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What might the Democrats fear the most but their greatest fear?

How might the Democrats fear most themselves and their up from the sixties…?

Is it too late for "fifty five saves lives" safety of old standards?  Are they off the rails?

Surely they are near their greatest fears with an election cycle ever to be about comparing and contrasting Democrats as either "innocent with potential — Obama" to either and both Carter and Clinton and Clintons as what of "two-fer" reseductions, right?

Well,  we are at a time and a season where we can turn off our internet connections and turn off our major media and just feel the pace and "community" of our neighbors.  Will we, enough?

If we get to/get past Iran as a "nuclear threat" realities of more reasonable to we the people of these united States of "We the People…"  now of these so united United States of America  and of an era now where we are not as maybe "at greatest risk" from Iran as Russia and China and India reasonably are then we can turn off our TVs and computer internet connections and feel these our times, these the paces of our communities.

Are Democrats using "EVIL IRAN" to keep you glued to a system of governance of dependence they want more than you?   If they are of "go green" and "environmentalists" than they too should be of seeing Iran’s leadership should see more moral cause and from historical relevance of towards aim and targeting of Russia and old Soviet States and India and China if only for the polutants and such drift?

Under recent past eight years the errors and omissions of the avoidance and inaction of Clintons’ previous eight years "We the People" have shown Iran we can be a better friend and more useful friend than enemy.   We have demonstrated a willingness and resolve in recent past to stand with Muslims in their seeking of justice from other Muslims.  We have shown Muslims we are better friends than Russia and old Soviet ties, and still arguably as still now of even back then in Cold War days attempts.

To be brief:   November tangents:   Reasoning American democracy:  Reasoning American colonialism:   Obama in November of the worst of Clintons and Carter and without reasoning out difference between trying to take America Socialist in perspective of size and comparable advantages in sizing.  — They say we should be more like France is in socialism and healthcare coverage yet proceed to making us more like old mother Russia of U.S.S.R. by attempting such for a country now three times as populated as current Russia.  — These Democrats fear democracy? — These Democrats if for mirroring European socialism should proceed to parliamentary representation of similar size of attempting such only as with "states" of similar size — our fifty?   To proceed as I fear these Dems are forgetting to fear we are not just trying to "reset" U.S.S.R. style socialism but by jumping the line, American, are so by Obama orations still of trying to take Europe away from their "socialism" of sovereign states and into a Euro "vanilla" socialism more of "reseting" old Soviet model of parliamentary proceedures.  — Have we now no choice but to "just say no" and return to our roots of our own wisdom and sense of "neighbor"?