athelete with so much muscle mass and fat percentage.  I should think of catching the Port Jefferson Ferry some day and riding out to Hamptons.  Too Gatsby?

Well the whether seems fair and the blossoms considered, ahh.

We do not have a socialist state so to ride still is to consider local customs and differentialled wards.   Isn’t it great that a tour of one town not just another "vanilla" tour as just socialized like another?  If I had an Ipod today I think I would ride hoping to have THE FEDERALIST PAPERS as a book on audio.

I am in the market for a new bike chain as mine has passed to ’stretched’ as happens to most chains by 2,000 miles or for me 20 plus years.  It still shifts fine and is kept clean and lubricated so I am not wearing out cogs and chainrings too much with such chain now not measuring links at twelve inches center to center or "less than 12 1/16" center to center but now to 12 3/16ths.

Route is being considered and spirit of ride and what I may cross paths with while out moving with others today.

Seems a day for ride to be of remembering how I came to citizenrosebud.com considering and how back to 1983 of so of grand start/conception as of myself "more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" and as a defense of Hearst legacy.

So today may be a ride of considering Hearst still and happily so still from such days of conception.  Such really puts the "art" and proper "history of art" in my work maybe more "art" to some than others. 

So, sooner or later on such route still and now with citizenrosebud.com still to "become" a new national new media site celebrating individual states and their political art, not mine but as so an "editor" might effect by narrowing.  Am I ready to know all of our governors and many of our mayors?  Have my years of efforts towards touring to celebrate lack of socialism in America now prepared me for such a media celebration of what is different and unique across our country?

Well, now to ready still to ride wondering what is in your patches, and with hope still that it hasn’t been corrupted and "vanillaed" in socialism, national.

Are you my facebook friend?  Did you read my sarcasm on immigration this morning that we could embrace a socialist solution to immigration and just start billing Mexico and other Central and South American feeder states of illegal immigrants so to get the funds from their "5%" of richest peoples to cover the cost of those their legal responsibility in "citizenship" oversight?  Surely the real problem in illegal immigration is that our nation and the wealthy and successful hard workers of America are actually paying for and so supporting the peoples/subjects of other nations and their tax bases?

Well, come to think of it such could be seen as a capitalist solution too, right?  Or would that not "sell"?

So, what are you doing today to affirm life and nature?

And, now back to considering my route.



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So is today a day to abuse press liberties?

Are we all lucky even though Secretary of State Clinton did acknowledge World Press Freedom Day, and lucky that this May 3, 2010 has us not with "President Hillary Rodham Clinton"?

If an attack not a dud as it were in Time Square can be said to be arguable as with most political domestic benefit to Secretary of State Clinton and the maintenance of the "legacy" of Bill, we should write and publish to get such discussed in the public arena?  Even if it were a dud? 

The Bush administration can be argued to have reduced the "America is evil" and on top of Iran’s enemies list and left such a good inheritance for President Obama as not done by the Clinton "two-fer" for their successor, but, should we talk about it and push it in public arena as currently relevant?

See: Now, especially with the Global Warming scare post Bush successes, Iran should see India and China and the old Soviet States as greater "enemies" and political "targets" what with the oil usage that they will want supplied cheaply and then all the local polution that will waft into Iran and endanger the health and environments of Irani people and vegetation and wild life.  And, if about women going about in public "uncovered" than we should definitely only be attacked after Brazil and so for all its topless beaches.  But is today a day to discuss such and attempt to make it a part of today’s public discourse and discussion?

Well, ok, Time Square:  Well if a Holy Warrior on a terrorist bender then a "just cause" must be at heart of "motive"!  If just an evil doer than just a thrill likely the "motive"!  And if an international political power play to save or create "power" than a "domestic" player and benefit likely at heart of "motive"!  But, should we discuss such today and try to focus national "heat" and attention on possible homegrown political play and players?

Well, maybe Bill was right that "domestic terrorists" are back but is it right to even attempt to argue that a "right wing extremist" less likely than a "left wing extremist ‘loyalist’ likely?

But, did "Bill" call it "domestic terrorism" or just something else? 

Well, I hope you have had a good World Press Freedom Day this May 3, 2010 and feel still safer for its freedom and protections.



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Well maybe you do need to be a fan/follower of "24" to get close to understanding the Clintons.

Poor President Obama with the Clintons not letting go and nor not giving way. Oh, poor Obama’s what with even "get out and move" campaign against childhood obesity by a new First Lady getting upstaged by Bill timing "elective stint" to counter good press and the "big mo" (big momentum) building for Obamas.  What to do about Bill and now a morning after another "alerting" thought of "uh oh, what will Bill do now" after White House Correspondents Dinner generating more good will and boosting for Obamas over Clintons.

Yes it was an elective procedure if only for the political timing of Bill’s procedure to grab the spot light from Obamas and specifically First Lady Michelle.  Was it even political for it not having been timed another time?  What a savy save though to show to children they could still live the "Bill" of "Big Mac or two a day Bill" and just wait to get it all fixed later in life and now with new free Hillarycare expectations. 

So it was an "ALERTING" thought last night by this politico of seriously perking to question of "WHAT WILL BILL DO NOW?" - if he is still the same Bill Clinton now stopping hardly for anything to promote Hillary towards his own selfish desire to get back the perks of the White House power some could argue he has highjacked for years since in ways never seen or heard or read of by any past American President.

Poor Obama’s now especially even still on "obesity" concerns how "petty surgery" seems effected on the political facade of "Hillary" so as with my current exercising and weight gain but fat loss while expecting weight loss and fat loss from being back to serious road cycling and its awareness less petty of natural human condition:  Hillary has had to have had that chin lift/skin tuck procedure, right?  No way that chin goes with what Leno of spoke of lower on her too, right?

So how did Secretary Hillary manage this morning again to be the "Johnny on the spot" in national news and NBC to be a refreshing of "Clintons" as far more "PRESIDENTIAL" than Obamas?  Does President Obama not care about chain of command and also not about political power practicing to exceed him in excess, somehow?  Today’s appearance on NBC Meet the Press was more about a selective Clinton revival than a fair telling of history and politics today, and a surprising upstaging again seemingly of Obamas and with 2012 actually mentioned for Hillary and Bill.

So do you have to be a follower and/or fan of "24" to see how news out of New York, even as good news as a thwarted attempt did play as a "set shot" for Clintons and a new power sustaining revival in nations eyes and ears? 

Is it "petty" to have had a chin procedure to still look "fresh" and not the "retread" she is?  Is it just "petty" to ask about? 

Well, again, after a night the Obamas should have been able to shine in nations hearts and mines now again the Clintons are front and center (stealing?)in the spotlight.

Do you have to just be a fan of Tom Clancy or do you need to be a fan of Dante and Ted Bell as well as "24"?  Have the Clintons had our "presidential power" highjacked and since even before 9/11?

Is it safe to forget the Clintons’ "two-fer" of setting up the "walls of separation" at FBI between enforcement and intelligence branches and just efforts?


{Yes, we were at risk heading into 1992 elections and with many of ourselves our greatest risk for seeming becoming of "excess pride" as we had to adjust to becoming a sole superpower.  Yes, we probably had "checked" the excess pride that christian coalitions mostly on right were presenting with as a danger that could overwhelm a newly elected more "moderate" President Bush, and so before November 1992.  Yes, we may have been better and safer not re-electing President Bush even though Senator Al Gore was saying he wouldn’t run because and as "Bush deserves a second term."  We were at risk and maybe great risk with many on right trying to claim win of Cold War and Persian Gulf War as for singular crediting to American Christians and not the more truthful "melting pot" of America.} 



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Are you ready for Leno?  Are you aware of Worker’s Day?

To be brief: 

  • It is May Day and in 1920 the Chinese first celebrated so after Russian Socialist Revolution. 
  • Mr. President in your "personality governance" are you a drafter or a draftee? 
  • Mr. President are you a pursuer or pursued?
  • Are you for Silicone spray lubricant or teflon?
  • Mr. President it is May Day, how do you celebrate?
  • Can you do "stock" or must you do "custom"?
  • Can you do "out of the box" or are you assimilated?
  • Can you do "hands on" or must you "hire out"?
  • Can you do isolation of long solo endurance efforts or only pack?
  • Mr. President are you ready for Leno - is your personality on trial?
  • And, how does a "personality governance" do "socialism" - are you "of the ability" or "of the need"?

Remember the "Share the Road" rules and guidelines and please remember to check with your doctor before you try something new.