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Once upon a time in a land called "Colonies"…?  

A Governor Clinton was causing quite a stir, quite a stir called THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.

Is Clinton really just against all this just for fear of loosing power and seniority authority?

Oh, this gets so confusing all the Clintons to remember and be wary of, still!   Who is it that failed to learn from history, our history, us or them?

It was a simpler time those days of first real troublesome to the United States of America Clinton, the then Governor of New York State even with him attempting to protect his power and seniority authority by opposing joining the rest of the colonies.

To think "term limits" became an Amendment only after the Roosevelt administration and its progressive reaching - wow!

Today’s discussion is on Paper #10 as being blogged and "shared" on facebook forums with THE FEDERALIST PAPERS on going more scholarly than seditious give and take.

Quite something that in the day, those days #10 was needed even to win over Clinton and with today our Arizona so perturbed.  So yes I write again, for free, are you surprised?

See this ongoing debate about powers of Washington the current capitol not the original non-king of America has got me perturbed:    Today a faction is the factions of concern that our Confederate Republic as conceived is not too involved in local factions.  So?  So #10 Paper these are not the days of arguing for a central government of benefits of preventing more local factions through debate and discussions afar in a capital for a confederate republic of America.   Where when you were so wise and pursuasive now you show more relevance in discussions on Iraq than on capital power.

So Clintons have history of not stopping in efforts to hold onto maximum power and even fighting as British Generals towards preventions of occurances of freedom.  So?   What have we failed to learn from our histories with Clintons?   How did better known Clintons not fix this mess now a "faction" in Arizona?   They are an admitted "two-fer" and yet I don’t think that THE FEDERALIST PAPERS discussed such as other than ‘one’.   How are these Clintons at all an "example" for young democracies or struggling peoples and tribes of Afghanistan?  How are these troublesome Clintons not a deterent to democratic progress and freedoms in Iraq?

Now we even have a troubled Clinton in our history as Americans as a Secretary of State and yet Arizona seems hung out to dry with relations of State.  Now we have such as another troublesome Clinton more concerned with seniority authority and personal power than our democratic state as conceived as a confederate republic?  Oh, and the opium of Afghanistan too a matter of State?   Oh, and the oil of Iraq Clintons let general Americans think Bush/Cheney’s only concern and for of "personal profits"?

Well, #10? 

Well?   What do we make of such?   These are not the times of our colonies and colonists realizes they were neighbors and likely to be neighbors a while and so should see wisdom in having a place pre-established and organized for discussions of "neighborliness" when working and needing work?   Those were those times yet now a "faction" of from a republic too concerned with itself as a collective of individuals seeking more power for themselves of such that THE FEDERALIST PAPERS would have warned and alerted around?

What do we make of such and still around troublesome "Clintons"?   Would writers of such Papers have been perturbed and alarming today of a faction of greater rights to local fractions as factions perturbed by a too reaching see of Washington?

So  it can be said that Clinton was most concerned about loosing seniority authority and power!  But poor Arizona now, as another of State must have been dropping the ball.

If our colonies were neighbors but didn’t have a place and a venue organized around "discussions" of factions then every day would have been of a reinventing of a wheel, yes?

Today, though, our Washington cannot be called to mend these "factions" across our states as these factions are of those perturbed that Washington is too involved in its "factions"!

An American faction now not convenient to the arguments of #10 as now Washington now the place not for "factions" so to be resolved.   And, yet still we have a Clinton(s) on the wrong side of progress and democracy.