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It is really disappointing the extent to which the BABY BOOMERS have compromised their old ideologies and ways.   It is quite shocking the extent to which our BABY BOOMERS of their sixties have become sell-outs.

There are many more ways to fix all this mess than the still very contested "one size fits all" Obamacare of Obamanomics - there are far too many likely other options still not yet discussed or considered, enough.  Our BABY BOOMERS are those that should rile most at thoughts and suggestions that they need, to the one of them, to the all of them, to be brainwashed or "guilted" into doing the right thing - how did we get here?

Our BABY BOOM is so now passe, of sorts, it has been too long since "holistic" been enough in our political pop culture of leftist liberal protestations.  Have they abandoned their old ideology - have they abandoned it completely?  Where are their communes - were is their vast ideology’s practical applications of LOVE and COMMUNITY?  Why haven’t they saved us all - saved us all from themselves living too materialistically and selfishly?   Where are their communes and natural and holistic low cost alternatives?

Iowans do you have some extra land for them - do you have some corn fields they can plow under for a ideological revival?   Should they really be asked to challenge themselves now, since so much has faded and maybe be left less arid and rich farm lands and so to maybe turning desert areas into American working communes - self sufficient communal care and farming centers?

Where is today’s say:  MAKE LOVE - NOT DEATH PANELS!!! ? 



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If COMMON SENSE had been written by a Chuck Windsor instead of the reknown Thomas Paine half the "poetic" - at least half its poetry and prudence may have been lost or just confused.

As per the Clintons much more of a King James version we again have much to discuss critically re: the Clintons.   I am not saying the Clintons, either of "two-fer" are of German descent - I don’t actually know anything about such - nor am I specifically pressing a germanic common to Speaker "Woody" Boehner.

The wild boars of Odyssey Dawn(s) are about and confused - confused maybe as if COMMON SENSE had been attempted by a Chuck Windsor.

I reserve the right to revise and extend these remarks at least through our Labor Day.  Such may be all I do here Augustly, and with what days of July remain before the eve of August that is J.K. Rowling’s birthday on the 31st.  Please don’t forget she and I will both be marking the same number of years this week with my special day to be remembered, too, as August 4th.

The PLOTTING THOMASES that is the CLINTONS’ "TWO-FER" is much more of a "plotting" than "doubting" re: "DOUBTING THOMASES" of our COMMON SENSE(S).  I don’t know if Mory’s has wild boar on its menu - but I do have occassion today to look and maybe consider.  It may now be near thirty or forty years since I last was so present and hosted.   If I were in NYC I might be regular to a Princeton and Villanova culinary of reciprocal clubbishness.

The democratic PRUDENCE of Martha and George, so much of our times fighting off King James and his merry bands - Oh, yes:  RIP recently passed founder of Toads Place. - Yeh, those who know Mory’s know Toads - though those that know Toads may not know Mory’s.

Oh, yeh!  What was I saying - why was I mentioning a PRUDENCE of Martha and George with a concern about Clintons both more of King James.  Yes, no question mark needed - more rhetorical!

In those days of Odysseus and hunts for and general risks from or of wild boars - where was Penelope?

As (shall we herald and trumpet/say) about Speaker "Woody" Boehner of Ohio and a weening likely still of beaver tail as the delicacy of our old beaver country tales, much celebrated and served up with UNDAUNTED COURAGE travels and trafailing of Jefferson’s Lewis and Clark — he is more of Federalists or Jeffersonian Republicans than Clintons or King James, right?

See "Woody" Boehner and the great beaver tails is as poetic an American tale as Thomas Paine and Common Sense and maybe Washingtons and their King James cleaning/revolving/rinsing.  Oh, but Clintons, the PRUDENCE of Martha and George is still alive - two terms is all that can be democratic and American.   Thomas, our early "doubting Thomas" much like Pakistan’s Iqbal was much to creating an Ubermench for his people and his time and all so situated and their future.   We became Americans and democratic airing our doubts about "pains" inappropriate and too taxing from King James, much about our Thomas Paine.

As per our Constitution and its Amendments, besides that we may be due some revisions and such now, I have no idea who or whom was some or most responsible for us so Constituted with specific barring from a governance that would allow "titling."  Martha and George consumated such prudence and sound constituting especially with them walking away after just two terms to prevent a air of titling that would contravene the bar from titling.  They, unlike, Clintons worked much if not most to keep US from Kings and titles.  We could not have had an election of former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton without former President William Jefferson Clinton in effect and so of aires as if TITLED as King or Queen.

We have, for now, been saved from "FIRST LADY BILL CLINTON" heralding and jokes and as fodder just for the late night comedians.  We have been restored some, but not near enough, to our original prudence against titling that Martha and George parsed and consumated - walked and talked - rode and galloped.

It is now clear as day, with Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton - aka "Hillary" - so improperly and undemocratically empowered, as a high ranking mere political appointee - a mere high ranking political appointee - that "Bill" would have essentially become "TITLED" against our founding doubts, purposes and constructs and bulwarks aims and preventions if "Hillary" had managed to seize our Presidency as their "throne."  As it is with CGI and "PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BILL CLINTON" we already have concerns that "Bill" may be incidentally or puposefully near or quite of treasonous intent and doings - we do have a Congress empowered to approve all gifts to "officers" of our United States and as "Bill" is much still by his own assertions and undeniable "is" of our politics an acting "officer" or just a associated officer through marriage union and such conflicts of official interests and duties – we have the right to have our Congress open up and look at "Bill’s" entirety of monies, gifts, and "commitments".

Our Thomas Paine of our original constituting around what to doubt and when to fight, like say Speaker "Woody" Boehner, are much less of King James than both Clintons - than both Clintons who really would relish TITLING and more than the apparent TITLING that maybe just late night comedians would have wrought about QUEEEN BILL - FIRST LADY BILL CLINTON - QUEEN OF DENIAL WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON as an election of "Hillary" would have essentially TITLED at least President William Jefferson Clinton in ways more King James than American.

As it it with "Hillary" just a mere high ranking political appointee we have seen enough to confirm suggestions that Clintons were looking for acceptions for themselves to become extra-Constitutional and near TITLED or just irreplaceable and inevitable for Americans and people of the world denied even a vote before "PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BILL CLINTON" pronouncements.

Now for wild boars and Mory’s selection it may be more a Chuck Windsor a better maitre d - host - commodore.   But for us about say a Speaker "Woody" Boehner likely much raised around delicacy of beaver tails we now have enough on our plate re: Clintons to suggest they and their "is" and other "is" have been contrary, contradictory and purposefully confusing to our general common sense and sensibilities.

It wouldn’t have only have been our late night comedians that would have been seeing "Bill" as essentially TITLED and of expectations about such if First Lady Hillary Clinton had actually seized the throne that is our Presidency as she and "Bill" had thought inevitable for them and quite a prize for our times, our times allowing a shift, generally, to a greater King James variation, at least for themselves as globally and domestically as they could assert.



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THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD doesn’t need to be guilted into doing the right thing - it doesn’t need its WASHINGTON to tell it what to do to be great.

It corporate jet "problem" is really as much a problem of its liberal artists and their compensation and private jet lifestyle.

America doesn’t need its GOVERNMENT in WASHINGTON to control all its monies for good - it once had a more vibrant and energized voluntary good organizing about it just in past decade in days before this "community organizer" set about the "redistribution" he threatened "Joe the Plumber" he would.

Our office of the President seems to be disappointing its current holder as once again like his earlier personal problems with community organizing that have a tone about them throughout his DREAMS OF MY FATHER with "I got to get out of this place (community) - If I only had real power what I could do - I got to get out of this place" nearly as now again "Barry" finding that easy money isn’t easy to come by and much else inherently in such tone of book.

President Barack Hussein Obama seems to be finding that exactly what he felt a strong desire to get away from cannot be gotten away from even by our President with our Constitutional Powers of our office of the President.  His recent performances seem much of same attitude expressed in his DREAMS OF MY FATHER of trying to move on when going got real – he seems to be stuck thinking ROBIN HOOD Powers came with an inauguration to holding such office and without real powers to bring people together would be needed not just a title and simple attempts to dictate.

It can be argued and has much over many years been so aired that we are THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD just because we don’t need our WASHINGTON based national government to do all the spending, and specifically much of spending spree/binging this administration has been attempting.  If liberal artists can have their very high compensation and private jets how can it be so bad for our corporate leaders to be compensated with similar balance/ratios?

President Obama objects to "carrots" of corporate psychology and ambition that have long motivated business leaders and similarly liberal artists - and so now obviously with a personal method prefering the "stick" to "carrots" with "guilting" his motis operandi. 

Again, we are a great country today specifically because our citizens have been willing to spend much voluntarily and selfishly with personal passions for causes of their hearts and minds and so that we haven’t needed the type of spending that President Obama has been wanting powers to since, it seems, his distasteful community organizing days.

With such so much at issue with these recent performances by President Obama it is now even more sad that last night with his calls to "balance" and "to avoid politics" he not only mostly played politics he denied many real causes of economic downturn and played politics with 9/11 and then as well with veterans with his specific priorities per "necessary spending" putting "roads" ahead of "veterans care" and then "medical advances" after "veteran care."

If you have found the above here than you likely already know I strongly believe the Democrats have been mostly at fault for this current great economic down era and well beyond the quite real factor about such that was announcement of "HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT" and then soon upon "I WILL SEIZE ALL OIL COMPANY PROFITS…" like.

Besides how many private citizens were empowered with interests and new technology and internet(s) (use "(s") when emphasizing competition in net web world) such that many issues about these "spending" excesses by President’s degrees and attempts to dictate are also much of spending that our Washington doesn’t need to do because our states, counties and cities are actually set up to do it better and more fairly with wealth and property tax systems.

It is also much the Democrats fault for very poor economy just because they attempted so much without first attempting to change entire federal tax system so that our income tax basis couldn’t work as a natural check to over-reaching and over-governing by our leaders.  Dems shouldn’t have told people that they shouldn’t be working so hard and expected to still get enough revenues from taxing their work - as a "green" example — and shouldn’t have told those making profits that they were bad and guilty for creating so many profits and income such that a "compliance" or "acceptance" would then greatly as well cut off the revenue from profits and income these Dems had been planning on spending.




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This matters at least to future generations.  When it comes to politicians "OWNING IT" we have some interesting "OWNERSHIP" to get around to accounting for.

It may be more appropriate to prioritize now about so much as concerns for "next gen" of politics more than just a still at risk "future generation."

Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton aka "Hillary" may wish she could fix everything now with a convenient party change to an official affiliation with Republicans - such is the type of "desperate" political move her mediocrity may be demanding if she is to hold on to "respect" any longer.

The Clintons and their national involvement since early 90s stand now with an abundance of effectings to well justify that our 22nd Amendment is best to stand as it seems to have been wrought to consider spouses inseparable as per office limitation checking.  The 22nd Amendment was written and ratified fast upon the Republican national sweep as concerns that Roosevelts had held power for too long - in years while discussions were likely still fresh across our nation with rumors and whispers that FDR’s daughter and wife were actually running our country.

Our 22nd Amendment sits here in amidst our greatest laws and checks and balances designed as bulwarks, all, to People’s rights and freedoms, and as specifically rights and powers over all tyrants and monarchical leaders.  It sits so though as officially of "undecided laws" where "intent" and "reach" or "purpose" still hasn’t been "interpreted."  Yes it sits so that hardly anything I say here about it cannot be yet officially said to be wrong or inaccurate.

That said, it is time to talk about "ownership" of Iraq, and yes Republicans how at fault you all are of the 1990s for not sticking "ownership" of Iraq and Saddam’s war crimes well upon and to President Clinton within just his first term, or quite at least as long into it as President Obama is now into his own.  America’s "Washington" must have generally lost its collective mind by then already since a failure to prosecute Saddam Hussein within such "window" was irresponsible and damning to our jurisprudence and global reputation.  Clintons own it now - own the association with Saddam Hussein the invader of Kuwait and warrer with neighbor Iran - the mass murderer of his own people while quite religiously biased against Shiite people.  Clintons become the evil associates of Saddam and to our grand compromising with them not having stood up otherwise to condemn and prosecute Saddam Hussein withing their first couple to few years so charged with our leadership and associations.

Madam Clinton, now stands out as one of the most compromised and outright wrong choices for Secretary of State of our United States of America.  She is a bundle of confusion and gross associations, global, much too of being too accepting and forgiving of Saddam Hussein - the Ba’athist that started in Iraq politics as an assassin.

Yes, our 22nd Amendment though there to be partially used is also there suggesting we have wiser and necessary greater protections and checks to Power than yet "interpreted" or "accepted" — A spouse of a term limited President, regardless of their sex, is best to be also term limited and so prevented wisely from campaigning to return a term limited First Couple to such rare powers, and as well to checking either spouse from any seat within our line of succession to our office of the President like a cabinet level job, especially, as Secretary of State.  The real Clinton story just since the inheritance of expectations to see that Saddam Hussein got prosecuted tell the story best, it seems, yet, as to why especially such an "interpretation" is wise about the Clintons, specifically.

There is much to talk about "ownership" of the administration of Barack Obama but really it is what the Clintons both still politically own from days only so far of their own first administration that are quit a core, a rotten core, now about so much that is wrong.  The Clinton Administration failure to prosecute Saddam Hussein at least in such as first few years of their "leadership" did associate all Americans with Saddam’s personal guilt, and seeming quite willingly and with acceptance by "Bill" and "Hillary."  Their failure to bring Saddam Hussein to justice in all of their eight years is a guilt by association and an old acceptance we still haven’t found a way to afford, not even just politically.

The Cold War was over and the invasion of sovereign Kuwait beyond the pale for such an era - America no longer had excuses to look the other way with Saddam Hussein without as Clintons "leadership" so being to a grosser and more evil "acceptance" even with "no-fly" posturing.  Clintons’ effectings with "no-fly" zones was more like reducing charges against Saddam Hussien for Shia genocide to just more to being a misdemeanor.

Essentially, Republicans, the Clintons both "OWN" core of most of our current economic and geopolitical problems and mass confusion about domestic spending priorities, but some to many of you some how played along and secummed to their seduction and temptations necessary for them to hold on to designs to reach to sixteen years with official designation as our FIRST COUPLE.  They had the motivation and opportunity to pervert our general Welfare and Posterity especially due to rareness of such as an era of America young again for not yet knowing how to be a sole superpower.

The Clintons "OWN" that so much of so many problems naturally can be explained by their personal and selfish ambitions and power reaching and plotting - but still by association many Republicans, not as ambitious, did fall to specific targeting and seduction to Clintons’ way far more than was wise or safe for their constituents.

President Obama does "OWN" this economy and hardly just because he proceeded to start campaigning for re-election before even attending to simple and clear duties concerning our debts and budgets.  President Obama owns what cannot be said to be still more being held close by both Clintons with their machine politics power plays and holds necessary for their ambitions counter to wisdoms of 80th, and Republican, Congress that wrote the term limiting that America ratified into law.  By this far into the Clintons first term, and yes "Hillary" too by her own insistance, the Clintons had become the "OWNERS" of an assocated guilting for all Americans for their failure to prosecute Saddam Hussein.

Yes, I think it has been wrong for so much of the Bush family to have been not just offering Clintons friendship and forgiveness but for having still been about such, yet, as it seems.   President Obama might not have so many economic problems if it weren’t for such about the Clintons but may only fairly while also recognizing he is much having to deal now with their gross underfunding and unfunding that was their SURPLUS. 

That the Clintons have been so long and specifically to ambitions and means to work around barriers seemingly original to need and wisdom of our 22nd Amendment is much present as their novelty has fallen apart, from their 8 and not merely worn away.

As specifically per Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, who knew enough since Yale Law School dangers, political and legal, about not fighting to try to be President before "Bill", we have "Hillary" now of so much giving of money away in a down economic more just buying popularity back without any clear economic gain or balancing worth.  Her entire reigning as Secretary of State may go down as some of the most misdirected in our history and of our greatest moments gone from an era that offered us better opportunities to actually get some global burdens shared more equally.



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Today is not August 2nd of this year 2011. Our President is haunted by his GLOBAL WE.

He of his "we" so global now has a BIG "fairness" chasm with churning turbulence all about our politics.

We of our more humble "We the People" now have him of his Cairo and his Berlin and as well his Russian "RESET" button stuck much for his "global we" not proportioned or explained and so not at all a faired proposition for blind acceptance.   How stuck is he so even for not securing Venezuela for his redistribution ideals, we have to ask, right?  How can he have claimed a fairness about his GLOBAL WE so if only about apologies and reapportionment of American treasures and treasuries, right?

Was it just young Barack Obama being like "jumped into" a Kenyan neo-colonialism rich with global socialist aims?  How was a "RESET" button for Russia meant when of a OBAMA GLOBAL WE that didn’t try for a fair distribution of the reported greatest concentration of billionaires in any one global city that is a broadcast statistic of modern Moscow?

Today his Cairo Speech to Muslim World crashes and crashes about him, and any current budget discussion supposedly of he and his local US based of his GLOBAL WE as about a fairness while still mostly just of an American redistribution?   How can we be such a force for good around the world about what may not actually be an Obama neo-colonialism and yet not have him again in Russia, Cairo and Berlin putting us at the helm of his GLOBAL WE "redistribution" and with proposals for revenue fairly from each to all of such regions?

Surely if we are "humane" in helping ourselves with NATO to a colonialism of Libya we would have been better from the start of such GLOBAL WE to have moved on Venezuela and their oil riches, right, so it figures about logic of a global we, right?  Well, what "logic" there is that is in the pronouncements about "fairness" and such by President Obama per justification of a right to redistribute without full or fair debate and democratic vote, that it.

Stay tuned, it isn’t August 2nd yet - and his GLOBAL WE of his "we" and then again "we" still seems more of foreign "we" than a democratically checked and fully measured more humble and appropriate domestic "We."

How now with his "we" so a GLOBAL WE without a MANIFESTO to explain any benefit for Americans still more humble of our "We the People" as CANDIDATE OBAMA now as well long of avoidance of budgeting duties of our office of the President - His candidacy has certainly kept him much, arguably, from his sworn duties of his office especially around keep of our debts, right?

August 2nd is not here yet, but our worries of such chasm and turbulence are of no promise of assistance around such GLOBAL WE so much of lack of "fairness" from his swell set, and, especially around global concerns around his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of so many very public moments shared with Cairo and Russia "RESET" arguably of shortcoming and failings in leadership by his chief Diplomat, more than by himself.   So much of his GLOBAL WE problem are quite arguably notable as of edits missed or not argued for by Secretary Clinton.

Seems our Republicans are onto a current about such so much of them of a GLOBAL WE without any algorithm actually worked out and checked to actually suggest any real fairness or actual full consideration.


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First though we have our largest Constitutional concerns that a general vileness is still much of the tempest.  A "vileness" isn’t usually or customarily thrown about due to a single speechifying or single floor politicizing - such likely has much history to it, if justified.

Now though about the "means, motives, and opportunity" of the Clintons’ 8 and our Constitution, some:

We have a general Constitutional concern about most of the Clintons’ 8 as them of a reaching globally much to seize opportunities for personal power that only the end of the Cold War or another very major world wide change/crisis could allow.

Personally, I must admit that I just had to look up the definition of "vile" and still mean to look up a big word used by Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz aka "The Head of the DNC" when taking on her fellow Floridian for voting against helping his Floridians keep living off other peoples work, without a new discussion actually rationalized with detail around arguments for redistribution philosophy.

While it is becoming more apparent that the Obama Democrats actually don’t have a worked out MANIFESTO for fair redistribution we are still stuck with the rare power grab opportunities that the Clintons were both so much specifically to as an intimate "two-fer" global power couple.  The lies of the Clintons so long talk about may be more vile than the recent confluence of lies or worse, worse if "ignorance", that have come from "Head of DNC Wasserman-Schultz" while of general party speak.

"Vile" seems more appropriate to the lies and long plotting of the Clinton "two-fer" but actually fitting to Representative Wasserman Schultz though more for recent speaking as DNC Chair than those few moments, also of such, while playing local politics against her fellow Floridian.  Representative Allen West can clearly defend and explain his own use of "vile" as per his fellow Floridian, so let me return to the still too little discussed vileness of the continued power reaching by the Clinton "two-fer."

As it is, President Obama, with his attempts so about a REDISTRIBUTION, so also vile, so far as yet, yet for it now having not been accompanied with an actual full and complete MANIFESTO, a document fully differentiating HAVES from HAVE NOTS, and specific class differences necessary about any administering also of a RACE TO THE TOP, we are all still at risk for the Clintons’ 8 vile global power reaching.

The 1990s, with the end of the Cold War, and, with our United States of America, were of rare opportunities for individuals to attempt to grab global powers beyond most peoples comprehension in extra-Constitutional ways.  This seemed not only known to the Clintons but also quite of their motivations and selfish plotting with otherwise thought Constitutional Powers of our Presidency.  You could in some ways be near to a truth if you were to think that Clintons may have seen ways to becoming a global Autocracy of Clintons.

The Clintons together are still much of some conditions they set up during their 90s and in ways that future holders of our office of President may never before in our history had to actually confront, or think about without many also maybe yelling "TREASON" or something equally vile.   It is arguable that until the Clitnons were no longer of official designation as FIRST COUPLE no President in our past had a former power couple so still able to hold on to so many powers early thought limited to our current Executive. 

It is enough true and accepted that the Clinton "two-fer" set out since before they were even engaged while Law Students at Yale to a ambition and plotting to become the first husband and wife both elected to our office of the President.  There is little reason not to look, historically, at all things Clinton naively without a consideration of their vile plotting to reach to global powers for themselves as much as conditions might allow, and allow with some encouragement or inciting.

Yes our 90s are a mess for the Republicans fell victim to Clintons temptations and seductiveness, as much or more even than many or most of our thought FOURTH ESTATE.

We are at an unusal political crossroads and now much maybe specifically due to the vile plotting and general tempting by both Clintons across their 90s, where common sense and morality,  danced around, but not with, not with our Constitutional wisdoms.   We are here now much because the Clintons’ global power reaching, which was of temptation successful of many Republicans then,  was of an acceptance it shouldn’t have been of so about a consideration that they had found a way to generally ignore our Constitution, so as to be a class of politicians able to hold selfishly onto rare powers for a record number of years.

Simply put our 90s let the Clintons’ "two-fer" lead us to this crisis with their grand "means, motives and opportunities" really much from their long selfish plotting then in a rare time where power could be held by an elite class of lawyers around them instead of a strong and consistent defense around our Constitution.

If you have yet to even consider that the Clintons found the "means, and opportunities" to match their long kept motivations and with an aired discussion about AUTOCRACY and chances to a global reaching to an effective AUTOCRACY OF CLINTONS you may not have thought near enough about your political and Constitutional options towards 2012.

When shooting happened in Arizona and calls went up for a new "civility" Bill Clinton was still to be heard flexing political powers for Clintons’ "two-fer" with near "it is their (Republicans) job to try to defeat us."   When such shooting happened Representative Darrell Issa was quite in his rights with his pronouncements about these Democrats as near the "most corrupt" in our history.   If you have missed how vile the Democrats have been being you likely haven’t considered the Clintons and their "means, motives, and real opportunities" much yet at all, or hardly enough.

Personally, and not just because I got a confession from President Clinton, with him of "I was behind it" once then while thinking my arrangements to a TV show like detecting with a "Come to Jesus" truth telling, and, so then around days Democrats were heavy and regular and quick out of gates with blaming of 9/11 only on Republicans and specifically President Bush:  Yes, when I opened myself up with attempts to hear some unwanted truths with a detection set up for such as much with TV personalities around detecting about crime scenes and all those also of my professionalism and licensing, where ever and when ever, ever so — yes I was set up with Democrats blaming so public and loud that I was expecting only a confession from Bush White House and Administration while allowing that Clintons both had "means, motives, and opportunities".  Yes, I set up for such and then was surprised with it in President Clinton’s familiar voice that I heard an "I was behind it" confession.

I am not a professional in any of this, but have been involved in our politics for years.  I do not know how much to make of President Clinton, uncoerced, so to such as he was it seems with "I was behind it" but do get how the machinations of the political power couple that is still the Clintons’ "two-fer" had "means, motives and opportunities" enough to make such believable as true without consideration that he was maybe tipsee and feeling just guilty for a general Presidential negligence - that First Lady Hillary Clintons’ specific inciting around such region was designed to intentionally rile radicals to a new and greater anti-Americanism and call to action, at least, with her regular vile imperialism.

So please write you Congressmen/women and Senators and our Justice Department and especially Representative Darrell Issa and ask the we return to more realistic view of these Democrats as so corrupt at least for the Clintons and their personal ambitions so still greatly in the mix.   Please at least email or tweet Representative Issa and ask him to at least move to an impeachment of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.   There may be no way left to jump start our economy than to pursue some long over due and just prosecutions, and very publicly.  

Yes, it has gotten so vile, arguably, that now President Obama may need to be looked at equally as seriously as the Clintons.  They did need people to agree to a diminished view and role for our Constitution and its checks and balances to succeed - yet that seems not to have happened.

Yes, after the shooting in Arizona the newly elected swarming of Republicans more of our Constitution than many during the 90s, should have redoubled their efforts to a greater civilization, anew, and not bowed to Party hackery about a new "civility"!  

The Clintons have meddled much as no past First Couple ever did before and now still hold powers that compromise our Constitutional general powers.  If you aren’t looking at the Clintons and their historical "means, motives, and real opportunities" you are not thinking enough about how "vile" our general politics has become.



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In memory of Jimmy Stewart, who died that day in 1997, that July 2, 1997 I was near Washington DC on second day of my road trip in my new used 1988 Dodge B 250 Cargo van thinking towards Los Angeles, and Robert Mitchum who had died just the day before:

Also in memory of all those that died on 9/11/01 as a result of the attacks on the United States of America:

There is no tippy toeing around some basic facts about the history of the United States of America just of the past twenty years. There is much we have been discouraged from considering since 9/11/01 and so much that wasn’t simply of wisdoms of President George W. Bush’s efforts to help our nation heal and stay together.

President Al Gore would not have just been able to "lasso the moon" after 9/11/01 attacks on America - he would have likely gone massively to war against all of Afghanistan and likely accidentally some against Pakistan as well.  He would have been at home with war photographs and likely found the Afghan Conflicts quite picturesque what with his time as a Vietnam Conflict war zone photojournalist, so it seems.

We have President Obama of the Democrats defensiveness that they would have run the response to 9/11 very differently and heavy from the start in Afghanistan.  We therefore have that President Al Gore would have soon been in Afghanistan with major presence and commitment maybe larger than what Bush dedicated to Iraq - to Iraq as still of roots about Al Qaeda motivations.

We have some actual political history since 9/11 that shows quite that as politicians go it was Senator Hillary Clinton who benefited more than any other of America’s politicians, politically speaking, due to crisis of GROUND ZERO being her GROUND ZERO and to the (needed?) extreme make-over of former First Lady Hillary Clinton into an untouchable international sympathetic figure with near super power to defy our most established seniority system - our Senate’s seniority system.

Really there is no way to soft shoe around so much that has been left undiscussed for so long while a blaming all about directed at those maybe more innocent.  This still may be a stretch, some, but may be spot on and not just cynical - the Clintons did after 9/11 stop claiming "smartest in the room" status and instead lead with more a: we just did what the American people told us to do - so it is Americans’ fault, not ours, like.  It was near idiotic with a regular "blue states said do this…" and "red states said do that…" grandiose over simplifying by Clintons, with a gross abuse of Bush’s generosity in the interests to see America heal as quickly as possible.

Did President Obama just execute long delayed Democrat Party strategies that would have been President Al Gore’s soon after 9/11 and such that it would be a logical conclusion that President Gore would have also accidently widen the area of conflict also to being at war, some to much with Pakistan?

Much less talked about is how President Bush found that he and his parties disatisfaction about Saddam Hussein not yet having been fully prosecuted had suddenly and unexpectedly become far more complicated because of attacks on America on 9/11.  President Bush may not have been as disatisfied with the United States for not having yet brought Saddam Hussein to adequate justice for his invasion of Kuwait, at least, as Osama bin Laden likely was - and was since his founding of Al Qaeda specifically with designs to see that Saddam was treated accordingly for his invasion of a sovereign neighbor.

Again it is still quite remarkable that for all these years it has been little discussed that Senator Hillary Clinton did politically benefit the most from 9/11 as American Politicians go. She not only got out from nearly all oppression a junior Senator was expected to be subject to under our famed seniority system there, but she also got the complete and international make-over as suddenly as a sympathetic figure ready to be president, a politcal untouchable of sorts.

I didn’t make it to Los Angeles as expected with such road trip to be first step to moving to Hollywood - I turned around after a couple weeks in New Orleans due to delays from needing a rebuilt engine installation.  I did decide then about that moving nearer to all fifty states would be better and so to my move to Washington DC in early 1998.

But, you know, today is a day to talk about responsible budgeting, right?  Today therefore is a day to talk about how dangerous the Clintons’ surplus of their removing spending commitments about near a trillion of available revenue actually was.  President Al Gore would have just as soon found out though with most of unpaid wars and reversals of Clintons’ surpluses being only about Pakistan and Afghanistan as a new Vietnam - an "it is Vietnam all over again" even.

That he would have been providing the pictures and the wars as a former war photographer and photo journalist may have quickly become a concern, but that is hard to say for sure.  President Gore would have been again a Gore covering war gore, though unavoidably.  Senator Hillary Clinton might then only have taken second to President Gore as Politician that gained the most politically speaking due to crisis of 9/11/01 attacks on America that Clintons’ surpluses may have facilitated with their gross and rash unfunding/underfunding to a surplus, excessive without a doubt, near a trillion.

What we can say with confidence now seeing how the Democrats meant to likely have managed Al Qaeda from day one seems to be that Afghanistan and Pakistan would have been near as expensive today as Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Pakistan have been.  We at least would have had all the same stories about a President having to go to war without our armed forces having sufficient vehicle armor and body armor, and much more maybe as a political discussion about "irresponsible" and "dangerous" Clintons’ surpluses.

Now the Clintons did move quickly and broadly to stop asserting they were like the "smartest in the room" and did so move to a full blaming of 9/11 on the American people, people who they had simply let spread their ignorance about global affairs, unlearned about such, with acceptance by Clintons as their "executive" decisions - of a simple lie that they had just done what the American people had told them to do and so without using any of their smarts bragged about as "qualifications" for such offices.

Gosh, we missed all this just because Al Gore wasn’t actually elected President, well maybe not all of it.  The Clintons’ surplus likely would have been a real political problem for a President Gore, and more so than he a former war photo journalist now trying to provide the pictures and the "conflicts." We likely wouldn’t be now suggesting Bush had no real reason to suddenly and decisively contradict the Clintons’ recent intelligence issued to justify PEACE DIVIDENDS before the time, and so much else of their irresponsible unfunding and underfunding with their removal of liberal spending, near a full trillion, while funds were readily available and not necessarily of justifications for deficit spending.

And so now how about "Mr. Gore Goes To Afghanistan" as a treatment of what currently ails our general budgeting?  How about Saddam Hussein and the real Arab Spring that must have been of intelligence quieted to de-emphasized by Clintons’ White House just to justify their PEACE DIVIDENDS? 

Did the Clintons together use the CIA to lie about PEACE in their times?

And, what the heck would President Al Gore have done about problems still festering with Saddam Hussein not adequately prosecuted for so many known and maybe unknown, as yet, war crimes and crimes against his people and their humanity? 

Oh, yeh and what about Iran today if we hadn’t gotten around to prosecuting Saddam Hussein?  "Justice for Saddam Hussein" was quite the rally cry that most raised the insurgency we now call Al Qaeda, right?


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William Blythe III so conceived - so of an era better to be a Clinton than a Blygh — Oh, where the heck else were we to take our economics and marketing?

An integrated marketing concept for the nineties and decades after has been fraught a decade on with inadequate repect and judgement.   Where once the BABY BOOM had sway, and as the best demographic to kowtow to, with marketing and advertising conformity, what was of our nineties was a change to an integration to jump past the tail end of the BABY BOOM constituency.

It can be said that part of current inbalance across our demographics and sociology of our United States of America is due to white Americans not having produced enough of a new gen these past few decades since the said BABY BOOM.  (We maybe should save such so for an entirely different expose at a later segway more appropriate to other fairings.)

How have we become so polarized to a new partisanship even greater than some thought "Hillary" as "too polarizing" might have accomplished herself, unconsciously and unavoidably with her natural character?

We now have alot to discuss about the BABY BOOM and especially as per our fair burdens and governance, and, as well about economic and marketing priorities and their advertisements.

It can be rationally argued that two Clintons were too many Clintons as both so fixed and fixated upon their BABY BOOM pride.   It can be historically recorded that some of the rise of Clinton "two-fer" in nineties were, economically, with a consideration to an integrated marketing for all, to a diminished prioritizing of the tail end of the BABY BOOM and a jumping over, seemingly necessarily, for our economic future, to the next gen priorities and needs.  It should be historically considered that much of nineties had been considered to say reduce the influence of those of the "caboose" of BABY BOOM as too much of the same things and to bridge the cusp by at least a few years to the desires and wants following with from the post BABY BOOM BOOTY.

It can be argued that someone specifically of our years of those that made current President Obama, now himself about to turn fifty years old, should not have been elected to be our inspiration, as so much for past decade had been to set up a future economic to jump over such as the tail end of BABY BOOM and to a growth economic more of post BABY BOOM BOOTY.

Yes, this gets personal.  Yes, I am not of the BABY BOOM "official" years of birthing, but, see my oldest sister is, and while many of my friends or subjects under my team captaining certainly of a different world, economically speaking to their sociological separations.

Yes, this was personal - but so it was as politics around a specific ambition to be a very forward thinking Madison Avenue type of Mad Man.   Yes, I certainly did set up my thinking for economy to jump its marketing, necessarily right over lasting powers for my oldest sister’s gen as BABY BOOM TAIL that is now known better as the caboose of OBAMA.

Yes, I was these years of an awareness of some of our economics specifically from the Clintons and their pride being of a misuse and misinterpretation, inadequate, about the very marketing charming they were accidental and unitended riders and beneficiaries about.  I was some to much aware of concerns that they were using specific integrations directly contrary to their intended usefulness and to ways quite undermining of a thought long term laying of a better economic foundation for all.  I was then and remain quite aware that they if they had just asked about such that they were inappropriately assuming rights about for themselves and their pride, so much too much of our BABY BOOM, they might have learned much to have saved so many from so much smarting now.

The essential point is that if you follow my economic and social progress concerns and my years of efforts to maximize to positive change and a new political correctness at least for our journalists then it best to now rework years of inadequate considerations about such and work in how the marketing and economic integrations was with well thought through conclusions that the tail of the BABY BOOM needed to be jumped over to work in a gap closing for BOOTY divide to a exceptional reconditioning to the POST BABY BOOM BOOTY minds and hearts.

So it was considered, and so it was attempted — now though we have a resurgent insurgency of the tail end of BABY BOOM pride with some much its elders of Clintons so much playing as a broken record across our general economics and with a specific pride too much to effectations for fewer than such that they too confidently misappropriated had been conceived and nurtured.

My story is a story of being in the gap - of being after the BABY BOOM by a year to three.  My story is of so much, now already, and with Clinton born Blythe III so of at fault, personally with his spouse and their personal and specific ambitions, for a general working, selfish, that effectively worked to undermine efforts of decades to set up a better economic foundation for growth and positive social change not along partisan lines or intentially with any bias but against the BABY BOOM and especially its tail or "caboose" that is most now, unfortunately, represented by President Barack Obama.

The Clintons are much "broken records" skipping merrily along essentially moving us no where.

Essentially we have now the pride of the BABY BOOM as way too self-serving.  Oddly, for such lot, we should be asking if they all can’t just take it back to "communes" for themselves, now.



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He owns it now.  We best not forget the POLITICS - we best keep in mind the economics as the real crisis.  There are many distractions about - there are many attempt to distract really about.

We best not forget the "game" is Politics - we shouldn’t have heard President Obama start off his Presidency suggesting with his "let us not relitigate the past" that we shouldn’t actually get to a first litigation of so much.  There is so much of our history just of the past 20 years that is still of his "relitigate" distracting us hopefully from a first litigating.  Enough to save or create many jobs for a respectable attorney cadre.

The "game" is Politics but the business is our lives, our freedoms and our rights.

He, President @BarackObama, now owns the economy.  Let us not forget that fateful primary change when with Clintons on the rope, and beaten, candidate "Barry" Obama was to a willingness to compromise his own campaign and so our futures.  He was willing to be obvious about it with his placards all changed for first co-opted event to just "UNITE FOR CHANGE" with the "BELIEVE" gone as soon as the Clintons conjoined to his marches and campaigns, but still why so much agreement to protect Clintons from "litigation" with his "let us not relitigate" so often about matters yet fully or at all "litigated"?

The "game" is Politics and yet if Patrick Fitzgerald had added Mayor Rahm Emanuel as a co-defendent the jury might not have let such charge go - the might not have figured something was their but that a "justice" could only be served if Mayor Rahm Emanuel was co-defending.  I don’t know if another trial of former Illinois Governor can be convened so now legally.  The way it has been left suggests something wasn’t "litigated" and so not protected by "let us not relitigate" politics.

He owns it now.  He even owns that the CLINTONS’ SURPLUS was basically all a rediculous GAME and gaming of our futures, knowingly - he owns that Democrats about him as of histories with CLINTONOMICS & THE CLINTONS’ SURPLUSES are compromised for such and deserve a very public probing and scrutiny as some long over due litigation.

We best not forget the "game" is Politics.  Republicans may be best now to run as the party of fifty Reagans with hopes to have Republican friendly governors in all fifty states so that so much of now needed restoring of America can have a good chance.  Most just don’t consider how President Clinton had to have been a problem before his "BLUE DRESS" redressing - that he didn’t fall for being of such indiscretions but was falling before such for those close enough or involved enough to have known. 

He owns it now.   He even owns the Clintons’ BLUE DRESS as if it was his chosen and prefered "inheritance."  His asset management is greatly compromised - his arguments so often for spending as "necessary" while still walking a "let us not relitigate" what is the still unlitigated history of the Clintons’ 8 that has him suggesting that his spending is as right as their cutting - and that we don’t need to look at how contrary and rediculous a proposition his juxtapositions are when ever he to suggesting that the Clintons can be popular on issues he wants to be also popular for yet so remarkably diabolical or just different.

He owns it now and while we are best to work to remember the "game" is Politics yet it our lives, freedom, and rights being so played with, seriously at least per our regards.  I am one historically of my own reasons for helping Democrats towards 1992 and Clintons when they finally braved an entry - and yet as one that was hoping some that President Bush would get re-elected - that it would be safe for him to become reelected.  I am one of those that close and involved by spin suggesting about my writing for a new and improved and more politically correct journalizing and literature/writing - of my own initiative and dedication - that can say that Clintons lost me before Monica Lewinski & IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS, and for reasons of concern about their gaming around our regards, more serious, that was and still is their Politics.

He owns it now - even, or especially, the Clintons and their BLUE DRESS.

He owns it now - especially their rediculous and irresponsible SURPLUSES.

He owns it now - and, as we can say, seriously, that America hasn’t been the same or on a good path since the Clintons started their gaming and plotting to try to get sixteen years officially as holders of our "FIRST COUPLE" designation and honors of our office of the President.

He owns it now, and has owned it since compromising his own campaign with the co-horting chosen and agreed to, somehow, and someway, with the much compromised Clintons, who had already lost half their thought HOLLYWOOD friends, and more earlier especially since before their BLUE DRESS salacious scandal aired for the first time.

America, hasn’t been on a good path since Clintons started their gaming for sixteen years with official FIRST COUPLE designation and especially for their Political gaming necessary for such as their ambition to handle the "stories" and "story lines" and even concerns that they would have maybe had to consider every decision for the Country as first a decision regarding their serious and historical ambitions to try to hold THE WHITE HOUSE not just for sixteen years but as much as possible with "executive" skill for hopefull as few as possible years needed between them to keep their "stories" working so people would see their truths.

He owns it now.  He now owns the economy and the Clintons’ scandal as his own "compromises" and yet while Clintons are still of sympathy from many because of this BLUE DRESS and yet it was their gaming of our Politics that had "Bill" falling before such scandal first aired.  As a lawyer and one so obviously being the Clintons’ lawyer as often as he at least is of "let us not relitigate the past" he, President @BarackObama is still keeping us from a due and necessary reconsideration of the entire Clintons’ 8 and maybe some actual litigation.

The "game" is Politics - he owns it now! 

And now about these days of DEBT CRISIS the Clintons can both be tarred with an earlier ownership and conception of such - HE OWNS IT!!!

He owns it - especially while playing Politics with his rediculous propositions that the Clintons and he can both be popular now for policies and spending so different, and especially while Americans all should be talking up how the CLINTONS’ SURPLUSES were completely unnecessary and irresponsible and of a behavior known of the Clintons since before the BLUE DRESS scandal first aired that had them already losing support of some that helped them so much until then.

We best not forget the Politics.  We are best to consider America hasn’t been on a good path at least since Hillary announced with "HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT" but really since the years of Clintons’ 8 of their gaming and strategizing to break the Martha and George wisdoms and standards of eight maybe too much for any to officially hold our highest designation as FIRST COUPLE.

Really, we don’t need the Clintons - we don’t need either of them politically - we are best to consider that effectively they have been at least 20 years of gaming and plotting even around distractions of their BLUE DRESS towards a global power that fairly raises concerns as autocratic and to a Clinton Autocracy.

Really, President Obama now owns their BLUE DRESS, and by choice.



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With this dandy slapping about heartily the crocodiles in the moat, as we know it, are on their way now having heard El Presidente’s fall and splashing.   There seems to be no way out for El Presidente, the Potemkin White House he had been about, as we know it, just was safer than realities of strong bulwarks and ramparts of our democracy.

Luckily they are all approaching from the right and not as expected from the right and the left - he may be able to out swim them for a while a going round and round and round in the moat, as we know it.   If he didn’t know how to swim while in the Potemkin White House, as we know it, with its air of unreal easiness, he should learn quickly now, necessarily, maybe.

So this warm day near his Potemkin, the moat is active, but let us turn our attention back to the how and why of their being such an unexpected bulwark/rampart for our democracy such as this "moat."

El Presidente has been officially on a probation since failing his mid-term testing in 2010.  He has remained a dandy since such decisions, as we know them, with an apparent refusal to accept the expressed and measured facades of such castles of the People, as we know them, of our essential democratic standards, especially, as we know it, since the real constructs of opinions of the majority that still is the 2010 results.

This dandy, as we know him, still, as he swims now about these realities, less "Potemkin" his charmed idealic "Potemkin" existance finally near some serious reality discovery, this "President on probation" for having failed his mid-term tests may yet be offered a hand.

To wonder how inadequate a hand from Lawrence Summers might be you should find yesterday’s Charlie Rose segment that had him seeming more of "lost his mind" than profered by another Washingtonian seeming at least as much of Obama’ "Potemkin" but as attempted an joust at Senator McConnell.  See Lawrence Summer was of comparing President Obama to President Roosevelt and as about 1941ish with a alluding that FDR would be looking, historically now, as in as dire shape as BHO now, if not for Hitler.

Secretary of War Hillary Rodham Clinton maybe setting up a third reach now for Africa for either President Clinton and his initiatives or for President "El Presidente" this Dandy at risk, risk near as great has his idle before Hitler offered a massive spending justification to fix his near 15% unemployment.  Still it is never quite clear which master "Hillary" is serving - seems President Obama, as her master, may have grossly found Muammar Qadhaffi standing in his ways (Potemkin or worse) to be the new and indisputed leader of all Africa.

Well he has slipped the comforts of his Potemkin White House, now for certain.  He now is deep in it, hardly with a paddle.   El Presidente, this dandy, as we know him, may be in over his head, really like "stuck in a moat."  Are we at risk with he our first black President for being a black El Presidente, specifically - are the long record more humane efforts about the continent of Africa by President George W. Bush just not, now enough for this dandy, as we know him?

El Presidente, as we know him, now "stuck in the moat" so, maybe be there from sleep walking or day dreaming from the comforts and safety of his otherwise "Potemkin" White House.  He has had a facade of power yet without, still, as we know him, accepting the 2010 constructs of a measured and informed majority, as their bulwarks/ramparts, that still is his "probation" since whence then about November of such.

El Presidente, may see an "Hitler Out" as hopefully Lawrence Summers wasn’t actually of a suggesting — it seems though we have a few (unnecessary) wars now that PEACE DIVIDENDS now may not be PEACE DIVIDENDS before their times as so once of "two Big Macs" a day BIG President "Bill" appetite and laziness to a modern record obesity for so many.

We don’t need a "Hitler" now, Senator Mitch McConnell can likely confirm.   We could give President Obama, this dandy in the moat of sorts, a way out with a suggestion that he is also just like "a man ten years ahead of his times, at least" as First Couple Clintons were quite as well with their 8 of our 90s.  These debt talks that wakened El Presidente Obama, maybe, this dandy as we know him, of all sorts of green contraptions talk, to maybe just a day dreaming stroll, to fall to such splash, are still of our President on Probation, as we know him, still not willing to give our most representative bulwark that is our House of Representatives their due respect and proper measure.

Round and round he goes.  Really!!!  Round and round he goes, as our President on Probation, checked by us with all the expression and balloting, real and certified of 2010, seeming still of a "Potemkin" reality justifying his own "remodeling" priorities, detached, as we know them, from our realities, and real bulwarks/ramparts/moats for protecting us from Presidents too.

It would be a kind hand that offered him an "out" just of "he is a man at least ten year ahead of his time" as President Clinton as well can be heralded or trumpeted.   For President Clinton and his Lady Clinton they have more historic troubles still much about their floats for housing bubble and selling of temptations especially that about a bouyancy still of their obesity record such as spotted by a "doctor friend of Clintons" so of a statistical statement near that:  Americans could save a trillion dollars if they could just get back to the average national personal body weight before the Clintons became First Couple.

El Presidente, this dandy, as we know him, a man easily ten years too early, intellectually speaking, with his REVOLUTION(S), and while still of so many attempts to ignore or deny that he is a checked Power still on PROBATION for failing in democratic ways and procedures before 2010 remeasures.  He may now have a better chance in "moat" as we see it as a hand yet to be accepted to bring him to a safer/truer reality.

Much, thank goodness, for this new First Couple of El Presidente’s Probation together being not of excesses that was/is of Clintons’ "two-fer" of "Bill O two Big Macs a day" temptations, as we know them, as we know them of "Hillary’s" empowerment and such that it was left hanging that such was just "LUNCH" — OUR REAL BULWARKS AND CONSTRUCTS OF WE THE PEOPLE AND OUR CONSTITUTIONALS SO MAY STILL BE STANDING, NOT TOO BREACHED.

Really, as per Clintons and their 8 quite arguably as near as unreal and at least ten years before such a reasonable administrating, and as for their years so of 8 having been largely of leading Americans quite in and to temptations not best for them or reasoned to wise - El Presidente in this "moat" is looking better even though now with us struggling for he and his having effected an unnecessary revolution ten years at least before it might have been actually for real and lasting positive change. 

President Obama is still on PROBATION for having failed his mid-term tests.  Would someone, even a majority of Supreme Court Justices, if the last to stand, please remind him and those enabling and empowering him still to this seemingly "Potemkin" false paradise?

Please tell me that Lawrence Summer wasn’t actually suggesting his dandy just now needs a "Hitler" in our lives and that maybe just because our first black President wants to be the undisputed leader of all of the Continent of Africa and now with Muammar Qadhaffi, most first, his/our greatest obstacle.   Seems compared to Lawrence Summers, as seen last not on Charlie Rose, and with that Clintons now may both be "adequate" as a "opponent" such that a new "Hitler" isn’t needed, now, quite that Senator Mitch McConnell still has our’s and his Constitutional wits about him.

Round and round he goes still – ANYONE?  ANYONE?  ANYONE?

SURPRISE!  SURPRISE!  SURPRISE!  Our office of El Presidente is only "Potemkin Power of/with possession of THE WHITE HOUSE if "acceptance" of most recently measured of a clear and certain majority recorded by an informed and participating People an generally ignored Power.  The bulwark that is the Power of the People has many "moats" that a mere possession of our White House doesn’t not "grant access" or assumptions of CONSTITUTIONAL so for, so with.

2010 showed this dandy, as we know him, El Presidente President @BarackObama, though tech savy, arguably, is much of a DEBT CRISIS just because of recent, not too recent, accounting trickery, recent much only to of a "before" for 2010’s informed voting, for his charge so of charging of local and state debts and even personal and otherwise private debts as suddenly our NATIONAL DEBTS by undemocratic decrees.

His PROBATION still seems deserved and necessary!  We didn’t need to declare, suddenly and so vastly, a CHANGE that so many’s private and personal debts should be suddenly not even just local or state debts but debts of a nation of El Presidente Obama, so.



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Yes New Hampshire, there is a white chocolate.

Yes Iowa, we have a debt crisis - we have had one since before the democratic outburst in 2010 much about this insurgent administration’s defeats across America regarding their reckless spending.

Your songs of these times are much our songs of these times and also much of the protests of 2010 regarding President Obama and his exagerated self busy to a nation more of just one flavor - we are, in our own ways, much each effected and cajoled differently yet similarly.

We sing yet are dismissed - we beat back the seated that brought us "spend and tax" soundly in 2010 with irrefutable consensus - we sing our protests of attitude like of: You will know what we put in the bill after we the elite pass it out of regular democratic order.

Yes Utah your nearly state religion and tything may offer a better and cheaper alternative to Obamacare and Obamanomics and while being less cynical, quite, that old "community organizer’s" own.

Oh Virginia, what a blessing your early rising - yee so physically near this much disturbed Washington DC Democrat Party set so of loud and well measured very sound defeat in 2010 contests to restore a better sense of democratic principles in our general national governance.

But Robin Hood would be at a loss trying to cover needs of Chicago communities with a tything system not of a state wide or at least county wide "understanding" and communal resocializing with some time of regular collections and redistribution per need.  An Episcopal solution may be enough organized thought not as globally bureaucratized as a Catholic - yet a general "resocializing" hip tech set may be more effective as weekly rave(s).

With the Easter Bunny being thrown from these nationalist’s platforms and buses and with this national Democrat Party set so contrary to established democratic ways and means where now can Chicagoans go?

Yes New Hampshire, there is a white chocolate. 

Iowans, alike, seem to see a Chocolate Robin Hood now competing.

Sing out America!  Sing out America!

America it seems your recent loud and measured unseating of so many across our great lands during the spirited revolts against this administration’s spend and tax irresponsibility that was the 2010 chorus of such a record number is supposedly another "is" that isn’t really an "is" - Sing out America - Sing out again America!

God may be dead to this Obama Administration and so much of such old "community organizer’s" apparent cynicism around "community" solutions - Chicago sing out please - a local alternative to tything still a cheaper alternative for you and all - a real time saver for any modern Robin Hoods.

Yes Iowans we have a debt crisis. 

God may be dead to this administration that still gets me going with "it is all Bush’s fault" for as President Bush and some can admit that means then that some of such is being said to be my fault.  Utah, can you think of a way for a local none state revenue system near an interfaith or just "resocializing" even weaking "rave" could work for ministering around a private and voluntary tythe accounting for Chicago Metropolitan Region? 

Oh, President Barack "Robin Hood" Obama please stop saying it was all President Bush’s fault because I know personally that it cannot have been with my own story being of helping both Clintons and Bush administration is not deniable, at least to me and many official records. 

It is bad enough you are still wrong about Iraq, Mr. President, but this whole Robin Hood thing you got going to replace the Easter Bunny, like, whether white chocolate, light chocolate or dark chocolate is far more expensive, and seemingly cynical as well, though, about "community organizing" in general.

It is bad enough already, and especially now that debt ceiling and debt crisis really now still of known spend and taxing administering quite debated and countered democratically by clear majorities across our lands in 2010. 

You are the "insurgency" our government has a right to effect spending to quell, Mr. President and your merry band of Democrat elite party members.

Sing out America!  Sing out again America!  Sing out so 2010 decisions can get the due attention it legally effected so still that now the President now in Debt Crisis meeting has you still as the Majority, not as an insurgency he gets to spend however whimsically to squash and quell he may want.

Resocialize yourselves!  Resocialize yourselves!  If you can find well enough trained and still enthusiastic community organizers skilled with to general ministrative resocializing and non governmental local new tything system of voluntary participation could be as good as a state religion to others.

Chicago, I really have no idea what to say for you - I really don’t know you well enough to think I should.  I have no idea how Robin Hood as by President Obama can be atleast as good for you as keeping still about an Easter Bunny. 


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It is the best of pay, it is the worst of pay. 

This morning as we rise, and rise about the mud throwing now about our debts of our politics, how is the lightbulb issue more, or less, concerning than old low flow shower head - water saving politics?

Your morning routines may now need to be more mercurial and of waking dangers, as your national leaders work now about another fate, for you, for all.   Are you at if I didn’t have a low flow shower head I would be confident that I could just wash such new concerns off if and when they arise and especially if and when they arise by a animated or disturbed awakening?

On your plates again are more dictates and annoying truths about what is in what you are wanting to eat,  and now with our current President supposedly worth twice as much per year as those before him with his annual salary before perks and expenses near about $400,000.00.

This is really still an issue of Grover Norquist’s personal concern.   Now, if we are to ask that if by raising our salary for our office of the President we didn’t succeed in attracting people already worth such did we actually attract those more "gold diggers" thinking the taxpayers all just a class of "sugar daddies"?   We seem to have gotten less for our money with doubling of President’s salary instead of a fair return with ascension of an already qualified of such worth.

A time of a great redistribution, or a time of worse distribution is both of our President’s showering and of Grover Norquist’s showering, these days.

We can’t just wash these debts and excessive redistribution spendings out of our hair, we can just scrub them off our skin —  Large walk in shower pitching though could help spur consumer demand and spending.

President Barack Obama really loves his big gas guzzler plane - you know the plane with the shower famous since Katrina?   Grover Norquist is a passionate spokesperson for large walk in showers.   I don’t know if President Obama is a water saver, himself.   As per his great plane the still lingering imagery of reported long shower taken by then Mayor Ray Nagin when hosted on President George W. Bush’s Air Force One may be excessive, politically, both for water use and for suggestion of how dirty his town was making him feel.

If President Barack Obama of these two plus years learning on the job while at a salary set to attrack already qualified wasn’t now still so anti-business a new economic growth could emerge with those passionate about large walk in showers out selling home remodeling and hotel make0vers — I don’t know what type of lightbulb(s) you should use for your showers, though.

Is a "Robin Hood" President of any flavor actually worth $400,000.00 per year in just salary?

President Barack Hussein Obama has established himself as most business unfriendly — so how does a salary commensurate to business executive pay wash?

As a balance to energy concerns about lightbulb design and engineering and government dictates regarding our illumination we, as Boone Pickens was just on air yesterday with, now soon to seeing our tractor trailers across our nation be able to switch to natural gas cleaner burning and more efficient trucks - such now as fill-up stations are now installing natural gas refueling apparati.   Supposedly from such report truckers and teamsters can see the fuel bills per annum drop by half and to fuels mostly from domestic piping, and, while knowing their exhaust then to being a third or half as bad.

These are the days of a pay for our President not seeming commensurate with his skill or experience, for such job.  If he were only still receiving the pay of Clintons he might look only half as bad.   These mornings as you wake and stir, more mercurial, some we still have water and showers a government concern.   We can’t just wash these debts and spending commitments out of our hair - we need to accept that President McCain may have been more worthy of our current salary of our office of the President.

Obama is living up to fears that he was want to be a CHOCOLATE ROBIN HOOD for not just Americans but much for the whole world at our expense.   Mayor Ray Nagin arguably abuse Presidential privilege with his excessively long shower aboard once President Bush’s Air Force One - the now "bigger plane" of President Obama regular bragging, though really quite a gas guzzler, not quite of a political correctness for these times, these greener times.

But then from my personal experience I do have to wonder, with Grover Norquist’s known passion for large walk in showers, if Republicans are now hip enough for these times, even though our economic is now necessarily held up by Democrats and specifically President Obama around these debt talks - by such not willing to admit how wrong they have been.  

From my personal experience I feel confident to say again that we all would be better to go now towards where a President McCain was likely to take us and that we economically, would have been wiser to have gone there to better state emphasis and local spiriting then.

Our Republicans and Tea Party Caucusees now are doing us a good service standing up to Democrats long enough (hopefully) for Democrats and all, maybe, to learn that we would have been better to have avoided their specific "governance" much since their inauguration.

Their "redistribution" has been a wash, and so so much for them of being so anti-business, and yet while accepting of "executive pay" not commensurate with their’s and their leader’s experience/skill.  Today are days you should be expecting your elected representative to be asking about some naked truth, quite otherwise mercurial, as well, about lightbulbs and your mornings, your naked moments maybe of breaking a compact flurescent bulb and then having your clothes, all your clothes, too contaminated to don.

So no matter what your flavor - we seem now stuck for having elected, unnecessarily, another lawyer to our Presidency, and again gotten too much lawyering and too little leading, and, leading business proud.   It was a while ago I suggested a new Constitutional Amendment to require any lawyer ever "elected" to such as our office of the President, and their spouse, if also a lawyer, to be to a required voluntary surrendering of all law licences and bar associations, and as such is detrimental to our politic and muddying of our decidings.

Yes any lawyer elected to such as our highest office should voluntarily recuse themselve of all conflicts of interest inherent in a maintenance of law licences and bar associations — if they, and their spouse if also a lawyer, get through their one or two terms clean enough they should just have to face a simple bar review to get their professionalism refreshed and relicensed.



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Seems we all could use a dose of economic reality.

As now assaulted with Jeffrey Immelt as "GOVERNMENT" recently with his whining that people shouldn’t be whining about government so much, as now seemingly especially as he is "GOVERNMENT" of Peoples’ greatest disappointment:  How embedded is our problem with these Democrats of youthful interpretations much still as celebrants of WOODSTOCK 60s and 70s?

We do have process and procedure issues as faults within the Obamanomics discordance still of a failed "economic beat" while due process voids not orchestrated or synthesized crash and boom not as innocently as percussions of Woodstock, as so much of Secretary of War and her droning with Predator joy-sticking.

How hard was it to be a parent or grandparent of such now, back in the 70s?  Are we now of a entire generation of Democrats in leadership now facing their worst fears - now facing that the parents they long thought wrong and smoked out (with peace pipes?) were actually right?

I may be just old enough now, while still of the edge at end of the BABY BOOM, so four years to the day younger that President Barack Hussein Obama, to now be checking about fissures or general discordance about this gen of Democrats while confident much that direction Senator John McCain as candidate McCain did to more state responsibility speak and conduct, himself.  Really, though I am only about five days younger than J.K. Rowling I am not too young to consider that current American Democrat governance now be facing their worst fears - a reality that their parents and grandparents actually knew better.

As young as I am it is still a wonder that this class of leadership of such recognizable discordance with so much for so long that is our current set of these faulted economic and governance beats are still now much without their parents or grandparents still around or of sufficient energies to quietly and secretly fix processes and procedures so that their children, so musically bent then, could live their illusions and delusions, those years they wouldn’t listen, listen or maybe just agree with their parents and grandparents.

Candidate McCain if elected likely wouldn’t not have stirred such discordance in our otherwise still strong economic music and mysterious orchestrations.  President McCain was of my thinking some with his beats and vocals to spread a federalist song to retune our states with up beat choruses to change the economic energy but keep it competitive.

Seems we all could use a dose of economic reality and as the alternative that was McCain/Palin now still looking like a better path and a path that would have been better for sounder and better timed valuation cords and measures.  What with all the new gadgets and technology so shrinking the world it still makes sense that President McCain so conducting and amplifying was towards a new direction not so radical and naive, and one a natural fit to move markets and marketing to a new individualism and community and state revivalism.

If we really are to this a gen of Dems so economically bent about our new tech ecoculture of a grandiosity shameful of thinking that all the new technology shrinking the world would be so now to affirming and proving their long held and cherished idealism, and to a arrogance that the technology is best to being a tool to promote them - these few - as a chosen and very special bunch.

It is quite reasonable to consider that Czar Immelt of "JOBS GOVERNMENT" is more of the problem now than near of a solution.  President Obama is more a devotee it seems of such WOODSTOCK "socialist" chorus and beat, really quit a willing devotee.  President Obama has long been now of a attitude that your new tech devices are but instruments best celebrated as divine devices for his evangelizing.

Your "phones" your "communicators" or just your computers are but tools that past socialist didn’t have and are all that was missing from the success of their expansionist marches?

Your new tech that has so shrunk the world so with our internet(s) could better have been used to spirit beats to greater American market depth in a free and open economic song better for those times and walked, democratically, as chanced with hopes of McCain/Palin - we could have been in 2008 already heading to where it seems we now have no choice but to go.

Our beat is their beat and Czar Immelt’s whining much a concern - how do we now get back to a better sythesized and more complicated and stronger economic more of complexities that only this generation’s parents and grandparents thought necessary, within their families?

I am young enough to wonder and maybe just old enough to be convinced now that the parents of these may have until recently been quietly compensating for the ideology of theirs too proud or turned to listen.  They may have "governed" while letting their own think they were actually "governing" and as it all they could do to save us from the childrens turns towards Soviet Socialism and such. 

It may not be "socialism" - it may be a naivete, a may be of dependents not quite depedable now as GOVERNMENT.

Really, the direction candidate McCain spoke of turning us towards with a new celebration of each state and their communities so as pieces all equal in his orchestra or team each with an equal chance to sing their own songs and march to their unique cultures and habits is now where we seem now to be agreeing we must now go. 

Are we now at: If Sarah Palin were now our Vice President the direction (the direction as I consider it and still with confidence as enough like my own marketing best thinking) that candidate John McCain tried to turn us to is actually a direction that would have checked our beats and economics and valuations enough with a new state spirited competition and celebrations - enough that we would still have a working economic of the greater symphonic complexity we now have to find some way to, anew?

Are these Democrats once of such confidence that they knew better now actually facing their worst fears - are they now facing a reality even just about our economics that their parents and grandparents had been right all along?

Vice President Joseph Biden?  Vice President Sarah Palin?  Hmmm?

Note:  It is still a "GOVERNMENT" wonder that a primary purpose for term limits on a First Couple must be to check their global initiatives - that a term limited President is specifically limited for wisdoms thought about them already having had enough time with "global initiatives"!  It is quite rediculous that now we, as Americans now face Clintons involved in so many wars and initiatives now still and as them selfishly trying to hold onto Powers for thirty years while condeming their old "friends" of "Hillary’s" readiness for office Powers, these foreign heads of states for there attempts to stay in power too long. It is even more rediculous and concerning that now they are both politically profiting from the mistakes and errors of judgement of their eight years and with President Obama of requests to not litigate any of Clintons’ 8 around his governance and global initiatives.  It isn’t well scripted or good writing either these seeming planned attempts to let "Bill" be the "CLINTON DOVE" so that a spell could be cast later to sell "Hillary" as the "CLINTON HAWK."


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Who is the longest hitter, dad?  Now like from many of our summer, of our boys of summer - young and old,  and, "Who is Jackie Robinson?" as well?

From the younger among us now, soon, if not already: 







And, in Dixie, too, maybe heard:

If Turgenev were and American his news today would be more merry.

They might be giants - the may just be a retiring pitcher, a proud dad too.

They might just be second basemen - they may still be squirts.

They may now need to be educated on legend of Jackie Robinson too, and:








And, now, though still:

But dad, who is the longest hitter?

Son, you should consider some math and look at averages, a "flash in the pan" may be "longest" and of "best player" but then it might be a conundrum from the heat of competition and spirit of the moment.  Our American past time is tricky to fathom and emote and fully respect, as it can break our hearts as much as charge our batteries.

But dad???  Who is the longest hitter?  Son yes two feet, I remember, your’s too, when even smaller, but sorry I am still too caught up with Cano? Cano? to quite remember. 

Well dad, I do want to be a second baseman or centerfielder, and it is remarkable that he now has more homeruns in first half of season than old and new Bronx Bombers pairs, combined, oh, dad have black players always played so well since the beginning of baseball?

Son, it is hard to say, on that, there may not be enough records for blacks since the days of the beginning of baseball - you will look up Jackie Robinson, though, won’t you?

Yes dad, he is in Wikipedia, isn’t he?

Yes, he is in as well for not just voting present, and for having done all the work to stay present once allowed to be present, he wasn’t a "flash in the pan" that cut corners to get there.

Dad???  What are you talking about? 

Just do your homework and chores, son, and remember to look up Jackie Robinson on more than just Wikipedia, please, please, please.

Dad, I do like your KNOCK!!!  KNOCK!!! jokes, I should have come up with them both first.

Dad, why are girls allowed to play in the ALL STAR games?

Son, where has your mother gone - would you go find her?




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Greetings loyal subjects.

Today is a day like few others, like few others since our break away declarations to independence and self reliance.

We are at great risk today and well behind schedule with the lost 8 years from 1993-2001.

As you stir this morning and wonder if our flag is still unfurled and there, and there elsewhere still too, you likely are wondering if you still have your basic American rights like rights to "innocent until proven guilty" and/or your rights to face your accuser(s).

The cosmo tumblers were turning back then when though much more at war than at peace Americans were sold some bad "spice" of a time justifying PEACE DIVIDENDS.

Mr. Manhattan now, was then not a term limited past President but the sitting President not yet of limits to his global initiatives for Constitutionals wisdoms of our 22nd Amendment being thought to checking a President after just two terms from more time as a chief American of global initiatives.

Yet Mr. Chicago, Mr. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, of divided loyalties between President Barack Hussein Obama and still former President William Jefferson Clinton much now "Mr. Manhattan" is now stuck, stuck quite in an intellectual chasm between community organizing and socialism/nation building.

While Americans are now at risk individually and collectively these days after the Iraq Surge settled Operation Iraqi Freedom down past the fraught days from Dems fear mongering and stumping that had earlier so unsettled confidence across Iraq - confidence that America wouldn’t just cut and run and abandon them to Ba’athist again - we really have no place to go as a people but back to our Constitution.  We have an ARAB SPRING about vast regions now with others likely reading and comprehending our Constitution more then enough of us here at home.  We seem as a People to now need to get back to our founding wisdom and self reliance, necessarily, for many around the world are busy with a pride and maybe greater effective knowledge of ours as they work to top ours and compete with new Iraq Constitution specifically writ with attitude to better Americans’ Constitutionals.

Chicago, a town with its own new TRUMP TOWER must have enough rich people (HAVES) to pay for all its own needs and governance, it may even have enough just rich Democrats already sworn to support for President Obama "redistribution" arguments.  It is understandable that they may have supported such a junior and inexperienced Chicago/Illinois politician for such national office expecting that he would then be able to redistribute other peoples monies into their coffers so as not to need to work to better governance and local fiduciary discipline.

Arguably there could be Chicago flight now, but these days of our national and global CRISIS OF VALUATION present as a rare economic condition where "flight" from over taxation not quite what it used to be.  For Chicagoans, quite, it would be a slap in the face to their President to try to run from a new and greater redistribution effort - though maybe Mayor Rahm Emanuel must now offer full debates with Haves and Have Nots tet a tet to fully reasoned and debated with full right to face accusers/spending proposers.

Is there no where for Chicagoans to go?  Must they either argue that they don’t need President Obama Nation Building "one size fits all" centralized, cold, and faceless redistribution?  Can they accept President Obama’s speechifying without fully debating and working out the "community" "redistribution" arguments locally first?  If socialism can be argued as acceptable at national level doesn’t it have to have been argued and proven as workable at a city or at least county level first?

Can you sit back today and not believe that many around the world are studying your Constitution more than you and your neighbors and leaders and putting you specifically at risk - and at an intellectual deficiency?

After Iraq got past the real fear spread by our national Democrat leaders such that "cooperation" with American and coalition forces in Iraq, prior to the SURGE, was quite a unreasonable and unwise consideration, we did all witness some the dawn of a new Constitution written specifically with thoughts and pride that it was being conceived and ordained as a new and better Constitution than the Americans’ Constitution.   Now, vast more numbers of individuals across a global region are as well seeming now in a real competition against the intellect and body of Americans’ founding documents.

Chicagoans really may have no place to go now, they must take a stand and work out a new and better community model - just getting a "local" elected to redistribute other people’s monies from other states so that they wouldn’t have to fix their own communities within their own great means just doesn’t seem to be working.

If Mayor Rahm Emanuel and those of a general metropolitan regional leadership as well maybe as other Mayors of towns also of a county cannot argue for healthcare for all by and of their own means, intellectually, how can President Obama suggest there is a reasoned argument behind his attempts at a greater level?  How many of Chicago health concerns are manageable better as also specific to local conditions, environment and enthusiasms?  If they cannot both, both Mayor Rahm Emanuel and President Obama, argue for county based healthcare systems than really they cannot have a sound foundation for arguing for COUNTRY BASED healthcare systems.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel isn’t alone with his divided loyalties between Clintons and Obamas.  Governor Andrew Cuomo does have as much or more quite contradictory and concerning with the Clintons years as New Yorkers since limits of our 22nd Amendment forced them from their til then grand public housing - the Clintons didn’t make any case for New York State to cover all of its own with healthcare their years carrying responsibilities of Senator and Senator’s spouse - they as above aired some, only stayed, much like President Obama with plotting to nationalizing and socializing with some nation building. 

Still, all the while, healthcare costs only increase with nationalization as such just adds more layers and costs to an otherwise local and community concern.  Due to our global crisis of valuation once arguable "flight" of "haves" now quieted much as yet another reason Chicagoans now best to stay where they are and get to fixing as much of their own "governance" together, face to face, with the vast and seemingly as available general means?

Don’t we all lose if we accept Dems rush to nationalization and a general treating of all Americans as numbers and not members of local communities?  Isn’t it a consecration to a dependence to accept a nationalization and a general confession of failure suggesting that Americans are bad people not able to organize around their own communities well enough, and such that only faceless, and cold, objectivity with all treated more as numbers and isolated to redistribution shielding specifics of redistribution such that the HAVES & the HAVE NOTS don’t have to face each other or consider each other as actually neighbors, neighbors, even, say in just Chicago?

Personal note:  Today is basically the first day in near two decades where I am liberated from fear that J.K. Rowling would change the ending of her books and out of spite - today is the first day that her naming of books around HOGWARTS is no longer a thin line to keep her muse on edge at risk of her becoming a woman with spite.  Hope you have enjoyed the books and movies, she did respect the origins of ideas from her muse with her cast and later casting, but not without some fear and hedging.  Didn’t hear, until last night, that she may have surpassed my promises that she would become RICH if she stuck with original seven book theme and air to such a amount that Larry King likes to suggest she is now richer than her Queen.  Kind of funny that in all such now is still that my godmother is a Cromwell. 



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If I had grown up thinking I could play in the majors with the Yankees I likely would have been to playing second, third or maybe centerfield.  Growing up though expecting not to have physical "athletic" demeanor for THE SHOW I did grow up with a father who mature wanting to play shortstop for the RED SOX.  Though Captain Jeter administered a personal rally to an wonderful 3000th, I, if and when I get to wearing a numbered fan jersey am likely to reach for #24.

In a New York minute a day can pass, and today for President Barack H. Obama quite unremarkably. But he isn’t a New Yorker, he is a Chicagoan, and their chosen to try to get other people’s money from other states grandly so as to try to move forward without needing to really fix their own poor financial governance. Chicago’s new Mayor Emanuel may be wearing the Obama jersey but how can he now be a team player - how can he now stand down since President Obama is hardly standing up - how can he save Chicago now if it just lock step OBAMA NATION BUILDING?

I set my eyes and heart to New York at least as long ago as Derek "3000" Jeter but with more realistic ambitions at least to a ‘back up’ plan to learn someday to be a sports writer, if efforts towards becoming a MAD MAN or media mogul, didn’t pan out.

It is now decades since the now brother-in-law of James Dolan and I were regular mountain biking pals in late 80s, and far further back that my best friends near first grade were the identical twin sisters whose grandfather owned the local newspapers.  It has only been since 1982-83 though that I was of first steps to my "running of the bases" as with my "I am more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" as per my personal and real ambitions. Years of kismet or coincidence or actual "networking" did mature with me through years, and especially as my sister would change directions and even into new friendships herself, even as she became as much of "media" when thence to promotions to "Press Secretary" for Senator Dodd - interesting is how my network before such days, including Princess Grace’s former personal photographer Howell Conant, did hoist American flags with thoughts of both me and my sister, as unavoidable, as such "networked" of mine did ask me to ask my sister for U.S. flags for their Rhode Island homes as of "flown over Capitol" and with certificate, with certification from and by Senator Dodd. (For Howell Conant - this was two flags so that he could have one for Arizona home as well.)

Boy did President Obama mess up his "STIMULUS" and economics from the start.  It is now a hindrence that he insufficiently exercised forensic accounting to a sound foundation for us with a full and fair reporting due and adequate to detail how much the Clintons were actually responsible.  We would have been much better off with a "cash dispursement" stimulus than the big government spending to Democrat trickle-down "BIG BROTHER" efforts to centralized planning. Oh, another of the flags the old timers in my network from early 80s was for the father, then, of Bryn Mawr’s President, an inventor and engineer of enough notability that supposedly the Soviets actually gave him credit when they bought into his "incubator" great inventiveness that so greatly increased life expectancy of prematurely born that they broke from usual state crediting.

In a New York minute, decades can be heralded, a whole lot of hard work, and dedicated networking - even a lot that crosses over many different networks and licensing seemingly theirs.

But, few hear realize how now, besides maybe asking for and charging with a WALL STREET 2 1/2 or WALL STREET III movie, I am maybe better now to join the SHOW and ranks of Yankees, at least in old George Constanza like slot, as I am in spirit some already.  I need the Yankees now - I need New Yorkers - I am really though puzzled how Governor Andrew Cuomo can get past President Obama new surging to Obama Nation Building. 

Really I may need the Yankees now - now as I am just learning about them and specifically Derek Jeter.  I didn’t know until just recently that his father is a Dr. Jeter or that he is of a mixed race parenting.  But it is because I have followed our music scene less than our baseball decades now that I may need the Yankees to get with music scene.  I had dedicated myself to being pro-active and developmental so sports and music were necessarily too much living in the past though for most "of the moment" and even "of the future."

There is another side to me and my years of working to lower unemployment while musing and conceptualizing to actualization for positive change — there is that I avoided music for the most part but to be a conduit to friends in music recording and marketing side of industry generously to possibilities for new music and new beats maybe "just in time."

I may need New Yorkers and the Yankees now to be full time in the present, at least until I can reset enough of old network to a new growth era again with pro-active Madison Avenue ambitiousness of Hollywood hook-ups once the corruption a "ghost in the machine" that is still the Clintons arrested.

In a New York minute we still have the little asked or answered conundrum that is a paradigm of the Clintons that is a due query for all water coolers and who’s and what’s democratic and American — we still have the BUT WHAT IS THE TERM LIMITING OF OUR PAST PRESIDENTS ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO LIMIT THEM FROM FURTHER?  — we still have BUT WHAT IS A PAST TERM LIMITED PRESIDENT SUPPOSED TO NO LONGER HAVE AS POWERS TO GLOBAL INITIATIVES?  — we still have BUT NIXON REDEEMING AND COME BACK WAS OF JUST AN IMPEACHED PRESIDENT NOT AN IMPEACHED AND TERM LIMITED PRESIDENT, LIKE CLINTON.

Yes, I maybe should look for and ask about taking on Hollywood and with Oliver Stone and Charlie Sheen for a WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS 2 1/2.  I do appreciate that last night after catching WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS for my first viewing that such cast and crew did effect honest pathology of remembering me as muse that said to CNBC staff that we needed to organize to see that a sequel to WALL STREET got written and produced.  Yes, I do have another old friend that I did sent generous thoughts to possible new music to, and that of days he didn’t end up a sports/athlete agent but one for musicians and such as to number two for years at WIND UP RECORDS private label.

Though Joaguin Phoenix and old friend Reese were of WIND UP RECORDS indy label with WALK THE LINE - I think it was only SEETHER band that actually happened to visit one of ASYLUM WAKE SKATE SNOW board stores I had designed and built around DC area.

Charlie, though I realize that HOUSE M.D. TV show arouse for doctors treating my brother for traumatic brain injury after his car on bus accident one morning during his commute to work on a road tour buses don’t quite fit on, it is for me that TWO AND A HALF MEN may have been geared to help me adjust time and schedule to use my writing and networking and experience with think about post traumatic stress science so to find a copacetic around working my working with politics and media to positive change for all to a much more personal and minute by minute empathy and involvment for my brother.

Don’t remember where my sister was in her career at the time and if with Time Warner with Time Warner Cable already, but then most of my musing crossed most media and political lines, at least until Clintons worked, selfishly and politically, to turn my efforts to help all as theirs to help mostly just Democrats. 

Again, so much of what the Clintons used that was mine was not meant to be used by them but was that I had worked to and dreamnt to as what of my efforts were to be for me alone.  There was no reason for them to have thought that I would have been doing it for them especially since I had developed much of such thinking aware of them and to protect many from them, and with what right may call a liberalism by me.

For the naughty and nice about Hollywood that made millions from such for these past decades - not just those who didn’t think enough about their muse and go to guy for new workable and sellable ideas:  jphogan.org is likely to be set up some day as also a philanthropic foundation that those of my story can all become more obvious participants and boosters or donors proudly of record.

At the time of my brother’s car on bus accident he already had one son and was with another on the way, and, again, of a morning commute on a Maryland road no tour bus had any business on for needing at least 110% of roadway in turns.

THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM as I was of writing in and considering such times of our early 90s and with consideration that we needed to find someone (someone we could make a sparring spirit) to challenge very deservedly popular President George H. W. Bush after Senator Al Gore left a huge political vacuum with his pronouncement that "Bush deserves a second term" as part of his announcement that he wouldn’t, as Dems front runner, challenge then President Bush, and with an air near a proclamation that Bush should be ordained without challenged to a second term.  It was written of concern for possible trauma and neurology maybe excessive for anyone our President at such time with end of Cold War and our United States of America becoming essentially a sole superpower. 

My THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM was written and synthesised to be pro-active to a better economic and social/political work and maybe so necessarily mostly a work of political poetry. It was written as from me offering to be a mental guinea pig for media to see how the full weight of presidential pressing may compute, and pro-actively, with "charge" used to allude to neurological stimulus and pressures of our times, and to ways then for progress and maybe advances for all.

Yes, President Obama pursued the wrong type of stimulus.  And, yes, the Clintons have spent too many years selfishly trying to make what was conceived for more as just available for a few.

It is now New York’s story that their Governor Andrew Cuomo while fighting Obama Nation Building centralizing is also to now needing daily to justify and explain how now he so has to move forward and look forward with skills so much of an unlearning of "skills" of his days of the Clintons’ administration.

Hugh Laurie, you fall into nice category much as Charlie Sheen does as of media needs not of generous media musing - you gave more than you got, arguably.  The story of HOUSE show seems still to have its roots from my brother’s trauma team having thought they needed to ask me if I myself was a DOCTOR after noticing my bedside manner and energy — and to me seemingly disappointing them with "NO" until I added "but many DOCTORS know me as a ’house doctor’!!!"

Some people don’t necessarily deserve to profit from stocks from my conscious and specifically dedicated musing to entertainment unless I am given as much stock - it just doesn’t organize a fielding for fair play or adequate motivation so. 

To know my facebook friends list is to only see some of my media ties - most of which pre-date my oldest sister having friends as well in such, especially those that later as well married into such like other friends of mine. 

Don’t you think that current Yankees team can help me become hip to music and current music scene, at least in New York, as New York, before it has to start defending itself from President Obama and his NATION BUILDING centralizing at home?

A cash dispursement stimulus of fewer dollars would have likely effected some measure of "STIMULUS" unlike the overly centralizing and quite socialistic spend and tax over-reaching by this flock of national Democrats.  Still, though, these Democrats job killing language is much stronger than their job saving or creating speak, even a cash disbursement stimulus likely would have been multiples less effective than expected as well.

I am enjoying learning more about remarkable Yankee Derek Jeter - don’t know if it would be fair for me to be just to attempting New York moments as a sports writer. 

I am of a story already, of having worked ideas and networking to positive change meant for all for security and health advancements not meant to be partisan and selfishly Clintons’.  I am of a story of psyching it out three times to larger and different basises (basi) with first a footing for New Haven around concerns for President Bush and excesses likely arising with New World Order era, and then with reworking to be for New York City and then for Washington DC as through my media entertainment teamwork.

It is legally and politically wrong for the Clintons to still be anywhere near as popular as they now stay covered.  They worked efforts following on Reagan and Bush terms to be less global and more partisan and political and for fewer, even just fewer Americans - I should know.

One thing we know about Yankees and Derek Jeter is that he is no Obama - he didn’t pull his power out of a CRACKER JACK box like President Barack Hussein Obama did more like Joaquin Phoenix character ascendency to Roman Power.

For the sake of Jeter’s calves I feel I should celebrate days when thoughts that my CITIZEN ROSEBUD originality needed grand new paths, because of mediocrity of Clintons, and their misappropriations of my personal intellectual workings of my private hopes, that last year as well, new directions seemed called for and such that my year back with road cycling a regular hobby so of energies specific to being a soulful role model for Reese’s children.  And that for near five years Sasha Cohen was a real angel helping me keep my story more the drug free story of personal and individual efforts to greatness, and patriotism.

There were many years where it seems all my dreams were being dashed and obstructed and misappropriated by others.  Many just don’t have the actual back stories to compete now, with me not having become a vegetable from such dedications as actually at times feared. Petra Nemcova, I do hope you don’t mind, as well, that I here mention you as an angel of past years that helped me get through so much, so so much.

You probably don’t want to consider how great the odds have been and for how long they have been so long against my ambitions and hopes to be the more a CITIZEN ROSEBUD of my long dedication, at times thought to unbelievable, of decades about my "I AM MORE A CITIZEN ROSEBUD THAN A CITIZEN KANE."

Hi Amanda, glad social media came along, I might never have gotten back to all this, but for.  Hi Anne, Anne Hearst McInerney, I may have more questions than most and far more questions than answers now these many decades since we decided to fight for a similar cause, a cause much more for many and all than Clintons politics regularly profers.

Hello and thanks as well to Athina Onassis de Miranda - when I relearn which day Mark Felt went public as being the long dramatized DEEP THROAT I will remember the first days we crossed networks with some awareness of each other, and such for again being another time Democrats had me ready to move out of America and to looking for different citizenship.

How now to help more want to become at least American baseball heroes and sports role models, right? 



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Unfortunately for Obama and his prospects it is still a little reported and largely undiscussed story that what appeared to be easy for Clintons, and to his presumptions that it would then be as easy for him, was actually the Clintons claiming credit for effectings, effectings that don’t explain their success, those days they basically just rode a gravy train, in ways their story yet really tells.

Understandably young and most junior Senator for Illinois, from Chicago, of his first elective office of a victory drawn for him in a Chicago back room, so not from a battle of much uncertainty and canvassing politics more of "community" leather work, ran for office, our office of the President at such a young age on a assumption or presumption that he had at least as much personality and character as President Clinton and so enough to at least have been as popular as President during the hey days of the 90s.


Uninformed voters have been as much in the dark and so to 2008 electoral season maybe as a least informed contest viral with misinformation and false to inadequate knowledge.

Like a dandy showing up for a pick-up game in a hood dress to the nines in brightly colored athletic gear expecting priveleges? - A POLITICAL DANDY? like maybe having his game results pre-drawn in a back room down the street before he dressed for the cameras?


Like a dandy - President Obama, as a political dandy, years of inadequate knowledge about how little of Clintons’ easy days were less of their "effecting" and "causation" than reported and so not realisistic and to an easy explanation that candidate Obama might have thought he had enough "personality" already to run his desired "personality based presidency."

Unfortunately American voters were maybe the most uniformed about their electoral decidings in 2008 contests than any previous vote casting.

Understandably we have a new federalism era about now and as still of it having roots around 1992 American renewal. 

Quite a DANDY?  How about those Democrats - they must have some depth and more than one note - one beat?

Can it just be that President Obama whence he commenced to attempt his personality based presidency was of underestimating the work of his new office and due to lore still much about Clintons’ days as so easy, so so so easy?

So by now you have likely heard of the new dismal jobs reports and now again of the story of the office first "won" by that political "dandy" -the young Chicagoan "Barry" Obama as much not of a "contest" but a secret redrawing of a district in a Chicago back room - or maybe actually a primary or "front" room/office.

It just so seems that they think the job is far simpler and easier than it actually must be - and maybe because the Clintons are still both of encouragement to see them to far more credit than they deserve or even know to consider relevant.


Unfortunately for us all, understandably, the Democrats may not have sufficient "GAME" or "TEAM".  These are the days, now, to look and study, to look and review their players Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Andrew Cuomo.  These are days for Chicago to step up with its new mayor, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and with options for our national leaders to show that Chicago can fix Chicago.  These are the days for New York State and its new Governor Andrew Cuomo to "hit the courts" with new options to show that they have answers and especially now answers with real alternatives to Obama’s socialization rushed at a national level without first having been tested locally at say Chicago level or at least in a state wide competition by New York State with answers and efforts to find the better way to cover all of theirs.

With reality setting in especially on President Obama, does his team have any depth - can those dealing with realities in just Chicago and New York State show him than nationalized and more centralized solutions to close to old socialism efforts marched by others as of their "personality" isn’t what is needed or best for them and theirs?

What another "dandy" that now we should be looking to see how Chicago and New York State are getting by with Dems in Washington so much "out of funds" and of a due rap as "job killers."


Unfortunately, with this so yet another Friday of bad Obama economic news, President Obama may now be stuck with many not just a couple of years of presumptions excessive of their own contribution to those good days the thought really "easy days" of Democrat Party lore. 

Gosh many in Hollywood may have forgotten to consider that some weren’t getting the due credit for the regular flow of quantities of quality integrated musing that kept them able to keep thousands employed, unfortunately, since now many seem a party of ingrates, of a selfish greed, unbecoming and unispiring. The continued inadequate telling of a more real history of the Clintons and their thought easy 90s may have much to do now with inadequate economic music of Obamanomics.

I have the weekend to work on euphemisms, you?

Seems he, President Obama, still stuck about his desires to have run a "personality based presidency" also of not allowing enough for rap, his, of seeming of a spent youth as a Hawaiian "beach bum" and/or An Indonesian Kahuna of hours splashing "hang ten" and "yo dude, what’s another trillion!"




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A retrospective analysis may have to wait - Sherwood Forest may have been saved from the paper mills of Murdoch’s NEWS OF THE WORLD tabloid pressing feeding stock.   We have subjective current events to check against the "constitutional" workings about open and meddling foundations, American yet global.

President William Jefferson Clinton should be GAGGED, legally and officially, he is way beyond "tabloid" himself these days with "Jim Crow" politicing.   An official CEASE AND DESIST order should be released and effected upon all of CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE - it isn’t being run as it was constituted - his regular grand partisan politicing is contrary to CGI constituting as a "non-partisan" and "non-political" consolidated Power.

As President Barack Hussein Obama, stays compromised with his Secretary of State the spouse of the misbehaving operator of CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVES - OK!  YES, IT IS "CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE" I shouldn’t be so indivisible with liberties about its label, so he - we can watch as well that his "GREEN" iniatives and priorities are with each new "compliant" RICH, either personally or corporately "compliant" is arguably PATRIOTICALLY to jobs cutting and tax revenues reducing with their acquiesence with Obama’s ‘GREEN’ GOVERNANCE HYPE/INITIATIVES/MANDATES.

President William Jefferson Clinton should have to cease and desist from all partisan and political speechifying or cease and desist from all activities of CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE for it constituted as "non-partisan" and "non-political" and for all - not just the Clintons’ wing of the Democrat Party.

The more the RICH comply with President Barack Hussein Obama and the general "green" hype and liberal environmental priorities of the Democrat Party Leaders the more jobs are lost and tax revenues reduced.

And, most remarkable, now again is a fit for DEPUTY PRESIDENT FOR DOMESTIC GOVERNANCE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA to President Obama so constantly intervered with by actions and general ambitions, global, of Clinton "two-fer."  Unless a GAG or CEASE AND DESIST issued and effected upon at  least one of Clinton "two-fer" our Constitutionals are compromised as per our concern that governance be of laws not of "men" - at least.  

And it is remarkable to the feminine that President Barack Obama keeps himself looking so dependent upon Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and in ways a liberal concern sprouts grandly to question a missing harvest of "also qualified" American women ready now in mass to be "Hillary" better than "Hillary" is being "Hillary."   It is quite remarkable that President Obama is tolerating such of Clintons meddling and tabloid politicing and seeming for "Hillary" with her quite ordinary administering still not now with President Obama feeling that there is at least another white American women at least as qualified after all these years of Democrat liberal efforts of years of affirmative action just for white women to now be a welcomed alternative for "Hillary" and as a timely and necessary "change" with her quite compromised and operating quite "ordinarily."

With "tabloid" a dirty issuance of our current diatribe even just of our domestic Constitutional concerns to keep our governance and "example" secured to a representative Republic of governance by laws, not governance by ‘hype’ of men/a man - a confederated republic writ and ordained much to protect us from political excesses and dangers much now these days of regular and general behavior and organizing by President William Jefferson Clinton.

But yet it is for it "TABLOID" feed or fodder today that President William Jefferson Clinton should be GAGGED for his partisan and political speech or that otherwise a CEASE AND DESIST issuance against all activities of CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE be effected necessarily and due to it of a constituting supposedly as a "non-partisan" and "non-political" organized body about him.

His spouse is so "also" compromised, unavoidably by "Bill" again, yet still it is quite a story to wonder on how it can be that "Hillary" didn’t help other even just white American women get enough advantages and experience to now be the least, at least, of classes available and ready to be here replacement.

President William Jefferson Clinton is being way too TABLOID with JIM CROW slander and again to compromising his own offices, and, his spouse’s office and general character and so also the current holder of our office of the President.

And, yet real news remains that as the evil RICH President Obama is denigrating regulary and generally do comply with his "GREEN" priorities and hype the President is then the one effecting more job loss and revenue reduction for tax grab - As these targeted RICH comply more to new necessary "efficiencies" and "stream lining" and "more plain" living, necessarily due to hype by Dems about "END OF THE WORLD" (as we know it) more jobs are lost and fewer revenues then available for taxation grab.

Surely we are at a time and reasoning such that Obama’s Secretary of State is quite expendable and replaceable, even if not by just another white American liberal women, due to her reign being no more than at most "ordinary" re: her personal performance?

"Bill" is out of order - Can we see him CLOSED too - at least GAGGED from "political" or "partisan" while purporting still to be embodiment of CGI?

President Obama???   You too?  Seems if the WORLD, AS WE KNOW IT, ISN’T REALLY ABOUT TO END then these RICH don’t have to be such heroes and patriotic with such COMPLIANCE.   Really seems quite a puzzle all your speechifying, better of a GAG, or willful omission, as now with RICH knowing their COMPLIANCE necessary to save the world, "as we know it", and all the new efficiencies and stream-lining and plainer living, also purports a rightful posit to all that since such needed generally and quite necessarily by them it them must also be wrong for their government to be spending any monies, not just theirs, to a greater economic activity in such a time still of such dangerous energy.

"Bill" is out of order by his own constituting and both of Clintons’ "two-fer" arguably out of order by our Constitutedness, under our ordained Constitution with "God" in such literally with it consecrated or "ordain" as "in the year of our Lord…".  

Really, "Bill’s" CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE was authorized under pretense that his new lifestyle would be "non-partisan" and "non-political" - right?   NECESSARILY?



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President —- woops! 

Let me start over - let me be clearer:  King Amabo - King Amabo and his factions have a fractionionalization problem.

President —- woops! 

There I go again – let me be more obtuse - more dramatic:  King Amabo - King Amabo and his productions have a POLITICS 101 problem, a problem little "magic" can hide or that any mysticism should be willfully use to clouding.

King Amabo, YIKES!  How can you be proporting yourself to a "bipartisan" with your Secretary of State still "the elephant in the room" - "the elephant in the china shop"?  Have we changed the basic science of POLITICS and all curriculums at least at POLITICS 101?  

How can you even espouse a "bipartisan" while still of the summation since day one still of everything all the other sides fault - still of everything preposterous politically as of a rediculous spelling to suggest IT was NONE of Clintons’ TWO-FER’s fault?

How many garages does King Amabo have?  Is it relevant?  Does it matter that King Amabo maybe be only FOUR CAR GARAGE LIBERAL currently reigning in DC as with his being a home with a four car garage in Chicago and not two homes with two two car garages?

The factions about King Amabo like us to ignore or forget that Bush Administration did try to address "recession" at early moment that the Pelosi Congress would allow them political room to — That President Bush administration did offer unprecendented and likely never again to be seen "COOPERATION" with staff of President Elect Obama during those first days after the Democrats would let President Bush start attempting to save U.S. from a Depression - those days only after they were able to beat up all Republicans on the economy with 2008 elections. 

Really it is remarkable how COOPERATIVE and prepared the Bush team was to help save the United States of America from another Depression at the earliest moments the Pelosi Congress would allow him - allow him without him putting Iraq and a losing of Iraq "on the table."

Seems we/you are still taught that King Amabo should be judged by his factions and all the company he chooses to keep, especially in his cabinet.  Seems some of POLITICS 101 of old may still be relevant during such reign.

It is a rediculous calculus by King Amabo and his merry entourage that allows the preposterous fractionalization to our body politic.  It is quite rediculous that a politician would or could suggest, after two plus years of constant impeachable simple claims near of or specifically of an "it was all Bush’s fault" — especially with a part, a specific variable constant of the mysterious CLINTON TWO-FER beholden and benefiting arithmetically, quite.

Some simple truths seem to be that the Clintons could pull a REPEAT for King Amabo (President Obama - Harpoed Oprahish) as economics goes.  It seem a definite certainty that the Clintons’ old team of "experts" did become King Amabo’s "go to" team and yet without, for some (many?) reasons able to REPEAT.  Seems something is amiss with their factions and fractions such that they were of thinking their efforts these past near few years would have REPEATED what was/is thought to have been "their economy" of the 90s.

Something didn’t compute - many slanderous and outrageous claims professed, and, yet King Amabo of a keep still of a Clinton now grossly benefiting (gross as used about largeness) and so contrary to simple POLITICS 101 where a removal of a simple obstacle can sometimes bring a needed "clean slate."

Looking to tomorrow - the day of The White House "bipartisan debt talks" - what may now be your "today" isn’t it a reasonable "shoveling" that "Hillary" if "smart" or a "good politician" must be able to see that she is a big obstacle to a new "bipartisanship" for being so grossly benefitting of obvious lying so slanderous and preposterous so long now constant with posits to that IT is to be said to have been NONE of the fault of the Clintons - even though their eight years and specific calculus does offer simpler and better explanations - and such that better explain how their "go to" not able to REPEAT as King Amabo’s "GO TO" economic keep?

How can King Amabo consider a "compromise" is possible if he isn’t willing to admit to simple laws of politics much of most POLITICS 101 consideration?

It is obvious, though still unusual, that President Bush and his TEAM did so much quite out of our "ordinary" with their vast right wing assistance to President Elect Obama and his new minions about the transition days - that President Bush’s assistance to such YOUTHFUL and INEXPERIENCED President Elect may have been the grander hand in the often suggested SAVING OF THE U.S. FROM ANOTHER DEPRESSION."

President —- woops!

There I go again.  Let me be clear:  President George W. Bush may have had trouble with word "nuclear" but then President George H. W. Bush and his young wife Barbara did have baby George while living across the street from Yale’s nuclear research facility.

Let me be clear —- POLITICS 101 at this time must suggest that President Obama has to give up something big since now so long with preposterous rediculousness and unpresidential claiming that "IT" (everything supposedly covering 9/11 to us near a new Depression) NONE OF CLINTONS’ TWO-FER FAULT.  

It is reasonable that "Hillary’s" specific involvement as First Lady and also as a White House official advisor/staffer is logically and historically much to do about much amiss now. 

It is still reasonable that Ken Starr could have and should have moved as well for a disbarment of Hillary Rodham Clinton for just the part of officialdom she insisted on that was outside of general traditions of protections afforded all First Ladies.

It is "it is the economy, stupid" and quite that it is also much specifically of "Hillary’s" historical involvement and personal calculus, quite selfishly political.

It could not have been ALL BUSH’S FAULT! 

It must have been some of CLINTONS’ FAULT and some of CLINTON’S FAULT and some of IT WAS THE OTHER CLINTON’S FAULT.  It may even have been more than half, actually, the fault of the Clintons’ factions and as their fractionalizing.

It may no longer be POLITICS as a science, any longer, if KING AMABO doesn’t reset his keep and start offering a more reasonable proposition about all his economics, going forward to the future.

Really, Kenneth Starr seems to have had sufficient cause to have also prosecuted "Hillary" during the Lewinsky Scandal as a willing and knowing accomplice that had herself insisted on being treated as just a staffer/advisor of President Clinton in ways quite outside of our long historic protections and discretions afforded all about our Office of the First Lady, and its traditions. 

"Bill" needed her full cooperation at least as his unofficial lawyer as a staffer not an official counselor of law to have even attempted his "fog of office" and "lie(s)"! 

"Bill" couldn’t have attempted such lying without the support of his wife but that isn’t how she wanted to be known among "Bill’s" old keep and cabinet - she insisted on being seen as a peer and working girl and so quite no longer of the historic traditions of protections about our Office of the First Lady. 

Yeh, woops!  If only Kenneth Starr had trusted his "Hillary" instincts better the fractions about our body politic so contrary now to POLITICS 101 simple science might have saved us from the gross obstacles to progress now so much of King Amabo’s factions.

There seems to be no "fairness" in the offerings of King Amabo, and little truth.

We have these truths that the Clintons’ experts couldn’t pull a REPEAT and that President Bush may have done more or at least as much as King Amabo in the "SAVING" about story that we avoided another GREAT DEPRESSION.  We, have, as well, that if he so failed at "shovel ready" job creation we should be very doubtful of any claims that more spending by our King and his keep can do any better now to job creation or even job saving. 

Another basic of POLITICS 101 is that a "shovel ready" job is basically a staple of anyone a "Politician" and nearly a defining quality that makes such a "politician" or "not" — a "shovel ready" job is just supposed to be any number of employment opportunities that every "politician" should have in gross always sitting on their desks, as POLITICIANS.

Is a politician that actually fails at "shovel ready" actually fit to be called a politician? 

And, well, it does seem your Secretary of State easily of a proposition that many others could now be doing as well as she can at best be said to be doing. 

Today does seem a good day to ask (finally?) how big a "fraction" of IT is actually of an "IT" more scientifically measurable, and reasonably so, of a maybe "IT WAS EVEN AS MUCH AS HALF THE FAULT OF THE CLINTONS."?



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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn’t alone at Yale Law School, she hasn’t been alone all these years since - her years primarily as an enabler of younger classman William Jefferson Clinton (born William Blythe III) is just part of her story.

Well I just got confused by Clintons’ histories, while trying to confirm that former Ambassador John R. Bolton had been a classmate of at least one of them in New Haven for law studies.  I just got confused for having been of thinking that I had read that "Hillary" was a year ahead of "Bill" then and not of the same graduation year, a year so seemingly just discovered as a year ahead of above mentioned John R. Bolton.

We have the Clintons spending monies abroad we don’t necessarily have to spend and without any of the "tough love" that President Bush with his Department of State of Secretary Condoleezza Rice had routed us with as a better reasoned and rational path for U.S., now finally better understandable as superior to the "wrong direction" much thought of Clintons easy (HUSH) money and "COMMITMENTS".  For argument sake it may be better to wax here about the "I" of Ambassador John R. Bolton but the "TEAM" and his "we" with then attempted routing to a tougher "love" of international diplomacy thought too "COWBOYISH" and of a tighter purse.

It is hard to separate Ambassador John R. Bolton of his history with Bush administrations foreign policy to just an "I" of "John" - his tougher stands likely would have better positioned us all if the Democrats hadn’t so whined and wiggled and waggled us as a greater "we" away from a better "We" so then.  We now are of having missed a rare opportunity for America to have held back with purse and disbursements long enough maybe to have garnered a new and greater cooperation globally with matching fiduciary contributions.  We have that Ambassador John R. Bolton was the front-man for Bush Administration to such a harder "love" for so many about the world trying to trap the United States of America as the "sole superpower" into being the expected "GLOBAL POLICE FORCE" and at their own expense — and with the Democrats the opposition so willing to get trapped so. 

We would have been better to have let Bush work a greater "COWBOY DIPLOMACY" with his TOUGH LOVE wrangling with his Ambassador John R. Bolton - But who and whom are those that so considered such then as our best path that now should be called back?   The Clintons, both, maybe getting sufficient "bang for their bucks" but hardly with it being reasonable to claim than any others, other Americans, are actually benefitting as well.

Sure, President Clinton probably figured out early that he had more Presidential possibilities if not still "William Blythe III" and so of a mashing of history with story of William Blygh and the Bounty - THE MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY so a story of British era soon after loosing its American colonies, near immediately after American Independence.

We have a necessary partisan divide now all about Washington DC and arguably as great as likely if only of a President Hillary Rodham Clinton now so after years of "Hillary is so polarizing."  The Democrats have left themselves no "middle ground" and have taken us places that missed the opportunities Bush admin advanced with hopes for Ambassador John R. Bolton heavy handedness so contrary to that now regular softness of easy disbursements of both "Bill" and "Hillary." 

And, now with so much of (HUSH?) monies so spread around globally by both Clintons of at least "Hillary" of outlays from our Department of State still of original amounts only processed for such when them of expectations that economy would turn around within Obama’s first year.

As a side note:  I do get that the years "Barry" Obama was at Harvard Law School were near the last years that a law school wasn’t up with the Rhenquist Revolution and adjustments to a better "layman" legalese and so there then as last class institutionalized and indoctrinated in the old and outgoing ways.  I do not know about the difference in just a year so at Yale Law School between the Clintons and John R. Bolton.  I do remember leaving law school myself after first year a few miles away from Harvard Law and in the spring of the year of the fall of Obama, the fall that Obama started at Harvard — I remember leaving thinking the law needed to get with the Reagan Revolution and likelyhood that the United States of America was looming to becoming a sole superpower and would need a better "laymanish" legalese, really.

But really, let me be clear:  The Clintons both are making our future "Diplomacy" and share of a greater global economics more difficult with the easy (HUSH?) monies they are spreading around liberally, and when such isn’t much "affordable."  We had a chance at a better way and one that may have helped correct our global economic mindset and habits sufficiently to have encouraged a stabilization of economy maybe enough to have helped prevent the timely "CRISIS" the Democrats have been using as a foil to their hearts content much of  "unnecessary" NECESSARYs. 

The Clintons may now be much just the "we" of Obamanomics and his foreign plotting, but then they may still be the "I" of the "CLINTON TWO-FER" so much as just the "We the Clintons…". 

There is no "I" in Clintons?    And there is now "we" in "Clintons’ two-fer"?  And now there is no way back to smarter and tougher attempted global posturing of Bush’s Ambassador John R. Bolton?