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So what is a teacher?

Are "teachers" a "faction"?

Do they instruct on sects and human relations as a whole, undivided?  Are they usually just dealing with fractions? 

And how is your tax math?  Are all the factions covered by your fractions?  So the Clintons failed to be "teachers" in their eight year reign as the indivisible First Couple, unless you understand when the definition of "is" be "isn’t"?

How did they as much more of the era of NUREMBERG TRIALS, the movie, miss the opportunity to be instructive with war crimes and crimes against humanity by Saddam Hussein?  How did Clintons avoid instrumental according to thwart the spread of Taliban in Afghanistan for the whole of their reign?

Have the Clintons become now a fractured faction now instructive in opposites?  Should "Whitewater" have been more conclusive and pursuasive as the "introduction" it was?  To Thomas Friedman: Shame on you trying to tag Bush today with "neo-realist" when Clintons’ still own such duplicity near exclusively.

Are too many factions covered?  Too little a fraction of those covering? 

To Thomas Friedman: Shame on you avoiding and failing to act to mention Clintons eight years in column today and as due honest discussion of their eight years of avoidance and inaction as "neo-realists" if you must! 

Everyone else:  To understand a perspective on Bush’s strategizing on Middle East region in a post Clinton "inheritance" you have to do what President avoided and bring up Clinton "psycho-babble" factions.  Iraq people were feeling more "abandoned" by the great United States of America and so were many in Afghanistan. Clintons together as "one" indivisible as "two-fer" did let the "abandonment" grow and fester, unchecked. To help effectively in Afghanistan it made sense that the greater sense of "abandonment" of post "Persian Gulf War" had to be address, and first, and within what lessons might be found in "Clinton psycho-babble."

I mentioned Clintons’ inaction and avoidance on Nuremberg lessons and now also their avoidance of spreading of Taliban post America’s "abandonment."  Did you know Hitler built the Autobahn?  Which factions paid for such and at what fraction?  Would we have luxury BMWs or Mercedes and/or Toyotas without first having the Autobahn?  Would such have been thought vain compared to America "muscle cars" and ox carts?

How were you with math?  Does the new IRS already know?  Isn’t Obama’s administration prying into your records for centralized efficiencies far more than Bush/Cheney?

So Clintons failed to teach and show "selfishness" and "power grabbing" their M.O.?  How else to calculate a summation of the "inheritance" left still a pile of work for the president after President Bush?  A whole mess of nothing? 

History too?  What factions you ask?  Who are the Clintons’ but not more of William Blygh, captain of the Bounty, like William Blythe III? Who are they but Governor Clinton whom founders had to write the still prominent lessons in our THE FEDERALIST PAPERS just to combat factions of Governor Clinton, of New York?  Are they more the General Clinton they failed to spread lesson plans to defuse and differentiate themselves from as he was the British General trying to keep colonies from a Federalist loose uniting?  Why did such a Rodham chose to marry one born William Blythe III  but by then named William Jefferson Clinton?  So they avoided action to "separate" themselves from such poor leaders?  Why?

Are your factions covered with your fraction?

And then came Obama!

Can we find lessons on tax day still on Obama fractions and his chosen faction?  What do we make of learning if/when that friends "Michelle and Barry" to Mr. and Mrs. Tony Rezko in their times of hardship and imprisonment have left it yet another year be that Rezkos pay the property taxes on two thirds of the Obama’s side yard? Is it four fifths?  Is it 2/3s of "Obama’s side yard" but eighty percent of property taxes? 

What did we fail to learn from Hitler having built the Autobahn? 

What did we fail to learn from Clintons and their "Whitewater"?

Mr.and Mrs. President: Have you still not bought out the instantly depreciated property held by the Rezkos as your side yard? Are you still of having bought a fifth or a sixth of the property they paid full market price for and now still of holding enough of such property that it suddenly became a subprime lot worth half as much as they paid, or so, yet while only getting reimbursed a fraction of their instantly lost "VALUE" by selling their faction a fraction that was the controlling fraction?  Have you let your faction in Rezko keep paying the property taxes on two thirds of your side yard and in such days of "hardship" upon them?

Yes, math faction and historical fractions:  It is much cheaper for Obama’s to let Rezkos keep owning the lot that suddenly became a subprime lot by worth near half as much or less for just selling about a sixth.

What did we fail to learn from Hitler having built the Autobahn and then years later Clintons not pursuing prosecution of Saddam Hussein, like Nuremberg trials?  Are all the lessons of the Clintons now to be of the "opposites"?